Club Denying the need of change!

Fan of the Montreal Canadiens are probably starting to panic and they have good reason to be! From resent interviews from the press….many of the canadiens players are stating as well as coaches that the team does not need any change and they have a crew fit for a come back… I have been a canadiens fan all my life and this years trading status would have to be the worst ive seen. If someone doesnt step up and do something time will be past and no one will want to trade because they are akready settled! Now that we have got begin back there should be more of a physical present on the ice but, we now are missing huet and possibly kovalev so it is all down hill for now until something happens!

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  1. the_purolator_guy says:

    This team does not have what it takes to make a come back, if most of the players played withhalf the heart the 3 coaches behind them on the bench then we wouldn't even be having this problem right now.  First problem, we don't have a powerforward for he #1 line, latendresse will someday be that guy but he still has a ways to go. Problem #2 alex kovlalev, went to the hospital with an apparent upper body injury, probably should of had an echo-cardiogram ( i think thats the medical term ) to check if he has a heart. It breaks my heart to see a guy with so much god given talent but no drive to be the game breaker the habs need him to be.  Problem #3 lack of team grit, has to be added by the way of trade, gary roberts would be nice but would probably perfer to go to toronto or ottawa perhaps a martin lapointe as a cheaper substitue, by cheaper i mean would have to give up less.  It should be interesting to see if bob is a buyer or seller in the next couple of weeks i suggest being a seller if he's not gonna add a premier player or 2 very soon. In the long run its better to trade souray, abby, niinamaa etc and stock pile on prospects and draft pics.  We have a good core of players and a wealth of talent of the way on the farm and even over seas and junior hockey.  Don't worry hab fans the future is gonna be very bringt for this organization for many years to come.

  2. Shawn84 says:

    they don't have it, if they did have the crew they wouldn't be in a 2 month slump! We if i'm not mistaken we had a 12-16 point lead on the sens the pens, and now we are down 3-4 points. So don't tell me you have what it takes. The team and coach tried everything and it didn't work, meetings benching ppl, team meeting behind closed doors( and the following game we lose 1-0 to the panthers, great meeting guys the message really go through)

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