Clarke Strikes Back!

New Philadelphia Flyers beat writer for the Philadelphia Daily News, Ed Moran, began the season with a bang, with a riveting interview with general manager Bob Clarke. In the interview Clarke took many direct shots at journalists in the city, took indirect shots at fans, and carried a profane, confrotational tone.

He quickly addressed the firing of Bill Barber by stating that he believed that the “players overstepped their bounds…your responsibility is to just play hockey.” He also reiterated that he felt a bit responsible for the once linemate’s demise, “things fell apart, Bill [Barber] took the brunt of it, thats unfair.” Later in the inteview he gave his synopsis of the conflict, “What happened last year was it got to a point where the players were against Billy and Billy was against them. This year, right from the start, they’ve all got to get on the same page and keep their mouths shut and just play hockey the way the coaches want them to because there is enough ability to be successful. I think.”

He quickly spent most of the interview blasting the Philadelphia sports writers. He summed up the critical atmosphere in the city: Big [expletive deleted] deal! I don’t have to prove anything to you people. I’ve won in this league. Look at our teams. Every year we’re close to 100 points. The other teams come in and say, “What is the matter with your writers? Why are they all over you? You guys get almost 100 points every year.” He asked the writers: “Do you think they could bear the responsibility of this job? Of course not. Do you think they know what it’s like to sit in this chair and hire people, fire people, trade people? They don’t. So am I supposed to take them serious? No, of course not.”

Clarke took direct strikes against specific members of the media (Daily News Sam Donellon [To be criticized by someone like Sam Donnellon, or someone who couldn’t do this job…Fire me, he says. Fire me. Give him the job.], Inquirer beat writer Tim Pinnacio [I criticized Tim Panaccio once. I told him he was an asshole. I was criticized for 6 months in the newspapers. Ripped for it … and because I criticized a writer, oh man. You think I was criticizing God] and Bill Conlin [Bill Conlin wrote about what Charles Barkley said about him. He was all upset that Charles Barkley said something on TV about him and [fellow Daily News columnist Stan Hochman; on a syndicated radio show in the aftermath of Allen Iverson’s infamous practice news conference in May, Barkley accused both of racism]. Stan Hochman is a really good guy, I really like Stan and I’ve known him for years.

But Barkley criticized (them). Conlin goes and writes a full article. He was insulted that Barkley would say something about him. He’s spent his whole life criticizing people. But someone said something about him. Oh, God. Can’t criticize God].

Clarke did move on to discuss some hockey in the interview. He showed optimism for the upcoming year: “I think we’ve got size, skill, we’ve got youth and speed. We’ve got a combination of everything now. I say that, but nobody can predict. There’s going to be injuries and players aren’t going to have good years.”

He praised Ken Hitch*****: “I would say with Scotty Bowman retiring, Hitch***** is probably the premier coach in the league now…”

Clarke also candidly critqued the moves he made in the offseason: “If I put you in this seat for 2 weeks, you deal with Simon Gagne’s agent, see how good a job you do. When Phoenix calls up and wants to trade for Brian Boucher, let’s see you make the decision. Seriously.

And then you criticize me for Jiri Dopita? You said that I said we were not going to give Dopita away. We got a third-round pick for him and then you said, “Well, Clarke said he wouldn’t give him away but he got nothing for him.” That’s [expletive deleted]. We got a third-round pick for him and possibly a fifth-round pick. There wasn’t one [expletive deleted] team in the league that wanted Dopita. You seen him play last year, what was I supposed to do, get a first-round pick from somebody? You think these other teams are dumb?…There’s no need for that kind of stuff.” He also quickly assesd the free agent market, “At $10 million, [Holik] better be your No. 1 centerman, playing 20-something minutes a game. And he isn’t better than these guys. He just happens to be a free agent. [Bill Guerin is] a great player. You’d love to have him on your team. But we have [Mark] Recchi, LeClair and [Simon] Gagne, all these guys.

While the interview did not open up any new strategies for the Flyers, or give a direction for the future of team, it did give Mr. Clarke a chance to vent before the press and fans. Clarke exposed himself as a petty man, with not a lot of patience for criticism. The only humble point of the interview was when he considered his firing (in 1990) as the right thing for the organization to do because he “was doing a lousy job.” Other than that he seemed to zealously defend his record and put down concerns raised by press and fans alike as personal barbing.

As a Flyers fan I was dissapointed in reading this interview because Clarke did not use it as an opportunity to critique the future of his team or identify points of concern or improvement.

To read the full interview, pick up a copy of the Philadelphia Daily News (9/12) and read the article by Ed Moran on Page 3


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43 Responses to Clarke Strikes Back!

  1. darz says:

    bobby’s really starting to lose it! people in phil. are pissed because they haven’t won a cup in almost 30 years. consistently making the playoff’s and having decent regular season’s doesn’t satify fan’s in cities like phil (or mtl, tor, ny ). i agree phil. fans are some of the worst (all sports, baseball, hockey, etc.), but they paid your check mr. clarke, and don’t make it seem like you have a hard job, you have a frickin dream job, you just don’t know it because you’ve NEVER had a real job like the rest of us!!!! quit your whining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. flyersrule94 says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I hate Bob Clarke, I really do. I think he is a horrible GM. But he is 100% right with what he said in this interview. 100%. The damn Philly reporters think they are the greatest in the world. They can dish it out but they cant take it. They criticize people who have more talent then they could ever dream of having and when the players come back and criticize them for being assholes and idiots, they get mad. Too bad. You want to dish it out, DEAL WITH IT. Clarke is right. This is not like this in any other city, but Philly. I’m not even close to a Bob Clarke fan, Im a diehard flyers fan, but Im happy that Bob Clarke did this interview and got this off his chest. I mean really how many 100 pt seasons do u have to have before u get some respect. Team like Anaheim and Calgary dont get nearly criticized as much as philly does. And it has nothing to do with small market teams.

  3. tgray says:

    Wouldn’t you like to hear clarke talk about the team instead of Sam Donellon?

  4. mikster says:

    After reading this, all i could say to Clarke is go suck on your thumb.

    The media is the media, it sucks and it has to criticize. I hate it, so do many people. I hate it because anything the Rangers do, there’s always something not right and always complain. If the Rangers would win the Cup this season, they’d get more criticism mentioning that they bought he Cup, they overpaid Holik and Kaspar, that they are spending too much money and that if there was a salary cap then they would have never won it. I mean, those are typical things that have no meaning.

    I’d be pissed off if i was Clarke. I built an awesome team, brought them in the playoffs every time, and made them score 100 point seasons. No one should get pissed off at me for that. However, they should get pissed off at me for failing to win a Cup for obvious reasons.

    Don’t get me wrong, i am with Clarke on this one. Criticizing him for Dopita makes me want to laugh when reading the criticism, but makes me want to punch the journalist if i saw his face.

    I think Flyers fans are impatient, and impatience can bring to a decrease of loyalty. I mean, i give credit to Rangers fans for always sticking with the team for 54 years until winning a Cup (though in the 70’s there were dominating teams), and now for the 5 years in a row that we’ve been waiting to just get 8th seed. Unlike the Isle’s fans who turned their backs and became Devils fans. Will they switch back now? Probably some will.

    I think that Clarke is a very good and smart GM. He has the smarts he has the perfect mind of how to build a team. But, the media doesn’t care about that. They have to come up with stories, and they would want a big fan base to support them. They have to criticize Clarke.

    I mean, when the Flyers were eliminated by the Sens, and the day after newspaper articles came out, i bet that there was a high level of criticism towards Clarke. And, i bet that Flyers fans agreed to whatever the media said, because they were pissed off. Just look at the facts, your team is now the top team in the East and the Devils aren’t anymore. The Leafs are getting old with a poor future and they will soon slow down. The Rangers could be going up, but still pretty far behind. The Bruins are lost and they are yelling out Guerin’s and Dafoe’s names. I mean, face it, Flyers are the DOMINANT team of the East now.

    I’d feel greatful as a fan to have that team. To say “my team is NUMBER ONE in their Conference” is great. Clarke got that done and now he needs to get the playoffs done. He is not too far away from IT either. He is a very smart GM. There are only two characteristics that he has, which prevent him from becoming a great GM. 1) Impatience. 2) No class.

    As a GM of anything, you have to step up a level and show class. If i was a GM, i’d show elegance and class by not even repsonding to this interview or just say that the media has made statements that are misjudged and it’s unfortunate that they show no real support for Philadelphia’s top sports team. Now see, that’s a slap in the face to the media. It shows class. If i read that from Clarke, i’d agree with him 100% and hate the media for not being so supportive of my favorite team.

    Clarke makes these remarks, rude remarks, and it puts him at a barbaric level. I bet that if he resonded like i said before, the fans would realize that they are reading and agreeing articles from a bunch of sissies.

    Clarke loses respect by answering like this. All he did was make the journalist laugh once they read this. They see how pissed off they got him and that’s what they wanted. If Clarke would have made a classy response, something like i did, then it would piss the journalists off and make them udnerstand that they were unsiccessfull in pissing him off and put them in a humiliating position.

    I read Brooks’ articles everytime he has one up. I like to read the papers in the morning, and sometimes Brooks writes well. But, his ideas and rumors are crap. His dumb criticism is crap, as well as his “trying to be supportive” is sometimes crap. Though you got to admit, when he wrote that article where he said “Messier, Lindros, and Sather” should call Holik and convince him to come, hehe damn he was right.

    You get my point though? Clarke is a smart GM, but shows no class and loses battles with his barbaric comments.

  5. flyersrule94 says:

    Yes, but then again thats really not as much his job as it is Hitch*****’s, if you want to know more about the team go to the coach not the G.m. and sam Donellon in my opinion is an asshole, and not only cause of what he said about Bob Clarke.

  6. tgray says:

    Your thinly veiled slap is noted against Flyers fans: ” i bet that Flyers fans agreed to whatever the media said, because they were pissed off. Just look at the facts, your team is now the top team in the East and the Devils aren’t anymore”

    Okay we’re that dumb

    There has been a movement against Clarke since Lindros and him frist butted heads, about four years ago, so to say that the Philly media started this discussion after THIS season is ponderous.

    He showed absolutely no class in this article and is so full of himself, he feels the fans love him and the media is the only thing that has negative sentiments against him.


    The members of the media do not live in ivory towers, they hear what the fans say, they listen to sports radio, and talk with fans on a daily basis. The media is simply posing questions from the fan base, thats where the emotion and energy surrounding the team. The game is not played in a studio, its played in the stadium, the fans participate in an exchange by booing and cheering. Philly fans differ from many in this aspect of the game. They are not afraid to express negativity if they feel the team is not giving them their best, and they express negative sentiment to what they see, not only what they read.

    Remember when you see members of the media critical of Bob Clarke, they sat and watched the transgressions, the icy press conferences between him and the team first hand. They watched the career of Eric Lindros die in a press room. They watched the self absorbed Clarke level criticism on Lindros. I never was a fan of Lindros’s attitude and his meddlesome parents but a general manager needs to handle negotiations with class. The cavalier attitude he exhibited in this press conference is the same attitude that alienated the Lindros—–and the media in the first place.

    Remember that the management of this team is the laughingstock of professional sports, before you react to negative media coverage. The tradition of this team is disgraced by what has transpired in the last few seasons. The fans want their team back they had a few years ago, when they weren’t miserable to be playing for this team…they will turn on Hitch***** like they did on Barber.

  7. tgray says:

    Yeah, but the gm will discuss personel with you, Hitch***** isn’t going to say, we’re thin on defense, because he has to coach these guys. If Clarke said, we are thin on defense, then the player’s would take it as a message instead of revolting. They wouldn’t hold it against Hitch***** if he didn’t say it.

  8. mikster says:

    You trust the media too much…..

    The media can show criticism and negative comments. Sure, and i’d agree if all Philly papers criticized the Boucher trade if Boucher becomes a solid starter and Handzus is a 3rd line player. But, when picking dumb topics to criticize on, like Dopita….i mean, you must be desperate.

    Fans are fans, some impatient, some patient. I am a petient one. I’d rather do things the long way and take time rather do the fast ways and get errors. Unfortunately the Rangers are like that, but it’s the strategy Sather has to do since his young core of players are not all ready yet.

    I think the media and the fans are yelling at Clarke too much. Let him build his Stanley Cup team. He might do some more changes, maybe get a top of the line player. Who knows. This is definitely the year to head into the Finals for the Flyers though. Devils are weak, Leafs are weak, Bruins are weak, Rangers are Rangers and they can still miss the playoffs, Hurricanes can be beaten, Isle’s are not that strong and i bet teams underestimated them, Caps are not that strong. I mean, really…..the past should be forgotten, this is the present and future, a new start and a better and greater opportunity.

    Media shouldn’t ***** about stupid things.

  9. DG says:

    So the poor baby wants to cry? Awww, why don’t we let him? All Bobby Clarke has done now is prove just how much we get under his skin, whining and wondering why anyone would criticize him. Okay, Bobby, you may be right in saying that “you can’t criticize God”, but, from you’re saying, it seems like you’re saying you’re perfect. This was the tip of the iceberg for me: you’re NOT perfect and it’s about time you ACCEPT criticism, just like we all do. You know what, Bobby, I just may write an article on you and blast you to oblivion and see how angry you get at me. C’mon, cry…just cry for me you big baby. Oh yeah, and the regular season means nothing, stupid, if you don’t win in the play-offs.

    Your No. 1 Enemy,


  10. UsedandAbused says:

    You are wrong! Clarke didn’t blast fans at all. He blasted the guys in the media who do nothing but take shots at the guy. I respect Bob Clark and I think the media makes him out to be an asshole, which he isn’t. I think the media forgets, that he is on our side. He wants to bring the Flyers the cup just as much as we want to see them. Clarke is under appreciated because of the media. I am from Philly and I can tell you first hand that our writers don’t know shit about sports. All they ever do is criticize our teams, because thats the only way they know how to keep their ratings up. Now Clark isn’t perfect, but the bottom line is look at where is heart is. He wants to bring Philly another cup. He has put good hockey teams on the ice for years, and all these guys in the media do is rip the guy apart. I think the guy is almost a saint for not lashing out like this before. Everyone hates Clark because they believe what the media tells them to. Not me!

  11. UsedandAbused says:

    What more do you want him to say about the team? What more do you need to know? Training camp hasn’t even started yet, so I don’t know what you are expecting him to say that has not been said already.

  12. tgray says:

    Yeah you’re right the media does nothing but criticize our wonderful sports teams, (no championships since 1983, Phillies have had 3 winning seasons in last 16 years). Eagles won an nhl championship in 1960, none in the last 42 years. So much for passionate fans and the media to praise.

    Clarke cries and you call him a saint wow.

    In addition you think that the media is the only thing he’s talking about, i never saw one article criticizing the way he handled the dopita thing, he’s criticizing complaints coming from the fans.

    The man is a joke, this interview only proves it. I wish i could hear the fans reaction first hand, but i’m stuck up here in gotham.

  13. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Clarke is a moron. Enough said? His “best” days are behind him and with his current mentality he couldn’t put together a championship team if he could have his pick of any 12 players in the league.

    When is this guy gonna be fired? Although he does provide a good laugh once and awhile… well actually all the time.

  14. Freeze says:


    Clarke states, “I would say with Scotty Bowman retiring, Hitch***** is probably the premier coach in the league now…” Didn’t the players in Dallas tune Hitch***** out? Isn’t that why he was fired?

    Then Clarke says, “What happened last year was it got to a point where the players were against Billy and Billy was against them. This year, right from the start, they’ve all got to get on the same page and keep their mouths shut and just play hockey the way the coaches want them to because there is enough ability to be successful. I think.” Hmmm. Sounds like he not sure about the ability part.

    Can you imagine Ken Holland talking that way about Yzerman, Shanahan, Lidstrom and Chelios?

    Can you imagine LaCroix talking that way about Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, and Blake? Is that all you have to do – just keep your mouth shut and play?? What about leadership? He didn’t mention anything about that.

    I’m glad Philly ain’t my team and I’m glad Bobby Clarke will never be fired!!!

  15. Glen says:

    Not alot of patience for criticism?? The man has been ripped apart from the day we traded for Eric Lindros. His name has been in a Philly newspaper everyday since, while taking criticism from every angle. There is not one team in the NHL that is under the microscope like the Flyers are. Toronto is the only team that is in the same league as far as taking criticism. The man has taken a beating from the press, for his management actions, since retiring. I don’t see how you say that he hasn’t been patient. Look at sports figures like Theo Fleury, Brian Burke, John Rocker, and Brian Cox. These guys fly off the handle with one slight comment. Clarkey has maitained his composure throughout, and I give him credit for that. He’s made some questionable moves, but you can’t please everyone in Philly. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE !!!

  16. big_booty says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Glen. Very well said.

  17. DaAvs says:

    This has been this mans trademark for a few years now. Look at the Lindros Saga. It kept going and going. The media continued the feud and made it worse but both were just taking pot shots at each other. This is Clarke.

  18. NYRrule says:

    What a bum Clarke is. Sounds like he thinks he’s a God or something. When your in a high profile position (like the general manager of an NHL hockey team), your always going to be under a magnifying glass. Especially in Philadelphia which has some of the roughest fans in the country (Remember what the Eagles fans did when Michael Irvin almost broke his neck?). If he can’t handle the scrutiny, he can just quit. He needs to quit his bitching and keep his mouth shut. His comments just make things worse for him and his hockey team. He’s not a part of the “Broad street bullies” anymore. He’s a retired hockey player but he still wants the spotlight instead of letting his team get it. Grow up Bobby.

  19. big_booty says:

    Your attempt to make the Flyers’ GM sound like a baby are infantile at best. If you think a single interview like this one shows that the media gets under Clarke’s skin, you are sorely mistaken.

    “You know what, Bobby, I just may write an article on you and blast you to oblivion and see how angry you get at me.”

    You go ahead and do that, Danny boy. I’m sure that the general manager of a National Hockey League franchise reeeeeaaaaalllly concerns himself with criticism from a Toronto teenager with too much time on his hands.

    You can try and bring him to tears, but I guarantee you that if Clarke showed up at your door, you’d fill your boxers with bricks in an instant.

  20. big_booty says:

    “Oh yeah, and the regular season means nothing, stupid, if you don’t win in the play-offs.”

    I guess the St. Louis Blues shouldn’t have even bothered playing the past two decades then, huh?

  21. Overtime says:

    Clarke was hated as a hockey player because he was a coward. He would cheap shot another player, always with his stick, then when the player retaliated one of the Philly goons would step in and beat the shit out of him. Media, Fans, and other players don’t respect Bobby Clarke because he doesn’t deserve it. He gives diabetics a bad name.

    Once you set yourself up as a target, it’s hard to get rid of that bullseye. It’s carried over to his role as GM. He doesn’t handle people well at all, whether it’s the media we are talking about, or players or coaches. He ultimately paid the price for being the weasel that he is. He is not cut out for the GM role at all. His personnel moves are based on emotion rather than shrewd calculation. Eric Lindros is a good example of that. Acquiring talent without leadership is pointless in the world of sports.

    A champion hockey organization starts with premier performers at the top and works its way downward. If players don’t respect the leadership in the organization, what you have is a losing effort. You won’t find the undying commitment, self-sacrifice, and leadership through the ranks that’s needed to be a champion. You have dissention in the ranks and, ultimately, failure. That’s pretty much describes the Flyers.

    Bobby Clarke is part of the problem, not part of the solution, but he’s too selfish to recognize it and the Flyer fans continue to suffer. I love it!!!

  22. Overtime says:

    What a joke. You say, “You can try and bring him to tears, but I guarantee you that if Clarke showed up at your door, you’d fill your boxers with bricks in an instant.”

    Have you forgotten that Bobby Clarke doesn’t fight his own fights? He has his goons do it for him. You must be a youngster who never had a chance to watch Clarke when he played. He’d start a fight, then skate away to let a teammate finish it. Or are those the type of players that you admire?

  23. big_booty says:

    Actually, I remember a lot of Bobby Clarke’s play, having seen it first hand.

    I recall seeing him getting his front teeth knocked out and returning to a game. I recall seeing him take a slapshot to the forehead and coming back on the ice. Sound cowardly to you?

    So what if he didn’t fight. That wasn’t his role on those teams.

    Don’t try to make Clarke sound like a coward, you only look more the foolish.

  24. big_booty says:

    I wonder, would you say the same about Glen Sather if he had some similar thoughts on the media today? Would you still say he was “bitching” and being a “bum?” Just a thought.

    Why should he keep his mouth shut? It was an INTERVIEW for God’s sake, you’re supposed to speak your mind in one of those.

    As for Irvin, he deserved it.

  25. YingYan says:

    I love Clarky’s comments, sort of like Don Cherry, a show-man, not very bright & stuck with the past but boy is he entertaining!!!

    i’m pasting this here in order to have a chance to be read about something i care:

    the best rivalry is between the loosers who love 2-1 games with hack, slash, grabs, obtructions etc… and actually think this is hockey as opposed to the ones who love big hits, tons of goals and don’t give a f*** about goalies % and anything that isn’t pure entertainment.

    so the best rivalry is between the minority of immature posting jerks & the majority of hockey fans who enjoy the afct that implementation of basic rules will bring us back toward the early nineties when 2 more goals per game were scored before the systematic defensive systems took advantage of the joke that was the NHL rules.

    Put Bob-no-good-now in a goalie outfit and let me crack his helmet once or 666 times in a row. Better give me all these no-talented jerks, i’ll melt the ice under their feet, freeze it again and hire boxers to show them what’s a clean hit then hire all the retired NHL madmen and tell them to hack-off their $tupid egoistical a$$-O descendnants who only want the opportunity to stay in the league and make easy money by bashing better players with cheap unpenalised shot, Well loosers your days are over.

    WAKE UP!

    p.s. Since my CRACKDOWN posts were ignored and i read the worst crap on HTR i will write his stuff and anything i care about on any topic because the ones we care about aren’t posted as opposed to useless partisan subjective crap or rich team fans whining about fans not liking their team’s disrutptive effect on this league etc…

  26. DG says:

    First of all, I’m nearly 21, so I’m no longer a teenager.

    Second of all, I’ve read other articles where Bobby Clarke slags the media, and just others where he whines too much about how “everybody’s against him.”

    Third of all, I can’t respect a man who, like Clarke, can go on and believe he’s done nothing wrong when it’s apparent a lot is wrong. He says that his team has had 100-point seasons the past five years and that’s somehow proof that he’s doing a good job. What’s the catch? Only two play-off round victories in that span, both coming in the spring of 2000. He goes on and blames the coaches, the players, the league even, and now the media for his team’s problems but never himself, when it’s becoming more and more apparent that at least some of the problem lies with him. It angers me that he uses scapegoats to get out of messes he creates and it is about time he fesses up to them. Only then will he earn my respect. Also, for the record, it’s not like the St. Louis Blues have not been having their fair share of flak for their play-off problems either.

    In short, Bobby Clarke needs to learn that he can’t just blame somebody else for his team’s problems: ultimately the blame lies with him and him alone because he’s the one who manages everything. Yeah, General Managing may be a hard job, but if he can’t handle it, he doesn’t deserve it.


  27. YingYan says:

    Ahem… i just realised that Clarky must really be feeling the heat to use that 100pts argument. Better to end the season with 90pts & play 2-3 series than stack 100pts & choke in the 1rst! 😀

    He created his own media hell by antagonising the worst of the Phillies bunch. He’s gonna have fun ’till retirement.


    p.s. He should look at Cherry’s ex. contraversial, also living in the past to some extent but never will you see him start a flame war with fellow journalists, it’s a show when that happens. Clarke has the pressure of a highly paid job and is now working against himself by slapping the journalists… yet… again. Huh huh…

  28. Freeze says:

    Very well said.

  29. TheDevil says:

    Now, imagine if this bullshit about the enforcement of the obstruction rules really is applied.

    The Flyers would end up taking around 20 penalties per game, eating 6 to 7 goals each night, and this shit would not change for the next ten years, since all Clarke has ever cared about drafting is big, slow, bruising thugs.

    Clarke should pray for the game to stay the way it is now (which will probably happens), otherwise the MEDIA he so much hates will have every reason in the world to kick his ass on an everyday basis!!!!

    Let’s see, without obstruction, which players the Flyers DO have with some speed:

    – Gagne

    – Gagne

    – Gagne

    Upcoming speedsters in the Flyers system…. NONE

    Well done Clarkey!!!

  30. tele says:

    I don’t think Bob Clarke is a member on this sight DG. If you want to talk to him directly you should call him or find his e-mail. Nice work

  31. Rico71 says:

    Hey dude…

    Open the blinders and see reality, not Clark’s alternative to it. Not everything is the fault of the media/fan/players/coaches. He is the one that hires the coaches and gets the players. He is the one that makes the final roster decisions. The fact that the Flyers have sucked in the playoffs is because he cannot assemble a good playoff team. That’s all there is to it. He blames everything and anything except himself for his team failures. Since when is it the fault of everybody else? As long as Snyder likes getting brown-nosed by Bobby…he will remain in place.

    Too bad for you Flyers fans.

  32. Freeze says:

    It seems like most every player in the league has lost teeth playing hockey. Big deal. It proves that you can play with pain more than it serves as a proof of courage.

    As for the forehead shot that he took, what’s your point? It’s not as if there was something on the other side of that forehead that really needed to be protected. Or was it the case that there was something to protect, it got damaged, and that’s why the Flyers are where they are today??? hehehe

    Overtime says Clarke’s a coward. I agree because he refused to fight his own fights, but I think the words weasel or rat would be more fitting.

  33. Freeze says:

    By the time the playoffs roll around, the clutch and grab will be back and acceptable once again. I’ve seen too many of these so-called rule changes to know they are only short lived experiments. Do you remember when they used to call all the diving (unsportamanlike conduct)? You don’t see that called much anymore. Besides, there is no consistency among NHL refs as to what is a penalty and what isn’t. There’s even inconsistency by an NHL ref within a given game as to what is a penalty and what isn’t. It’s a joke.

  34. Freeze says:

    You’re right. Carolina finished 8th in the East and went to the Finals. Was it because guys like Rob Brind’amour and Ron Francis wore a Hurricane’s jersey instead of a Flyer’s jersey? How much are those 100 points really worth?

  35. BWbullies says:

    Your right with that. He hasn’t even seen them skate as a team yet. So how can he give an opinion about something he hasn’t seen yet. Give him a month then I am sure he will have something to say.

  36. BWbullies says:

    I suported clarke through this whole offseason. I think he has done everything in his power to make this a champion team. He brought in good talent and solid young players through the draft. He got alot of bad publicity for somethings he shouldn’t of. Like the coaches, for example lindros was the main reason for Murry getting fired. For the comments had made about the team after they lost in the finals. I personnally enjoyed the interview. All these writers jump on him about the lousy job he has done as GM but then say andy reid is doing a good job as GM for the Eagles. Which Reid has done a terrible job such as let 1 of the best MLB in the league leave for nothing. I think Less Bowman was the only good writer to cover the Flyers.

  37. BWbullies says:

    First I don’t know if you are aware of this but Clarke had nothing to do with aquiring Lindros. He didn’t come back to Philly until Lindros was already here. He did alot with the shit he was left with.

  38. aaron says:

    The difference is Detroit and Colorado’s players aren’t a bunch of whiny crybabies. I’m still not sure why Clarke gets ripped for all this. He as a GM has done a better job of assembling a team than almost any in the league. Probably Top 5. Its not his fault they aren’t performing the way they should.

  39. BWbullies says:

    So what big dumb, slow players are you refering too. Lets see there is Thieren, LeClair, Kieth and Brashier. So that is 4 players that aren’t fast. Oh yea what players did he draft that match that discription, thats right none… So you better start crying over your Devils now. Why wait because they will suck and not make the playoffs. What fast players do you have by the way NONE.

  40. Overtime says:

    I know that Clarke didn’t trade Forsberg for Lindros. I’m talking about the 3-ring circus that ensued with Eric and Carl Lindros over Eric blasting the team trainer. Fine, let the team trainer go out and win you a Cup. That was very poorly handled.

  41. UsedandAbused says:

    Regardless of what you might think… The Flyers have has a good team for years. They are always a competitive team. Not all the early exits out of the play-offs are because of bad team play like last year. For instance two years ago Flyers had mad injuries going into the play-offs. The year before that Flyers almost went to the cup, making an awesome run. I think your crazy if you think the Flyers have a sucky team. I think Flyers going to show the world this year that they are the real deal, unfortunately for Clarke he will still get criticized even if the Flyers won the cup 5 times in a row. He already brought us two cups! Most cities charish the sport heroes, but the media in Philly just blast ours.

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