Clarke Will Be Looking for a….

Before the puck was dropped in New York City, a game between the Flyers against the Rangers, Flyers GM Bobby Clarke was interviewed by MSGNetwork’s Al Troutwig.

He’s got a nice set of fake teeth, and here is what I heard:GM Bobby Clarke was asked what he thought about the Lindros trade now, and He finally gave a matured and great comment. He said that he had to trade Eric Lindros, since he was not coming back, and in return they landed Sami Kappanen, Donald Brashear, and Kim Johnsson.

Kappanen still has only one goal as a Flyer, a beautiful game winning goal against the Rangers in the previous match, but besides his only goal, his size, and his salary, Kapanen is a 20 goal scorer and this was a season affected by an injury. Flyers will notice his value next season.

Donald Brashear is one of the best scorers for the Flyers this season, and he fits in perfectly for the Flyers.

Kim Johnsson is a veyr steady defenseman, but I find it a complete, ridiculous, and pathetic joke to even mention Niklas Lidstrom when talking about Kim Johnsson. He is a good defenseman, but maybe he is half of Lidstrom. Come on, don’t deny it you anti-Rangers….had Kim still been a Ranger you would have laughed at such a statement, you know it.

So, GM Clarke made some nice comments and made sense, it turned out really well for the Flyers.

However, later on Clarke was asked about who are the Flyers in the hunt for? Earlier this week, GM Glen Sather expressed his opinion on Calgary Flames GM Craig Button saying that it was rude for him to not return calls. And it is, it’s polite to just say “I am not interested, thank you” rather than not recalling.

Every general manager knows of Sather’s comment and Clarke chuckled saying “He (Button) returns my calls.”

But, he did not comment much about Iginla and the Flames, but he did mention that he is looking for a grinder and a power play specialist.

Now, my take on this is why on this messed up world would the Flyers want ANOTHER grinder? This is a team that cycles and plays defense first. Why another grinder? Sure, grinders come up big in the post-season, but the Flyers need a scorer, especially after Simon Gagne left the game for groin issues.

They definitely need a power play specialist. Kim Johnsson is supposed to be that kind of defenseman, and it surprised me that he is nowhere near that yet. However, he will be as he matures. Phil Housley could very well be it, and most likely rather than Alexei Zhitnik.

In the end, my take on this is that GM Bobby Clarke is driving GM Button crazy. He might have Button wrapped around his finger if the Flames are secretley really shopping Jerome Iginla. GM Clarke would accept Iginla, but he would also accept the fact that he probably does not even need Iginla and could land another player with some scoring abilities.

I say Phil Houseley will be a Flyer, and as for grinders, the San Jose Sharks have players available, the Hurricanes could still deal away Bates Battaglia, but chances are that the two teams are done dealing. The Phoenix Coyotes would have been in a much better position now had they kept Claude Lemieux, he’d be on Clarke’s top 3 list. Do not forget that Todd Marchant is also a possibility, and he would be a Hitch favorite.

That’s it!

Just to tease Flyers fans who bashed at me at my Checmanek critic….

…..WOW!!! He looked awesome against the Rangers, letting in two soft goals that were on the same angle.

Rangers fans, do not participate in this, or anyone who has watched MSGNetwork. This is a Trivia Question to the Flyers fans.

Who was the first Flyer to score a hat trick against the Rangers?

25 Responses to Clarke Will Be Looking for a….

  1. acebailey says:

    goalie. I watched the Flyers/ Ranger$ game tonite, and Chekmanic, or however you spell his name, took a skate to the head. Now, he may or may not be hurt, but one thing is for sure. He sucks.

    If I am Bob Clarke I an going to PANIC PANIC PANIC!!!!!! TRADE NOW!!!!

    Clarke should call Jim Rutherford in Raleigh, and get on his friggin hands and knees and beg for forgivness for sending the Canes damaged goods (Pavel the human donut Brindel) for a good player Sami Kapanen. Jim might be a good guy, and remember how well Brindamour worked out, and work somthing out.

    TO Carolina: Esche

    TO Philly: Irbe

    Clarke overpaid for Oates last year… I don’t see how he can justify going into the playoffs with that goalie tandem. Where do these big money teams think they are gonna go with these weak goalies? (Ranger$, Flyers, St. Louis)

  2. diver says:

    They got enough grinders to supply two teams, if anything they need a pointman that loves to blast the puck. They don’t have to give up to much to get Housley i’m sure, but they should focus on mabey unloadind their first round draft pick and Seidenberg and ship them to Edmonton for Janne Niinimaa. Seidenberg has plenty of potential, and they have plenty of picks so they wouldn’t miss the pick that much. They have Vandermeer, Woywitka and Pitkanen waiting in the wings so Seidenberg could be expedable. Edmonton would save around 2.2 million and have 2 first round draft picks leave alone a pretty good young defenceman. As for Gagne they better put a package together and ship it out to Buffalo to get Satan, it doesn’t look as though Gagne’s groin is going to hold up.

    Looking forward to the trade deadline hopefully the flyers can get themselves the help they need!!!!!!

  3. mikster says:

    Dunham is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. puckhog says:

    All I have to say is that Clarke better get the help that this team needs by Tuesday, or it’s another first round exit. The players are out their and available for the taking both on the defencesive side and the scoring side. Gag’s is done for this season. It doesn’t even matter if he comes back to play this year or not because he will either reinjure his groin and be out yet again or he will not be playing up to his potential and after the Flyers would get knocked out of the first round AGAIN all we loyal Flyers fans will here is more reasons why he could’nt play well again. Trade Gag’s now before it’s to late (it may already be) and get someone who can help us NOW. If Clarke is serious about winning the cup NOW then he has to grow some BIG FAT ROUND HARRY BALLS and prove it to us loyal fans. If it means sacrificing some of the future then so be it. If Clarke is not willing to make the sacrifices that this team needs now then he should stop dangling the prize ( a stanley cup run) in our face’s and teasing us. Stop trying to find the cheap way out and start doing what the heart tells ya to do. It’s time NOW to put up or shut up!

  5. acebailey says:

    Dunham is doing very well. But with that payroll, I can’t believe they don’t have a big name in the net. You and I have gone back and forth about this before. When Richter went down, I don’t know who they could have gotten, but with the other guys on that team, he doesn’t fit in. Even you have to admit it, this is a team with Bure, Lindros, Kovalev, and virtually every other free agent in recent history. If they will give Holik 9 Million, why did they not go after a Stanley Cup quality goalie? Of all the places to not spend money… goalie?

  6. Glen says:

    I wouldn’t trade Dunham for Cechemanek right now. I agree, Dunham was an outstanding pickup for them, but the Flyers make a habit of making the opposing goalies look great because the simply don’t have a true sniper. “let’s see how many times we can hit the goalies’ logo”

  7. acebailey says:

    I was looking at the standings today, and I would be worried if I were Flyers fan or a Leafs fan right now. I figure you two will probably face eachother in the 1st round. Those two teams will beat the living crap out of eachother. Who ever survives to be in the second round will barely be able to put enough players on the ice. The Leafs were so badly abused by the Islanders in the playoffs last year, that the Canes didn’t have much trouble eliminating them and going to the finals. The Leafs are bigger and tougher than last year, especially with Nolan. I can’t wait for this series, because it will be real UGLY.

  8. bender says:

    I’m tired of hearing our own fans critisizing this team. You all talk like you know what the hell is wrong with this organization…first it’s Cechmanek…no it’s Vanbriesbrouck, or it’s Clarkey passing up Cujo for Beezer. If thats our problem, and we need a big time goalie. Well you get on the phone and call Hasek out of retirement or smuggle Cujo or Roy into Philly.

    Then it’s…..we need to trade our future away for one player. Hell, we already traded away Ouellette, Delmore and once upon a time, Ricci and Forsberg, mostly for nothing or ONE PLAYER.

    Just stop and allow yourselves to breath. I’ve said it about eight times already. The Flyers are a new team. They were one of three teams who didn’t play the trap until a couple seasons ago(Edmonton and the Rangers are the other two for you non true puck heads). Now we have Hitchcock And SNIDER said that at the beginning of the year that if this style of team doesnt produce playoff success he’s getting rid of the Flyers Biggest, Toughest, and Fearsomeless(not to mention slowest) ideal of the past. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out what it takes to win the cup. Either a super offensive powerhouse like Colorado, or the all defensive approach with good a offense that capitalizes off other teams mistakes and a trap system that could sufficate Carissa Flockheart(ya know, Ally McBeal). These teams also had mostly four lines of skaters, no fighters.

    Snider is no fool and he knows what the formula is. He’s been trying to build the offensive powerhouse along with a defensive team but it won’t work, cause chances are were not gonna get Iggy. Then next year he’ll resort to the usual way, get a bunch of real defensive, speedy grinders to compliment his top guns. I know you guys love it when Brashear and Fedoruk get into it and whail on a guy, but what else can they do besides score the occasional goal and throw some body checks. In the playoffs all that means jack if you can’t move the puck around astounding defense. Look at last year. Everyone can easily point at the fact that the bigs werent scoring or that Roman was a huge distraction. But it was guy like Fedotenko who scored the game one winner, not a Brashear, not a Fedoruk, not a Therien. BUt a grinty, speedy little third line winger. Brashear, Fedoruk and the other big, slow, tough, players were also no where to be seen during the playoff series. And if your thinking well these guys aren’t paid to win series. Well then check the paragraph above, because it takes four lines, not one or two to win Lord Stanley. ALL the lines don’t have to score a lot of goals but they sure gotta stop the the others team lines from doing it. And keep the defensive pressure up until a defenseman like WEinrich or Richardson cough up the puck for a easy goal.

    Look how amazing the Canucks are, not just because they got rid of a bad presence in the locker room, but they filled Donald’s spot in the roster with a faster, more defensive sound player, and this year I’ll even bet they sit Landgon if they have trouble scoring.

    And plz, no more talks of Satan for Williams or GAgne. This trade will only make us look stupid in a few years and then you’ll all be left scratching your heads wondering why we got him in the first place. Ya he is a good scoring talent, but so was Oates, and he was dandy. Iginla, Selanne, Amonte, Schneider, Miller, Ricci, or no one. Not even Housley, unless were gonna run 7 D and leave Housley just for PP duty.

  9. HOTROD17 says:

    YES! I agree,last night was a preview of what we are gonna get from Checmanek in the playoffs. Too bad cause he had a great year, hes got the LeClair syndrom (Dont perform in playoffs!)

  10. Aetherial says:

    Yes Cechmanek looked awful against the Rangers.


    Before any LEAF fans start bashing him and laughing let me remind you, Belfour let in two WEAKER goals against Buffalo.

    I am still on the fence about Cechmanek but he is a good goalie. Every goalie has a bad game once in a while. This does not mean it is time to hit the panic button.

  11. WeStSiDe says:

    I can see Clarke making a big trade and trading away his future… He is going to feel pressure to do something now that Toronto has and is going to end up giving more then he planned on… The Leafs now really have the hardest part done, they just have to pick up a couple Rental Defenceman.. I dont think Quinn has anything else he wants to do, who knows really.. I think it is going to be a big deadline day across the league though regardless.

  12. mikster says:

    Not necessarily. Which other big name was available??? He is solid, he feels a Rnager, he wants to be a Ranger he called himself a Full Blown Ranger when he got his new mask. Maybe it’s time for him to be a bigger name goalie.

    Rangers have Bure Lindros, and so on….but their future is bright with Lundmark, Blackburn, Tjutin, Moore, Hollweg, and this year’s draft…

    Sather knows how to build a team, and right now he is trying something that he has never tried before, and that is signing free agent and doing it a la New York Marquee style. He is not doing a good job, but i will give him the chance to build a team with Ranger blood through youth.

  13. mikster says:

    Dunham has come up with the big saves and he actually doesn’t let in many softies. Only when he has played too many games, especially back to back.

    Ask Vokoun who helped him be a better goalie and he’ll start a conversation about Dunham.

    He was a great pick up, not to just salvage this season, but for next season and the one after as well….Richter is done.

  14. mikster says:

    Umm, the Isle’s got their asses kicked last post season by the Leafs. But yeah, Leafs got some bruises in return as well.

  15. mikster says:

    Seriously, i am not saying go a la Neil Smith like he did in 94, but make the trades and win it. Those trades will be meaningful for a Cup win, and they will cause some damage rin the future, but at least you Flyers fans won’t have to add in another year to make it….38?

  16. mikster says:

    You’re right, no need to hit the panic button, but Belfour is older and has proven himself.

    Cechmanek hasn’t yet. I just see his weaknesses…he is too slow and guesses too much. I hate those kinds of goalies. I don’t care if he was a Ranger……I’D HATE HIM!!!! I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  17. esche42 says:

    you know what checo had one bad game jesus christ what the hell is your problem leave him alone checo is a great goalie and he’ll prove it to all you non-believers when the flyers go to the finals with checo as the #1 goalie and when that happens i want you all to kiss my ass!!!!!

  18. esche42 says:

    now what in the fuck are you talking about what does your comment have to do about what clarke is looking for who gives a flying fuck about the rangers i sure as hell don’t wow big deal they beat the flyers once this year and they won’t beat them again i guarantee that so get off glen sather’s nuts…

  19. esche42 says:

    hey there flyer fan here i agree with you to a certain extent we need to make a trade we need a goal scorer and we need one now so we have to make a trade to get a scorer

  20. Tradedude says:

    kim johnsson a nik lidstrom, man u ppl r crazy, ya, whats next? Sather a seller not buyer. Pathetic!

  21. Tradedude says:

    cechmanek has my respect. He has stats, everything to prove his worth, oOoOoO too soft goals, big deal, he’s been playing great for the flyers, this guy is under-rated, not over-rated, if he would keep his mouth quite like eddie then maybe he’d earn some respect.

  22. titans says:

    What happened to Gagne?

  23. esche42 says:

    Well what happened to gagne was the soft fucker reinjured his groin and that pisses me off he needs to leave cause we don’t need him here he’s too soft even williams is tougher than him trade gagne for iginla

  24. esche42 says:

    the flyers need to get rid of that asshole named bobby clarke he is a fucking moron he needs to go somewhere else cause he’s a bum and i can’t stand him he’s the one who turned lindros into a bitch…come on snider give clarkie the boot make holmgren the gm

  25. bender says:

    I kinda agree with ya, Clarkey can be a tool. But things are starting to shape up in Philly. Lets just wait and see what happens.

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