Clarifying the Rangers Trade Talks

I noticed too much confusion over this. People mentioning too many names, not getting the trade talks right, and looking too much at one side. So, who do I blame? Well, The Score will never gain my trust, and it certainly deserves to be known as a…….……..very low rank news source, and same goes for RDS.

Both these sources have pulled way too many false information and they make too many mistakes where they then must fix them. Of course, it’s a +/- strategy in a sense that the plus gets everyone hyped and go check out their site, the negative being that they made the mistake.

So anyway, what happened?

The Score reported that the Rangers acquired Jagr. Another source, may have been RDS, also claimed that they may have acquired Brendan Witt as well.

Anyway, these are the kinds of reactions I’ve seen by certain HTR members:

They need to just GET THIS OVER WITH. Sather is about to get fired if something doesn’t happen almost immediately, and it’d be smarter to take Witt over Gonchar if they’re going after a defenseman too, they have enough guys that won’t play in their defensive zone.

Yeah, they do have to get this over with. It’s starting to get on my nerves! I am sick of hearign Jagr to Rangers when it’s not happening. I don’t like Jagr’s personality, but I like what he can do when he plays with skilled players, and especially when he is motivated to play. Take the very missed Pavel Bure…..the guy gave it his all with the Rangers when he was healthy, he even made some beautiful back-checking. Bure back-checking? Not saying Jagr will do that. All I am saying is that Jagr clearly expected and wanted to be a Ranger three summers ago, would love to play with Kovalev, Nedved, Hlavac and Rucinsky. I think he will know his role on the Rangers and he’ll do his job.

That’s why I’d want the guy. He also makes players around him better. He is capable of changing the Rangers power play, which is a major need.

Anyway, the Rangers were never this close in a playoff race at this point of the season in previous years. Even though they are about to go under .500 tonight, they are still close. I don’t think he’s going to get fired, unless the Rangers lose the next 5 games.

get rid of hlavac and carter…getting rid of 2 guys that have been in the doghouse all year and getting that superstar they dont have in bure.

Well, getting Jagr means it’s actually better to keep Hlavac. Though he has not produced much, he is trying. Carter on the other hand……..who would have expected this out of him? I hope he gets traded soon, for a defenseman.

If I were George McPhee, and the Rangers wanted both Jagr and Gonchar/Witt, I’d settle for nothing less than Jamie Lundmark, Garth Murray and another player. Given the youth that McPhee gave up to get Jagr, now he’s got to get some of that back in dealing Jagr. And it looks like it’s gonna be at the expense of Slats and the Rangers.

Fat chance, that ain’t happening. Maybe Lundmark if Witt is in the deal, but it’s not going to be two prospects.

Not again!

Your telling me!

Caps, Witt, Jagr, Pick or kip miller.

NYR Kovie, Carter, and one of Tjutin, Moore, or Murray

Kip Miller? What good is he? Kovalev is not getting traded to an Eastern Conference team, unless it’s the Maple Leafs. Also, Caps have no use in Kovalev, they are done for playoff hopes. Carter? Absolutely. Tjutin? Untouchable. Moore? Meh…maybe and the only reason why I’d see Moore traded is because he is still not fitting in well in the AHL and may be raising doubts. Murray? He is not 100% healthy, missed a lot last season as he played through many games with an abdominal injury, production is slowing down, but he is a beast.

I think it will be a better, but quite similar, deal as to the one with Kovalev in Pittsburgh.

Let me get this straight, the Rangers are without Poti, DeVries and Kasparitis and they still want Jagr?

First of all, it’s a rumor and it was denied by Sather as well. Second, Sather has been saying for a few days that he’s looking for defensemen. That’ll help you get things straight!

I read elsewhere that the Rangers have nothing else other than Tjutin in the farm system. Stupid statement. First of all, the Hartford Wolfpack are the second best defensive team in the AHL because of the new staff, the new system that Renney has installed in the Youth Program, and because of how the Rangers are building their system. Lampman is also not 100% healthy. Nycholat (NYR traded Johan Holmqvist to Wild for Nycholat) is the team’s top defenseman and he was called up, but made a horrible rookie mistake on the PP. Matt Kinch is also not 100% and same goes with Jakopin.

So, they have the guys to call up, except they are not healthy, Hartford is also going through tough times with injuries.

Has everyone got this then? The rumor was about Jagr and maybe Witt. They still may be discussing such a trade, and why not? Why not get an excellent stay at home defenseman and an all-star forward for quite a low price? So….it may still happen.

Away from the denied rumor is Sather saying he wants two defensemen. He’s been saying that since the begining of this week. A lot of defensemen are available, it just comes down to the right price and obviously Carter is the best trade bait.

Me personally, I’d like defensemen such as Jason Smith, Norstrom, Hannan, Matvichuk, Vishnevski….

Anyway… not trust The Score, do not trust RDS either. Not expecting much of a discussion about the actual trades and Jagr, I just wanted to clarify things. Thanks for reading though