Colossal Rumors

TSN still discussing Iginla to New York, aetherial adds his opinion.

Leafs looking at Nolan…..


maybe not! leafs looking at Brazilian born defenseman.

habs_88_4life says no way jose` on Iginla to NYR.

TSN is still talking about the Iginla to New York deal.

They are suggesting that Calgary would try to unload Turek with his 4 mil+ (next two years) salary as part of the deal. As we have talked about here, the rumor is still something like Lundmark, Blackburn, Dvorak for Iginla and Turek.

I like it; for both teams. The Rangers will be getting a young player who is a star. He may not win another scoring championship but he is a solid enough player and young enough that I would take him for Lundmark & Dvorak in a heartbeat. Iginla drastically improves the rangers talent, depth, heart, and possibly their future. He will be one of a few stars on a team of full stars that the Rangers can build around if they can’t make it with what they have now.

The Blackburn for Turek trade benefits Calgary greatly in terms of current and future potential and money.

The Rangers get the best player. The Flames get a couple good players and two with large upside. They get rid of the Iginla and Turek Salary commitment… which means they can jump in and get a Free Agent or make a trade for further help themselves next year if they feel they have a shot. Also Lundmark and Blackburn are well known locally and therefore ease the marketing sting of losing Iginla (comment from

aetherial writes Seriously, I hate what the Rangers are doing with their ridiculous payroll. How many people (outside of New Yorkers or long time Yankee fans) admire the Yankees? I rest my case. In this case though, I truly believe that this deal helps both parties. Even Bobby Clarke would admit this would be a legitimate “hockey deal”.

Neither team may get a shot at something better than this. I say they should do it.

sane04 writes It comes as no surprise to anyone that the Toronto Maple Leafs are interested in San Jose’s Owen Nolan. And, make no mistake, they are interested.

The real big news would be if the Leafs were to land the Shark power forward. Pat Quinn’s track record as general manager of the Leafs suggests he doesn’t often make a trade and he certainly doesn’t often make a trade involving a player as significant as Nolan, especially in the middle of the season.

But that hasn’t stopped the Leafs from talking to San Jose about Nolan. The Sharks, meanwhile, have to decide how they’re going to proceed.

Ownership would like to see Sharks’ general manager Dean Lombardi reduce the team’s $48 million payroll, especially since the Sharks are likely to miss the playoffs this season. Technically, that could be done by moving other pieces such as Vincent Damphousse or Adam Graves or Bryan Marchment. But Nolan is scheduled to earn $6.5 million in each of the next two seasons and that makes him an obvious target.

There will only be a handful of teams interested in Nolan and the Leafs are one of them.

San Jose has three options. It can trade Nolan for another big ticket player, making $4 million or $5 million and pocket the difference. Or it could opt for a medium-range player — Toronto’s Darcy Tucker will be the name that doubtlessly fits the bill — who would help to replace Nolan’s goals and grit but wouldn’t be nearly as expensive. Or the Sharks could do it for prospects and draft picks. Doubtful, but a possiblity.

On the subject of Nolan, let’s get one thing perfectly clear. He does not have a contract that guarantees he will be paid during a lockout. What he does have is a contract that says if the 2004-05 season is 39 games or less because of labour strife, he’s entitled to tack on another year at $6.5 million to the end of the deal.

Which is no big deal for two reasons. One, there’s already a club option for that extra year anyway. Two, the $6.5 million is the minimum he would get on a qualifying offer for a new contract.

Whatever way you slice it, Nolan’s contract isn’t an impediment to making a deal happen for the Leafs. On that count, it’s simply up to Quinn to decide if he’s willing to meet San Jose’s asking price and whether he’s ready, for the first time as Leaf GM, to pull the trigger on a significant in-season acquisition.

rumormillman writes Once again, there are talks that a deal between the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs could be in the works. But the player coming Toronto’s way may not be the one most fans had hoped for.

Sports Radio “THE TEAM” is reporting that Leafs G.M. Pat Quinn is holding talks with Flames management about the services of defenceman Robyn Regehr. A man, to some, who has not yet reached his full potential out in Western Canada. The thought is, though he is a smooth skater, he is best suited for the Eastern Conference style of game. Where he may be able to use his big frame to his advantage.

What the Flames are seeking, among other things, is an offensive minded blueliner with potential to be a future quarterback on their powerplay. One who may be able to team up with up and comer Jordan Leopold to form an explosive powerplay. The name being mentioned most often has been, of course, Carlo Colaiacovo. But the Leafs are countering with Ian White and some cash. Though Leopold is a skater and rusher who passes the puck with precision. White has a canon for a shot and rarely misses the net.

Robyn Regehr is a big boy. He stands 6-3 and weighs in at 226 pounds. Defencemen usually take time to develope, and at 22 years of age, he is no exception. The young blueliner has had his ups and downs throughout his young career. Suffering two broken legs in a messy car accident during the 1998-99 season. But bouncing back to have a respectable rookie seaon with 12 points.

This season he has 7 assists with 45 pim’s. He is also a -4. Very low numbers for a man with his potential.

This deal could be good news or bad news for the fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. With all the names being mentioned out there. Is Robyn Regehr the best they can get? Time will tell, but if it were up to me. This deal is a no-brainer. DO IT!!! He will be a rock for years to come. He’s only 22 for christ sake!!!

habs_88_4life writes Everyone around hockey websites, forums, message boards ect; are all hyped up about the possible trade of Flames F Jarome Iginla. Do the Flames have enough depth to deal Iginla and become a contender ever again ?

Jarome Iginla is a franchise player, the only one Calgary has, they can’t afford to trade him unless they receive immediate help, an Elias or Lindros which won’t happen. We’ve seen some big names moved around in recent years and most deals have been fairly lopsided. How can Calgary possibly do better with Blackburn, Gomez or Gionta ?

Calgary is finally about to reach thier peak next year with Leopold, Kobasew, Iginla, Drury and Turek. The Flames have already said that Iginla will only be traded for immediate help, a team like New Jersey would need that “immediate help” for an extended playoff run. Many other names could be on the move; Satan, Amonte and Numminen would make much stronger cases for being on a different team come the deadline.

Teams looking to pulloff a blockbuster or a signifacant trade include Montreal, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Pheonix, St. Louis and Los Angeles. The mark for getting into the playoffs in the West is a little bigger than the East. In the East either Montreal, Boston, Tampa Bay, Islanders or Pittsburgh will not make it into the post-season. My pick would be the Islanders, they’ve struggled since last years miracle season, much from the injury to captain Peca.

The Islanders are also shopping Roman Hamrlik, to Colorado? Detroit ?

40 Responses to Colossal Rumors

  1. Genius says:

    I dont think Montreal is looking for big deals they cant afford it!

  2. amazing_jesse says:

    This is too much fun! New names every day.

    I hope Iginla goes to NYR. But it will cost Lundmark and Blackburn or one of the other goalies in the system ++ for sure.

    I would love to see NYI land someone like Nolan and watch the Eastern Playoffs — with Philly, NYI, a tougher Ottawa, NJ and TO it is going to be a bloodbath! The Eastern conference is by far the better conference this year. Who will survive?

    Quinn will pull off some deals for sure. I doubt it will be the big names though – I can see a Regher & Kozlov type of trade that will not gut the team.

    I think Tucker is gone for sure; not because he is bad, just in demand.

  3. rooney says:

    1. the leafs suck they will just cry and whine about something when the devils knock them out of the playoffs again.

    2. look for the devils to make the deal no one talks about. they never make a deal that is rumored. in 2000 the rumor was messier coming to the devils and they got mogilny. the only rumored deal i see them making is one for drury. look for them to go after an amonte or oneil

  4. NYIchooch75 says:

    Islanders shopping Hamrlik? Where do you get your information?

    Also, I’m confused, you’re picking the Islanders to make the playoffs or miss the playoffs? It sounds like you think they will miss it, yet Pittsburgh will be in?

  5. amazing_jesse says:

    My friend, NJ is going nowhere this year. Maybe a round, strongly doubt 2, but that’s it.

  6. Tony says:

    They have alot better chance at making the finals then the Leafs. Whens the last time the Leafs made the finals, they always choke.

  7. TheMinister says:

    You know there are so few really good topics, save this time of year, that it kind of sucks that these four points were included in the same article. I understand that they are rehashing of older stories…more or less… but there has got to be a balance somewhere. So be that as it may…

    I’d hate to say it cause Canadian teams get screwed out of good players all the time, but there might be a really good trade for the Flames to make. If for example the trade was Blackburn, Lundmark, Dvorak, and picks or cash for Iginla and Turek, then this might be the best move for the franchise. If the NYR want to buy a team full of superstars then the rest of the league will benefit from being solid at their foundation whilst letting the Rangers topple to the bottom. The Canucks are my example.

    ‘There will only be a handful of teams interested in Nolan and the Leafs are one of them.’

    Uh, Why? Won’t most teams be interested in picking up Nolan’s salary for the rest of the season if it doesn’t cost them anything?

    Reghyr is an interesting case… this was the guy that was the 1st in the Fleury trade, broke both legs in a car accident right after he was drafted, played one year in the minors and now looks like he will be a force on the blueline for the next 10 years. Anybody would want him. Why not just lock him up at 1.5-2 mil for the next 5 years? Can they benefit for trading him for a D prospect? The Flames already have 2 offensive d-men in the system they need to develop so Carlo C wouldn’t be that much of a help.

  8. TheMinister says:

    Weeell, you can’t really count them out that quickly. Good goal-tending and an experienced D can do a lot. But your point is well made.

    If the Devils go nowhere this year, then it won’t be long before a wholesale restructuring will take place. Brodeur might be the only untouchable.

  9. titans says:


  10. TheMinister says:

    The East is the better conference? For sure, eh?

    We will see my friend… muuahahahaha!

  11. Freeze says:

    You’re right. And so many people at this site write so much garbage about these Leaf trades that will never happen. They should call this

  12. rhyno13 says:

    hey here’s a deal i think toronto should offer san jose for Nolan.

    — to toronto – nolan, and a defenceman

    to san jose – tucker, lummie, 1st round draft pick

  13. Aetherial says:

    Oh man, PLEASE someone delete this post before the Leaf fans on this site get skewered for it!

  14. rooney says:

    tell me who in the east will beat them

  15. jpmac says:

    Who in the hell would want Lumme…he will probably retire in the next year or so, THE SHARKS WANT TO REBUILD…..this post is pretty typical of leaf fans

  16. mikster says:

    Definitely ain’t going to be Lundmark AND Blackburn. I think just Lundmark.

  17. mikster says:

    Devils choke a lot of times as well, or just get outplayed.

  18. wingerxx says:

    that pick is sure nice…the other two things aren’t, i’m afraid.

  19. beckfan says:

    The difference between the Yankees and Rangers is that the Yankees win. And they have plenty of players that came up through the organization that are the foundation of the team.

  20. The_Coach says:

    Can you please think before you speak, your comment that the Leafs “WHINE AND COMPLAIN THAT THEY AREN’T ABLE TO COMPETE IN TODAYS MARKET OR SOME CRAP LIKE THAT,” is complete crap!!!

    Granted, Quinn is too chicken shit to pull of a major trade but the Leafs do not complain about today’s market. The new CEO of the Leafs just told the Toronto media that they fully expect to have one of the highest payrolls in the league by the March deadline. On top of that, the Leafs have the highest profit of any NHL hockey team, including your shitty Flyers. My God, complaining about the market! Do not forget that Clarke also criticised the Kovalev trade.

    You really do let your hatred of the Leafs get in the way of your intelligence!

  21. TheMinister says:

    Yes and then they sign them to 10+ million dollar contract while going out and getting the top two or tthree free agents every year for, again, 10+ Mil bringing their stupid payroll to around 150 million. Wheteher they came up through the organization is an irrelevant point in MLB.

  22. TheMinister says:

    You’re all idiots. Quinn has pulled off some of the biggest trades in the Canucks history, and he made several big trades coming in to TO. Don’t make me quote them.

  23. platinumx15 says:

    regehr is horrible…..and for a colaiacovo? button is more stupid then i thought…maybe for gauthier id trade colaiacovo

  24. titans says:

    1. Clarke didn’t criticize the Kovalev trade smart guy, quite the contrary he defended Sather on Philly TV saying he can understand Sather just wanting to make his team better.

    2. Your Leafs did whine like a buncha schoolgirls after the deal was done. Go check out and see for yourself.

    3. I was correct in my statement that the Leafs never make trades but always talk a big game, you can’t possibly deny that!

    Get your facts straight before running your mouth junior!!

  25. beckfan says:

    Why is wheater they came up through the organization irrelevant? They produce good players in the minors bring em up, win championships and sign them to long term deals to keep em around. Whats wrong with that?

    And yes they do sign free agents year after year, but its the trades at the deadline that usually make the difference. And besisdes, I can only really think of three big name players they signed over the last three or four years.

  26. Habfan1234 says:

    They do have the tenth biggest payroll in the league at roughly $45 million and Savard has the green light to add players who he deems will be beneficial to the team even if that means adding payroll (they can afford it).

  27. rooney says:

    that is a terrible trade. tucker and lumme suck. tucker is a cheap shot artist that get knock over whn someone stand up to him. the only way this deal gets done is if craig patrick becomes gm of the sharks

  28. habs_88_4life says:

    Regehr horrible, in future seasons the Flames will have an extreme defense consisting of Toni Lydman, Jordan Leopold and Robyn Regehr. Regehr is still suffering some after effects of his accident.

  29. habs_88_4life says:

    The Islanders have been shopping Hamrlik ever since the Mclaren talks, and yes Pittsburgh in, Islanders out. The reason: Mario Lemieux

  30. Tradedude says:

    Regehr could be the answer, for a start, but giving up Carlo, buddy…NO! just no!

  31. Tradedude says:

    Regehr could be the answer, for a start, but giving up Carlo, buddy…NO! just no!

  32. Tradedude says:

    Regehr could be the answer, for a start, but giving up Carlo, buddy…NO! just no!

  33. ryanpollard says:

    Regehr is calgary’s best defensman. Maybe that says something about the flames…

  34. titans says:

    Were not talkin’ about the Nucks! Were talkin’ about his tenure with the Leafs! And I can think of one mid level trade…the Potvin one, manny years ago!

  35. Genius says:

    It would be a surprise if they went after and got a big name player.

  36. TheMinister says:

    How about

    05-Mar-91: St. Louis Blues traded Geoff Courtnall, Robert Dirk, Sergio Momesso, Cliff Ronning and 5th round selection (Brian Loney) in 1992 to the Vancouver Canucks for Dan Quinn and Garth Butcher.


    Kirk Maclean for Patrick Sundstrom


    Phoenix Coyotes traded Mikael Renberg to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Sergei Berezin.


    18-Jul-02: Toronto Maple Leafs traded Dmitry Yushkevich to the Florida Panthers for the rights of Robert Svehla.


    Toronto Maple Leafs traded Alexander Karpovtsev and a 4th round selection in 2001 to the Chicago Blackhawks for Bryan McCabe.


    Phoenix Coyotes traded Robert Reichel, Travis Green and Craig Mills to the Toronto Maple for Danny Markov.

  37. guinsfan4life says:

    IF the Penguins are out of the playoff chase completely by the deadline of if things look grim, look for

    A.) Straka to be peddled for some prospects.

    B.) A defenseman to be traded, Pushor, Johnnson, perhaps Beregevin, although since he is Mario’s buddy I doubt that.

  38. rhyno13 says:

    mario trades himself lol

  39. chaos83 says:

    The west is by far the better conference overall

  40. chaos83 says:

    The reason Pit. won’t make the playoffs: Everyone besides Mario on that team. They have no one to help him out plus they are having some injury problems. Don’t see them making the playoffs.

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