Coaching Change in Denver?

A report coming from sportsline says that Avs coach Bob Hartley may be the next coach to be fired. It is true that the team has struggled but why blame the coach?

It’s not his fault that Tangauy and Blake aren’t scoring. He wasn’t the one who got rid of Drury. This team doesn’t need a new coach. It needs it’s poeple other than Sackic and Forsberg to contribute offensively.

But if Hartley was to leave it’s speculated that former Canadiens head coach Alain Vigneault would replace him.

Although coaching changes can help in some instances, I just don’t think it’s the answer here.

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  1. Habs4ever says:

    The reason people wanted Vigneault out of Montreal was because he was too quiet, and he didn’t really have a strong character. He isn’t a bad coach, but I don’t think he is the solution for the Avs right now.

  2. Rico71 says:

    Exactly. He sucked in Montreal.

    How can this guy be even considered for Colorado? He’s not an NHL coach. No adaptability during games, no emotions on the bench, nothing really to warrant him getting the job in Colorado.

    I doubt this rumor seriously. Colorado might go with someone from the organisation, like they usually do.

  3. MantaRay says:

    Replacing Hartley is a mistake.

    Its not his fault that management never adequately replaced Raymond Bourque and their recent trades have not been very good for the team.

    Last years squad was mediocre at best, but took advantage that Roy had a Hart trophy kind of season. Roy hid many of the weaknesses, but can’t do it this season.

  4. Avalanche114 says:

    I really don’t think that firing Hartley is a good idea at all. I mean he has taken his team to the Conference Final or the Cup every year he has been there, that should at least earn him the time to work with his team. On another note the Avs may have a little bit of hope. Dean McAmmond who has just returned from injury is playing well with 3 goals already. I think at this point a change is necessary, but not in the coaching staff.

  5. raybourquefan77 says:

    First of all how do you replace Ray Bourque? Its not like there are a ton of players his calibre flaoting around in the league.

    The bottom line is the Avs has the talent to be the #1 team in the league, there D has the ability to be very very tight, the forwards can score, except for a weak checking line this team has the ability to go all the way yet they continue to play like crap.

    In this game you have to address your weaknessess and fix them, so what is the weakness? The players are there, they just dont win, maybe it is Hartleys fault. But it is too soon to fire him, but if the Avs dont start winning soon I bet Hartley will be replaced, as there is nobody else on which to blame!

  6. chaos83 says:

    You could never replace a guy like ray borque. He was one of the best and your hard pressed to find another defensemen who would be available to replace him. That being said, it is possible to remain competitive while losing a good number 1 or number 2 defensemen. Detroit did it when they repeated as stanley cup champions after they lost vladimir Konstantinov to the limo accident. And they also did it with pretty average goaltending in the form of Chris Osgood. Colorado’s problems stem from trading away young talent at the trade deadline for established players. Yes they have a fine collection of all stars, but they lack depth, and thats what gets you through the playoffs. The last straw was when they traded away Chris Drury. With peter forsberg not producing like he did last year in the playoffs and patrick roy slowing down, Colorado could have used drury and his knack for scoring clutch goals. Despite the problems, I think Colorado will stay with Hartley and make it into the playoffs, where they will lose to someone like Vancouver, Dallas, or Detroit in the Second round or in the WCF.

  7. avsfan4life says:

    Ok, Heartly is gone, prolly for the good as it looks right now, but what is all this talk about kovalev. i think that is a hudge topic, way bigger than the coaching change. if this is true i am sooooo excited that might help us acctually get in to the playoffs. please, if you have heard anything on this post back.

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