Coach of the Year…. Who get's it?

Who should win the Jack Adams this year? It’s a tough call, who do you give it to? My pick might suprise you a bit, but it might not.So last year everyone was pretty much in agreement that Bruce Boudreau was the coach of the year. This year I think there is a little more to debate.

Here are some names to consider,

I’ve got 5 great guys in the West:

McLellan, San Jose – Another rookie coach this year? Ya maybe, Todd came from the Red Wings organization and has done a great job in San Jose. You always have to consider the guy who’s team wins the President’s Trophy. (If Detroit passes the Sharks, consider Babcokc).

Joel Quenneville, Chicago – The Hawks have had a great year. Period. Give JQ some cred.

Barry Trotz, Nashville – Everyone thought Nashville was toast this year. Kind of like every year and yet here we are with a few games left and Nashville is holding onto a playoff spot…. again.

Ken Hitch*****, Columbus – How many people thought Colombus would be sitting this comfortably with 5 or 6 games left?

Andy Murray, St.Louis – This team was supposed to finish in last. Well as of right now they are playoff bound.

I’ve got 5 great guys in the East:

Dan Bylsma, Pittsburgh – Who? Ya he won’t get nominated because he only came in for the last quarter of the season but the team under Bylsma has been completely reborn.

Paul Maurice, Hurricanes – He walked in a quarter into the season with the Laviolette’s Canes sitting in 10th and looking like the pathetic team that missed the playoffs last year. Now with a few games left the Hurricanes are the hottest team in hockey and are 1 point out of 4th in the East.

John Stevens, Flyers – Like JQ in the West, this team has just been consistant all year.

Claude Julienne, Boston – probably a lot of people’s pick, I agree he has done a great job with this team after laying the foundation last year, his young guys have really come along and this club is playing like a team.

Brent Sutter, New Jersey – Brodeur’s injury could have been a big blow for their season but they played great through it. Credit Scott Clemenson but credit the coach who has New Jersey playing like a well oiled machine.

Nominee’s –

Claude Julienne – Boston
Ken Hitchcoke – Colombus
Paul Maurice – Carolina

Just want to say watch out for the Hurricanes in the playoffs cuz they are white hot right now, and Pauly is my pick for the Jack Adams.

Comments, agree, disagree, think I overlooked anyone, think I gave anyone too much credit?

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  1. reinjosh says:

    the nominees should be
    Ken Hitch***** from Columbus
    Claude Julien from Boston
    Barry Trotz from Nashville

    The nominees will be
    Claude Julien
    Todd McLellan
    Ken Hitch*****

    the person who should win is Trotz if they stay in the playoffs
    followed closely by Julien
    the coach who will win is McLellan or Julien

  2. ranger_fan says:

    There really are 10 coaches who deserve some credit. Coaches who were replacements probably shouldn't be considered – such as Bylsma and Maurice.

    My top coaches are
    Claude Julien
    Mike Bab*****
    Todd McLellan
    Ken Hitchcoc k
    Joel Quenneville
    Bruce Boudreau
    Brent Sutter
    Barry Trotz
    Andy Murray
    John Stevens

  3. Kramer says:

    Carbonneau is best coach cuz he's got the Habs in position to play Boston in the first round again. His motto is don't mess with success.

  4. pezzz123 says:

    how can everybody forget Peter DeBoer. If the Panthers make the playoffs, he should be in the final 3.

    Ken Hitch***** is a lock for the final nominees.
    The other should be Claude Julien.
    If the Panthers don't make it, put Brent Sutter up there.

    winner : Ken Hitch*****.

    Barry Trotz deserves A LOT of consideration, but he won't get nominated. Nashville fans won't care about it, so why put him in there? It won't attract any more fans.

  5. DandoEagle says:

    I will give credit where it's do

    Ron WIlson should be nominated for the Adams because of what he got out of the Loafs this year – he has the Laffs sitting ahead of the SENSational team and might catch up to The Sabers still.

    Alain Vigneault – has my Canuckles lined up for a deep playoff run on the back of Lou.

    Ken Hitchpenis – I say that beause I hate the stars when you type in hitch***** – Goodest coach ever in dallas and could take the Stars deep in to the playoffs.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Maurice has been there since November, so I think he qualifies.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Well… if the Leafs had 4 more wins, and were in a playoff race right now, then I would agree Ron Wilson should be there. Not that he didn't get a lot out of a group of guys that were expected to fight for last overall, but I don't think you can nominate a middle of the road team like that.

    A lot of people are high on Ken Hitchrock. And I would not at all be surprised if he were to win. He is an amazing coach and has his guys play discipline, positional hockey in all area's.

  8. mojo19 says:

    I thought about DeBoers, but then I thought –

    Florida was hot at the end of last season and came relatively close to making it. Their team hasn't really improved at all from last season to this season so why should we give DeBoeurs any credit? A pretty young team is playing slightly better this year, that's expected.

    Sorry, definitely no DeBoeurs.

  9. hockeylegend488 says:

    how about mactavish lol

  10. bbruins37 says:

    julien hands down…i know i seem biased but come on… i would have said qunneville was close before but chicago hasnt been as strong as of late. Under julien's system the bruins have the best defense along with the second best offense in the league. people say chicago is extremely young…which they are…but the bruins are extremely young as well. Mclellan should be considered but san jose was almost as good last year without him. bab***** as well should be considered but detroit is stacked…hitch***** i do not think deserves it. columbus is literally all about their goaltending, and hitch***** is not really responible for that. mason just bails columbus out every game

  11. mojo19 says:

    Uhhhh…. Colombus is all about their goaltending?

    Yes and no. Goalies have always posted unreal numbers under Hitch, so maybe the chicken came before the egg.

    Last year Leclaire posted insane numbers playing for Hitch***** (I think 10 shutouts correct me if I'm wrong).
    Robert Esche was a legit starter for Philly under Hitch, without Hitch's defensive scheme, Esche is in Russia.

    Sorry but Hitch and Trotz have a history of having goalies play incredible for them, is it a coincidence?

  12. bbruins37 says:

    hmmm so just forget about all the favourites so you can include the canucks' coach because theyre in the playoffs because of luongo? that doesnt seem biased…and why are you mentioning the leafs and stars? leafs…dont even get me started. theyre not in the playoffs; that should be enough. the stars are without a doubt the most disappointing team this year…oh and hitch***** isnt their coach either. its amazing how ron wilson may be your most logical choice haha. unbelievable how much is wrong in such a small amount of writing. i will ignore your grammar though

  13. mojo19 says:

    Not that I think Julien would be a bad choice. I think he's awesome, but I wouldn't say 'hands down' I think its a really tough call.

  14. bbruins37 says:

    well you can argue that seeing as he does play a system where his teams allow very few shots but talking about this year it doesnt look like most of mason's success is coming from any defensive scheme implemented by hitch…there really is no denying mason has been exceptional by his own right. and goaltending is the position that the coach has the least amount of control over. im not saying hitch is a bad coach…hes a good coach but when you look at the other stats…21st in gpg, by far the WORST powerplay in the league…it just doesnt add up to a jack adams

  15. bbruins37 says:

    haha well hands down might be exaggerating a little bit but i dont really see anyone too close to him. julien, quen, bab*****, mclellan would be the four id consider candidates

  16. DandoEagle says:

    I meant to say Jackets thanks.

  17. DandoEagle says:

    give me a brake – wear in this article did I ever say that the nucks are in the playoffs because of Luongo and that's why Vigneault should be nominated? I said that he has them poised to take a long run on the back of Luongo – that doesn't mean that the only reason they win is because of Lou – he's the best goalie in the west and you can't deny that – the only guy who might be more better is Turco but Dallas is having a semi-off year with Sean Avery and Brad Richards situations.

    I would also like to point out – who broke the back of the Leafs season last night?

    Yup yup yup Big Gui.

  18. bbruins37 says:

    rinne and mason have been better as well. ok but just because the canucks are in the playoffs they should he should be nominated? ok…i could say because the rangers are in and maybe "poised for a big run" that renney should get it

  19. mojo19 says:

    Fair enough. But by your testiment, your choice for the Hart Trophy nominee's would have to include Mason.

  20. the_word says:

    A lot of people on HTR seem to have short term memory in terms of writting off the Devils in the off season. Sutter has done with and without Brodeur. The JA belongs to him in a just world.

  21. mojo19 says:

    Good arguement.

    And you're right, people were writing off New Jersey, and a lot of ppl just didn't realize the star power New Jersey has. I took Zach Parise pretty high in my pool and it looks to be the best steal of the draft, when I took him i was criticized by a couple of my buddies.

    But I like what New Jersey did in the offseason, adding vets Rolston, Holik, Clemmenson, midseason addition of Shanny was a nice pick up, and like you said Sutter has had them working well all year long. Patrick Elias bouncing back from a so-so season is key too.

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