Colaiacovo – Off Season Trade Bait

I am new here so take it easy on me. I just have to comment on the play of Carlo Colaicovo (CC). It is apparent the young defensemen is an up and rising Prospect and has been trying to come out of injury woes for the last couple seasons. Heres a list of Pros and Cons I been noticing lately with his play.

– Moves the puck well
– Good on the Pinch
– Physical Play (could be a con as well considering concussion problems)

– Takes Wicked heavy hits
– Very Soft on the skates
– Gets sloppy with the puck under-pressure
– Terrible passer
– Tries for the huge Board Rattling Hits usually misses occasionally makes one, which usually gets him caught back in the play

So lets see We have a solid defence core and I love the way Wozniewki plays. Letting go of CC for some draft picks or a young solid Offensive Sniper…Not yanic…I mean without him our defensive core aint soo bad.. I just feel hes too overhyped..I say JFJ Trade him off maybe scoop up some draft picks…he wont makes us as bad as we already are. I would have rather threw him away then Brendan Bell @ the deadline.

This team is in serious need of rebuilding… and I personally dont think CC should be a part of it.. Hes too much of a liability especially the way he plays…


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  1. lukeleim says:

    Carlo Colaiacovo holds the second best plus-rating on the Toronto Maple Leafs. He's been one of our more solid defenders despite stuggling with injuries all last year and the beginning of this year. Next year he'll likely emerge as the second best defenseman on the team. Him and Ian White are key for the rebuilding process the Leafs are hopfully going to go through.

  2. lukeleim says:

    Offseason Transactions:

    John Pohl & Andy Wozniewski to the Chicago Blackhawks for Jassen Cullimore & Jack Skille.

    Hal Gill to the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Penguins' 3rd round pick of 2008.

    Sign Curtis Joseph & Todd Bertuzzi

    Let Travis Green & Jeff O'Neill test UFA

    Todd Bertuzzi – Mats Sundin – Alexander Steen
    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Kyle Wellwood – Nik Antropov
    Chad Kilger – Michael Peca – Darcy Tucker
    Bates Battaglia – Matt Stajan – Boyd Devereaux
    Ben Ondrus – Kris Newbury – Wade Belak
    Jeremy Williams
    Prospects: Jiri Tlusty, Jack Skille

    Tomas Kaberle – Pavel Kubina
    Bryan McCabe – Carlo Colaiacovo
    Jassen Cullimore – Ian White
    Jay Harrison – Staffan Kronwall

    Andrew Raycroft
    Curtis Joseph
    Justin Pogge

  3. LEAFSALOT says:

    On ur comment, CC returned to the lineup when the leafs were on a good streak, and when they won some blow out games, personally I think hes way too much of a liabilty to be playing on a team plagued by injury woes.  HE is way to sloppy, takes wicked vicious hits.  Therefore a trade while he is hopefully still healthy in the off season makes sense.  He has missed more games than he has played.  Our defense is solid with or without him.  What we lack is the ability to score consisitently, Hal Gill and Pavel Kubina have been playing stellar as of late.  Woxniewski seems more relaxed than Carlo out there and he plays very confidently, Ian White is A Stellar young player and MAcabe and Kaberle need I say more.  Personally I cant stand MaCabe but with him our defense is still stellar.  Develop Wozniewski and Get rid of Carlo.  Another concussion may end his career and then its money thrown away once again for the Maple Leafs.  We can Aquire a decent forward for him I am sure of it.  Defense is not our problem, Offence is our problem.  Yanic Perrault WTF….Waste again. for JFJ, WE dont need these type of players we need sophmores, 3rd or 4th yr Power forwards. 


  4. Hoondog2 says:

    Personally I like Carlo, I think those wicked hits he throws (and takes) are just him trying to make an impact, I don't think that is his game (although I like his fearless attitude).  The only time this defense looked really good coincided with one of the few times that they were healthy and complete.  If the Leafs move anyone in the offseason, it should be one of the high-priced D (McCabe or Kubina, but preferrably McCabe).

  5. Toonces99 says:

    If JFJ would be able to pull that off (convincing McCabe to lift his clause) he would be god for a day….and only one day.

  6. 92-93 says:

    i seriously wouldnt make the Bell-Colaicovo comparison again. Coli is way better and more talented than Bell, White is too.

    Bell is a decent young defencemen but he's not top-4 type.

    i am not against trading Coliacovo, but not yet. his trade value is not high enough yet and we dont yet know what he can do in terms of the ceiling on this young talent.

    he could be top-2 D-guy material. i doubt it but who knows? he's shown flashes of it that is for sure. so no, to early to trade him.

  7. the_word says:

    I don't like the idea of trading Colaiacovo for one reason, he's cheap, the Leafs have to be savy in order to find the slightest wiggle room with respect to the cap, and Coliacovo is a player who can be effective, play in the top four and cost under a million.

    His strengh and his liability is his decision  making on the ice, I mean sure he scores a few goals while pinching, but there is something unsettling when you see him score while standing on the edge of the paint of the crease (one may ask themself isn't he a defensman?  What is he doing there?) or when he goes to throw a big open ice hit, misses and is then out of position.  On the flip when he score a goal and makes an open ice hit he looks genius.  

  8. LEAFSALOT says:

    True enough, Maybe another season or 2 could increase his value as a player, I do see the leafs trading him though sometime in the near future.  Lets hope he stays healthy, and i do agree he will save us on Cap space, I do definately want to see MaCabe traded,  He has lost his ferocious atitude, even though he is $%^& and always has been, one thing he lacks from other years is his ability to be be GRitty and Ferocious,  I remember a Macabe of yesteryears fighting and throwing his patented body checks.  The Can-opener the much talked about move, the huge Butt/Hip Check that was supposedly worked on in practice.  Where is that player??  Also remember his fearlessness fighting ZDENO CHARA in the playoffs even though he took a SLAP,  NO fear then now i see no desire to play with GRIT see what a few million will do to ya…


    KEEP CC FOR another yr or 2
    Trade them both….BLOCKBUSTER!!! for one heavy dman or ONE Power forward..OHH HOW I WISH…


  9. mojo19 says:

    CC rocks. I'm sorry, but he's the only open ice hitter on the team. Think of last season before his injury when he dropped Guerin and Bertuzzi with huge hits. His physical play is tops on the blueline. We need that same type of thing out of Kubina.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The second move… NO! Gill is playing great!

    Hell, even the first, I don't want Cullimore.

    You keep Wellwood, Steen, and Deveraux, but not O'Neill??

    I'm all for your UFA signings though.


    Darcy Tucker – Mats Sundin – Todd Bertuzzi
    Alexei Poniarkovsky – Mike Peca – Jeff O'Neill
    Chad Kilger – Yanic Perreault – Nik Antropov
    Bates Battaglia – Matt Stajan – Kyle Wellwood
    Alex Steen – Boyd Devereaux

    Tomas Kaberle – Pavel Kubina
    Carlo Colaiacovo – Ian White
    Hall Gill – Bryan McCabe
    Andy Wozniewsky

    Curtis Joseph
    Andrew Rayflop

    No Tellqvist, Aubin, or Green and the extra $4 million helps out the cap room. Not sure it would all fit, but I like that team. If you want to move someone, and add another winger, that's cool too.

  11. Kraut182 says:

    I've been waiting with high hopes for Carlo since I saw him playing Juniors for Canada, he's finally starting to show some of what he can do and I don't want to see him go.  I haven't been seen much of Woz this year, but I didn't like what I saw out of him last season at all.  May be he's improved, but I thought he was the worst of the young guys.

    Carlo might get hurt again, but other GM's know that too.  They're not going to give full value (not a young offensive sniper) for someone with his history.  And if Carlo finds a way to stay healthy and become what he's always had the potential to become (Top pairing defenseman and PP specialist) he'll go down on the list of young prospects that Toronto let get away.  I don't want to take that chance.

  12. lukeleim says:

    the key player in that first trade was jack skille… he's possess the speed which toronto is in need for… Cullimore would be a great replacement for gill.. he's 6'5, faster and grittier… he's struggling on poor team this year but would probably fit well with white next year as the 6th Defenseman…

  13. 92-93 says:

    i have to say that over the past 4 or 5 games, especially in Kaberle's absence, Carlo has looked like a #1 and #2 D-guy and i dont think its any fluke.

    this kid – despite his youthful mistakes – is a keeper. he does it all.

    he hits, he passes well, he's got a good sense of when to shoot the puck and when not to (i.e. McCabe's 'into the opposing team's shinpads' technique), he moves the puck so well. its like he is an early-version hybrid of Kaberle and McCabe rolled into one, but not as good as Kaberle (yet) and not as dumb as McCabe (yet).

    last night against Ottawa was just awesome. he has truly stepped up his game. i love Ian White but Carlo is at another level right now.

    i mean, the guy would be right there with Carle in rookie defensemen scoring if he played the entire year. he'd be hitting his stride back in December and would be even better by now.

    right now he leads all rookie defencemen in +/-. he is THIRD in goals scored, and in the top-10 in points scored … AND HE HAS PLAYED HALF THE GAMES EVERYONE ELSE HAS PLAYED.


    i thought Kubina had a good game last night too. but Carlo, at this pace, is really making McCabe OR Kubina look redundant for next season. the good news is that the Leafs' have an amazing offensive-D core with White-Carlo-Kaberle-McCabe-Kubina.

    CC has to be right there with Wellwood, Steen, Tlusty, Pogge in any rebuilding plans.

  14. leaferdude2 says:

    if Coli played the whole year, he would maybe have more goals than McCabe or Kaberle, he's not a defensive liability, and we have stuck by him since we drafted him.He is by far our best prospect on d.Period.fearless. Woz is him. We don't need anymore slow D.Coli brings it all.Watch,one day, he'll be a star and Woz will be a 5-6 defenceman along with bell.KEEP COLI.

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