Contract issues loom as Blueshirts struggle with changes

Yes, the Rangers can make the playoffs in their God-awful division, and yes, the Rangers conceivably could record their annual early-round victory over the Capitals, but does anyone believe the ceiling is higher than a second-round goodbye?

Tell me there’s more to the plan than that.

Two immediate items of utmost importance: the futures of pending free agents Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi.

Within the next three months, Sather must determine whether the Rangers are going to be able and willing to sign their captain and their first-pair right defensemen to contract extensions.

Neither has played up to expectations and both will command lucrative deals in a market where demand will exceed supply and dollars will be plentiful within a rising cap.

If the Rangers aren’t able to sign them to extensions before the March 5 deadline, the team must be willing to trade both as rental properties in exchange for draft picks and prospects, in order to reload for a run at a Cup rather than keeping them for the playoffs then allowing them to leave scot-free.

Was it truly such a good idea for Alain Vigneault not to have watched any video of last season’s games during the 12 weeks between the time he was hired and the start of training camp?

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