Clarke to make one more move?

Spector’s Hockey lists a report, from the Ottawa Sun, that the Flyers may be one of three teams expressing interest in Washington Center Robert Lang. The other teams mentioned were the Islanders and Red Wings. My thought is Clarke may pull the trigger on one more deal, prior to the March 9 deadline, based solely on the injury reports regarding Captain Keith Primeau. The two way center is still suffering and may miss another 3 weeks, not to mention the status of JR, who will likely miss at least the remainder of the season.

Lang is a real possibility, due to the long standing relationship Clarke seems to have with McPhee- several deals have been made in prior years, most notably the Oates deal. His high salary makes many teams shy away, leaving only a handful of teams that could realistically swing a deal. Additionally, the return figures to be substantially lower than that of Gonchar, as Lang is being dangled based on salary alone……

As for the other teams involved, The Isles are more focused on a D-man, while speculation says Detroit has switched focus to Kovalev….

Lang could help down the stretch, but my thought is that IF Clarke makes a move, he may opt for a cheaper solution, such as a Peter Nedved or Michael Nylander (both of whom are rumored to be available by the deadline).

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  1. Wills says:

    I’m not sure if this would be a good move by Philly. They are already taking a chance on Zhamnov who is a soft player in the playoffs, and Lang is another soft player who isn’t a known playoff performer. I really hope Detroit doesn’t sign Lang, not the type of forward they need, and his contract is deadly.

  2. cgolding says:

    If you check out Ed Moran’s article on there are some encouraging things coming out of arizona from Roenick. Apparently he’s started to feel better the last couple of days, no headaches, and is planning on returning to philadelphia tomorrow before going on to Montreal. He also says that he will attempt to meet up with the team in Ottawa to watch them play on Thursday if possible.

    I was getting really depressed listening to some of the stuff that was floating around about him over the past few weeks, but this is encouraging. The flyers are clearly lacking that emotional “oomf” that they have when Roenick is in the lineup and while they can keep it all steady during the regular season I think they will definitely struggle in the playoffs without his presence in the lineup.

    Primeau is 3 weeks away… which is bad news because anyone who has been watching the Flyers knows that they have been struggling without their centers in the lineup defensively.

    In other flyer news the Thrasher game was awesome! I know Hitch didn’t like it so much, but whatever. Few notes about this…

    Was sitting next to a guy who didn’t want Ilya on our team. Okay… he’s not getting hired as GM anytime soon. Ilya is possibly the most exciting player i’ve seen in the NHL live in the past few years. Has a mean-streak a mile wide which was on display a couple times during that game, but he just explodes into the offensive zone(granted he cherry picks some on a bad team). His shot is something to behold live, he sent a one-timer wide that Burke would have been smart to get out of the way of if it had been honed in on him. Give Atlanta a few years to gather some more pieces, and Hartley to harness him a lil more for defensive purposes and the combination of Heatley and Ilya is gonna be bringing a lot of scoring titles into Thrasher-Land.

    Said guy also believes that +/- is the most important statistic in hockey, which i disagree with, and feel free to comment on this take. Joni Pitkanen has a +17 at the moment I believe… but he doesn’t play defense against anyone good at the moment, and plays for a good team… leads to good +/-. +/- in my mind is the most overrated stat in hockey except for a few specific instances. If you have a guy on a BAD team with a good +/- that means a lot, like someone on pitt. If you got a guy with a bad +/- on a really GOOD team that also tells you a lot in my opinion.

    Sean Burke. The guy is coughing up rebounds in the slot like it is nobody’s business. The flyers ARE having defensive lapses but he literally almost lost that game on his own by making a save on a bad angle shot and leaving the rebound 4 feet directly in front of him and the guy following his shot almost put it in the back of the net… everyone cheered Burke for the great save… shouldn’t have had to make the save… Esche, come back soon buddy we can’t hold up much longer with Burke.

    Ottawa is going to kill Burke if he’s in there… Thankfully I have Havlat on my fantasy team so there will be some positive that comes out of it.

    in other news… we are 6 weeks from the playoffs. oh for sleepless nights of OT and painful days of work… the joy and despair is almost here… i can feel my blood pressure already rising at the thought of Burke getting lit up like a christmas tree…

    nevermind the bullox,


  3. kuntakentai1 says:

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  4. UsedandAbused says:

    And you are a retard?

  5. UsedandAbused says:

    +/- can be an overrated stat. As for Pitkanen he has played against plenty of “good players”. Just watch the guy, you know he is something special.

  6. cgolding says:

    oh he’s a good player, won’t argue that in the slightest. however, he sees ZERO matchup time against any line yet, which is the way it should be, nor does he see any time at the end of games with the lead. both tell you something about where he is defensively in the NHL. he’s a 20 year old kid and he’s developing, and that’s all fine and good.

    however, if you stuck him out there against first-lines i very much doubt he would be +17 in fact i’m pretty sure he’d be even or minus if it was a regular matchup. for all his offensive ability he’s still getting taken advantage of at times by opposing forwards… most notably in the boston game when he didn’t tie his man up and he roofed the rebound… that our friend burke tossed up.


  7. UsedandAbused says:

    I know he doesn’t play against team’s top lines. That would be crazy.. He does however play against good players. His +17 (in regards to rookies) is excellent.

  8. hockeybandit says:

    How can anybody see this happening, I mean unless Washington is stupid enough to take Therien straight up for Lang this just won’t happen. Unless Clarke is stupid enough to throw either or both Carter and or Richards into the mix, they have nothing else to trade, unless he takes someone out of the lineup. Mind you I trust Clarke as much as the rest of you flyer fans, and that not very much. For f%#* sakes Clarkie don’t screw the philly faithfull any more than you already have, and trade Carter or Richards.

  9. cgolding says:

    yeah, i’m just saying stick him on pittsburgh and see where he’s at… i think i could play for the flyers and be a plus.

  10. Viller says:

    Lang to philly could make sense, but I dont see where hed fit(what line I mean).

    If JR does miss the rest of season, philly wont have to pay whats left on his contract, insurance will… So ya, they could probably afford it.

    Lots of players wont be back in Philly next year I bet, from the UFAs only primeau could come back if he takes much less money. Maybe Zhamnov too.

    I dont think anyother players are UFAs, Recchi I’m not sure about. If he is indeed UFA, he will be back for sure….

  11. Viller says:


    oh hell ya, I’ll try finding him to sign my Philly jersey then! haha

    nah, I wont bother him, impossible to find him in that place anyhow… but ya extremely good to hear hes feeling better.

  12. wheresthesoda says:

    i can see nedved be moved but not to another eastern conference team. and i doubt the rangers and flyers will make a trade..and if sather does start trading guys away..he will probaly get the best of it.

  13. wheresthesoda says:

    i can see nedved be moved but not to another eastern conference team. and i doubt the rangers and flyers will make a trade..and if sather does start trading guys away..he will probaly get the best of it.

  14. kasparaitisflyer says:

    clarke is a genius i rank him in the top 5 gms in the league.

  15. titans says:

    We could build a time machine go back get Gretzky, Howe, Orr and Messier from in their primes, put em on the current Flyers and it wouldn’t mean dick!! Why you ask? I’ll tell you…




  16. CechmanekForVezina says:

    But would you be the highest plus on the whole team? I think that says the most.

  17. cgolding says:

    with my sniper skills…. clearly.

    no, but my point is that is a combination of good offensive skills, and not being put in “compromising” situations on a very good team. If desjardins got to play against the 2nd and 3rd line all day he’d be +30 every year…. way it goes. It’s not getting on Pitkanen the guy has AMAZING written all over his play, just takes time to mature defensively and i was using him as an example of how +/- is a skewed statistic. He’s there best +/- guy but nowhere near their best shut down guy, christ they put Therien out there over him…. and i hate him.

    nevermind the bullox,


  18. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I think it’s universally accepted Therien blows ant testicles. I wished to christ they could have moved him and not Weinrch but they tried so much.

  19. cgolding says:

    no one would take him…. plus he’s so big i think there is some painfully hopeful desire that he’ll suddenly figure out how to lean hard on people… guy is a turnover machine… happily he won’t be playing in the playoffs if we are healthy.

    nevermind the bullox,


  20. flyersfan10897 says:

    stick anyone on pittsburgh and see what their +/- is. Right now, Pitkanen is plus 19. You seem to have forgotten that all but 8 of his points have come on the powerplay. Saying he doesnt play defense based solely on who he plays against does not make any sense. On the flyers, there is usually only 1 constant match up: Primeau with the other teams top line. Pitkanen is never held off the ice when a good line comes out. He plays against other good players all the time. Hes faster than most players in the league and lets him pinch in a little.

  21. cgolding says:

    i’m not saying he doesn’t play ‘good’ defense. but if he was as responsible and good defensively as could be supposed alone from his +/- then explain the following facts about pitkanen and his defense.

    he sees ZERO time on the penalty kill. every other dman on the team is out on the penalty kill, but pitkanen is never out there.

    he also sees almost no shifts in the final 5 minutes of games when they have the lead.

    both of those facts are pretty damning in terms of the coaching staffs views of his defensive prowess in comparison to the likes of therien. and if you’ve watched most of the games he has a tendency to get taken advantage of in one-on-one situations still… which is to be expected. and hitchcock has specifically mentioned that he struggles with defensive positioning angles because the surface is smaller than he’s used to.

    and the flyers do a LOT of dmen matchups with opposing forwards, every NHL team does. Therien’s pairing, as scary as that is, is out for the bulk of the shifts that primeau goes out on when healthy.

    pitkanen also struggles against very physical lines, he dishes it out a little bit at times, but people that really challenge him can still put him back on his heels some and gain an advantage. which will change as he adjusts and gets stronger.

    again, he’s going to be amazing. and i love watching him play, but his +/- does not stem from the fact that he alone is an amazing shut down artist, it stems from the fact that he is placed in good situation by the coaching staff(which all coaches do with rookies), and because he plays on a very good team which is also very good defensively which helps his +/- statistic.

    nevermind the bullox,


  22. flyersfan10897 says:

    mark recchi, keith primeau, tony amonte, alexei zhamnov, and chris therien(about time) are all UFAs. Kim Johnsson is a RFA. I say keep primeau and recchi, the other two are expendable.

  23. Weidner says:

    I was wondering where you found out who the Flyers UFA’s & RFA’s were ?

    I was interested in reading the contract status of not only the Flyers players, but all of the NHL players.

    Especially near the trade deadline I thought it would be neat to see how many years some of the players have left on their contracts and how that could effect their availability near the trade deadline.

  24. flyersfan10897 says:

    According to shift charts, pitkanen has been on the ice at the end of the game in more than half of the flyers last dozen games, and im too lazy to check back any further. im not saying +/- is a great stat, but if its really high, or really low, there is usually a reason. even strength, pitkanen has only 8 points, which is a mere +8. the other +11 has to come from somewhere, and it isnt all just the players around him. hes a rookie, i dont really want him to be killing penalties, especially when markov, desjardins, therien, johnsson, timander, and ragnarsson are all more than capable of doing so. against physical lines his play is different, but he has the desjardins-like ability of being able to take a hit to make a play.

  25. cgolding says:

    with the lead? he’s ALWAYS in the game if they are trailing which they’ve been doing some of lately.

  26. cgolding says:

    with the lead? he’s ALWAYS in the game if they are trailing which they’ve been doing some of lately.

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