Complete Listing of NHL Free Agents for your Viewing Pleasure


Ben Clymer, (UFA)

Brad Lukowich, (UFA)

Stanislav Neckar, (UFA)

Cory Stillman, (UFA) Carolina August 2, 05

Jamie Storr, (UFA)

Dave Andreychuk, (III)

Craig Darby, (III)

Nikolai Khabibulin, (III)

Darren Rumble, (III) Retired May 14, 05

Tim Taylor, (III) Tampa Bay July 28, 05

Terry Virtue, (III)

Nolan Pratt, (V)

Andre Roy, (V) Pittsburgh August 4, 05

Jimmie Olvestad, (VI)

Dimitri Afanasenkov, (II)

Nikita Alexeev, (II)

Dan Boyle, (II)

Martin Cibak, (II) Tampa Bay July 28, 05

Brian Eklund, (II)

Ruslan Fedotenko, (II) Tampa Bay July 30, 05

Timo Helbling, (II)

Andreas Holmqvist, (II) Linkopings, SWE July 2, 05

Jason Jaspers, (II)

Vincent Lecavalier, (II)

Eric Perrin, (II)

Martin St. Louis, (II)

Eero Somervuori, (II)

Shane Willis, (II)


Nathan Barrett, (UFA)

Harold Druken, (UFA)

Regan Kelly, (UFA)

Cam Keith, (UFA)

David Ling, (UFA)

Owen Nolan, (UFA)

Drake Berehowsky, (III)

Jeff Daw, (III)

Tie Domi, (III) Toronto August 4, 05

Ron Francis, (III)

Trevor Kidd, (III) Hannover, GER June 12, 05

Brian Leetch, (III) Boston August 3, 05

Jason MacDonald, (III)

Bryan Marchment, (III)

Alex Mogilny, (III)

Joe Nieuwendyk, (III) Florida August 1, 05

Gary Roberts, (III) Florida August 1, 05

Brad Leeb, (VI)

Marc Moro, (VI)

Nik Antropov, (II)

Wade Belak, (II)

Aki Berg, (II)

Luca Cereda, (II)

Pierre Hedin, (II)

Chad Kilger, (II)

Nathan Perrott, (II)

Karel Pilar, (II)

Jeff O’Neill, (II) Toronto July 30, 05

Clarke Wilm, (II)


Johnathan Aitken, (UFA)

Tim Smith, (UFA) Freiburg, GER August 2, 05

Marc Bergevin, (III)

Wade Flaherty, (III) Vancouver July 28, 05

Mike Keane, (III)

Brad May, (III)

Markus Naslund, (III) Vancouver August 3, 05

Martin Rucinsky, (III) NY Rangers August 3, 05

Marek Malik, (V) NY Rangers August 2, 05

Nolan Baumgartner, (VI)

Wade Brookbank, (VI) Vancouver July 28, 05

Joe DiPenta, (VI)

Lee Goren, (VI) Vancouver July 28, 05

Mikko Jokela, (VI) HPK, FIN July 5, 05

Jeff Heerema, (VI)

Justin Morrison, (VI)

Peter Sarno, (VI)

Bryan Allen, (II)

Tyler Bouck, (II)

Artem Chubarov, (II)

Dan Cloutier, (II)

Matt Cooke, (II)

Fedor Fedorov, (II)

Jason King, (II)

Brendan Morrison, (II)

Mattias Ohlund, (II)

Brandon Reid, (II)

Jarkku Ruttu, (II)

Sami Salo, (II)

Daniel Sedin, (II)

Henrik Sedin, (II)

Nathan Smith, (II)


Bates Battaglia, (UFA)

Jason Doig, (UFA)

Justin Eddy, (UFA)

Jean-Luc Grande-Pierre, (UFA)

John Gruden, (UFA)

Brad Norton, (UFA)

Louis Robitaille, (UFA)

Garrett Stroshein, (UFA)

Trent Whitfield, (UFA) St. Louis August 2, 05

Matt Yeats, (UFA)

Stephane Beauregard, (III)

Craig Johnson, (III) Dusseldorfer, GER June 12, 05

Kip Miller, (III)

Sebastien Charpentier, (VI) Tver, RUS July 13, 05

Matt Libby, (VI)

Brad Parsons, (VI)

Jeff Paul, (VI)

Mike Pudlick, (VI)

Jason Ulmer, (VI)

Darcy Verot, (VI)

Dwayne Zinger, (VI)

Jared Aulin, (II)

Josef Boumedienne, (II)

Chris Clark, (II)

Jakub Cutta, (II)

Steve Eminger, (II)

Jeff Halpern, (II)

Graham Mink, (II)

Shaone Morrisonn, (II)

Maxime Ouellet, (II)

Stephen Peat, (II)

Matt Pettinger, (II)

Rastislav Stana, (II)

Brian Sutherby, (II)

Brian Willsie, (II)

Brendan Witt, (II)

Nolan Yonkman, (II)

Danius Zubrus, (II)

Compiled and updated by Cory Brolund

EX NHLers Returning from Europe

Compiled and updated by Cory Brolund


Player Reason NHL Experience Date

Darren Rumble, (III) Age OTT, STL, TB May 14, 05

Jason Botterill, (II) Injury CGY, BUF June 28, 05

Benoit Dusablon, (VI) Injury NYR July 5, 05

Ken Gernander, (III) Age NYR July 18, 05

This list falls into the following categories:

– Group II (restricted; original team has right to match or accept draft-pick compensation);

– Group III (unrestricted; original team has no right to match)

– Group IV (restricted; players who have never signed a contract and are considered defected players)

– Group V (unrestricted; a player who has played in 11 professional games in each of the last 10 years, and makes less than the average salary of $1.312 million can declare for unrestricted free agency once in his career)

– Group VI (unrestricted; a player who is 25 years or older, has completed three or more professional seasons and in the case of a player other than a goaltender has played fewer than 80 NHL games, or in the case of a goaltender has played fewer than 28 NHL games).

– UFA (Unrestricted; a player who has been released from their current contract by a buyout, a 2/3 of remaining salary option all teams carry with all contracts, or Group II restricted free agents not offered a contract by their teams become Group III unrestricted free agents.)

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13 Responses to Complete Listing of NHL Free Agents for your Viewing Pleasure

  1. titans says:

    And every one of em’ is going to the Leafs!!!

  2. greatlife15 says:

    ho ho! funny one aint ya? i see the leaf-bashing continues…

  3. NemiNA says:

    DAMNIT! YA HAD TO DO IT DIDN’T YA! I WANTED TO BE THE ONE THAT SAID IT! DAMN YOU TITANS!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!! Well not hell. But yeah, next time, I’ve got dibs!

  4. titans says:

    Slappy the Leaf Bashing will never end!

  5. titans says:

    Sorry it was just too easy to pass up!

  6. Flyer_Fan says:

    Am I the only one who is starting to think that the “Please don’t Leaf Bash” whine, is like an African American playing the race card when it doesn’t really apply?

  7. greatlife15 says:

    Please dont Leaf Bash whine would apply for ANY respectable organization. hey we got money to throw around, then do it. But, jus irrelavant almost retarded replies are just….. incomprehensible at the moment? Ya thats it. Lol and the race card, can be played anywhere a group is a minority. Don’t white people throw around their weight in the Middle East? Hail The White Man! Not..

  8. Flyer_Fan says:

    I don’t hate anyone because of “color” at least.

    It’s just a true statement.

    Some of my “black buds” would even agree with me!

    Even Chris Rock will tell ya.

  9. GlenSather says:

    Are the Rangers gonna even try to sign a free agent that has talent. Martin Straka and Martin Rucinsky and Marik Malik?????????????????????????? what is this the washed up Chez junior team? How about trying to sign someone who has a little talent like Niedermayer or Mondano, Paul Kariya, Jason Allison ,Dan McGillis, Miroslav Satan and last but not least Peter Forsberg. They cleared Bobby Holik so the rangers could sign at least one big name…..well were waiting here. Look at the second line of the Rangers oh wait it doesn’t exist because there is no second line. Oh yeah the Rangers are waiting for next year when Jerome Iginla is available whhoops here resigned with calgary. Heads should roll if the Rangers don’t end up with at least one or two of the remanining free agents. Save the , well the rangers are trying to build replys. As a Ranger fan for 20 years I know that the Rangers have maybe one or two prospects that are ready to even skate in the NHL the rest are either too young or are marginal prospects at best. Get cracking Glen.

  10. greatlife15 says:

    lol chris rock is da man, u gotta love him no matter his colour. Another one is Russell Peters 🙂

  11. Lint07 says:

    Congrats to HTR for the 10,000th member!

  12. nelsog says:

    I really have to hand it to the management out there in San Jose. They need nobody (forget about Ricci) an, as expected, have done nothing so far. This is a team the rest of the NHL must deal with for years to come. Resign Primeau and/ or some other grind it out guys and this team is set to take the Western Conference. Forget about other big names going out west-this is a team, not a pick and plug.

    The Bay Area should feel blessed to have this team there. With athletes who think only about themselves or their bogus legacies and not their team in the area (you know who i’m talking about and Kerry Collins is the only exception) this is nothing short of a miracle.

    I am waiting in great anticipation to listen to another year of Sharks hockey on Just don’t beat the Habs.

  13. CBA says:

    Does anyone know where to find a complete list of the 2005 UFAs?

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