Clarkie Cookin Something Up – Amonte out 2 weeks

Last night on Comcast Sportsnight it was said that the Flyers were in talks with two teams regarding goaltending.

The first team is the often mentioned Caps. The offer that Comcast said the Flyers put on the table was Therien and Hackett for Kolzig.
I personally can’t see Washington trading for a package that involves a goalie with no projected return date. As much as I would love to get rid of Therien and Hackett I have to say this won’t go down – unless the Caps are more desperate than I thought.

The second supposed trade was a deal between Philly and Buffalo that would see a “number” of players change hands and would include Gagne, Drury, and Biron. The other players in that deal were not mentioned. Satan maybe??

Biron – Is this the goalie that will take the Flyers to the promised land? Not sure. He has absolutely no playoff experience – wasn’t playoff experience the whole idea?? Other than that I think he has the potential to be a solid #1 on the Flyers. Would this trade just muddy the goalie situation in Philly yet again? You would think Hitch would go with a tandem of Esche and Biron should this trade actually go down.

I am not sure if I like this trade all that much. I am on the fence. I want to unload Gagne because he just has never really seemed to fit into the Flyers team to me. Bringing in Drury is a nice move, but which player has the bigger offensive upside?

Drury is a consistent point producer getting between 40-60 points per season over his career. Gagne has been steady between 40 and 60 also when he is healthy. Gagne has the advantage in age at 23 while Drury is 27.

At this point I may have to go with Gagne. He is a better skater, younger, and just as proficient finisher. Whether or not I would do this deal depends HEAVILY on the other parties involved.

As I end all of my Clarkie related articles – With the man from Flin-Flon you never know until the trade papers are signed!!

On a side note Amonte is out with a partial tear in his MCL and should be back with the team in 10-12 days.