Clarke Testing the Market over the Olympic Break?

According to this website, Bob Clarke will browse the market for a possible trade if Captain Keith Primeau is not back in action by the Olympic break.The only question is, who would be traded?

Clarke will NOT part with any of the star youngsters like Carter, Umberger, Richards, Niitymaki, etc. If Primeau stays out of the lineup, the Flyers would probably look for a winger in a trade, since they are already deep at center.

The article above says that a possible Recchi return may take place, but Rex moved back to Pittsburgh with the intention of ending his career there. His family is rooted there and he has strong ties with the Penguins, so I personally don’t think he is going anywhere.

I don’t know who the Flyers would be looking to deal at this point, because the team has pretty much been firing on all cylinders as is. One thing I do wish Clarke would do though is TRADE DONALD BRASHEAR. Seriously, that guy is useless and does nothing but drag down the overall skill of whatever line he’s on. He doesn’t fight anymore, and he can’t actually play hockey, so he’s useless.

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  1. dave1979 says:

    hahaha you preach it brother. i was SO glad when we (Vancouver) pawned that bum Brashear off on you. no offense. i never like him when he was here and was glad to see him gone. he needs a reality check. hes a goon, thats it. he donald you punk….you hit things with your fists…stop trying to be a hockey player.

  2. NemiNA says:

    I say why fix whats not broken.

    BUT THEN i immediately change my mind. Primeau is a great leader and with him gone, somone will have to take a better veteran role. I like all the young guys, but it looks like Eager is the odd man out. They need a vet and Brashear just isn’t cuttin it.

    Recchi would be fabulous, but its a question of his moral if he were to be traded from Pittsburgh. Would he want to give it his all? You never know.

  3. Flyaz says:

    He’s a pro. Would it suck for him to be traded out of Pittsburgh. Sure it would. Especially that he has all intentions of ending his career as a Penguin. But, it’s not like he was unhappy with his time in Philly. He spent the majority of his career there, he knows the organization and the city, and a good chunk of the roster, even with all the changes. It would be a lot harder for him to get traded to a team like Phoenix (just throwing out a team here) but to go back to Philly….especially that they have a real shot at the cup, and he’s not getting any younger wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

  4. suppaman says:

    if anything happens to brashear, he’ll be waived, nobody wants him, he’s trade value is nothing, and if clarke wanted him out of the lineup, everyone knows he’d just end up waiving him

  5. deuceswild says:

    Nothing is going to happen with Donald Brashear. You also forget the fact that he’s always put on the lines that are supposed to shake things up and get energy back for the flyers. Most times, it works. I agree with you tho that he is pretty much useless as compared to what he was like a couple years ago. I dont think Recchi is a possibility because the Penguins Management clearly said that he would be exempt from any trades they would make involving veterans. In the Philly Inquirer the idea of landing Doug Weight came up again. He would be a great player to get to Philly because of his great leadership, which we are lacking with Primeau out. Other than Weight, I think we should try to get someone from the Bruins like Glen Murray or Sergi Samsonov because they are both very capable players who would do great for our team.

  6. muckies says:


    Brashears idol is Elton John- no joke. not Howe, Messier, Robinson. – ELTON ‘*****IN’ JOHN.

    Shouldn’t your goons idol be – Probert, Nilan or somebody tough. ELTON JOHN???????

    Your do for an ass-kicking Brashear

    Put ’em up gooner, fight MCGRATTON or forvever be a puss.

  7. zdeno_duchesne says:

    the flyers won’t trade brashear.. if he leaves it will be because he gets put on waivers and some contender picks him up for jokes.

    i don’t think the flyers really need to make a trade right now. they are on top of the east and constantly winning. they can keep things the way they are, as i see it

  8. zdeno_duchesne says:

    mcgrattan ranks around where brashear does for uselessness. lol. i like what he does for us, but just don’t give him the puck.

    he made a decent feed to vermette on saturday though.

  9. PayUpSucka says:

    Maybe Donald and Tie should look into a pregame parking lot brawl. No seriously it’s good to know that it’s not just Tie who’s quickly worn out his welcome. The league just doesn’t need the goon anymore, not unless he’s got some speed or hands.

  10. muckies says:

    Brian is a dude, I love what he has done for our team.

    O.K. he’s not the best thinker on the ice, but he would absolutely tool Brashear.

    What would you rather have, a goon that can knock anybody out and not really do much else, but tries hard and does his job better then anybody in the league?

    -OR –

    a goon that doesn’t fight, doesn’t win, doesn’t score, doesn’t do anything well except not get into fights?

    Brian might not be the complete pacakge, but he would tool Brashera and his Elton John loving ways in a minute.

  11. Viller02 says:

    Although the flyers are playing very good at the moment, personally, I think it shows that Primeau aint around. The leadership is lacking, we need a captain. I know this wont be done through trades…

    Also if we have the money to spend going into the playoffs, why not use it? Weight is supposedly high on Clarkes and Muckler’ s list, I definately would rather see him in orange than in red come playoff timet thats for sure.

    When Pitkanen and Desjardins are back, our defence is gonna be just fine. What we really need though are wingers, Weight doesn’t fill that need but theirs plenty that could be had come the deadline I think.

  12. flyersfan10897 says:

    I would personally love to see recchi come back, or to get samsonov from boston. If samsonov is like the rest of the skilled players in boston, he doesnt want to be there, so he can be traded, but who knows what the flyers would have to give up. Recchi would be a good fit too, hes played under hitch***** before, and i think hitch may have even coached his junior team. Recchi would be a team leader though, and that is something they need.

  13. SensfanVone says:

    Hey what about the whole Laraque thing… you think like I do that everybody except a few other young guys are scared to fight Mccgrattan?? Your hes not a terrible player he just needs to focus less on fighting and more on the game fight if it comes to you.

  14. SensfanVone says:

    Weight would be a great pickup for either team…..Philly is the only team that really concerns me for the playoffs cuz once the Sens are healthy with Havlat back for the playoffs and maybe Weight and possibly Nolan if he wants to sign for cheap like is being reported…..that would be a crazy series…..LOL….:)


  15. Stuv_Dogg says:

    I’ll probably get blasted by Philly fans for this, but do y’all feel comfortable having Niitymaki and Esche in net come playoffs? I know Niitymaki is playing well, but haven’t we seen other regular season successes (Lalime comes to mind) fold like a cheap suit come playoff time?

    Anyone think it would be worth Clarke deciding who the organizations #1 goalie is, then deal the other guy for a dependable backup and some other spare parts that can be plugged into the lineup and provide some depth?

  16. nova_scotia123 says:

    I agree with Murray or Samsonov. But I am a little skeptical of Dougie Weight. He is a great player but I am not sure we need another centerman.

    The thing with Recchi, he has won a cup before. Its not like he needs to win a cup to make his career complete. He is just riding out his career with the team who is close to where his family is located. Philly is not far away though. I say the only way he goes is if Pittsburg is moving cities.

  17. Flyers70 says:

    Your sentiments about Recchi are the same thing the guy that covers the Pens for the Post-Gazette (Dave Molinari) said on Sunday, but I wouldn’t be so sure. The situation in Pittsburgh has gone horribly wrong and it’s been rumored the Pens will dump Recchi AND LeClair to save $$$ down the stretch.

    Besides, as strong as Recchi’s ties to Pittsburgh are, he’s lived in Philly (South Jersey, actually) twice during his career and his halcyon Pittsburgh days are ancient history. His wife is from Pittsburgh and he’s pals with Lemieux, but if the Pens financial picture is still in the toilet such that a move is imminent, he may as well accept a trade.

    Look for Recchi to return to the Flyers for a draft pick.

  18. V3n0m says:

    McGrattan is the Missing Link. Seriously, look at the guy. He looks nuts! I’m not surprised that most heavyweights in the League are afraid to fight him. I love how every time there’s some kind of scrap going on that he’s not involved in, the camera pans over to him on the bench. You can see the primal wheels clicking and you know he smells blood out there.

    Looking forward to seeing him put a beating on Domi/Belak Saturday and Monday nights!

  19. V3n0m says:

    Weight’s already coming to Ottawa.

  20. flyersfan10897 says:

    well, stuv, take a look around the NHL. Hasek, Khabibulin, Brodeur, Belfour, and Osgood are the only active goalies to have won a cup. Hasek, Brodeur and Belfour are most likely not available, and Khabibulin and Osgood are not playing up to par. Esche helped the team get to game 7 of the conference finals, and kept them in the game by only allowing 2 goals. Niittymaki just won the Calder Cup in the AHL and was MVP of the playoffs. Thats not quite the same thing as the NHL, but it sure as hell doesnt hurt.

    The Rangers have a rookie and Kevin Weekes, Buffalo has young and inexperienced goalies, theodore has been stinking it up this season. Atlanta, Carolina, and Tampa all have young guys with minimal or no playoff experience. Legace and Vokoun have less playoff experience than esche. Vancouver, Colorado, and Edmonton have either no experience, or have choked several times. Turco has never performed well in the playoffs, the kings have no experience, and anaheim cant even pick a goalie.

    Therefore, not to “blast” you, but, to be honest, seeing as the flyers are not going to acquire a previous cup winner, Kiprusoff, or Luongo, who has no playoff experience, i think the Flyers are actually better off than most teams when it comes to goaltending.

  21. nova_scotia123 says:

    I think the Flyers should be looking in to upgrading at the winger positions. I know they have pretty good young guys but once the playoffs hit, it will be a whole other world. Recchi may be what they are looking for, but I don’t think he wants to leave Mario, not to mention he has already won a cup. So the Flyers may need to look somehere else if Primeau is unable to come back.

    Even if Primeau does make it back, they still should look for winger upgrades (experience). If Glen Murray is available that would work. Not really sold on Samsonov. He is good but is he really going to help in the playoffs? Owen Nolan maybe someone who could help if healthy. Play the 3rd line role for a low cost. Depending on how he plays will dictate if he recieves another contract from the Flyers or not.

    It is hard to say who is available right now because there are only about 6 or 7 teams in the league as of now who are long shots at the playoffs. In the west the teams which you can count out are Chicago, St Louis, and Columbus. In the east you can count Pittsburgh, Washington, and Boston. The Islanders and Flordia are treading thin water right now though.

    I would suspect after the Olympic break, the water will become more clear and we will see who is actually available. Over all I think the Flyers do need another winger who can play on one of the top 3 lines.

    However for the goaltending………………?????????

  22. gojiclan says:

    Bottom line: If I see Donald Brashear take one more offensive zone penalty (which i know i will tuesday when they play carolina) I am going to flip out. Every time I hear his name when he is on the ice, i expect him to take another offensive zone penalty, which he does at least once a game. Thank god he is a free agent after this year, and I know clarke will not resign him. I say bench the moron and let some of the younger kids take his place, or trade him for a 7th round pick in 2008 or somethin just to get him off the team.

    He is a prime example of players that can no longer play in the new system. He cant do anything else but hit people and fight. Since he no longer fights he is worthless and is nothing more than wasted space on a very talented team.

    The Primeau situation concerns me. If i were Clarke, i would wait until the olympic break and hunt for a scoring winger. The flyers have tons of centerman, they need another offensive minded winger. I would say perhaps samsonov if the bruins are so out of the picture by the olympic break.

  23. Neely4Life says:

    WHY DID EAGER GET SENT DOWN?! and this asshole is still up there!?

  24. Neely4Life says:

    WHY DID EAGER GET SENT DOWN?! and this asshole is still up there!?

  25. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Good points all around. However, I was more thinking of players like Sean Burke, Arturs Irbe, Curtis Joseph, Olaf Kolzig, et al. Noone that’s going to guarantee anything – I don’t even think any of the Cup winning studs guarantee anything – but in Esche and Niitymaki you have two potential #1’s, one of them will have to go, so why not get what you’re missing in both of them and get some playoff experience.

    Speaking of which, you think Washington would take Esche straight up for Kolzig? Share the rest of the season between Niitymaki and Kolzig, ride the hot hand through the playoffs.

    Joseph is signed at a bargain for (I believe) $900K and PHO are currently 8 points out of 8th, you think you’d have a hard time prying Joseph out of the desert? Didn’t Joseph lead the playoffs in GAA last time through?

    Burke, in his 183rd stint in Philly, wouldn’t provide any skill improvement over Esche, but would be able to provide a more experienced voice for Niitymaki (if indeed he is your #1) come the pressure of the playoffs.

    Anyway, just thinking out loud more than anything. What do you think about any of the above?

  26. neilios says:

    Does anyone know what Weight’s contract is at right now???Iam hearing Ottawa or Vancouver might get him but I think he would want to play in Vancouver cause he would get lots of playing time on the 1st line with Nassy and Bert and that would be one of thee deadliest line in the NHL and whoever gets him wont have to give up much maybe a prospect like king,Biasek,and a 2nd rounder I would say cause Blues need help in every position and Biasek is a gritty Dman that will be a good NHLer,and I think Ottawa dont have much to offer.

  27. Neely4Life says:

    Ottawa has the cap room though, and Ottawa can Offer Brian Lee, the 9th overall pick from last year. Solid D. And ottawa is stacked on the point, so they can offer than up, plus a goalie like Glass or Kelly, and even throw in Varada.

  28. muckies says:

    I hope he plays for 10 years in Ottawa.

    If he gets into a rough playoff series, he is going to paste somebody. Nobody fights better on home ice then…. BIG BRIAN MCGRATTON.

    I like watching the wheels turn in his head during a game. He just takes numbers, and remembers to even the score.

    Somebody on Philly has to fight Mcgratton. Maybe it will be Hatcher. I’d love to see Hatcher get drilled in the face. When Iggy got his hands on him in Detroit, I wanted him to knock Hatcher out of his skates.

  29. poulin20 says:

    What is your obsession with Donald Brashear?


  30. gojiclan says:

    Is Irbe even still in the league?

    I say keep what they have at this point. Nitty will be the number 1 goalie in the future, and he is playing out of his mind right now. Esche is a proven playoff goalie at this point, and between the two they are better than any other combination they could possibly come up with. Kolzig? i dont think he has anything left at this stage in his carreer. If the coyotes are that close to a playoff spot they would never give up the only thing keeping them in the hunt (joseph) and other than those two mentioned, i wouldnt want anyone else in the league that would be available.

  31. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    Brashear is an asset to the Flyers, particularly at home. When the crowd is sitting down, and the Flyers tempo is down, they throw Brashear out there and as soon as he decks someone the crowd is immediately back into the game and it seems like it gives a boost of energy to the entire Flyers bench.

  32. flyersfan10897 says:

    Well Kolzig has only made through the first round once, and other than 1998, has never even won 3 games in the first round, so i dont see that being an improvement. besides, id feel more comfortable with niittymaki than a guy whos been playing for a bottom feeder for 4 or 5 years now. Joseph wouldnt be traded until phoenix knows they arent going to make it, and you cant expect them to have already given up by the trade deadline. its earlier this year, so they will have time to make up points. Burke might be able to help niittymaki, but then we will just need another goalie when burke leaves again. And im pretty sure Irbe isnt in the NHL anymore. I can see what you are trying to get it, but i think they would be better off just finishing the year with both of them. Esche will be back in about a week, so if he can match niittymaki’s play, let them battle it out. Esche has been there before and been able to carry the team pretty far, and niittymaki just has that style and attitude that just tells you its not going to make a difference to him what part of the season it is, hes just going to play his game. Id feel fine with either of them starting in the playoffs.

  33. NemiNA says:

    ITS FUNNY how you’re calling him out, using someone elses balls. HIDE behind McGratton cause I know if you were in front of donald, you wouldn’t say that.

    Who cares if he plays the piano? He too BOXING LESSON FROM JOE F*CKING FRAZER. You try it!

    you calling him a puss is completely just a chicken sh*t move.

  34. NemiNA says:

    I’m not gonna blast ya.

    COME PLAYOFF TIME, hopefully therien will be gone. Desjardins and Pitkanen will return. SO their is no need for panic

  35. NemiNA says:


  36. dcz28 says:

    Vancouver would be a possibility for Weight but he is also thinking about Ottawa as he said in a Ottawa sun article about being traded and waiving his no trade clause:

    “I will say this, if it comes down to having to make that decision, you look at a team like that with the two Danny’s (Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley) and Jason (Spezza), they’re very well coached, the defencemen are talented with (Zdeno) Chara, (Chris) Phillips and (Wade) Redden — and you’ve got Dominik Hasek at the back and he’s still playing for one reason,” Weight told Pierre Lebrun of Canadian Press. “(Ottawa is) certainly an attractive spot. But I’ve heard a lot of different teams. You have to see what the team likes about you and what they want to do with you.”

    Since he has a no trade clause he can choose where he goes…and i think he sees the Sens are a better contender then Vancouver who still needs a #1 goalie

  37. dcz28 says:

    Varada is playing good with Kelly and Eaves the last few games so i’m not sure if they should still trade him since he seems not to be upset over ice time anymore but i still think he is over paid at 2 million though

    Ottawa could do like the Wings do and give up their 1st round pick in that deal instead to go along with a prospect that is not in their top 5 like Jeff Glass or Igor Mirnov since like the Wings the Sens make the late round picks count with some great steals

  38. nova_scotia123 says:

    Man you did your homework there. Pretty put all the cards on the table.

  39. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Stevenson can do the same thing, and actually help score at the same time.

  40. muckies says:

    Actually ***** face, that gooner comment was from a time i was in a abr in Vnacouver, the day after the Cloutier trade, Naslund, Cloutier, Brashear and that newfie who is an alchoholic where there, and i asked Brashear why he wouldn’t fight Laraque. (I went to a game ealier that year and laraque called Brashear out and he wouldn’t fight.)

    Thats were the gooner part comes in, i said “Gooner, you gotta fight.”

    Brashear is a nice guy and likes the piano, thats fine, but he talks about being a player he isn’t, he talks of being a Cam neely, a tough guy who plays and scores, and he isn’t he’s useless.

    Brashear would be 10 times more effective IF he fought more. Nobody is scared of Philly, or Brashear. He has some skills, but if he just dropped them every pnce in a while, like a Chris Simmon or an Asham or a Mcarty or a Strudwick, he would be a much more dynamic player.

    You can basically do anything to anybody on Philly, and brashear won’t take care of it. In that brawl with Ottawa last year, it happened because Brashear wouldn’t fight anybody and his teamates had to stick up for themselves.

    Same with the Mcsorley incident. Brashear was skating around laughinf at him, taunting the bench and running away. If he just put his money were his mouth is, and stood and fought and backed up his ***** ways, he probbaly wouldn’t have been whacked in the head. Mcsorley was wrong, but Brashear pklayed a big part in that by letting things get chippy and not letting the big boys settle it the old fashion way, just like what happened in Ottawa.

    He talks big but never stands behind it

  41. Viller02 says:

    Ottawa has the cap room but Melnyk(the owner) has his own cap in place on the team.

  42. Viller02 says:

    why not Tkachuk coming to Philly? Hes a UFA this summer right?

  43. gojiclan says:

    The problem is they don’t have the money right now. It is all grounded on the notion of putting Primeau on IR. If they do that, his salary (which is a fairly big number) gets taken off of their cap number. THe problem is he is then unbale to play for the rest of the year, even if he does get healthy. Weight makes a pretty big salary, and they would have to part with some youth at elast to get him.

    Last i heard, due to injuries, the flyers are 200k over the cap, because they have to keep minor league players on the roster due to injuries.

  44. neilios says:

    Who said McGratton was the toughest in the NHL???did you see him get punched out last night by big DeriK Boogaard now this kid is the toughest NHLer I seen him play in PG Cougers he just dummys his dancing partner everytime.Last night during the Canuck game they said the buzz going around Pittsburg is Palffy and Gonchar going to Phoenix for Nedved,Gauthier,Brian Boucher,and a pick I think that trade make sense since Pittsburg wants to start rebuilding and send Fleury back to the minors so they dont have to pay his big bonus and they get a rock solid Dman in Gauthier and Phoenix wants to try make a push to the playoffs and Palffy and Gonchar would help out there.Ottawa dont have a better team then the Canucks Ottawa is a 1 line team and that wont get them nowhere at least the Canucks have 2 solid lines and if they meet in the Cup finals I bet big Bert steam rolls one of your Dmen outta the playoffs like he did to Jackman,MacInnis,and Pronger couple years ago,and I bet it would be big Chara.

  45. OldGoalie says:

    In the Pittsburgh Post Gazette…I think it was Friday…Lemieux and Patrick both made statements that, in essence, boil down to “Recchi isn’t going anywhere unless he asks to be traded.” Now, admittedly a lot of things can happen between now and the deadline, but that is the most definitive advance statement I’ve ever seen Patrick make about not dealing a player.

  46. 93213 says:

    What are you talking about? As far as I can remember the Canucks have only won one post season series since Bert arrived. The Blues were destroyed by the flu bug that wiped out their bench, not Bertuzzi. The Canucks were lucky to win that series.

    Also every time I watch highlights and replays it would seem as though the Canucks only have one line, the Sedins and Carter. Bert and Nazzy just haven’t been in sinc yet this season. But you’re right if they start playing like they used to AND the Sedin’s DON’T start playing like they used to then you have more than one line.

    As far as the Sens go, maybe you should check up on the scores sometime…. like last night for instance. The scor was 6 – 1 and the usual and the top line only accounted for one of those. Plus for the past week they’ve had Heatley on the second line, so if you think Anson Carter is a better second line right winger than Heatley, then maybe you’re right.

    The sens are a DEEP team, you can compare them to the canucks, but then you just make the Canucks look bad.

    In net HASEK and EMERY vs CLOUTIER and AULD.

    Yeah okay, let’s move on….

    On defense REDDEN and CHARA vs Ohlund and Jovo.

    Do you seriously want to continue?

    Nazzy vs Alfie? Even team Sweden knows enough not to throw a C or even an A onto Nazzy’s jersey. They also know enough to put him on the second line, behind Alfie on the right, might I add….

    Apart from Cooke and Allen the Canucks suffer from a lack of grit. They shown it in the past and they’ll do it again.

    Nonis needs to acknowledge that the core of this team is very talented and close to being winners, but in the end NOT.

    They need a new captain and some kind of a leader on this team to do anything.

  47. neilios says:

    What are you high on crack or just your momma’s crack???Heatley aint no 2nd liner dumbass I thought he played on the 1st line with pussie boy Alffredson and Spezza????So dont try compare Heatley and Carter for the 2nd line cause you know and I know that Heatley is on the 1st but yeah Heatley is better player then Carter.I would have to admit that Chara is better then any of the Canucks D but he is one of the best D in the NHL and thats all the Sens have for D cause Jovo,Ohlund,and Salo are way better then Redden at least the 3 I mentioned know how to play D and just look at the #s the 3 Canuck D have better plus minus and points then glassboy Redden.Nassy is way better the Alffy I think if you asked anyone who would they want on there team it would be Nassy cause Alffy is a injury prone piece of crap,and you talk about grit I think you forgot to mention Ruutu this guy is the biggest pest in the NHL and he can score too.Plus the Sens wont make it to the finals to play the Canucks anyways they will get knocked out by Philly cause your guys is dominater is old and will be hurt and the Canucks will have Luongo or Biron for the playoffs.

  48. neilios says:

    Oh yeah you Sens fans do you know if McGratton is ok today??? after he got lumped out by Boogaard.Might as well send McGratton back to the ECHL now he wont be the same after getting a beating that bad.

  49. poulin20 says:

    “In that brawl with Ottawa last year, it happened because Brashear wouldn’t fight anybody and his teamates had to stick up for themselves.”

    You mean other than kick the living sh*t out of Rob Ray? How many other guys after that was he supposed to fight? Everyone one the ice, the whole bench (except that coward Havlat, of course… wouldn’t want him to kick at someone like the newest member of Charlie’s Angels), Jacques Martin, and Martin’s wife?

  50. Neely4Life says:

    ya, but hes my friend, and i was talkin to him not 10 hours before he got sent down. He did more than that stupid ***** in 20 games, than he did all season.

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