Colorado in position to make a big move(s).

How injuries and good decisions cap wise, have put Colorado in place to improve Goaltending, Defense and jump start Milan Hejduk’s seasonAs far a Colorado goes, all of these Hejduk and Tanguay rumors crack me up… Tanguay is on fire this year. For Hejduk, he only has 11 goals this year, which is poor by his standards to say the least, but this only strengthen the Aebisher rumors in my opinion…

Since the Avs did not pick up the options on Blake and Sakic they freed up 750,000$ in cap space (which is the only reason they didn’t pick up those options btw, for all you people I’ve heard talking about Blake trade rumors) and the injury to Konowalchuk freed up another 1.9 mil… so the Avs are sitting with 2.65 mil in space… if you trade Aebisher and Boughner (Boughner hasn’t contributed jack crap this season) that would give you 2.85 mil more in space. The Avs would then have 5.5 in space…

Give 3.2 of that back to Luongo (if they indeed are still after him) and the Avs would have 2.3 mil to get a player who compliments Hejduk…

That’s the main problem on the Avs this season and more notably Hejduk, “too many chiefs, not enough Indians”… Tanguay & Hejduk were lighting it up with Forsberg last season, partly because Forsberg commands so much attention from other teams which freed up Hejduk and Tanguay on the ice, and Forsberg is just an awesome setup man…

Look through the roster… Hejduk, Tanguay, Sakic & Svatos are all finishers… the real reason Svatos is having such an awesome year is Tuergeon is setting him up 4 or 5 times a night… contrast that to the first line, nothing but finishers and only 1 of them is really performing up to their standards, Tanguay.

I’d take that extra space and go for a guy who commands attention in front of the net & who can pass and that will make Hejduk is a way different player…

And then again Colorado doesn’t need to much more scoring anyway, they need more D, but all of what I just said would help the Avs top scorers get back in form I think.

Defensively they need a guy to compliment Blake… Liles and Blake have been paired all season, and Liles coast to coast style has hurt Blake’s numbers and ever other combo they have tried hasn’t meshed very well at all… Look for Vannanen or Clark to go on the move and I believe Brunette may come as part of a package to bring another solid D man like Skrastins to Colorado for cheap.

I don’t normally like to speculate like this, but I know all of the cap #’s are right, and alot of the moves I mentioned make sense… But man I feel like a Toronto fan all of a sudden.

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  1. i_know_hockey says:

    i honestly dont see Col getting their hands on Luongo. Luongo is Floridas future and their franchise player… on a good team he would put up HUGE numbers, but no… hes not going anywhere. For Colorado, with the cap now and the new rules they can no longer sign these bulky contracts and look towards free agency, they now have to look within and ahead.

    For real… i think they have 8 guys over 30, which is a lot for today’s game and i dont see their stars getting any younger.. yea Hejduk, Tanguay, and rookie Svatos you can say will be around for a while, but you need more…

  2. Turnbull says:

    I think Biron is a much more realistic option for the avs. He’d be cheaper than luongo and has played well this season. He’d be a good fit in Denver. That being said id love to see luongo get out of florida and go somewhere where people actually like hockey and would appreciate a goaltender like luongo. Sad to say, but i dont see that happening anytime soon.

  3. digs says:

    I think biron is the right pick for this team.

    They my go after a guy like Roloson/Fernandez in Minnesota, becuase i don’t really think they have completely given up on Abby.

  4. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    i forgot about about the part with sakic and blake and there options. also forgot about knowalchuks injury. and we do have about 100,000 under the cap already but then again thats not that much. i do hope though we can someone get kolzig and witt off of washington. goaltending would be upgraded and so would defence.

  5. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Minnesota wouldnt trade within their own division they arent stupid

  6. suppaman says:

    We don’t need goaltending. We need to just commit to playing team defense. Blake has been horrible. If we could trade him for a good return, I’d be for it. Liles isn’t the reason Blake has suffered a bad +/-, it’s Blake, he’s horrible in our own zone. Colorado is not making any moves yet. The team as a whole has started to play better defense and what a shock, the goaltending number are much improved. We aren’t making any moves right now. And unless something crazy happens, we aren’t going to do anything near the deadline either. The most likely trade I can see is maybe picking someone up as a 2nd line winger since Kono went down. If Nolan is healthy and can play, I’d look for his original team (ie: the avs) to make a run at him.

    Vaananen won’t be going anywhere, we have no defensive depth in prospects at all (he’s the youngest guy we have I believe at the NHL level, so him and Liles will not be traded, and Boychuck is the only good defensive prospect we have at the moment).

    Possibly the only trade at the moment I could see is trying to trade Boughner for Ryan Malone whose on the block. Pitt wants a defensive defensemen to partner up with one of there horrible defenders (Gonchar, Tarnstrom, or Jackman) and Colorado still wants some depth since Kono went down. They’d probably rather have Sauer, but the Avs like I said have nobody young on defense, so they won’t deal him.

  7. Shevy says:

    Biron to COL for Laaksonen and a 5th, then they demote Budaj and run with Aebi and Biron for the year. Then they pick up a guy like Owen Nolan to be the gritty guy on the 2nd line, or even run the 1st line with Sakic and Hejduk, and run Tanguay-Turgeon-Svatos..this leaves Brunette-Mclean-Lappy and May-McCormick-Hinote..this would be a solid team, and with our defense the way it is if we just run Boughner and Sauer instead of Vaananen and Clark we’d be set. We could then flip Vaananen and Clark for either an upgrade at D or another hard working forward for the 3rd or 4th line.

  8. Jrugges says:

    Ha, More like Biron for svatos. There are alot of teams looking for a goalie right now and Biron is playing on fire. Your not just gonna get him for just some “decent” player. They need a right winger to help replace some of the scoring dumont has left out.

  9. SabresFan220 says:

    May I repeat myself on this matter, the Sabres don’t really any forwards. They want a physical top 4 defenseman to play with Mckee. I don’t think Bougnar is the guy they would want either. The Sabres would move Biron for a player they think will help their playoff run, not prospects. Laaksonen just adds to log jam of forwards the Sabres already have. Dumont, Pyatt, and Briere are all due off IR after the Olympics or sooner.

    As is Pomminville and Roy have already played too many games to be sent back to the AHL without needing to clear waivers. Dan Paille was called up awhile ago and he’s nearly played his limit too. I’d be very surprised if any of them would clear. I think they will play Paille just up to the point where they can send him back, then call up Chris Thorburn to take his spot until Dumont or Pyatt can return. If the Sabres run into roster trouble like that I would expect them to waive Andrew Peters since I wouldn’t see anyone taking him. Peters would be waived unless that was the time to swing a deal.

  10. zyphrit says:

    Luongo will become a UFA at the end of the season and i don’t think he will consider any offer from Florida since they goes to arbitration in the last negociation. He really took it badly and i think he’ll get what he want in $$ from a lot of competitive club for the next season.

  11. suppaman says:

    We’re not trading for a goalie.

    Aebi just stopped Nash on a breakaway and the rebound in OT.

    Our goalies aren’t the problem. This team isn’t really going to make any moves. If a trade was going to happen it would’ve been while we were losing games like 6-3, 7-4, etc.

    The defense has been horrible. They’ve been better the past week or so and WOW the goalies numbers are solid. What a suprise.

  12. suppaman says:

    Er and PS: This Avs-Blue Jackets game at least in OT is crazy. Both goalies have been great.

  13. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    omg……………….for the last time LOUNGO IS RESTRICTED AT THE END OF THE SEASON

  14. Shevy says:

    If they dont deal Biron soon, Noronen’s gonna demand a trade..and Buffalo doesnt want to pay Birons doesnt matter what they want because if they dont trade Biron, Noronens gonna leave. Nobody’s gonna offer Buffalo a top scorer espescially not Svatos, who now has 22 goals in his rookie campaign. If Buffalo doesnt deal Biron, they’ll let him walk later especially if a team like Colorado signs him to an offersheet in the excess of 2 mill a year when hes an RFA.

  15. paul_dc10 says:


  16. paul_dc10 says:


  17. bammer91 says:

    YEah Canucks Finally won they were sortof looking like the oilers for a second there i was getting scared!!! WATCH OUT FOR THE CANUCKLES!!!

  18. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    edmonton loses to the leafs! wheres Jannetythercker when you need him!

  19. suppaman says:

    Uh, Noronen just can’t leave you idiot. In real life you can’t just go, oh I’m leaving when your under contract just because you want to/say so.

  20. SabresFan220 says:

    That is all possible I suppose, but likely no. Noronen can demand all he likes but until Darcy sees something he likes he won’t do a damn thing. No upstart 3rd string goalie is going to force anything. I like Noronen but Biron and Miller are the ones winning games. That said, Mika hasn’t played, so I understand he’s pissed. If we’re keeping or trading Noronen we should play him so we know what we’re keeping, or raise his value in a deal. If another team signs Marty for $2 mil or more as a RFA, the Sabres will get nice draft compensation for him, so let him walk.

  21. Shevy says:

    You are a moron. Nornonen can demand a trade and then pull a Potvin and not play until that demand is met.

  22. CyberMen says:

    According to CHOI RadioX, a local radio station of Quebec city, Colorado and The Habs are close to trade.

    The move is going to happen in a few days…Wednesday, Colorado Host the Habs…Abey and THéo will are the start goalie.

    The trade will going like this:

    To Mtl: Aby, Tanguay

    To Colorado: Théo, Zednik, Plekanec and a second choice.

    Sorry for my english.

    Personnaly, I don’t want to lose Tanguay and don’t want to see Théo to Colorado.

    Any comments???

  23. neiltaylor11 says:

    Being a Canadiens fan i would love to see that trade happen but if i were a Avs fan i wouldn’t be happy at all. Tanguay is 13th so far in the points race i wouldn’t give him up.

  24. neiltaylor11 says:

    Being a Canadiens fan i would love to see that trade happen but if i were a Avs fan i wouldn’t be happy at all. Tanguay is 13th so far in the points race i wouldn’t give him up.

  25. Sundinfan says:

    Am I the only one who has seen Abby give up 4 goals on 85 shots the last 3 games? He was stellar against Nashville, and he has one 2 games in a row since then. That Nashville game gave Abby his confidence back. We just need some defense, and we’ll be good to go.

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