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How serious are these rumors about fan favorite, Ted Nolan, coming back to coach the Sabres? Ruff’s contract ends after this year, and he has a friend in Columbus.The Blue Jackets fired their head coach, Dave King, this past Tuesday. He will be replaced by the president and GM Doug MacLean for the rest of the season. Well rumor has it that he was waiting for Lindy Ruff to get fired before he fired King, but since Ruff will most likely not be fired this season, he decided that King had to go. MacLean and Ruff go back to when both of them were part of the Panthers organization where they formed a very good friendship. It has been said that he is just keeping the seat warm for Ruff until next year, after Ruff’s contract ends. *By the way, Ruff has become a bad coach.*

The Sabers prospective owner, Mark Hammister, has said that he plans to “work with” coach Lindy Ruff, and GM Darcy Regeir to make the team a better team, but the media is not buying it. Hammister really seems to care about the fans and what they want. He has stressed repeatedly that he wants suggestions from the fans so he can make them happy, and we all know that the people of Buffalo love Ted Nolan. The local media has jumped on the bandwagon and basically said, “Hammister will fire Lindy Ruff, possibly Regeir, and sign Ted Nolan as the new head coach.” The local media has never even thought about Ted Nolan actually coming back until Hammister was told he would be the new owner. Maybe they know something that we don’t.

Now these are just rumors, but I sure would buy a ticket to the first home game that had Ted Nolan behind the bench along with another 16,000 other people.

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:


    Thats like, half of Buffalo’s population!…..

  2. tsaler says:

    Buffalo/Niagara Falls MSA total population as of year 2000: 1,170,111

    “Thats like, half of Buffalo’s population!…..”

    Try 1.3674%. Pretty close. Really.

    Way to make a statement intended to make fun of Buffalo and wind up looking like a buffoon.


  3. BigLebawski says:

    I wonder why nobody picked Ted Nolan after he won the coach of the year. He must’ve done something that no GM wanted to deal with him

  4. Sands says:

    He messed with Muckler, and Muckler is very respected in the league….. I don’t know…. I wish he was on the Rangers I think he’s a great coach, and now he’s got somthing to prove. But with Sather being Mucklers best friend. That would never happen.

  5. AvangardChistov says:

    this is off topic, but i have been wondering lately what is the status of Maxim Afinogenov?

    i am also unclear what happened to him in the first place (knee?)

    is he gone for good?

  6. BigLebawski says:

    I’ve heard that he did not get along with the star players (Hashek) in Bufalo. How would he manage all the egos in NY?

  7. BigLebawski says:

    As far as I know he’s got a puck in the head wile skating with his old club (Moscow Dinamo) and suffered a post concoction syndrome and was not cleared to play by the team doctor.

  8. Tradedude says:

    quite the difference, i bet expert guy thinks its close, i mean its ONLY 48.6326% off.

  9. Leaf_Expert says:

    Ever heard of sarcasm?

    I ment it as in thats not enough….

    “along with another 16,000 other people.”

    Is what he said,,, like its soo large……

    It will take alot more people than that to get the Sabres back and going….16,000 is like minimum for season ticket holders…..

    So when I said it must be half the population I meant it as in that might be alot in for him, but not enough profit for the Sabres….

    Once again,” I’m the Expert, SO Shut Da Fuck Up!”

  10. SabresFanB says:

    He got hit in the head with a puck while playing in Russia over the summer. But there are these rumors that the Russian mafia has been messing with him and stuff, and a lot of people think that he may be faking this entire thing because all we have been told is, “Max was hit in the head with a puck over the summer,…, he still has headaches.” No details whatsoever.

  11. adambuffalo says:

    well, rumors have it that nolan could not get along with certain players. in part that is right. hasek is the reason that nolan was fired. a friend of mine who lived in the same neighborhood said that everyone in that neighborhood as hasek stated that while teddy was in buffalo he had a “really good relationship” with a certain netminder’s wife. i don’t know how factually that is, but til this day when i go back to buffalo the rumor is still brought up. especially now with all the talk about how the sabres need to fire ruff and get nolan back.

  12. adambuffalo says:

    i also heard the rumors about the russian mafia. i don’t quite remember the details, but i am pretty sure it had something to do with money. i don’t understand what would keep him from playing though.

  13. SabresFanB says:

    Yeah, the whole Nolan with Hasek’s wife is just a rumor that was started by who knows? The local paper brings it up and basically says, there is no proof of this ever happening. Plus, if I’m not mistaking, Nolan’s wife is a total babe and Hasek’s wife is…not described that way.

  14. habs_88_4life says:

    He wanted to spend time with his family for a couple years, he got offers but he turned them down.

  15. mikster says:

    Bure also had something with the Russian mafia, could eb made up rumors…


    This is exactly why i ignore people who say that Lindros is one hit away. Who isn’t? Look at Afinogenov and Kolanos from Phoenix….especially Kolanos. One hit and their careers appear to be over.

  16. Goldenscud says:

    I thought it was because he was black balled by the GMS in the league becuase of something that happened between him and then GM John Muckler.

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