Colaiacovo – Off Season Trade Bait

I am new here so take it easy on me. I just have to comment on the play of Carlo Colaicovo (CC). It is apparent the young defensemen is an up and rising Prospect and has been trying to come out of injury woes for the last couple seasons. Heres a list of Pros and Cons I been noticing lately with his play.

– Moves the puck well
– Good on the Pinch
– Physical Play (could be a con as well considering concussion problems)

– Takes Wicked heavy hits
– Very Soft on the skates
– Gets sloppy with the puck under-pressure
– Terrible passer
– Tries for the huge Board Rattling Hits usually misses occasionally makes one, which usually gets him caught back in the play

So lets see We have a solid defence core and I love the way Wozniewki plays. Letting go of CC for some draft picks or a young solid Offensive Sniper…Not yanic…I mean without him our defensive core aint soo bad.. I just feel hes too overhyped..I say JFJ Trade him off maybe scoop up some draft picks…he wont makes us as bad as we already are. I would have rather threw him away then Brendan Bell @ the deadline.

This team is in serious need of rebuilding… and I personally dont think CC should be a part of it.. Hes too much of a liability especially the way he plays…