Comrie To Wings?

Spector’s Trade Rumors is reporting that the Oilers GM has had some talks to the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers concerning Mike Comrie being traded.

I personally think that neither team will get Comrie – the Rangers don’t really need a center, and the Red Wings said they were looking for a center with SIZE, and I don’t think Mike Comrie fits THAT description. But hey, more awkward things have happened.

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  1. Donovan says:

    I think Comrie would be a good fit with the Wings. He checks, crashes, everything a Wings girly center can’t, and yes Wings fans Kris Draper is a little girl too. I’m not sure who the Wings would have to give up. They won’t move Hurdler, and Gregorienko is out indefinatley, but also wouldn’t be moved.

    In some off topic news, the Columbus Blue Jackets (Happy Columbus Day!) will debut thier new third jerseys. I’ve seen them and they are the worst yet.

    First Phoenix had the Wings jerseys with the dog

    Calgary reversed thier colors

    Anahiem has a stupid jersey with no logo

    But these are the worst, they feature a comet shooting around a star. And get this the comet is the Ohio State Flag

  2. original6dan says:

    “Red Wings OR Rangers?”


    “Red Wings AND Rangers?”

    As in 3-way? Comrie to Red Wings, CuJo to Rangers, who goes to the Oilers here?

    Comrie only makes like $1M, right? I wonder what others are speculating. Hmmmm…

  3. original6dan says:

    As for 3rd jerseys…

    What the HELL is going on? I’m speaking to you, Columbus and Anaheim and Phoenix. Awful, awful, awful.

    Here’s how bad it is: I actually think the Avalanche 3rd jersey is NOT the worst one now!


    No. Just, no. Its not good. Nobody knows that’s the flag. Nobody cares. Too young a team to start with the 3rd jersey — we were all just getting used to the others.


    The duck was, well… a duck. We were just about ready to forgive you for the logo after last year’s run. But now? It’s totally lame. We can all read (this isn’t NASCAR), but we shouldn’t have to! Stand by your logo, even if it is dorky!


    I happened to like the original Coyotes jerseys just fine. The green wasn’t something I normally associate with the desert (nor is hockey!), but the logo was a fairly southwestern styled work of art. The burgandy/white with those 3 stripes is not very pleasant to look at. The Wings 2-tone is much more striking.

    And whats with the damn laces everybody? Its not retro when you don’t have a reputation yet. Leave the laces to the Original 6.


  4. mattf says:

    i really dislike the dark colours for home team, it seems…odd

  5. original6dan says:

    Yes, but… This is the way the league was before the first expansion in the late 60s. Why they changed it then, I don’t know. But it was changed back this year so that teams could push more merchandise — all of their 3rd jerseys are dark.

    I don’t know why league didn’t just say “make your 3rd jerseys white, dammit!”

  6. Freeze says:

    Hey, we have a hockey trade rumor. However, this trade seems unlikely. Like you said, the Wings need size up the middle. Comrie is a friend of Yzerman’s and a former Michigan Wolverine, so it’s not out of the question. He is a small, 25-30 goal scorer with youth, speed and some grit. But the Wings already have guys who approximate Comrie in size and skill. I guess the only way I can see this happeneing is if the Wings put Hudler in Grand Rapids for development this year, and then move Williams and Dandenault for Comrie and a #3 draft pick – or something like that. Still, Detroit ends up pretty small up the middle. I don’t think so.

  7. dishmunky says:

    I meant that the Oilers are talking to each team separately

  8. master_0f_puppets33 says:

    This was too small for a post, but I heard 2 Hab rumors!

    To Habs: Keith Primeau

    To Flyers: Yanic Perrault, Mattieu Garon

    To Leafs: Michael Ryder, Darren Langdon

    To Habs: Darcy Tucker

  9. simplyhabby says:

    Where do you get these rumours? No way the habs are trading Yanic and Mattieu for a aging big man. Yanic for Keith was somewhat believable. Wake up! Garon is an excellent prospect! Montreal is riding the prospects for a few years.

    Now as for Mr. Newfoundland and recently aquired Langdon (which by the way Montreal needs some size) for a cancer like Tucker? I hope you are never a GM.

    Hmm here is a trade rumour…….Theodore, Markov, Ryder and Komisarek for Robert Reichel.

  10. Motherpucker says:

    Jumping Jesus on a pogostick, drop the Cujo to the Rangers rumors.

  11. cwthrash says:

    As long as others are tossing it about, thought that I would throw in a very vague rumor that has nothing to do with this topic.

    Atlanta trades Hurme, a current Thrasher and their first round pick for an “All Star” forward.

    That’s what I call vague. And don’t bust me for it, not my rumor. Just saw it being flung around yesterday and today.

  12. Sallustius says:

    Word has it that Ottawa has also expressed interest in Mike “Square Face” Comrie.

    I think Ottawa has the most to offer out of all three. Rangers and Detroit have some great young talent and prospects. But the Oilers need someone who’s game proven.

    Just a few names to toss around, though none of them are a center, Which the Oil need, but worth trading a young up and coming man like Comrie.

    Havlat, Spezza, or perhaps an Albertan like Chris Phillips.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  13. Johnny_Blaze says:

    I think the Red Wings could really use a small playmaker since Larionov and Luc Robitaille left. They got Whitney in a great free agent signing but could use another man, big or small. I don’t think size really matters with the Red Wings. They have size where they need it already. They don’t play the big crash and bruise style anyways. They are the puck possession professionals.

    Edmonton could really use a top scoring d-man and the Red Wings have sat Jason Woolley in the first two games. Detroit obviously has very deap defense with Niklas Kronwall in the minors. Jason has played Oilers hockey while leading the Buffalo Sabres for years…nice fit. Woolley would also make sense with Edmonton’s pressumably low payroll.

    Jason Williams is a Detroit prospect who finally made it to the big show this season as a starter. He’s been trying for three years to crack the all star line-up in Detroit. He is a strong young centerman which the Oilers definitely need. He could be the #2 centerman on the Oilers if he was acquired. The Red Wings used him in their short playoff round last year against Anaheim and I think he turned alot of heads.

    I could see Woolley and Williams going to Edmonton for Comrie. Add draft picks where needed.

  14. Kraftster says:

    Are you remotely serious about Spezza??

    Maybe Spezza for comrie and two first rounders….

  15. TC_4 says:

    Williams and Dandenault, are you FREAKIN KIDDING ME??? 1 guy who wasn’t even drafted with little upside, and a MAYBE top 4 d-man, for a 23 year old 33 goal, 50 point man, who has 4 years until he hits his prime. That’s a joke!

  16. TC_4 says:

    If that’s you John Muckler, Spezza for Comrie, DONE DEAL!!!

  17. TC_4 says:

    Why don’t you people start looking at teams that are rebuilding, because that’s where he’s going to go. Like maybe to Phoeinx for Langkow and a 3rd round pick, or to Florida for Steven Weiss, maybe Tampa for Richards, or to Carolina for O’Neill(pray), or to Chicago for Ruttu, or to the Islanders for Mike Peca??? I like that last one. Obviously some of these won’t be straight ups, but you get my point. Comrie isn’t after BIG BUCKS, therefor don’t expect the usual suspects. Eliminate the Leafs, Wings, Avs, Flyers, Stars, and Blues. Devils for Gomez is another one you hear. Expect a youth for youth swap.

  18. Tradedude says:

    hey man i herd that too. Montreal could use an injured european.

    Btw, what do mean when you said “Cancer like tucker”? I find it pretty unbelievable that tucker for those two no-namers is pretty ridiculous especially when we were hearing rumors about tucker for niinamaa last march.

  19. Tradedude says:

    Richards!!! Are you nuts!!! Only player comrie is worth off of tampa is maybe tim taylor and that’s if he stops winning faceoffs. And O’Neill that’s crazy not as crazy as richards though, peca is crazy, but islanders aren’t rebuilding so they’ll need the hard-nosed captain. And Langkow aint goin ne where either, look at his numbers last few seasons, hey not bad.

  20. movingfire says:

    Tucker was already run out of Montreal because of his big mouth and there is no way they would want him back.

  21. DonkeyDick6 says:

    Just shut the fuck up

  22. DonkeyDick6 says:

    Spezza rocks! Anyoone who would suggest a stupid motherfucking trade like that must suck black cocks.

    Comrie is great, just not worth that. He will be in a Leafs uniform by the end of the month!

  23. tmeyers says:

    That is incorrct. Spectors says the wings are looking at Lang and the Devils might trade Gomez for Comrie. I dont know what Spectors your looking at but the one I am is at:

  24. dishmunky says:

    It is there dude…bottom of the page…look it over before you say its wrong.


    Bruce Garrioch reports the following:

    – Edmonton Oilers GM Kevin Lowe may have held talks with the Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers regarding holdout centre Mike Comrie, with the Rangers considered the “front-runners”. The Atlanta Thrashers might also be a fit now that Dany Heatley is probably out for the season.

    Spector’s Note: I don’t see how the Rangers could be “front-runners”. They’re deep at centre and are in fact more interested in adding depth to their wing positions. The Red Wings, however, could be a possibility, as they possess some young, affordable talent to exchange with the budget-consicous Oilers. As for the Thrashers, I’m not sure what they could offer Lowe that would suit his needs. Unless he’s willing to take Jani Hurmer off their hands, the Thrashers may not be part of the equation.”

  25. devfanman4 says:

    Very intelligent remark.

  26. tmeyers says:

    OK my bad…..I looked and could not find it. The reason being is that im interested as to where comrie will land and have been following.

  27. TC_4 says:

    Oh man you got me, oh wait a minute, look at Comrie’s numbers JACK ASS!!!

  28. TC_4 says:

    I just read that Bruce Garrioch wrote this stroy, so may I ask why it’s being posted?

  29. Gforce says:

    did anyone catch espn nhl tonight when Darren Pang Said along the lines of :Berard can help LA’s Defense ……anyone???

  30. dishmunky says:

    Because its a “rumor”. Last time I checked this place is called “Hockey Trade Rumors”.

  31. Gforce says:

    (Laces for the Original Six)Right on..

  32. Doppelganger says:

    I have heard this too. Clearly Hurme is going to get moved, he is a good goalie and as much as Waddell would like o keep him, no one will take Dafoe. As for the current thrasher, it will probably be a defenseman. As weak as the Thrashers defense is considered, they have a lot of good, young defensemen in the minors. My guess is Tremblay. He is somewhat of a defensive liability and couldnt hit the broad side of Norm Maracle, but he is excellent on the power play and could really help a good team. Other options are Tjarnqvist, and Tamer.

  33. cwthrash says:

    That’s probably the best he can come up with. By his name, you can see that originality is not a big part of skill set.

    Let him make a fool of himself, we need some entertainment around here.

  34. Freeze says:

    See. I told you this trade is unlikely. You just confirmed it.

    Actually, Dandenault finished with a +25 on defense last season.

    Williams doesn’t get a lot of ice time with Detroit – about 7 minutes a game. He has very good skills, but he needs ice time. That’s hard to get in Detroit playing behind more experienced players like Yzerman, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Draper.

    Comrie should stay where he is.

  35. cwthrash says:

    I love hearing the rumor mill, I’m just not much into believing it. I know DW is doing his best to get another scoring winger, but I’ll start to believe it more when I see some solid proof. Call me a kill-joy, just don’t like to get my hopes up too high.

    But just for the hell of it, I really don’t have clue one who the other Thrasher will be. Might need to be a forward if we’re getting one back, I just don’t know. Though it would be interesting if “Sunkist” is playing tonight, little showcase maybe.

    We shall see. If they keep playing like they have been, the rush isn’t too big. Especially if Sutton begins to look less lost than he has been in the first couple games.

  36. Sallustius says:

    Hey now, Spezza is still unproven, and with the over shadow of being a former No. 1 pick. There’s a lot of pressure on him. He may still just become a 3 or 4th liner.

    Comrie is a proven 1st or 2nd line Centre, and plays the Sens style just like Spezza.

    I personally think the Oil should go after Havlat myself.

  37. Sallustius says:

    The only guy I question is Langkow. Sure he has roots in Alberta, but the guy isn’t much more than a 2nd line Centre, at best. Is Smyttie really gonna finish out the year as 1st line Centre??

    Imagine if this was a year and some ago and Lecavalier was still in Tampa’s bad books.

    Richards would be almost as sweet. O’Neill would be the perfect fit, but never will they get Ruutu out of Chicago. Though tthe Hawks management hasn’t done themselves any favors the past few years, I’m sure they won’t mess it up with Ruutu. At least for now. LOL.

  38. TC_4 says:

    I know Dandenault and Williams are decent players, but they are just more of the same type of guys we already have.

  39. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, it’s also called Burger King, but do you see a King walking around every joint???

  40. simplyhabby says:

    You are a leaf fan and you don’t know what I mean by calling Tucker a Cancer? Every team needs a psycho that whines everytime he is touched and takes stupid penalties at the worst time. Great one against the Caps last night. He also was part of the Green-Corson posse and we all know how well that turned out in toronto.

    To be very honest, if you are going to bash the habs, at least be a true hockey fan and do it intelligently. Are you still mad over that embarassment on Saturday?

  41. dishmunky says:

    I can’t recall any websites that are dedicated to Burger King stories…Don’t kill the messenger – I saw it on Spector’s Rumors so I posted it.

  42. TC_4 says:

    Dude, I didn’t mean to knock on what your doing, it was meant to bad mouth Garrioch.

  43. Freeze says:

    I knew Don Waddell when I was growing up in northwest Detroit. I was friends with is brother Jim. I played a lot of pickup hockey games against Don, Jim and Don’s other brother Larry. They were all very good hockey players – very smart players.

    Don’s made some good moves with Kovalchuk and Heatley. #1 pick Patrick Stefan ran into a ton of injuries. His best move last year was signing Bob Hartley. Too bad about Snyder and Heatley. What a shame!!

    I like the direction the Thrash are going in. They will bounce back from adversity.

  44. Freeze says:

    You make some good points. Detroit is 7 deep with veteran defensemen and I can see Woolley leaving since Lidstrom and Schneider can quarterback a power play. Hatcher and Chelios are not bad point men either. Williams will be an NHL regular – no doubt. He has just has too much skill not to make it. With Yzerman’s uncertain physical condition, the more experienced Comrie would add depth at center. I can’t see Comrie doing better than 3rd line center with Detroit. Detroit has Grigorenko to possibly replace Yzerman at forward and Kronwall to replace Chelios. The Wings may need subs for Hull and Hasek. However, there are several very good goaltending prospects in the Detroit organization (Liv, McIntyre, Lamothe, MacDonald, James), not to mention backup Legace. All of a sudden, Detroit isn’t looking so old any more.

    Detroit’s lineup for this season could look like this:

    Whitney – Hudler – Shanahan

    Zetterberg – Datsyuk – Hull

    Holmstrom – Comrie – Yzerman

    Maltby – Draper – McCarty

    Lidstrom – Hatcher

    Chelios – Fischer

    Dandenault – Schneider




  45. mattf says:

    after seeing ryder play his 2nd game and scoring i really DOUBT they would be willing to trade him as of yet

  46. wayne2 says:

    For the record(not that he`s not good) but we dont need him,we`re overstacked at center and we only need grit with size if anything.Comrie to Buffalo for

    Martin Biron and Daniel Brière.

  47. Sallustius says:

    Damn that trade would be even better with Buffalo.

    I was thinking that Ottawa had too many wingers, but now that I recall from what you said, they have too many Centers and are putting some of them on wing. In that case, yeah, why would they need him. I just seem the rumor in the paper.

  48. OilersBabe says:

    Actually the guy has a good point in the original comment. You have been a little too sappy of these thrashers and your introduction of them into every topic has become sickening. It might be different if they held some importance in the league but they don’t. They’re mascot is more important to the NHL right now. just a girl’s opinion!

  49. buddha94 says:

    I am just wondering why nobody has thought of a package deal with the panthers. This being comrie and salo for luongo. and maybe a pick for both sides.

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