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Some thoughts on what Markus Naslund said about Steve Moore’s lawsuit.

>>The Canucks captain told the Vancouver Sun that the lawsuit against Todd Bertuzzi and others ”is a money grab by a player who simply isn’t good enough to make a living in the NHL.”

-Uh, he was in the NHL.

>>“He’s suing everyone so he can make money,” Naslund told the Vancouver Sun from Sweden. “I’ve got no respect for him at all.

-Wow, no sh*t? I thought he was suing so he could create new reality TV series?! Seeing as how he has been unable to play… I would say that he has potentially lost a lot of money.

>>“Even talking to his teammates, it seems evident he doesn’t have a lot of support in hockey.”

-Where exactly does this come from? I find it hard (impossible) to believe that his teammates don’t sympathize after what the idiot did to him. Yeah, I am certain that the Colorado players support the people in the Canucks organization being sued… Laughable!

>>Moore has been unable to play since Bertuzzi sucker-punched him during a game in Vancouver on March 8. He sustained cracked vertebrae and a concussion, from which he continues to suffer.

I suppose Mr. Naslund doesn’t believe this part? Perhaps Markus thinks his last name is “Welby”?

>>“This is just a guy who’s trying to hit a home run (financially),” Naslund said to the Sun. “Someone who wasn’t good enough to play.

Sorry to break the news to you Markus but he WAS playing, on a contending team. Maybe he is not a superstar, but he was playing.

>>“I’m not saying what (Bertuzzi did) was right. But if it was me, I’d be doing everything I could to get back and play and show everyone the character I have… instead of trying to sue everyone.”

How many games did you miss from your little knock on the head… you looked *real* anxious to get back. Besides that, how the hell can this guy comment? Is he a doctor? Is he Steve Moore?

>>Moore, now an unrestricted free agent, is suing Canucks Bertuzzi and Brad May, Vancouver coach Marc Crawford, former general manager Brian Burke and the hockey club for unspecified damages.

>>Moore claims the defendants conspired to injure him.

Yeah and it is tough to argue against him given the past public statements of the Canucks players about how much fun revenge would be and stuff.

>>“This isn’t about the hit,” Naslund told the paper of his feelings toward Moore. “Hockey players take hits and give hits.”

Ahhh, the coup de gras on this whole ridiculous thing… Hey Markus, wasn’t it a hit that the league deemed clean, during and AFTER the hit took place, that caused all of this??!

I suppose Markus told his teammates that hey “hockey players give and take hits” right after he himself crumpled like a little girl. Somehow I am guessing that Jeremy Roenick would be playing the next night after the kind of hit Naslund took.

Yeah they do take hits… what they shouldn’t do is sucker punch someone from behind and the guy ends up with a broken neck.

Add another player to my list of despicable A-holes in the NHL.

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  1. EmptyNetter says:

    There’s no prosecutor in a civil trial. I think you meant the plaintiff’s lawyer.

    As for Naslund, I think he’s feeling the pressure since this whole “revenge” thing was done in his name and he never asked for it. He just wants everybody to forget.

  2. JC21 says:

    He is responsible, but there’s a reason why manslaughter is a less serious charge than murder.

    Bertuzzi was trying to fight Moore all game. Lets not forget what happened.

    May challenges Moore, Moore refuses.

    Ruutu challenges Moore, Moore refuses.

    Moore jumps Cooke, one of the smallest players (and worst fighters) on the Canucks.

    S. Pronger challenges Moore, Moore refuses.

    May challenges Moore again, Moore refuses.

    Bertuzzi challenges Moore, Moore refuses.

    Bertuzzi punches Moore from behind. It was only then that Bertuzzi completely lost his temper.

  3. JC21 says:

    In the HISTORY of the NHL, only three players (including Moore) have sued another player.

    Think of how many players have had their careers ended or shortened by dirty actions. You don’t see them suing everyone, do you? Obviously, it isn’t much accepted in the NHL for players to sue players. Only a fringe player like Moore would do it.

    Again, I have yet to hear of a single player show support for Moore’s lawsuit.

  4. JC21 says:

    If you’re not smart enough to argue four SIMPLE and LOGICAL points, just say so.

  5. hockeyhead says:

    very valid points….players must know they are at risk for some kind of injury…premeditated or not.

  6. ravage35 says:


    he was nothing more than a goon who took shots at star players, remember when he ran st louis into the boards head first? i do.

  7. AVS4NYR says:

    What Steve Moore did was exactly what I would have done.

    Who ever said that what happens on the ice stays on the ice! I agree. But should players who break other players necks be treated the same way? IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF A LEAGUE THAT WOULD BE! I wouldnt want to even admit to watch shit like that. Its not hockey.

    First of all he is setting an example. Players will not get away with such actions. Next time, poeple will know what to expect if someone wants to act like an idiot in front of millions of fans.

    Steve Moore is no idiot. The guy goes to Harvard! I admire him based on the fact that he is a hell of an athelete and that he made it that far mentally. How far did Naslund or Bertuzzi get? YEAH!!!

    WHAT THE CANUCKS DID WAS A CONSPIRACY! I watched the game when Moore hit Naslund and when Bertuzzi decided to ruin hockey’s image.

    EVERYONE anticipated that game because poeple wanted to see what the hell the Canucks were up to. THATS WHEN THEY HAD TO ***** THINGS UP!!!

    The hit on Naslund was reviewed 1 billion times, and it was agreed by everyone including hockey experts that it was in fact a legal hit. But that didnt settle well with the Canucks. Their whole team was depending on their top line. How can our top scorer can possibly get hurt???? We have to realiate!

    What a stupid decision.

    I hope Steve Moore wins. I hope Bertuzzi gets put away in jail. I hope that Naslund’s stupid comments will get recognized.

    The Canucks had a decision to make before the game. It was all up to them. Thats what happens when you let emotions take control of you.

    Naslund made some stupid comments. He was probably just trying to defend Bertuzzi. Afterall, Todd was only trying to show that this was going to happen if you were to mess with our leader.

    HOW CAN A MAN HIT ANOTHER MAN FROM BEHIND????? Girls dont even do things like that. You are bigger then Steve, you are older then Steve.

    FACE HIM LIKE A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont creep up like a *****ing *****! (Pardon my French).

    Coming from Vancouver’s captain- ”is a money grab by a player who simply isn’t good enough to make a living in the NHL.”

    Marcus what the ***** are you on? He hasnt played 2 years in the NHL yet. He is still developing. He may not have your potential, but the fact that it doesnt matter anymore is where you are wrong. The hit was intentional, thats all the judge will need to make his final decision. Another reason is because what he was making with the AVS is something he will never be able to make again. His best days are behind him thats for sure. He may not want a fortune, but he does want revenge for all the playing days that were deliberately taken away from him.

    After watching the game I was depressed for about a week. I live in Denver and people couldnt believe that hockey came to this. I hope Bertuzzi never steps foot on NHL ice again. What he did was plain stupid and there is no place in hockey for actions like that. How are you going to look at him if he steps foot on NHL ice again? I think I will bring a bowling ball, throw it on top of his head, see how he feels.

    TODD BERTUZZI- Next time you do stupid shit like that, MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO WITNESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aetherial says:

    Thank you for correcting me. I am pretty ignorant leaglly.

  9. Aetherial says:

    Well, I would certainly agree that “simple” applies.

  10. Aetherial says:

    You are kidding right?

    Also… if you are committing a crime and someone gets hurt from events that happen as a result of that crime… you are liable for the consequences of those events.

    It doesn’t matter the exact point in time when his neck was broken. What is clear is that What Bertuzzi did obviously led, somehow, to that consequence.

  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Then why aren’t the Colorado Avalanche players who jumped on them in trouble. If they jumped on Bertuzzi in any other situation they would be suspended.

  12. SabresAreCool says:

    actually I don’t think anyone is looking to dislike Naslund but his statements make him look like a total ass…..regardless of how far or long moore would have played, his career is now over and it’s bertuzzi’s fault…i hope Moore wins big

  13. adambuffalo says:

    First off, he did try to “FACE HIM LIKE A MAN” throughout the whole game and Moore ran like a little girl the whole time. Second, what Bertuzzi did was not right, but if the whole team didn’t pile on top of them it may not have had such bad results. Don’t know why I’m even posting this, being from Denver you guys think you’re always right and everyone else is wrong all the time.

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