Comments on the Previews

These are just simple previews written by mikster, titans, and trademan. Soon the other previews will be up. The delay was caused by big heavy schedules, and I want to thank titans for taking his time in helping me out. We’re not setting high expectations on these previews, they are the first we did; just a little taste of the better ones coming for the 2003-2004 season next year. Some are different as well, not all follow the same set up.

Comments are welcomed here in this post. We’d appreciate it if negative and pointless criticizing comments are not made. Remember, this was rushed and could be considered a try-out. What we’re looking forward to are just compliments on the effort and time we spent doing this. We do promise that next year’s previews will be better, neater, more interesting, and with more stats to look at.

Trademan, mikster, titans, Robbed_by_BlakeIf you’re interested in participating in next year’s previews, leave me a message on HTR, on the IM, or e-mail me at