Chicago / Phoenix Swap

According to TSN, the Chicago BlackHawks have traded F Radim Vrbata to the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for F Kevyn Adams in an 1-for-1 swap.

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  1. PTack says:

    What were the hawks thinking on this one? Vrbata is worth more than Kevyn Adams and they could have easily gotten a pick thrown in with this.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    good trade for chicago.

  3. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    What? did Phoenix actually make a move to HELP their team? I can't believe this. vrbata, an ex av, will always be a nasty freak. Wouldn't be suprised if he could make Phoenix's first line.

  4. turdfergusson says:

    Who cares? Bring on the regular season.

  5. hatterson says:

    seriously…can we fast forward the wold about 2 months

  6. tancred says:

    That's what I was thinking.  I really like Vrbata.  And couldn't the Blackhawks have had Adams for basically nothing; didn't Phoenix waive Adams a little while ago?  Maybe I'm confusing him with Scatchard or someone else.  But yeah, this trade is kind of puzzling.  

  7. Rico420 says:

    There's the summer blockbuster.

    I'd say good deal for the Hawks though.

  8. rcichard03 says:


  9. rcichard03 says:

    Adams 12 points in 68 games compaired to 41 points in 72 games …adams is older then vrbata and hes not good offesivly at all .. the only reason for this trade is cuz chicago is kinda weak defensivly

  10. Rico71 says:


    First good move Phoenix has made in…2 years? Not great…but good.

    This is why Chicago belongs in the bottom of the League. Another stupid move that will help them maintain their general level of mediocrity. They are making a run at Tavares for sure this year at the draft.

    I’m impressed. Poor Denis Savard. Let’s put Samsonov and Adams together with Havlat.

    Watch out world!

  11. Don_Karnage says:

    So far I've liked the moves Maloney has made.  Some may not see them as significant, but considering the state the team was left in after Barnett, anything is an improvement.  Vrbata will most likely line up on the left side on the top line with Doan and Reinprecht.

    I wouldn't mind them being a bottom feeder for one more year though.  Adding Tavares to Mueller, Turris, Hanzal, and Wheeler would be pretty nice.


  12. SabresFan220 says:

    Phoenix is looking for anyone with even moderate skill that can hold a hockey stick right now. Chicago wanted Adams for his veteran leadership and defensive abilities. Otherwise he'll be deadline trade bait again in February and can net them a pick. He's now a qualified NHL journeyman who almost accidentally won a Cup in Carolina a few years ago. I'll bet he'll be dying for a trade to Buffalo by January.

  13. baltic_thunder says:

    Well put and you seem to know your 'shit' but somehow the trade doesn't add up. Vrbata has a skill-set that should have fetched way more than Adams. Adams is an awesome addition to any team but we're talking third line grinder and special-teams. He's in the mold of Asham, Devereaux, etc. Vrbata's addition fills the void left by Nagy. Either way, one has to wonder at the direction both teams are going.

  14. baltic_thunder says:

    Most puzzling. It's not like it was a salary dump. Vrbata has an awesome skill-set. Adams is a third line specialty-teams player. Chalk one up for the Coyotes. Nice acquisition. Can't recall when they made their last.

  15. baltic_thunder says:

    LOL …yeah right. Try exhaling every now and then.

  16. baltic_thunder says:

    Yes, it don't figure. Must have been a full monn last nite. Either way, nice, nice, acquisition.

  17. SabresFan220 says:

    I think we all kind of give Vrbata a little too much credit in this deal. He's failed to stick in 3 cities already, yes he has skill but there must be a damn good reason he's been traded so often, and not being a playoff rental. He's not that fantastic offensively or goal starved Chicago wouldn't even think of this deal. Its not so lopsided really, I just find it funny in a way.

    Adams had just signed a 3 year extension on the cheap to stay in Phoenix at the trade deadline last year instead of being dealt. Now suddenly this offseason Phoenix management was considering waiving him, instead they found a trade partner.

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