Colborne doesn't want to be trade-bait Joe

A year ago, Joe Colborne was the prospect involved in a trade by the Maple Leafs, coming to Toronto in a deal that sent defenceman Tomas Kaberle to the Boston Bruins.

For Colborne, a 6-foot-5, 213-pound centre with the Toronto Marlies, once was fine, thanks.

If Leafs general manager Brian Burke makes a swap before the deadline, and many across the National Hockey League think he will, there’s an excellent chance he will have to part with a talented young player.

A call from Burke telling him to pack up is one Colborne does not want to get.

“I want to be the one the Leafs look (upon) to be their No. 1 go-to guy,” Colborne said. “It’s something I’m striving for. When I wake up every day and come to the rink, that’s the goal I have.”

Colborne could develop into that player. But he is not yet ready to make a large impact, and Burke wants help at centre before the Leafs make their final run to a potential playoff spot.

Prior to the Marlies’ home game against Adirondack on Tuesday night, Colborne had 33 points (15 goals and 18 assists) in 39 games for the Leafs’ AHL affiliate. He recorded four points in nine games with the Leafs during a stint in late November and early December, and since he was returned to the Marlies, has worked at buckling down defensively.

He doesn’t have much choice, as he won’t make it with the Leafs unless they can trust him when the puck is not on his stick. Not everyone uses plus-minus as the end all and be all, but it’s worth noting that Colborne was tied for the Marlies’ lead at plus-10 heading into Tuesday’s game.

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  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    I personally GUARANTY that Colborne goes nowhere, unless the player coming back is Getzlaf. Burke has searched far too long to acquire a big centre prospect to just trade him away. I think he has visions of Colborne dishing to Biggs in his dreams

  2. zeddyp101 says:

    Guaranty? is that a prospect I haven't heard of?…goalie?

  3. reinjosh says:

    Don't be a dick

  4. reinjosh says:

    Yeah I agree. I like how he's striving to be that go-to-guy. It's a nice sign. Doesn't mean he will be but at least it shows he's working for it. Like I've said before, he's only getting traded for what we hope he becomes. Similar to the Schenn for Richards deal the Kings and Flyers made. Same with Kadri in my opinion. Burke isn't going to give up either easily I don't think. 

  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    He can be a dick, lol, cause I don't care, it isn't his fault he can't read properly. But seriously, big young skilled centres are hard to come by and I don't see Burke trading his. Just like Nash isn't being traded, IMO. But if a team really really wants nash, if they are on his short list, the best deal might not get him, but the best offer to take back bad contracts might?

  6. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya, a line of Kadri, Colborne & Biggs, young, fast, tough….sweet.

  7. reinjosh says:

    Well I honestly think Colborne will be the best shot we currently have at getting the big bodied center. Teams just don't trade those types of players. Maybe we grab Gaunce or Maidens in the draft if were lucky and have two shots at that center. 

    And I honestly do think nash will get traded. It's going to be a combination of him not wanting to be there anymore and Columbus needing to move on and distinguish itself from him. He's the face of the franchise, but he's the face of all that losing too. It's time to cut bait, get some very nice assets for him, get some cap space and replace him with Yakupov as the face of the franchise.
  8. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Although, I'm pretty confident in saying he would give up Kadri over Colborne…Unless the other team was offering like you said a RYan Getzlaf.

  9. KingCanada says:

    I hope he stays as well!!  Centers is the Leafs biggest issue so it would be a step backwards trading him IMO.

    I hate to say it but Id MUCH rather see Kadri or Biggs being traded before Colborne if it has to come down to that.

    Ideally I wish Colombus would want young defencemen instead since the Leafs have them by the boatload!!  Still dont understand why they picked Percy when we could of had Phillips, Jurco, Jensen, Rattie, Jenner ect…

    As long as its not Gardiner Im fine with it.  If its Schenn then so be it!!

    Any or a few (depending on which) of Schenn, Aulie, Blacker, Percy, Holzer would be great trade bait!

  10. Steven_Leafs says:

    we didn't get Liles before the draft did we? If not then our D would have looked like this before drafting Percy:

    Phaneuf – Gunnarsson
    Schenn – Komisarek
    Aulie – Lebda
    Gardiner (no guarantee at the time he was NHL ready)
    Holzer, Blacker (definitely not ready)

    plus if the Leafs projected Percy as the best player available, I'm ok with the pick. Now with Franson and Liles in the line-up and Gardiner a guaranteed NHL Dman we can trade one of our NHL defense, and with Percy we can trade one of our prospect defense without hurting us later.

  11. dumbassdoorman says:

    Hell no to trading Biggs, we need power forwards as much as centres, I think those two might compliment each other very well.

  12. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I haven't been on for months, but since I knew there would be chatter on the Nash – trade possibilities….lol

    Just a thought to get you guys talking

    To Toronto:
    James Van Riemsdyk
    Columbus 2nd pick 2012
    Cap Hit $4.25 mil

    To Columbus:
    Wayne Simmonds
    Nazem Kadri
    Luke Schenn
    Sergi Bobrovsky
    Philly's first round 2012
    Cap Hit $8 mil

    To Philadelphia:
    Rick Nash
    Toronto's 2nd round 2012
    Cap Hit $7.8 mil

    Leafs new lines

    Extras-Crabb, Roeshill, Boyce


    Phaneuf Gardiner
    Liles Gunnarsson
    Komisarek Franson

    Leafs should still try to move Connolly or Lombardi if possible.

  13. dumbassdoorman says:

    If we are moving Schenn, Kadri & our 2nd, we need more then JVR & Clb 2nd back, IMO

  14. dumbassdoorman says:

    Oh and welcome back, man

  15. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Thanks, it was always a pleasure chatting with you.
    I thought the same way you did at the start when I thought of this…but it came down to need and dealing from strength.
    So, here's my thinking.
    Schenn is a big body with lots of upside but has been inconsistent in his 4 years in the league. The emergence of Gardiner and Franson as well as Aulie in the minors, makes Schenn movable.
    Kadri has vision and talent but is on the small side. We have enough of those types in Kessel, Grabo, MacArthur, Lombardi, Bozak.
    Toronto needs a young power winger with size and speed that has 50-70 pt potential…JVR fits the bill. We should also move up a minimum 10 spots in the draft (although I never checked to see if all teams possess their If Colbone ever develops into a second or third line centre, we now have the size we are looking for with JVR, Lupul, Kulimen, Colborne all in the top 6.
    Philly gets their superstar and Columbus has a good start to the rebuild.
    Philly would still need help on D and We would still need to get rid of Connolly and his contract…good luck on the latter.LOL

  16. KingCanada says:

    Well I never said it was gonna be an easy pill to swallow….  Gotta give Howson SOMETHING if hes trading us his captain franchise player..who also happens to be a big power forward.

    Tic for Tac if u ask me?

  17. reinjosh says:

    They did actually. They trade happened the Friday of draft weekend.

  18. KingCanada says:

    Correct me if Im wrong but Im about 99% sure that we traded that 2nd rounder either at the draft or right before it to get Liles.  So more or less on the same wknd as the draft.  But ya I know what you mean, we got a pleasant surprise from Gardiner thats for sure!  And Franson what a shot he has…

    Like I said before, Im definatly not against trading Percy!  Weve got plenty of defencemen youth to spare!

    IMO Howson would still take Schenn, good young defenceman with plenty of experience signed long term at an affordable rate.

  19. reinjosh says:

    They didn't go after Philips because he was basically a McKegg. Jurco is a meh player at best and hasn't been anything spectacular. Him being picked by Detroit doesn't mean we should have picked him. Jensen hasn't been anything special either, playing the OHL. Jenner again, also hasn't been anything special. He's improved slightly but nothing huge. 

    Rattie was really the only one I might have picked of those guys. But he's somewhat undersized and his playing with Nino Nieds, Sven Baertschi, Ryan Johansen, even Brad Ross in his draft year, would have made teams leery. Even now while he's tearing up the WHL, he's done a great deal of it beside Baertschi's ridiculous play. So he was a big risk and it looked like Burke wanted to play a more conservative approach draft. 
    Plus talented puck moving dman are huge trade chips in the NHL. You can never have enough. He's top 30 in the OHL for points and has only played 25 games. The guy has serious talent.
    A guy like Jurco or Jensen are dime a dozen type players (well maybe a little more rare but you get my point). Steady dependable puck movers aren't exactly highly available. 
  20. KingCanada says:

    Well I do appreciate the explanation on a few of those prospects.  I guess Im just a little impatient with our group of forward prospects…Not quite enough if you ask me.

    Of course there is Colborne and Kadri who are nearly there but after that its kinda slim…

    -Biggs will play NCAA for a long time and is not quite producing amazingly in his first year.
    -Ross who I believe will be a solid NHL is probably better off suited for 3rd/4th line duty.
    -McKegg and Nicholls are both producing good numbers in their respective leagues but Im still not convinced…John Mitchell was a big scorer in junior too lol.

    Basically I just think that we have pleeenty of defensive depth and was just a little dissapointed Burke didnt try more to get more forwards.

    Your theory with puck movers vs skilled forwards tho is still a good one however.  Best player available is usually a good drafting strategy in the long run.

  21. reinjosh says:

    It would have been the same thing with any of the guys we picked, but actually with a step back in development. The guys we have are already on that development path, the guys you mentioned would just be getting on it (like Biggs).

    I get the scepticism, but it would have been just as evident with the guys you mentioned. That's just the way prospects are. 
    Everyone has questions around their game, some guys take longer to develop than others. At the point we were in the draft, anyone you choose was going to take a while to even get a shot at the NHL. I suppose Burke and Co wanted two guys that they were fairly confident would hit the NHL over more project picks. 
  22. Steven_Leafs says:

    IMO, Philadelphia and Toronto give up too much.

    I would say if you remove Kadri, CLB's 2nd, and Bobrovsky and then give TOR's 2nd to CLB it would be more even. (CLB may not do it at this point though). So…

    To Toronto:
    James Van Riemsdyk

    To Columbus:
    Wayne Simmonds
    Luke Schenn
    Philly's first round 2012
    Toronto's 2nd round 2012

    To Philadelphia:
    Rick Nash

    CLB might demand Bobrovsky over Simmonds+1st which I doubt Philadelphia would or could do. lol, very tough to find something that makes everyone happy.

    Nice post though.

  23. KingVilly91 says:

    what would everyone think about trading for Steve Mason and trading Reimer in a package to get that big number one center

    i know Mason is having a very bad year but CBJ are very bad this year so the blame cant go on him.. maybe something like
    To Leafs: Steve Mason
    To CBJ: Scrivens , 2nd and 4th
    then go and get that number one center
    lets  say leafs goto edmonton
    To Leafs: Jordan Eberle
    To EDM: Kadri , Reimer , 1ST Gunnarsson,  Holzer
    i know its not going to happen just an opinion
  24. Steven_Leafs says:

    even if getting Mason was a good idea, I think trading Scrivins for Mason straight up is a loss right now, never mind the picks.

    and while that is a massive overpayment for Eberle, that would probably be the minimum cost for us to peel him off of Edmonton. I wouldn't bother.

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