Clarke reveals details. is reporting Gagne is greedy.

Philadephia Flyers GM Bob Clarke has divulged that Simon Gagne’s agent, Bob Sauve, had turned down two offers for $5 million a year.

“We offered Simon $5 million a year for four years and $5 million a year for five years,” Clarke said in the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We haven’t been unfair to Simon Gagne. The statistics and everything else back it up. We didn’t just pull these numbers out of the air. We did it professionally.”

Sauve said Tuesday he would prefer three years and indicated there was mutual agreement there. Clarke said otherwise.

“We have not talked three years,” Clarke said. “Would we go three? We might but not for $5 million. If we’re going to go that high [in dollars], we need to get some years out of it.”

Sauve was unhappy that Clarke went public with his two offers. Gagne was reportedly upset, as well.