Clarke Rips Goodenow

Philadelphia Flyers’ GM, Bob Clarke, ripped NHLPA head, Bob Goodenow, today in a statement released before Clarke headed to New York for the NHL’s BOG meeting.

The Flyers have been a very patient player in this bogus charade of a CBA negotiation considering even under the old CBA – the Orange and Black ran well in the black.

Gary Thorne in a USA Today article last week, made an interesting point about labor impasses. He was alluding to the idea that the league would likely be stuck with their last offer but might be free of their existing contracts. For most owners and GM (Clarke included) this would come as a worthwhile price to pay. The Flyers alone would be free of JR, LeClair, Desjardin, Primeau, Burke and Amonte’s heavy contract.

What is unclear to me is – if (or when) an impasse is declared are all players tossed back in for a draft? I can’t see how this would be possible for players/prospects on 2 way contracts but for the rest of the NHLPA rank and file I can see them all being redrafted even if the union doesn’t go along with it. As for Crosby – there would likely be a second draft after that for this crop of kids.

In the event of such a draft, I think the first player Clarke would try to get would be Iginla. In his mid-20’s he is the perfect age and is a TEAM guy and one of the few players speaking the truth in this mess. I think Clarke is a bit sour over not trading Simone Gagne for Iginla when he (reportedly) had the chance two years ago. And who could blame him. Others I would expect Clarke to go for would be Lecavalier, Pronger or Chara assuming he had the chance to draft them in this big re-draft.

What do you think about the idea of redrafting your favorite team all over again?

Assuming your team had one of the first 10 picks in this draft, who would you want them to land? Would you want them to go 30th and 31st in order to get more value?


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  1. SabresAreCool says:

    In the event of an impasse and with contracts being cancelled, I would hope teams would maintain rights to their currently signed players, and treat them like restricted free-agents with the teams options to resign them or cut them…..

    But if they did have a redraft I would certainly take a top-ten pick instead of 30th and 31 because they nhl is all about star power. Iginla or Kovalchuk would be my top pick. But the idea of picking last might help you in the long-run, say maybe Jason Spezza and Brad Richards at 30th and 31st

  2. ranger_fan says:

    I heavily disagree with a “fantasy draft.” I am just referring to the term video games give it. I doubt even three owners would object. If the NHL went to that level, I would be in awe. If players don’t come back, then give these teams a compensary pick. If Sami Kappenen doesn’t want back, give the Flyers a second round pick by 2007. Jagr, a first perhaps in the next draft. I think having compensary picks for all one year would be a mess, because the talent pool would be heavily diluted with all of the high picks entering the draft.

    If I could pick one player first, I’d take Keri Lehtonin, with a second being Ovechkin, then Ilya Kovalchuck.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I think I’d take Pronger, Bertuzzi, or Sakic, and Goodenow had the balls to tell Bobby Clarke, one of the greatest players in history, and most vocal, that he didn’t know what he was talking about. Also, I do that kind of draft on NHL 2005 all the time, I’ll show tommorrow who I’d get.

  4. ranger_fan says:

    By even three, I meant, well I don’t know what I meant… Stupid GranTurismo 4.

    I don’t think there would be even three teams who would favor that kind of draft.

  5. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Yeah, and a daibetic on top of it all.

    Clarke To Goodenow – “how many rings do you have? then shut the hell up”

  6. rojoke says:

    I don’t see how or why there would be any kind of dispersal draft. Just because there’s an imposed CBA, that doesn’t render all existing contracts null and void. If a player chooses to report to his club, then so be it. If he doesn’t, then the team can either buy him out or let him sit as a suspended player until the contract lapses or they decide to report. However, with an imposed CBA, how likely would it be for players who don’t wish to play under it to sign and continue to play in Europe? If the NHL were playing in October, then the European leagues may not be as likely to sign contracted NHL players, for fear of legal action against them.

  7. wingedim says:

    A dispersal draft would most certainly make things interesting. I think you’d find a bunch of players who wouldn’t want to play then. What I’d do would be give players 2 weeks to decide if they are going to come back or not. If they choose not to, then they are unsignable for a year or even better make them ineligible to even play again in the NHL. Yeah you’d probably lose a lot of good talent, but you’d be getitng the guys who want to play, playing and not just the ‘money mongers’.

    My picks would be Nash, Brodeur, Pronger.

  8. 19Yzerman says:

    So we the fans get treated to no season and no Stanley Cup Champion this season. Then now we are hearing about each team getting hacked to the point of complete team roster changes.

    “The Flyers alone would be free of JR, LeClair, Desjardin, Primeau, Burke and Amonte’s heavy contract.”

    Can you hear what you sound like???

    You could have at least left Primeau off the list in respect for what he did in the last seasons playoffs.

    I keep forget the overwhelming success of the brain washing techniques of Bettman and CO.

  9. Dorph says:

    I could just be wrong, but I think Mr. Rome simply meant that the flyers would be rid of there contracts, and nothing more. (Again I’m just assuming what he meant) But if that was the case then we could resign each of those players (if the need tickled our fancy).

    Frankly, JR is done, LeClair and Amonte maybe? Rico and Prems I personally want back, and I wouldn’t mind getting them for a deal. And I intentionally left out Burke, because remember what Clarkie said… Niittymaki is going to be the flyers starter. But I guess since there’s no season Esche is the starter again… oh well, go flyers.

  10. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    The owners want to start over with a new draft. While they love SOME of their players every team has a John Leclair, Tony Amonte, Marty Lapointe, Alexi Yashin etc…

    Under the new economic system – all of these players are REvaluated. John Leclair could be an amazing value for a team at 1.9 million per year. Yashin at 3.5 million is a steal.

    More importantly, the owners need the long term contracts off the books to buy up players at the new prices.

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    I find it to be kind of funny how so many people on here make posts that bash the players but, when the sudden posabilty presents its self to put these very players on their teams rosters they come out grabbing these players up.

    RoJoke is the only one who posted on this article not to name of players of his choice.

  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I in NO WAY disrespect the players on my list. Especially John LeClair who I use in examples all the time. He is simply an example of a player who is overpiad and in the NFL would have HAD to be cut to make room for better, more healthy players. He knows it. Primeau is a warrior and I think Clarke would try to get him but NOT with a top 10 pick. He would be crazy to do so when so much super talent is out there.

    AND you didn’t answer the question. Now that the union is broken and an impasse is likely coming – who would you pick for the Red Wings with a top 10 pick?

  13. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    The NHL will be just like the NFL where players are treated like meat and it is FINE with me. I get treated like a ***** when I sell ads and if I somehow don’t perform my salary is cut and my employees are fired. I can not call my union rep for a strike about my poor performance.

    NHL players will learn the hard realities of being a “cap casulty” which means they will have to redo deals to stay valuated properly for thei teams OR find other teams to play on. It is that simple.

    Please do not misunderstand what I am saying – I don’t hate all of the players but they have created the situation they now live in. If they didn’t like missing out on pay checks, they could have fired Goodenow OR taken a cap earlier OR taken a cap of $42.5 million. Any of those options would have sealed their fate. Now they have forced Bettman into destrying them so he can rebuild the buisness and the sport of NHL hockey. I was never much of a Bettman fan before the CBA thing but the one-sidedness of the situation makes me understand and support Bettman much more these days. Go Impasse….

  14. 19Yzerman says:

    You guys are living in a dreamworld if you really think these players are going allow this to happen Including all the up and coming prospects who will certainly side with the NHLPA.

    Just to entertain your fallacy I will retain the WINGS current roster or If the owners succeed at gutting each roster then the Red Wings as I have known them will not exist in which case I will no longer support the NHL. I will simply patronize NCAA hockey with U of M being my choice of team. The NHL will suffer from what ever anti NHL persuasion I can come up with starting with BURNING my Red Wings jersey outside Joe Louis Arena.

    First the NHL gives us NO SEASON

    Then the NHL gives us No Stanley Cup for 2005

    Now they admit they want an impasse so they can GUT ever team disperse all the players to where ever.

    What next?? I think the NHL’s next act of brilliance will be to remove each teams LOGO also. So now you can not only choose your players but, your LOGO too. No choosing any of the current LOGO because the NHL will not allow it.

  15. Dorph says:

    …that’s about it. If you like the “team” versus the players that make it up, that’s great, go for it. I just want hockey (yea yea there is all kinds of other hockey I watch my local university and play it myself, but for some reason I just haven’t gone to see the Phantoms yet, I don’t know, but I do know that if the Flyers were back, I’d buy a few tickets), and we all know a lot of players make far to much money (I wont name players so no one will yell at me), but if “number 10” were to make a lot less than his current ridiculous contract, the “team” would “save” “a lot” of “money” and we wouldn’t have anything near the problem we currently do… am I right? Or am I wrong? (I’d like to think the latter) Dorph out. 🙂

  16. gojiclan says:

    Im not surprised to see Clarke rip Goodenow, since Clarke has always been vocal. I was surprised that it took as long as it did. I dont see how Goodenow can sit there and tell a guy of his presigue that he has no idea what he is talking about. Clarke has said what everyone on this site has been saying, and were nowhere near the game like he is. I think he is right, and I applaud Bob Clarke for being vocal. Sure he works for the league, but being a player before all that he knows what it is all about, its about the game not the players. Clarke would be nowhere withought the game, and Goodenow is in fact ruining the game

  17. 19Yzerman says:

    Now that the union is broken and an impasse is likely coming ????????????????

    Your counting your chickens before they hatch!!!

    The owners still NEED to get a CBA done before they approach the season ticket buyers without any answers about who will be on the teams rosters.

    That is the ACE up the players sleeve right now.

  18. rojoke says:

    If that’s the route they want to go, and I don’t think that it is, then an impasse won’t get them there. The only way to get that goal accomplished is to fold the league in its entirety and start a new league.

  19. 19Yzerman says:

    The problem you speak of was the owners with money spending more in attempts to go deeper into the playoffs which would net a return on an investment. Some how you have confused this as being a fault of the players. Its the 11 money making teams that created the problem we currently have hence your incorrectness. I see your train of thought in blaming those who cashed the checks instead of blaming those who wrote them.

  20. Rico420 says:

    Clarke’s a friggin idiot.

  21. hockeyhead says:

    that statement can be made into a stamp and stamped at will. no one gets out alive.

  22. nordiques100 says:

    The only argument the players rightfully have is that the owners do NOT want to have any type of revenue sharing. without it there is no way any of the small market teams in Canada or the US will survive.

    I agree with Clarke that Goodenow is selfishly looking out for his own self interests and is only out to remain in power and to win this battle of egos. however he alone is not destroying hockey in Canada. Bettman afterall didnt do a whole lot to keep the Jets and Nords around but is fighting tooth and nail to make sure teams in Nashville, Carolina and Pittsburgh survive.

    And if the owners dont want to share, and there are teams now losing money but paying out only around 20 million in salaries, then how will teams be able to meet a cap around 30 million dollars or more? This will mean they will have to pay more, but still make the same kind of money and likely even less now that hockey interest is fading fast. the onus cannot all be placed on the players. a deal will be struck is there is revenue sharing. the players will take a cap and even linkage if that happens.

    as for your dispersal draft idea, the only way is for the league to fold and to restart again. i beleive only two players are signed up to 2010 (yashin and alfredsson) and after that all players would have no contracts.

  23. Aetherial says:

    The Flyers would likely not get any of the players listed. In fact, Iginla may be the first player picked.

    Believe it or not… other teams would also want to “go for” these players. Yes, even the Leafs are not stupid enough to pick say Mats Sundin or Gary Roberts first if they had the chance.

    Everyone will want young core talent, Pronger is the only one you mentioned that isn’t “young” but he is perhaps the best D-man in the game (I would take Chara first).

    Other thoughts on early picks…

    Boumeester (sp?)

    Joe Thornton

    Marcus Naslund (age?)

    Bertuzzi (age?)




  24. Aetherial says:

    Of course Nash, Heatley and Kovalchuk also…

  25. cgolding says:

    it was only a matter of time for Clarke to start throwing some axes around… he was fuming in recent interviews in philly, but was still maintaining the calm exterior. apparently Snider has taken the muzzle off.

    as for the draft concept… hopefully it won’t come to that… i’m not sure the NHL could ever get to that situation either. i would find it much more likely that you would just end up with everyone being UFA’s or something than another draft getting worked out. not to mention if it ever came to that there would be major collusion going on behind the scenes… they’d be setting up markets with players for business/marketing reasons, etc… it would be a sham.

    (some of this will depend on rule changes that occur… the game is going to supposedly be much more offensive)

    1. Ilya

    2. Nash – he’ll just score goal after goal

    3. Iginla

    4. Vinny

    5. Luongo

    6. Ovechkin

    7. St. Louis

    8. Thornton

    … starting to think too much now…

  26. cgolding says:

    i actually haven’t heard anyone not blame the owners for getting us into the financial mess.

    your position is very easy to take living in detroit and being a red wings fan. try, for a moment, placing yourself in a fans shoes in edmonton, calgary, carolina, atlanta, etc… where they may rise to the top and then have to watch their top players sign with detroit.

    i’m in philly, and i’m annoyed with the feeling amont the lessers that they need EVERYONE to be down at their spending level. i think that is idiotic. however, i do believe in the value of competitive balance for making the NHL better as a hole and the NHLPA cares not a bit for competitive balance. (and before you attempt to spew the competitive balance argument involving the conf. finals. answer this question: when is the last time you, as a red wings fan, were concerned in the slightest about missing the playoffs?)

    teams will be different. that is a fact of life going from there. a vast majority of contracts have expired or will expire in coming months. teams will look completely different, the NHL will look completely different.

    but here’s a truth you need to understand. the only people who could get comfortable knowing that they would get to keep the players they wanted on their team every year were a select few cities, and you happened to live in one of them. players have shown ZERO loyalty to the crest on their chests over the past 15 years. thus there is little reason for fans to show loyalty to the players that pass through the crest that they support every year.

    you find a way to deal with the competitive nature of sports and how that equates to spending at the professional level w/out a cap or tax i’m all years and i’m sure the NHL brass are as well. the problem is there is no way around it and the NHLPA doesn’t care about that.

  27. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    But hey, Clarke is still friends with Allan Eagleson, so I don’t think he has much right to critisize the current players leadership. Still… it makes me wonder… what is Goodenow doing?

  28. 19Yzerman says:

    The saying goes

    Plus ça change

    Plus c’est la même chose

    The more that things change

    The more they stay the same

    This will apply to the competitive balance and the owners spending habits as the various markets allow. Also teams have put earning before team success which is also a factor.

    all I said was I find it to be kind of funny how so many people on here make posts that bash the players but, when the sudden possibility presents its self to put these very players on their teams rosters they come out grabbing these players up.

    Flyers_Fan_In_LA said,

    ” Now they have forced Bettman into destroying them so he can rebuild the business and the sport of NHL hockey. I was never much of a Bettman fan before the CBA thing but the one-sidedness of the situation makes me understand and support Bettman much more these days. Go Impasse….”

    I say you can’t force the willing which is exactly what Bettman has wanted all along. An Impasse!

  29. habsoverserver says:

    I can just see the letter to season ticket holders now:

    Dear Calgary fans,

    Congrats on surviving the lockout. Now that there is cost certainty, we will have a team for many years. The good news is that we can finally afford Iginla. The bad news is that he just signed with the Flyers. We also lost Regehr to the Blues and the Leafs grabbed Kiprusoff. So to make it up to you, we are bringing back McInnis, Roberts and Vernon. We hope you like the look of our team.


    Calgary Management

    Let’s make this clear- when the NHL comes back – the young stars are staying where they were. The ill will afforded by giving fans back hockey but taking away their favorite players would be insurmountable.

  30. habsoverserver says:

    You are getting too theoretical. First, let’s see if they can come to terms. If they can’t let’s see if the NHL declares an impasse. Then let’s see if the NLRB agrees. Then let’s see if the players come back without a negotiated CBA. Then let’s see if teams retain rights to players. After that, it would be meaningful to speculate about where and how much for Yashin.

  31. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    The players have NO ace up their sleeve. They have nothing but a wreck of a business that used to pay them 76% of revenues. If you actually ran a business instead of trying to steal from them with your beloved unions – you would know that in NO WAY works.

    The NHLPA has singlehandely cost their rank and file over 1 billion dollars plus in lost salaries. They have ruined the marketing momentum that was created by Mario and Wayne and had the BALLS to call them to a meeting to save the already cancled season and then embarass them as if they too somehow don’t deserve respect either. The players union fought for NO CAP and then gave in but over a few million dollars per team per year – they walked from the one and only employer who can afford to pay them despite that employer BEGGING for them to take their 42.5 million dollar offer.

    Your argument is weak – just like the NHLPA who is BROKEN. It has already happened. The game is back and the players will come back on the owner’s terms. Your morons lost.

  32. cgolding says:

    i agree… as i noted in my post there are many reasons why a “draft” would make little to no sense. we’re primed for a HUGE amount of bitterness in the Crosby sweepstakes let alone moving players like Iginla around.

  33. 19Yzerman says:

    You don’t think the owners still NEED to get a CBA done before they approach the season ticket buyers without any answers about who will be on the teams rosters??

    76% is no longer possible. So you could have used the figure 52% which would have been your 76% minus the 24% roll back.

    Then you are so delusion that you think

    A: The players Stole their income

    B:The Union is broken and I quote ” It has already happened”

    C:The NHL was BEGGING the players to take 42.5

    D:The NHLPA disrespected Mario and Wayne.

    E:The game is back and the players will come back on the owner’s terms.

    The owners signed checks which the player took to the bank and if you ask any owner they will tell you that although they did manage to get 76% of 2.2 billion but, it was done though legal and binding terms and conditions of a CBA that they (bothsides) signed after all the layers and financial geniuses looked it over. Wrong#1

    The union is not BROKEN if fact the union met last night. Wrong #2

    The NHL never did any BEGGING. No instead they have chosen the route of threatening and ultimately stood true to their word by canceling the season. Wrong #3

    It was the NHL who disrespected Mario and Wayne by telling them to get the players in for a meeting and that a deal was set that the players would “Like”. They all get to this unofficial meeting and what the NHL had was a deal the players found was worse then the last one the NHL officially presented. Wrong #4

    Last I knew the season was cancelled and when CBA is signed it will be done so by both sides. Not the owners terms exclusively as you imply. Wrong #5

    Next time you are watching an NHL game and you see an NHLPA player make a play that you enjoy remember that today in your post to me you called them “MORONS”. That is disrespectful.

  34. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    It will be higher than 50%

    You are making the NHLPA’s mistake in thinking that the fans root for the players more than the teams. Leafy and Atherial are still watching Leafs games even if Sundin and Belfor are not there anymore. I am a Flyers fan even if the best player we have is Jeff Carter.

    Losing a billion plus dollars when fighting over the last few million in a CBA is mornonic. Being so spiteful that you damage the game you are blessed to play and the same game that pays you an average of 1.83 million per year thanks to the marketing power and record breaking feats of Wayne and Mario – is moronic. Shi$ talking expansion and Gary Bettman is moronic considering it employs hundreds more NHLPA players. Promoting outsourcing of NHLPA players to Europe when other North American unions are figthing tooth and nail (and some like airline pilots and mechanics are taking BIG concessions – 40% per year) to keep jobs in the US – is moronic.

    I am sorry buddy. I love hockey. And historically, I love the way hockey players have behaved but after ten years (a virtual generation of player) have won EVERY arbitration, got their CBA thanks to bullying the owners etc… – It is time the player, most of whom do NOT have a college degree or ANY level of business background, need to back off and help the game to fix its woes.

    If I were Bob Goodenow I would be looking to get guaratees from Bettman about how the game is going to change. I would want to have input from the NHLPA about the goalie pad changes. I would want GUARANTEES about the obstruction calls being made. I would want the redline gone. I would want the Insigator penalty gone etc… But your boy Goodenow is fighting to get an increasingly smaller peice of a shrinking pie. The Ducks sold for about 50 million in LA!!!!! Bob Goodenow wants the team to spend the francishe value EACH year as the cap. The LA expansion franchise will cost 800 million but the NFL’s cap is 80 million. That’s 1/10 versus 1-1. You can ask for ANYTHING in a negotiation but ruining the ONLY business that can pay your players is much like the players – MORONIC….

  35. nordiques100 says:

    but after 2006-07 when only 27 players are signed to contracts and if there is still no CBA, could there be a bidding war for all the players including the draftees like Crosby?

  36. 19Yzerman says:

    Rooting for the players more than the teams is a choice. I bet the whole NHLPA would agree with me but, that wouldn’t make it right or wrong would it?

  37. cgolding says:

    well… there won’t be a draft until the CBA is worked out and i assume that whoever hasn’t gone through a draft to get into the NHL will have to do so… thus there could be however many back ordered drafts to get all the younger guys in.

    there will definitely be a bidding war, but i would imagine that some guys would be RFA’s or whatever else. who knows… absolute mess.

  38. nonhl2005 says:

    Rico, Mom said it’s time to come home now the street lights are on.

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