Congrats to the 2006 Stanley Cup Champions

The Carolina Hurricanes have for the first time in team history won the Stanley Cup. Cam Ward, goalie for the Hurricanes was awarded the Conn Smythe trophy as the playoff MVP.

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  1. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    I’d rather make it to the Finals and lose, then never make it to the playoffs at all. And what the hell do I care which team makes more money???? What matters is performance, and even with all that extra money, the Leafs still can’t win. Way to go!!!


  2. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Ummm…..thanks. Do you feel smart now??? I see you’ve been watching SportsCentre to copy things to say, hey??? Way to memorize your facts.


  3. Peguiny says:

    ROUND 1

    1. St. Louis; 2. Pittsburgh; 3. Chicago; 4. Washington; 5. Boston; 6. Columbus; 7. NY Islanders; 8. Phoenix; 9. Minnesota; 10. Florida; 11. Los Angeles; 12. Atlanta; 13. Toronto; 14. Vancouver; 15. Tampa Bay; 16. Montreal; 17. Minnesota (from EDM); 18. Colorado; 19. Anaheim; 20. San Jose; 21. NY Rangers; 22. Philadelphia; 23. Washington (from NSH); 24. Buffalo; 25. New Jersey; 26. Calgary; 27. Dallas; 28. Ottawa; 29. Detroit; 30. St. Louis (from CAR).

  4. flyerjim says:

    sorry guys…yes, they’re not the worst division in hockey….just not strongly followed and it wasn’t too long ago that the only reason one of these teams would make it in the playoffs was because they won their division.

    But true, the Central IS gross

  5. flyerjim says:

    It’s the UFA’s you have to look at. Only 4. A lot of teams signed that many or more this past offseason. A good player via trade is usually a result of a good drafted player that doesn’t fill an immediate need for their current team.

  6. 92-93 says:

    well i dont feel smart after stating such historical facts because many, many, many people know them.

    thus, you must feel pretty dumb right about now eh jannetty?

  7. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    I didn’t change my user name to be funny. I got banned for swearing, and have a 2 week suspension……..Which is why I was forced to start a new account.

    GO OILERS GO!!!!

  8. 92-93 says:

    poor poor jannetty. how long are you going to go under that unfortunate, pre-ejaculatory nickname oilers2006champs???

    it just makes you look foolish.

    and its really getting sad now.

  9. 92-93 says:

    you can throw all those stats and cups around …

    but at the end of the day ….

    the leafs franchise still has more fans and is more do*****ented and is still more important in terms of its market and keeping smaller markets afloat then most other franchises.

    its like telling a pre-2004 red sox or cubs fan that their franchise is a joke and that there is no point in cheering for their team….

    why? do you know anything about the nature of being a fan – the ups and the downs?

    you’ll know it soon enough. there is bound to be a period in your lifetime when the the oilers dont win anything for 30-40 years … and you’ll know.

  10. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Until I can be JannettyTheRocker again, in 2 weeks…….

    It’s called a suspension of account for swearing……

    If I had a choice, I’d still be JTR.


  11. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Feel dumb??? I already knew the stats…… Why the hell would I feel dumb??? For talking to you???

  12. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    I can totally understand the ups and downs of being a fan. After my Oil won 5 cups in 7 years, we had a long playoff drought, and it was so hard. But being back in the Stanley Cup Finals has revitalized this city and this franchise……….

    The only problem I have with the Leafs and it’s fans is that they truly believe they are better than everyone else, and that they truly believe that they are on top of the NHL. But if you step back and take a look around, the Leafs haven’t done anything in decades……

    Let’s look at the other original six teams for examples……

    Chicago – Made the Finals in the early 90’s, but lost to Pittsburgh

    NY Rangers – Won the Cup in 1994

    Bruins – Made the Finals in 1988 and 1990 (lost both to the Oilers, by the way).

    Detroit – Won multiple Cups over the 90’s & 00’s

    Montreal – Won the Cup in 1993 and made the Finals in 1989.

    I’m just listing the recent history of these teams, and each has had some success. Now to your team…..

    Leafs – Won the Stanley Cup in 1967……So they are the only non-successful on-ice original six team over the last few decades.

    You Leafer’s fans can talk all you want about the 13 Stanley Cups you guys have won, but do any of you actually remember them or have actually seen them???? Didn’t think so. So you guys can live in the past (that you’ve never witnessed), but don’t even think that your team can compare to the Mighty Oilers Of Edmonton.


  13. 92-93 says:


    so it finally happened.

    you were finally suspended … but for – of all things – swearing???

    that’s lame. i dunno, but i think you should be allowed to swear here – they dont care if you can say racist or sexist stuff but if you swear or talk politics youre a goner.

  14. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Let’s look at the time period since the Oilers have been in the NHL (started 1979).

    Oilers : 7 Cup Finals, 5 Stanley Cups

    Toronto : 0 Cup Finals, 0 Stanley Cups

    But yeah, your team rocks.


  15. 92-93 says:

    “we had a long playoff drought, and it was so hard”……………………………psssh!!!

    sorry, if i dont feel sorry for your jannetty.

    dont generalize leaf fans – i do think toronto is an exceptional hockey franchise, and if you think i am going to back down from that because i run the risk of being called self-centered or dellusional, you have another thing coming.

    i dont think the Leafs are the best NHL team – and not many leaf fans do actually. its the team’s history, the drama that surrounds the team, the interest … all things that can extend beyond cup wins … that they are the best at (the habs are up there too – but they have some recent cup wins to go along with that).

    the one thing that i actually enjoy about seeing other canadian franchises not winning the cup is that they are finally beginning to understand the frusturations and difficulties of playoff futility that leaf and blackhawk fans and about a dozen other teams have known for so long. Some ottawa fans and former-WHA-Canadian-team fans look at their histories and think that their expansion struggles (something the oilers didnt endure too much from) are enough frustration.

    but i pose the same question to you as i did to muckies – what happens when your team IS competitive and still doesnt win. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF FRUSTRATING.

    there have been 2 kinds of frustrations with leaf fans since 1967: the kind that is frustrated over the way the team is mismanaged (re: ballard) and has not chance in heck to go deep into the playoffs, and the kind of frustration in which the leafs are competitive but cant make that next step beyond the 3rd round and win a cup.

    sens fans are finding this out.

    since 1990, so are Oiler fans.

    Vancouver fans KNOW what playoff futility is all about – but so many conveniently forget them because they are not as publicized and historical as the Leafs (who are also more loved and hated than the canucks).

    since 1989, Calgary fans are beginning to get it.

    and even Hab fans are starting to witness a drought for their team.

    the examples you use also conveniently forget some stats.

    i.e. – Chicago’s drought – regardless of their finals appearances, is longer than the leafs.

    i.e. – Detroit endured a longer drought at 42 years!!!

    i.e. the rangers endured a 50+year drought!!!

    so your ‘the only non-succesfsul on-ice original six team over the last few decades’ comment is patently false and plain old wrong.

    another convenient thing? how come the leafs’ 13 original-6 era cups are discounted … but everyone talks about the Habs 24 cups … shouldnt we be discounting their 14 or so original-6 era cups.

    and how come no one talks about the Canucks’ drought that is closing in on 40 years?

    the answer: because the leafs are the most loved/hated/publicized/revered franchise in hockey. that’s why.

  16. 92-93 says:

    you obviously didnt know them or know them correctly – you stated 3-1 … which is different from a 3-0 deficit – re: only 3 teams have come from behind with the latter but many teams have come back from the former.

  17. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I hardly believe that Jesse Boulerice, Nik Nordgren, Krys Kolanos, Mike Zigomanis, and Magnus Kahnberg are good useful NHL’ers that just do not fill a need. They are all projects that will most likely not pan out. The picks they gave up is another story, but still that is not considered building through the draft at all, thats called mortagaging some of your future for immediate dividends which have paid off in this short term for Carolina.

  18. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    I’m not going to speak for everyone else, but like I said before, I was really only referring to the time since the Oilers have entered the NHL…….

    Oilers – 5 Cups

    Habs – 2 Cups

    Flames -1 Cup

    Canucks – 1 Cup Final

    Sens – given the exception since they’ve only been around since the early 90’s

    Leafs – 0 Cups 0 Finals

    Yes the Leafs have a storied past, but they haven’t accomplished anything since the NHL took in the WHA. And everyone is still referring to the Habs cups because they won a few in the 1970’s, 1 in the 1980’s, and 1 in the 1990’s. The Habs success is still recent, so they get respect as a franchise.

    The only reason the Leafs get so much attention, and love and hate, is due to the fact that they are based in Toronto which is Canada’s Media Central and largest population base. But the attention is NOT based on the Leaf’s success. That’s the difference.

    The Leafs are Canada’s worst franchise of the last 30 years. Can you admit that, or do you have an argument for that too???

  19. CaptainModano says:

    I never thought I’d come to defense of the Leafs, but I feel I must bring up total fan base, as well as profit margin, over that span.

    Just a thought.

  20. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    I agree, it’s pretty lame. I try not to swear too much, and it doesn’t happen often. But a certain someone pissed me off enough that I told him off………………And wa-la, I try to log in the next day and I can’t. Two week suspension.

    Honestly, I wasn’t planning on switching user names at all.

  21. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    If you’re canadian, its cheque not check……you must have had your screenname banned, oh so sad JTR, you’re on a downward spiral. Don’t plummet into a sea of your own vomit and tears whatever you do my friend.

  22. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    No, I knew the 1942 Leafs came back from 3-0…………There has just been so much talk of the Oilers 3-1 comeback, that it’s been referred to as a 3-1 comeback for the Leafs many times………..But I did know the stat (thanks to The Score for repeating it over and over).

  23. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Tell me about it, I want my thatleafsguy monacher back.

  24. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Fan base and profit are great, but if you don’t win then it means nothing.

    The NHL is a business, but as a fan I couldn’t care less if my team makes a big profit or a small profit, all I care is that my team is successful on the ice. I don’t watch every game of the season to see my team make a profit. I watch every game to watch my team win and compete.


  25. oildude says:

    At least they didn’t lose to the Toronto Maple Leafs

  26. 92-93 says:

    well that certain someone wasnt me was it?

    because i dont remember you swearing at me.

    and its a little ironic considering your clarkmour accusations with me – LOL.

  27. 92-93 says:

    hey your theleafsguy!

    i wondered where you went.

  28. oildude says:

    Leafs are only big in eastern Canada. The people that cheer for them out here are implants from Ontario that had to move out here to get job.

  29. 92-93 says:

    sure i can admit that – if you can admit to the fact that virtually every point you have raised so far has been considered in a vacuum and completely depthless.

    you reduce the love of the leafs to the masses being brainwashed by the media to love them.

    and you exaggerate their lack of success as being way worse then other teams when in reality its not that bad in comparison.

  30. oildude says:

    Canucks 0 cups

  31. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    You know, I can agree with that. The Leafs have had some great regular seasons starting in the mid-90’s, and have had some great playoff series. I shouldn’t base the fact that they haven’t won a couple in forever as a success measurement…………And I don’t think that Leaf’s fans are brainwashed by the media to love the Leafs. But I do think that the Leafs are so loved/hated in Canada due to the extensive media coverage because they are based out of Toronto.

  32. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    The whole Clarkmour thing was just a joke, to get under your skin. It got a little out of hand, I agree. But me and Gretzkin were having a good time with it, so we let it ride…….Sorry.

    And no, I didn’t swear at you. You don’t make me mad enough to swear at you, just a little frustrated sometimes. But I’m sure I do the same to you.

  33. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Thanks Muckies……

    It was definitely hard to watch the Mighty Oilers of Edmonton lose in game 7 by one goal (not counting that empty netter), after all their hard-work.

    But this is still the best time to be an Oiler’s fan, as our team kicks ass now. They have got so much more confidence now, and if they can sign their free agents, we’ll be in great shape to make another run next year.

    2007 Stanley Cup Finals

    Edmonton Oilers vs Ottawa Senators

  34. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    And, yes Mucks….it’s me, JannettyTheRocker. Got suspended for 2 weeks.

  35. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    yeah, no doubt. Haven’t seen you around for a while…….Atleast somebody knows my pain.

  36. 92-93 says:


    the coverage in central canada on the leafs is insane and excessive and contributes to the hysteria both for and against them.

    the leafs have actually been more successful than the canucks even though the canucks made the finals once (the year they beat the leafs in the semis). but the leafs have made the playoffs much more consistently then the cancuks.

  37. 92-93 says:

    this is true.

    its funny because clarkmour debate the leafs a lot … before it used to be theleafsguy and nords and now its this douche bag ‘the_word’ who brags about his education (something that has been brought up in my debates but i dont throw it around like this kid, who thinks that he is more qualified to talk about hockey because of a philosophy degree LOL).

  38. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Agreed. The Leafs have been in the playoffs consistently (except this season), and have had some nice runs. It’s just too bad that they can’t turn the corner and take a cup…………..It would really had something substantial to all of their hype. And yeah you’re right, the Leafs have been better than the Canucks, Oilers, and Flames over the last number of years, some of which was due to the payroll differences. The truth is that fans of the ‘small market teams’ were jealous (including me), that the Leafs had all that money to spend throughout the 90’s, and we were losing most of our stars due to money. I think that’s part of why there are so many Leaf’s haters. The other part of being a Leaf’s Hater is caused by the hype the media creates around the Leafs, and the fact that every Saturday Night you can see a Leafs game on CBC, where the other 5 teams get rotated for the late game. Kind of unfair.

    Oh well.

  39. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Yeah, I’ve ran into him a few times. You’re right. He thinks he’s got all the answers. Luckily, I haven’t seen him in a while.

  40. 92-93 says:

    well the thing is, i can have intelligent conversations with others on this site – i.e. Aetherial, nords, etc. – without getting into these pissing matches and comparison of degrees LOL.

    this is the first time i’ve actually had to “compare academic guns” so to speak … usually people have better sense to mention such things when they have NOTHING to do with talking hockey (unless the subject veers into political or economic territory).

    i know i get accused for speaking using big words or being condescending or whatever – some of that is true, some of it is because the internet makes it hard to tell the tone of the person talking, and some of it is just because i refuse to not talk the way i talk (why should i avoid using certain words or adjectives that i know are appropriate just because i have to avoid offending people or because it might touch on their insecurities??)

    …….. HOWEVER, i hope and pray that if i ever get to the point where i start talking the way this guy is talking – i.e. just going on and on without actually making an argument … i hope people tell me about it and put me down – big time.

  41. 92-93 says:

    … in other words, i am bad … but i am not that bad!

  42. 92-93 says:

    yeah the CBC has to really get their act together in terms of their biases to the leafs … they are a NATIONAL BROADCASTER paid for by the taxpayers after all.

    the cap system has balanced things somewhat (although i see it going back to the way things were before as the cap limit goes up). the good news for leaf fans is that these two irritable elements are going away.

    the CBC isn’t the fault of leaf fans and the cap system means that the leafs FINALLY have to develop their own talent which is what they are starting to do now.

    now, the only thing for non-leaf fans to hate leaf fans about are the basics:

    a) our sheer number and size

    b) our fervour

    c) the fact that the leafs are from toronto – a traditionally hated part of canada outside of ontario (one wonders how long it will take non-ontarian hockey fans to start hating the Sens … i mean, they are from OTTAWA after all – where all the decisions get made that usually get the french, eastern and western canadians mad at central canada).

  43. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Haha, I guess you could say that. But where you use big words and talk like an educated person, I bash, gloat, and insult. I don’t know why I do it, sometimes I just get carried away, and sometimes it helps me relieve every day stresses……..It’s fun once in a while. But I do admit that it gets out of hand.hav

    And I admit, my “GO OILERS GO” chants, etc, started out as my kind of signature for my posts, but the more people complained, the more I would use them to piss off the public. And it worked. Again, I don’t know why I have continued this for so long, but it was fun.

  44. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    The Sens are a “small-market” team that we can relate to. So I think that’s why we all like the Sens…….And they are the Leaf’s nemesis, who we hate.

  45. toronto77 says:

    actually they did, in the reg season.

  46. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    From what I heard, when the Carolina Hurricanes arrived at the airport in Edmonton, the baggage movers (I don’t know what to call them) all went on lunch at one time, making the Carolina Hurricanes stand around for about an hour waiting for their bags. While the Hurricanes were waiting, the Edmonton Oiler players arrived, and the baggage movers got their bags first, before helping the Carolina Hurricanes………………..People are now crying conspiracy.

    I think it’s just damn funny.

  47. oildude says:

    I guess the Oilers did their part to try to help the Leafs make the playoffs then.

  48. OILERS2006CHAMPS says:

    Yeah, toronto77, it’s my fault that the Oilers lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I spent the entire season supporting my team, and cheering them on. I never doubted them, and you’ll see that if you go through all of my posts over the last year…………….But then I get my account suspended because I swore at someone, had to start a new account with a new user ID, and it’s now my fault that the Oilers lost???? Okay. Whatever you’re smoking, I want some.

    And score, the Leafs beat the Oilers in the one regular season meeting between the two teams. That must mean the Buds are better than the Oilers…………..Oh wait, the Oilers made it to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and the Leafs didn’t even come close to making the playoffs.

    You rock buddy!!!!


  49. muckies says:

    If The Oil play my Sens it would be over in 4, Pronger would be the MVP and that would be that. Ottawa is in no shape to play against the Oilers, they’d get their asses kicked.

    If it wasn’t for that Conklin thingy, the Oil would have won easy. But thats all water under the bridge now. They gotta keep Smith, he was my Conn Smyth choice after Pronger and Rolly if he survived. What a star Smith is, he’s the toughest MoFo in the league, barnone.

    But all these people who say the Oil run is all for nothing don’t know what it means to the fans that The Oil did this run and saved hockey from being a San Jose/Carolina hockey.

  50. dre2k5 says:

    What a great series. I wanted the Oilers to win for a few reasons, but mostly because the Hurricanes knocked off the Devils and I kind of hated them for it. But they deserved to win. I am especially happy for Brind’Amour winning it after all these years. When the Devils retired Stevens’ number this season Brind’Amour brought his team out to the bench to watch the ceremony which I think is a pretty classy move. Congratulations.

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