Clarke Testing the Market over the Olympic Break?

According to this website, Bob Clarke will browse the market for a possible trade if Captain Keith Primeau is not back in action by the Olympic break.The only question is, who would be traded?

Clarke will NOT part with any of the star youngsters like Carter, Umberger, Richards, Niitymaki, etc. If Primeau stays out of the lineup, the Flyers would probably look for a winger in a trade, since they are already deep at center.

The article above says that a possible Recchi return may take place, but Rex moved back to Pittsburgh with the intention of ending his career there. His family is rooted there and he has strong ties with the Penguins, so I personally don’t think he is going anywhere.

I don’t know who the Flyers would be looking to deal at this point, because the team has pretty much been firing on all cylinders as is. One thing I do wish Clarke would do though is TRADE DONALD BRASHEAR. Seriously, that guy is useless and does nothing but drag down the overall skill of whatever line he’s on. He doesn’t fight anymore, and he can’t actually play hockey, so he’s useless.

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  1. big_booty says:

    Bottom lines:

    1) The Flyers do not need to make any major moves. They are one of the best teams in all of hockey – they have done so WITHOUT the services of their captain, WITHOUT their two of their best defensemen, and WITH a rookie goaltender. To echo an earlier sentiment, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    2) Primeau is on the shelf for his own good. If he decides it is time for him to come back and he feels up to the task then he will do so. He will not force himself back, especially when the team is on top of the mountain and there is no rush.

    3) Neither Doug Weight nor Mark Recchi will be joining the Flyers this season. These older players will not be worth it when the trading deadline comes around. I loved Recchi as a Flyer but his time here was up. Everyone trashed Philadelphia for letting their leading scorer go but he has done little to distinguish himself with the NHL’s bottom feeders. Weight makes entirely too much money for his production (or lack thereof), and even though he will only cost a team about a $1 million rental fee (his cap number at the deadline according to league sources), he is not the player he once was.

    4) Donald Brashear will not be traded. His role is well-defined and smaller than other, more skilled forwards – he averages only 8 minutes of ice time. He is not entirely “useless,” every team needs a fighter, but if the team decides to get rid of him all they have to do is put him on waivers.

  2. muckies says:

    your an idiot.

    all he had to do was fight ray and it would have been fine, Ray litterally had to take his glove off and punch Brashear in the face, hard, to get him to drop his gloves.

    Ray chased him around the entire game and he wouldn’t go, especially after Hitch*****s “eat his lunch” comment to Havlat. The entire team didn’t have to go, and there wouldn’t have been a brawl if brashear squared up with Ray.

    But he didn’t, and instead he skated around trying to show everybody that he is like Cam neely when he isn’t, because Neely would have fought for his team when he needed them to, and not after he got suckered punched in the face, on home ice.

    He’s a wimp, admit it.

  3. PinkFloydFreak87 says:

    If the cap space is available I wouldn’t mind seeing the Flyers get Recchi back if its only for a draft pick or sim or savage, which is more than pittsburgh would get from anyone else. Another talented wing can’t hurt, and I even think Recchi could be a better wing for the Forsberg Gagne duo than Knuble.

    On another note, something that I have said for a LOOOONG time to my friends and I’ve gotten them all to agree with me, especially after tonight’s game against Carolina; Gagne is a one trick pony! Don’t get me wrong; he’s got speed, a great wrist shot, and he plays hard. But if he is in on a breakaway he has no game breaking ability whatsoever. He has 1 move he’s used on breakaways his entire career. He stretches too far trying to deke the goalie, wether it be to his forehand or backhand. Regardless of what side he goes to, he stretches and can’t lift the puck up at all, and he puts it right into the goalie’s pad. He did it twice in regulation tonight and again in the shootout.

    I’m not kidding when I say I would like to never see him in a shootout again, although i’m sure it won’t happen. With everybody healthy, my ideal shootout line up for philly would be:




    Handzus or Carter as 4 and 5 if neccesary, the 4th being whoever was having a better game.

    But quickly to move back to Gagne, I want to say one last thing that may get bad reactions from a lot of the other philly fans. Especially if philly wins the cup this year, and maybe even if they don’t, I would like to see Clarke trade Gagne during this offseason. He will be coming off the best year of his career and in his prime age for another team to acquire his services. I think we could get a very talented wing in return that may be able to give even greater returns than Gagne has given in the past. If he is not traded in the offseason, which would not at all suprise me, I would DEFINITELY like to see him traded in whatever offseason Forsberg either retires or goes to another team in. I think the end of the “Forsberg era” in philly should also mark the end of the “Gagne era”, as Gagne will probably be coming off of several statistically great years, but without Peter I don’t see Gagne as ever being able to consistently break open games for some of the reasons that I stated above.

  4. dcz28 says:

    I think your the one on crack because you Forgot about Havlat (injured) who is on the 2nd line who is way better then Carter…Sens defense is way better then Vancouver Salo being better then Redden? yeah right dream on he was with Ottawa before going to Vancouver and you wanna talk about being injury prone Salo spent more time on IR then on the ice with the Sens and all he has is a hard shot if he can ever hit the net…i would take Meszaros over Salo anyday look at the numbers and Sens are deeper and better on defense

    Alfredson has not missed many games in the last 3 seasons so your comment about him being injury prone is out dated just like mine about Salo and i would say Naslund and Alfredson are about equal in my eyes

    Now for Goaltending you can wish all you want for Loungo this year but it wont happen and if it did they would have to give up Bertuzzi or a core player which would make the team weaker at another position since Keenan wont give him for a pick and a prospect or that bum Cloutier who nobody wants…Biron maybe but he has done nothing in the playoffs so far and again they wont give him away since Buffalo is doing good right now …as for Hasek getting injured you can tell yourself that if it makes you feel better but that doesn’t mean it will happen and i could say the same (what if Naslund gets injured?)…any team will have a hard time winning if the #1 goalie gets injured unless the backup catches fire and the only team i can think of that has a backup that has done something in the playoffs is my Wings (Osgood) and say what you want about him but he has a cup ring and none of the Canucks goalies or Loungo, Biron have one…your probably still pissed off at Hasek for beating Vancouver in 2002 and getting the cup while Cloutier was left wondering how to stop a Lidstrom shot from the red line lol

    I will end this tirade by asking you how many rounds of playoffs have Vancouver won since the Sens came into the league?…my guess is not many since 94

    Wings will take care of Vancouver so don’t get your hopes up to see Vancouver in the finals

  5. neilios says:

    LOL the Wings you gotta be kidding me right there team is same age as my grampa the Canucks will walk all over them if they meet in the playoffs.I didnt forget about Havlat dumbass you said that Healtey was on there 2nd line you doorknob and Havlat is the only good player in the 2nd line Smolinski is crap and who else do you guys have playing the 2nd line????I told yeah the Canucks have more depth with the Sedins and Carter and your just jelous you guys traded Salo for crap Salo is having a $ year.The Sens will get knocked out 1st round anyways by the Maple Leafs.

  6. NemiNA says:

    Simply the fact that you say you “talked to him in a vancouver bar” gives you no credibility.

    I must have bruised your ego. You typed a huge comment just for me. Suck it up son. Grow up.

  7. NemiNA says:

    I have that game recorded. Ray never took off his glove. he cheap shotted Brashear, so Donald took him out.

  8. NemiNA says:


  9. dcz28 says:

    First off if you knew anything which obviously by reading your comments you don’t…you would know that Heatley and Alfredson have not been on the same line for the last 2 games and once Spezza come back Murray said he would not put them back together right away

    I wont argue about Smolinski being crap because he is playing like 3rd or 4th line player but you seem to forget about players like Fisher, Schaefer (better than any Canucks in the corners), Neil, Bochenski (injured rookie), Kelly (very underated defensive rookie), Eaves (another good rookie) and by the way Smolinski has only 3 points less then Carter so i guess Carter is crap too

    Look at the +/- of the Sens and Canucks teams and Sens are way better as a team since only 2 players have a minus (Schubert the 7th dman and enforcer McGratton both at (-1))…Naslund their leading scorer is -7!!! and nobody on Vancouver is at +10 or better which is sad for your team

    Redden has more points in less games then any Canuck defenseman and Meszaros a rookie is +31…dream all you want but Sens have a better overall team and if you can’t see that then you are blind…Wings have better numbers then Canucks and are way deeper too

    Funny because you are starting to sound like a Leaf fan hoping Hasek gets injured or that the Sens will choke just like your Canucks have done in the last 10 years lol 97, 98, 2002 i saw the Wings lift the cup what about you when have you seen Vancouver do that? lol…don’t cry though maybe in the next 10 years the Canucks will actually win a round in the playoffs…Canucks walk all over the Wings yeah right they can’t even walk over the Minnesota Wild lol

  10. NBarretta34 says:

    In response to number 4:

    Brashear isn’t a fighter, he’s a wimp. He used to fight, but not anymore. He gets 8 minutes of ice time, 8 minutes that go to waste on a guy who probably couldn’t even hack it in the AHL. he’s a joke and doesn’t deserve to be riding the coattails of an awesome hockey team.

    Hell, give me a jersey and a contract and I’ll skate around the ice and plow into people randomly. That’s not a job, that’s a joke. There are people like Turner Stevenson and Derian Hatcher who can do that AND still help the team offensively. All Brashear is is a mascot on skates.

    Like I said, he’s a joke and doesn’t belong in the NHL, especially not on a top team like the Flyers. He contributes nothing, not in this new NHL. The era of the pure “goon” who does nothing but fights is coming to an end. I seriously hope he gets waived.

  11. neilios says:

    Fisher and Schaefer better in the corners then the Sedins yeah right the Sedins live in the corners and if those 2 guys are your 2nd line playes the Sens will be sorry come plaoffs cause those players are crap compared to the Sedins and Carter and the 3rd line for the Canucks is pretty good too in Ruutu,Kesler,and Cooke the Canucks are just starting to wake up so dont worry about the stats cause you know and I know that the stats will be about even at seasons end.I guess its better having a shitty 1st half then a shitty 2nd half like your Sens will have a shitty 2nd half cause Alffy,Redden,and Haskek can never stay healthy and they will all eventully get hurt sometime.

  12. dcz28 says:

    lol There you go again with your hope of injuries for the Sens and thinking that injuries wont happen to Vancouver’s best players is that all you have? lol

    You can keep your Sedin sisters i think they are crap and so is Carter … a second line of Havlat, Fisher and Scheafer is way better then Carter and The Twin Sisters

    I dont know where your getting your idea of a team having to have a shitty first or second half during the season because as a Wings fan i’m use to them having a good first and second half and the Sens are always good during the season also…as i have said before the Canucks have nothing to brag about over the Sens when it comes to the playoffs since they have not won a cup either and suffered 1st round exit the last few years

    Sens are starting to get some players back since Spezza is suppose to make his return against the Ducks on Thursday…Havlat and Bochenski will be back for the playoffs and they will most likely add Doug Weight or another 2nd line centre to play with Havlat before the playoffs and make them deeper and more dangerous so think what you want about the Sens but you will not change my mind as to who the better team is between Vancouver and Ottawa and i don’t think i will change yours (probably the only thing we can agree on in this arguement) and the only way this will be decided will be come April

  13. Neely4Life says:

    dude, i love the sens, and im always cheerin for the nucks, cuz i love Bert, but man, get your facts straight. Fisher is the most under rated player in the league, or at least one of them. Shafer is considered one of the best in the corners in the league. And right now, easily Alfi over Naslund. Alfi is what makes the sens go, and Naslund, well hes had better seasons. Defense is no contest, same with goaltending. Offense, still give the edge to the sens.

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