Continued Speculation from Philly

Now that the NHL draft is over the is reporting that the Flyers have put themselves in a great position cap wise to make a run at either Scott Gomez, Chris Drury or Daniel Briere.

The Flyers still have 10.5 million in cap space after having signed Timonen and Hartnell and it is well known that they have their eyes set on a top UFA scorer.

Tim Panaccio of the Philadelphia Inquirer believes that the Flyers could also be after Nylander who has yet to be able to come to an agreement with the Rangers. He also provides further peculation that the San Jose Sharks have cleared up cap space and are poised to sign Chris Drury.

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7 Responses to Continued Speculation from Philly

  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I also heard the habs are desparately trying to resign Souray, who has more power now that he is the best UFA defenseman available.

  2. Damiencore says:

    That would be amazing if they got either one of them, Were one center away from being a true contender. Hell, it would be cool to get Nylander too, I think he would fit. But the style the flyers play and what they need, I think Gomez or brier would be a better fit.

  3. nonhl2005 says:

    I like the part where he says "We have room to do things, And we have room to be creative." Creative was not a word I would ahve used to describe Homer before he became GM but he's proven me wrong. He has been very close to the whole US Hockey foundation since his playing days and was ( from word around town ) the main backer of the vanRiemsdyk pick. You get a future star in your system, he goes to play college hockey for 1-2 years and you get to watch his devleopment for free without him losing any years as a pro until your ready to bring him up.

  4. Halibut says:

    Uh ever hear of Rafalski?

  5. Jrugges says:

    Rafalski, Schinder, Hannan…. all better than Souray…

  6. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    They are just messing with Pitkanen as he takes the team to arbitration. His agent better be careful as this isn't the best way to endear himself with the ORGAN-I-ZATION.

  7. Flyers4Ever says:

    actually the Flyers are taking him to arbitration and not vice versa.

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