Clarkie Cookin Something Up – Amonte out 2 weeks

Last night on Comcast Sportsnight it was said that the Flyers were in talks with two teams regarding goaltending.

The first team is the often mentioned Caps. The offer that Comcast said the Flyers put on the table was Therien and Hackett for Kolzig.
I personally can’t see Washington trading for a package that involves a goalie with no projected return date. As much as I would love to get rid of Therien and Hackett I have to say this won’t go down – unless the Caps are more desperate than I thought.

The second supposed trade was a deal between Philly and Buffalo that would see a “number” of players change hands and would include Gagne, Drury, and Biron. The other players in that deal were not mentioned. Satan maybe??

Biron – Is this the goalie that will take the Flyers to the promised land? Not sure. He has absolutely no playoff experience – wasn’t playoff experience the whole idea?? Other than that I think he has the potential to be a solid #1 on the Flyers. Would this trade just muddy the goalie situation in Philly yet again? You would think Hitch would go with a tandem of Esche and Biron should this trade actually go down.

I am not sure if I like this trade all that much. I am on the fence. I want to unload Gagne because he just has never really seemed to fit into the Flyers team to me. Bringing in Drury is a nice move, but which player has the bigger offensive upside?

Drury is a consistent point producer getting between 40-60 points per season over his career. Gagne has been steady between 40 and 60 also when he is healthy. Gagne has the advantage in age at 23 while Drury is 27.

At this point I may have to go with Gagne. He is a better skater, younger, and just as proficient finisher. Whether or not I would do this deal depends HEAVILY on the other parties involved.

As I end all of my Clarkie related articles – With the man from Flin-Flon you never know until the trade papers are signed!!

On a side note Amonte is out with a partial tear in his MCL and should be back with the team in 10-12 days.

40 Responses to Clarkie Cookin Something Up – Amonte out 2 weeks

  1. Leafs88 says:

    I can see the second trade hapening as the Sabres love Gagne, but have told Clarck to sweeten the pot. Adding a good prospect or two and a pick can make this trade more realistis. You may think that is too much, but remember, you’re trading for two excellent young players. Right now, I see Drury an upgrade over Gagne, but Simon can turn it around with Buffalo. You never know.

  2. Spektor says:

    They should think about purchasing a cardboard cutout of Belfour. he wouls still be setter than what they have at a fraction of the price. You would still have to buy it beers though.

  3. cgolding says:

    Really can’t see Gagne getting moved with Williams already out the door. If clarke ships out that much youth before CBA Armageddon he really should be fired.

    Drury would be an awesome pickup, but why would the Sabres get rid of this guy? They just got him, and he’s got captain written all over him.

    the word on comcast was that the flyers wanted more than Biron if they were going to give up Gagne… Drury might be more, but i would think they’d be looking for Satan more than Drury. But who knows.

    My other thought would be that i don’t know that Biron is necessarily an improvement over Esche.


  4. CechmanekForVezina says:

    That was just plain funny.

  5. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Khabibulin damn it!

  6. jacosta says:

    You know people keep making fun of Leaf Fans for always coming up with trades. Just because one of your players is out for 2 weeks doesn’t mean that you need to replace him. Hell every team would be making deals left right and centre. Remember if your player goes down and you pick up someone you have both those salaries now.

    Amonte will be back. The only reason why you would replace all those players is if the Flyers feel they need more to stay on top.

    I personally don’t hink so. I think they need a Goalie and that is about it. So save your Gagne and Therien and stuff for a good goalie trade. Not just to replace Amonte, he;ll be back, don’t worry.

    God if the leafs made a move after every injury they would have enought players for two teams.


  7. cgolding says:


    Us trading for a GOALIE had nothing to do with a FORWARD getting hurt.

    not to mention is there a single leafs fan on this site who hasn’t taken the time out of their day to bash esche and hackett? these two trades are for Kolzig and Biron, the rest is sidebar. Not to mention lets do math….

    Amonte out… subtract forward

    trade Gagne… subtract forward

    possibly get Drury… add forward

    suprisingly we still come out with -1 forward…. SO HOW DOES THIS REPLACE AN INJURED PLAYER?

    god its as if i’m listening to Bush during the State of the Union discuss how he is going to cut taxes, raise spending, and lower the deficit all at the same time all over again…

    just remember the fact that 1 for 1 cancels out, thus no addition has occured and you’ll be all good.

    nevermind the bullox,


  8. jacosta says:

    You don’t hear of the Canucks running for a trade just cuz Jovanovski is out. you deal with it and hope that the time off is a good resting time for the playoffs

  9. nocuphere says:

    You can forget about Marty Biron. He isn’t going anywhere, not with his small contract. He is apparently the only untouchable on the sabres if they fall too far out of contention. Not sure if thats the guy the flyers would want anyway.

  10. cgolding says:

    I want Khabi, or no one. I think Esche could be very solid in the future and there’s no time like the present to get him experienced.

  11. CupBoundFlyers says:

    You deal with it? Ok, perhaps the flyers tried to do that with their defense before they lost 5 more to injury lol your an idiot just think about your comments before you make them!

    As far as Biron goes let em stay in Buffalo, we cant have a goalie controversy about who is going to start for the 50th straight season, I think we go after Kolzig but I wish it was Khabi instead, then again cant expect Clarke to be that smart now can we.

  12. matteo says:

    Throttle back Leafy Leaferson and reread the article. It has almost nothing to do with Amonte…..hence the phrase “on a side note”

    Amonte will be back – CORRECT – at least you got that right.

    The Flyers have made moves they needed to make to stay at or near the top. THey can’t afford to slip down the standings because of injuries.

  13. matteo says:

    Amen brotherman

  14. nocuphere says:

    Khabi would be your best option. Although I think Kolzig would be great in front of that D.

  15. flyersfan82 says:

    Flyers have plenty of talent on the Phantoms to replace Amonte for the time he is out. (Kirby Law, Boyd Kane or Mark Murphy). Espically since Amonte has been reduced to a third line role.

    And the reason the Leafs didn’t pull any deals is because nobody wants to trade for senior citizens.

    The players believe in Esche right now, and have throughout the year. Everyone that is a Flyers fan remembers what Cechmanek and Boucher went through. We really don’t need anything like that again. If the Flyers keep winning, and Esche is the man that is doing it, the Flyers will ride him as far as they can go in the playoffs. If they go into another December funk, Clarke will again jump the gun and bring in some washed up goalie that nobody else wants.

  16. cgolding says:

    kolzig is a big, “depends what we gotta give” situation. though i must admit the idea of gonchar coming in that deal is intruiging.


  17. wayne2 says:

    Therien and Gagne for Biron and Satan.The flyers

    get a scoring winger and a decent young goalie

    while the sabres get a younger/cheaper scoring

    winger and a big defensemen to replace Mckee +

    that way the sabres keep a character player/leader

    in Drury.I think the sabres should build around


  18. flyersfan82 says:

    I can’t see the Capitals (as dumb as they are) wanting an overrated journeymen goalie in Hackett, and a defencemen who has lost all his confidenece (Therien). Plus, Kolzig isn’t what he was 5 years ago and never will be again.

    The idea of getting Biron, Drury and Satan from the Sabers does seem good at the moment. But how do you fit Satan, a player who is never known for his D, into the Flyers system.

    I’ve been a Flyers fan forever, and I’m sick of seeing a new goalie every year. I mean, who knows if Kolzig or whoever came to Philly, maybe their carrer would turn around. But again, I thought that would be true with Hackett and he still stinks playing on a good team.

    The players believe in Esche right now and thats very hard to acomplish here in Philly. I say ride Esche to the promise land. Or a first round knock out by the Devils or Senators lol.

    Oh yeah, just a side note. I’m thrilled that Primeau is on the All-Star team. I know a lot of people are probally crying about it, but if you actually watched him play every night, you will know why he is there.

  19. nocuphere says:

    As much as I don’t want the flyers to get any better I believe Esche is very underrated. Kolzig might be a better asset. I think Khab would play better on a weak team. Kolzig would be perfect in front of that Philly D. This coming from a leaf fan. Go figure. haha

  20. koho says:

    That is as dumb as leaf rumours!!! That is is like saying the leafs will trade Berg and Antropov for Biron and Satan.

    Biron is going to be a steller number one goalie and satan is a very very dangerous sniper who is having an off year. Therien is a journey man who didn’t even get picked up off waivers (and its not cause of his contract). Gange is a scoring threat that is also having an off year. You do the math,

    Gagne=Satan (It could be argues that Satan is better)

    Therien not even worth the thread that holds his name on his flyer jersey for a young promising goalie. The Sabres would have to be one of the dumbest teams in all of sports to make this deal.

  21. nocuphere says:

    You know whats funny? The flyers never really ever had that big offensive D man. Maybe i’m wrong but I don’t remember one. How many years does Kolzig have on his contract? Don’t you guys have two unbelievablr forwards in your system? Carter and Richards? Although I would be guessing that the caps are looking for a young D man, but i’ve heard they’re looking for any prospect and not just D prospects.

  22. UsedandAbused says:

    I wouldn’t trade Gagne at all…. I don’t see what all the hype about Biron is. I don’t think he is any better then Eshe, in fact I think Eshe has more potential.

  23. gojiclan says:

    I really cant see Clarke shiping out Gagne after he just got rid of williams. That wwuld be three first round draft picks sent packing over the course of the past three months (dont forget woywitka) Satan would be nice, but getting rid of a 23 ear old for a guy whos almost 30 would not be the wisest moves, since the CBA is looking to be more and more of an issue. AS for Biron, it would really mess up Clarke’s reputation a lote more if he goes and gets another goaltender with no playoff experience, and expect his word on Esche being the goalie of the future to hold water. Biron is a good goaltender, buffalo wants good compensation for him….meaning he has a lot of potential in their eyes. WHy would clarke go after another young goaltender when he has one already. If clarke is going to make a deal for a goaltender it shold be someone with playoff experience in case (not likely i don think) esche buckles under the pressure.

    LEave gagne alone, for now at least. THe only question remaining on him is if he is a fluke or not. if he is then the time to trade him is fading fast. BUt if you are going to trade him, you need to get somebody good and preferably young back. Drury wouldnt be bad, but idunno about Satan. thats my opinion wanyway

  24. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Gagne had two off years, adding up to only one good year his second season.

  25. BayStBully says:

    Man you Flyers fans bitch more than JR, if that’s possible. Why the hell would you get Gonchar? I’m sure he’d fit in very well with your boring trap-hockey.

  26. BayStBully says:

    Why don’t you guys just trade for Oates again? I’m sure Clarke has some prospects burning in his pockets right now. LOL See if you can beat your own record for overpaying for a rental player.

  27. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    I would take Drury over Gagne, Drury is clutch, he might not put up a lot of goals but he does when it counts.

    Shipping out Gagne would be bad cuz hes young and all the CBA crap, but still if they brought in Biron he’s both young and cheap. Thats also why Buffalo wont trade him, though.

  28. BayStBully says:

    Why don’t you guys just trade Hackett and use that really promising youngster to back up Esche….hmmm what’s his name….oh yeah Max Ouellette. lol Oops I forgot, sorry guys. At least Washington has a future star for when all this rebuilding’s done!

  29. titans says:

    cough cough…bullshit…cough cough

  30. defenestrate says:

    Ah – the fountain of sageness returns. Did those “weekly BJ’s” tire you out?

  31. Lynchmob450 says:

    Therien…jouney man?? You’re obviously a fucking IDIOT!!!!!

  32. cgolding says:

    Mark Howe wasn’t too shabby.

    ah, yeah we got Carter and Richards, but if clarkie trades anyone youth away with the CBA coming, as i’ve said, he should be fired. in the current climate of the nhl it is idiotic to be trading away young talent when that may be the only way to survive if a hard cap and the like are installed.


  33. cgolding says:

    Hi. The flyers don’t trap. They in fact play a high tempo checking game across the whole ice… sometimes with two men forechecking even… but you don’t need to watch hockey to say stupid things, so continue with that thought.

    They also get a lot of shots generally speaking.

    They simply don’t score when they get shots.

    And you are absolutely correct. The flyers don’t want the leading point getter on the blue line! why would they want that? No one likes good offensive players… Better yet! Lets let someone else get him so he can score goals on us.

    Then again, Brett Hull didn’t fit in Hitch’s system that well either… Zubov either…

    You are an idiot.

    nevermind the bullox,


  34. cgolding says:

    While yes, he is an idiot to call the longest tenured athlete in philly of the four major sports a journey man…

    Therien is worth nothing… so basically you are getting Biron and Satan for Gagne. And both of those players are worth more than Gagne straight up in my opinion.


  35. cgolding says:

    Did a flyer steal your girlfriend or something? bitterness and stupidity bundled with hindsight make for moronic statements.

    if the flyers had gotten the cup no one would say a word about the oates trade.

    20/20 is easy to have.

    nevermind the bullox,


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  37. LondonK says:

    The Flyers would have to give up half their farm to pull off that deal. You mentioned Biron who is a top rate goaltender on a weak team. In front of the Philly team he would be phenominal. Then you mentioned Drury a 50 point player a consistent 20 goal scorer with great defensive presence and good playoff production. And then Satan? A guy who has improved offensively each year (except for this one and that holdout is the reason) and is a 60-80 point player.

    And in return you mention Gagne. A young kid with loads of potential. But after three good offensive seasons he has done nothing. Last year he was injury plagued and only played 46 games. He racked up 27 points, and this year in 49 games he has 25 points. His shooting percentage over his last 100 games is about 7.8% and he is going on massive scoring droughts. He is reliable defensively but the Flyers would have to give up a tonne to get those three players. And Gagne wouldn’t get you even close. I wouldn’t be surprised if Buffalo expected Gagne for Biron straight up. It would be overpaying but then a deal would be the same as it would Gagne for Satan or Gagne for Drury. You would have to give up a lot more to pull three of the best players off of the Buffalo roster.

  38. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    Gagne, Seidenberg, Richards, 1st round draft pick (next year), 2nd round draft pick (this year), and cash? just throwing out ideas… I am a New Yorker just east of Buffalo but I don’t pay any attention to them… would that make them consider it at all?

  39. orangestreak73 says:

    If possible, please post a link to the latter rumor. I’d like to know where this Drury/Biron/Gagne thing came from…

  40. AxisofEvil says:

    I just found this site a couple weeks ago; this is my first post….

    In regards to the second part of the rumor, I don’t think Biron is untouchable, and he could be had for the right price. The Sabres have been rotating Biron and Noronen all season and I definately think Noronen has played better and more consistent in net. The Sabres have been waiting for Biron to break out and become the all-star goalie he’s supposed to be since Hasek left for Detroit three seasons ago. And while Biron has showed flashes of brilliance he seems to let soft goals in at crucial times. Although Noronen has had a rough relationship with Lindy Ruff, I think they will make Noronen the #1 with Ryan Miller serving as the back-up until he can take over as the Sabres future in net.

    But as to Drury being involved in those trade rumors, DRURY WILL BE THE NEXT CAPTAIN OF THE SABRES WHEN HOCKEY STARTS AGAIN AFTER THIS SEASON. Drury is the building block not because of his points but because of his intangibles and clutch play. The only way I see Drury leaving the Sabres would be to seriously upgrade their star-power; such as bringing in a franchise superstar, but at this time no team is gonna give up their best player. So Drury will stay. Biron for Gagne sounds real good to me, as a Sabres fan, but even Clarke isn’t stupid enough to make that trade straight up. Eshe and Biron are practically equals in play, so Cl arke wont make that move to have a rotating goalie system. Satan could be had after his lackluster season, but he’d be a much better player in the west, rather than in a tight checking eastern conference.

    I’d love to see Satan to St. Louis for Scott Mellanby and a prospect…The Sabres could use the grit.

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