Coming closer!

Its less than two days from the trade deadline and have seen quite a few players gone so far.

Recent trades:
– thrashers trade D Schneider to montreal for 2nd and 3rd round draft picks
– islanders trade F Mike Comrie & D Chris Campoli to Senators for F Dean McAmmond and a 1st round draft pick.
– Montreal trade F Steve Begin to Dallas for D Doug Janik
– Anaheim trade F Chris Kunitz and prospect F Eric Tangradi to Pittsburgh for D Ryan Whitney
– today*- Atlanta trade D Niklas Havelid to New Jersey for D Anssi Salmela

Interesting trades but none from the leafs. Looks like Brian Burke is recieving alot of good deals from what i heard of, but hes chewing on some of them, he cant decide.

Alot of the team is in danger accept for young promising D Luke Schenn, everyone potentially can be traded.

Top players rumored in trade mix:
– Kaberle
– Kubina
– Moore
– Toskala

Kaberle: Will waive his no trade clause for a possible trade, and lots of offers by GM’s, and a potential trade i heard about was Boston- rookie F Joe Colbourne, a 1st round draft pick & a 3rd round draft pick. Burke wants a prospect/rookie, 1st round draft pick & a roster player for kaberle.

Antropov: Rumors have been going on for a while that he will be traded but I think it will actually happen either 2moro or on the deadline. Antropov has improved the last 2 years, but still has 2 improve some of his work. He is racking good numbers this season & stats stay hes worth a 1st round draft pick.

Kubina- I dont think he will get traded, I think he would be a good piece for future as he is player very well this season with 12 goals, 24 assists. If he does get a good offer & Burke does approach him for a trade I think he would be worth something good. Maybe 1st or 2nd round draft pick.

Moore- An underated player, who has played strong and great for the leafs since he has become one, but he could be traded because he could bring back good value for the leafs at this point.

Toskala- A great goalie, wasnt very solid at the start of the season, but has been better of late. A rumor that I heard was toskala for van riemsdyk, as philly needs a goalie, and van riemsdyk could play a huge part in the future, as a former 2nd overall pick. Other rumors were seeing toskala going 2 colombus for G LeClaire which could turn out good for both teams.

*White- playing amazing hockey with the team right now, but i dont think he should be traded. Apparently last week according to sources that Burke got offered a late 2nd round pick for White, but turned down which I thought was the right thing to do.

Possible deals:

1. To Boston: Kaberle
To Toronto: F Joe Colbourne, 1st round draft pick in 09, and stuart

2. To Colombus: Antropov
to Toronto: G Pascal Leclaire, and a 2nd round draft pick 09.

3. To Philadelphia: Toskala & Moore
To Toronto: Van Riemsdyk & 2nd round pick 09.

Shipped out:

players: Joe Colbourne- future star
Van Riemsdyk

Draft picks*:
boston’s 1st round draft pick 09
colombus’s 2nd round pick 09
philadelphia’s 2nd round pick 09
*toronto’s 1st round pick 09

-leafs will finish bottom 7- lets say 7th overall pick
-boston will lose in cup finals to San Jose- 29th overall pick

nhl 09 draft:

7th overall pick: C Braydon Schenn
29th overall: D Dylan Olsen

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