Conference Finals

In an effort to separate the Teams in the Conference finals from the teams that just missed it’s time for a new article.

Tampa vs Philly

Tampa is the more rested team but will that rest take their edge off? Also, Tampa has been incredibly lucky with injuries this year. I think I may have heard that they set a record with fewest man games lost this season? Anyway, incredible that they’ve come so far with so few injuries. Their depth has yet to be tested and some will also say that the team has yet to truly face a worthy opponent. This round should tell as Philly is a worthy opponent and beating them would put most Tampa doubters to rest.

Philly on the other hand has had to go through 2 Stanley cup goalies, significant injuries, and significant adversity. That said the Flyers come into this series in possibly better shape than they entered the post season. Health wise, other than a question mark next to Malakhov they are in decent shape and the 3 days rest gives them a chance to take a breather before the Tampa series.

The series could come down to the goaltenders and/or Tampa’s ability to handle any injuries that occur.

Calgary vs San Jose

Calgary. What to say about Calgary other than they remind me of the Ducks. One star forward, a goalie playing out of his mind, and great team play but not alot of talent. That said the Ducks came within one game of a cup. Could this Calgary team go all the way?

San Jose. San Jose reminds me alot of the Flyers. They have talent speed and size, a good goalie, and a coach who believes in his system. That said they are playing a team who just buried one of the most talented teams in hockey, just as the Sharks did.

If the coaching, will to win, and goaltending are equal, talent should win out and San Jose should win. If the Flames want it more than the Sharks, the Flames will take it.

As far as predictions, I’ll make only one since I’m a Flyers fan. I predict the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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