Chris Drury signs 4 year deal with Sabres

Chris Drury yesterday signed a 4 year deal with the Buffalo Sabres. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Now the Sabres seem to be back on track and back to the playoffs hopefully.

Although did find it odd that anything else that remotely qualifies as news gets posted immediately, and yet this signing of the #1 center desont get anything.

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  1. Johnny_Blaze says:

    I think Buffalo’s done an awesome job this off-season!!! They are going to have a very exciting team this year!

    They are going to be a club to recon with in years to come with the likes of Briere, Afinogenov, Drury, Satan, Hecht, and up and commer Ales Kotalik to name a few. Martin Biron is also an up and commer and promising goalie. They have a very young team and remind me somewhat of the oilers. (but i hope Buffalo doesn’t play dump and chase constantly)

    I’ve never really been a big Buffalo fan, but I will be keeping an eye on them this year. Even if they don’t win, I believe they will be really fun to watch.


  2. Aetherial says:

    I like what Buffalo is doing. So far, they are right up there with the avalanche for having the best off season.

    They could surprise some people next year if the goaltending holds up.

  3. jofa says:

    Yeah, I agree. Buffalo has quietly been building an offensive threat in the east, and should make the playoffs this year. Its funny, but I was also thinking Oilers as well when I was looking at their lineup. Add guys like Connolly (who is due to breakout) and JP Dumont to the group you listed, plus the addition of Delmore on defense, and this is going to be a team that should score some goals.

    It will be interesting to see what they do with their goaltending situation, as they have three young goaltenders with big potential in Biron, Noronen, and Miller. Could get some decent return if they were to trade one of them away, as they are all highly rated and low priced…

    Definitely should be fun to watch.

  4. Lafleur_10 says:

    Buffalo’s team will be that much better with some of their acquisitions over the summer months. The team last year didn’t really have an identity as well as a future as to who was going where. Hopefully with stronger Mgmt and the right players the Sabres can get back into the playoffs. The conferences are so tight over the last few years so it will really depend on whether they get consistent goaltending from their young guys.

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    I thought that Calgary would make the playoffs this year, but I was proven wrong. That’s moreso due to the fact that I was right about Jarome Iginla not being able to follow up that year.

    Drury’s a good player, yes, but he’s not a #1 center, and he’s not the explosive gamebreaker that some people overrate him to be. Yes, he can score clutch goals and make clutch plays. But then again, who did he play with in Colorado? Peter Forsberg. Drury put up his 20 goal 60 point numbers with Forsberg on a 2nd line. Drury’s a 2nd line player, but Daniel Briere could play 2nd line center also.

    The offense I think is pretty good. Drury, Briere, Satan if he signs with them (most likely), Kotalik, Taylor Pyatt is a young power forward in development, JP Dumont, Curtis Brown, Tim Connolly has yet to prove that he’s not a bust, Jochen Hecht at his best could be a 20 goal 40-50 point guy, and Maxim Afinogenov is one of the shiftiest guys in all of the NHL. They’re fast, and they can score. The only thing about them is that they’re all small and soft aside from Satan and Pyatt. That’s the only knack there, so going up against physical defensive teams like Philly, Ottawa, and NJ is gonna be a tough task for them.

    The defense is actually looking better. Alex Zhitnik, Jay McKee, James Patrick, and the addition of Andy Delmore makes a solid core with a good 2 way punch. Young and uprising talent like Henrik Tallinder and Dmitri Kalinin are good young defenders, but will be even better in due time. As a Ranger fan, I got to watch a bit of Joel Bouchard, and he’s a great pickup. A solid utility defender who gave us some good offensive punch last year, in which was probably his best stay in the NHL. At the pace he was scoring, he would have had 15 goals and 36 points had he played a full year with the Rangers, not to mention that with us he was a +6. I think he’ll fight for a spot, but he won’t make it. He’s defenitely a great 7th defenseman to have.

    The goaltending situation I think is fine right now, trade one of them when Miller is ready to play at the NHL level. I’d trade Noronen at that point. Biron would be developed as a starter, and would defenitely be more valuable to Buffalo. You could get something decent for Noronen.

    Overall, Buffalo’s another team heading in the right direction. Lets just avoid bankruptcy, draft good, and I think they’ll be a contender once again.

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