Clarke Testing the Market over the Olympic Break?

According to this website, Bob Clarke will browse the market for a possible trade if Captain Keith Primeau is not back in action by the Olympic break.The only question is, who would be traded?

Clarke will NOT part with any of the star youngsters like Carter, Umberger, Richards, Niitymaki, etc. If Primeau stays out of the lineup, the Flyers would probably look for a winger in a trade, since they are already deep at center.

The article above says that a possible Recchi return may take place, but Rex moved back to Pittsburgh with the intention of ending his career there. His family is rooted there and he has strong ties with the Penguins, so I personally don’t think he is going anywhere.

I don’t know who the Flyers would be looking to deal at this point, because the team has pretty much been firing on all cylinders as is. One thing I do wish Clarke would do though is TRADE DONALD BRASHEAR. Seriously, that guy is useless and does nothing but drag down the overall skill of whatever line he’s on. He doesn’t fight anymore, and he can’t actually play hockey, so he’s useless.