Clarke Will Be Looking for a….

Before the puck was dropped in New York City, a game between the Flyers against the Rangers, Flyers GM Bobby Clarke was interviewed by MSGNetwork’s Al Troutwig.

He’s got a nice set of fake teeth, and here is what I heard:GM Bobby Clarke was asked what he thought about the Lindros trade now, and He finally gave a matured and great comment. He said that he had to trade Eric Lindros, since he was not coming back, and in return they landed Sami Kappanen, Donald Brashear, and Kim Johnsson.

Kappanen still has only one goal as a Flyer, a beautiful game winning goal against the Rangers in the previous match, but besides his only goal, his size, and his salary, Kapanen is a 20 goal scorer and this was a season affected by an injury. Flyers will notice his value next season.

Donald Brashear is one of the best scorers for the Flyers this season, and he fits in perfectly for the Flyers.

Kim Johnsson is a veyr steady defenseman, but I find it a complete, ridiculous, and pathetic joke to even mention Niklas Lidstrom when talking about Kim Johnsson. He is a good defenseman, but maybe he is half of Lidstrom. Come on, don’t deny it you anti-Rangers….had Kim still been a Ranger you would have laughed at such a statement, you know it.

So, GM Clarke made some nice comments and made sense, it turned out really well for the Flyers.

However, later on Clarke was asked about who are the Flyers in the hunt for? Earlier this week, GM Glen Sather expressed his opinion on Calgary Flames GM Craig Button saying that it was rude for him to not return calls. And it is, it’s polite to just say “I am not interested, thank you” rather than not recalling.

Every general manager knows of Sather’s comment and Clarke chuckled saying “He (Button) returns my calls.”

But, he did not comment much about Iginla and the Flames, but he did mention that he is looking for a grinder and a power play specialist.

Now, my take on this is why on this messed up world would the Flyers want ANOTHER grinder? This is a team that cycles and plays defense first. Why another grinder? Sure, grinders come up big in the post-season, but the Flyers need a scorer, especially after Simon Gagne left the game for groin issues.

They definitely need a power play specialist. Kim Johnsson is supposed to be that kind of defenseman, and it surprised me that he is nowhere near that yet. However, he will be as he matures. Phil Housley could very well be it, and most likely rather than Alexei Zhitnik.

In the end, my take on this is that GM Bobby Clarke is driving GM Button crazy. He might have Button wrapped around his finger if the Flames are secretley really shopping Jerome Iginla. GM Clarke would accept Iginla, but he would also accept the fact that he probably does not even need Iginla and could land another player with some scoring abilities.

I say Phil Houseley will be a Flyer, and as for grinders, the San Jose Sharks have players available, the Hurricanes could still deal away Bates Battaglia, but chances are that the two teams are done dealing. The Phoenix Coyotes would have been in a much better position now had they kept Claude Lemieux, he’d be on Clarke’s top 3 list. Do not forget that Todd Marchant is also a possibility, and he would be a Hitch favorite.

That’s it!

Just to tease Flyers fans who bashed at me at my Checmanek critic….

…..WOW!!! He looked awesome against the Rangers, letting in two soft goals that were on the same angle.

Rangers fans, do not participate in this, or anyone who has watched MSGNetwork. This is a Trivia Question to the Flyers fans.

Who was the first Flyer to score a hat trick against the Rangers?