Cooke – 3years at 4.6million

Well.. According to the Vancouver Sun. Matt Cooke has signed a 3 year 4.6 million dollar deal. That gives him 1.53 million a year. He got what he wanted, cause he wanted to be the 4th highest paid forward on the canucks. He beat Trevor Lindon who is at 1.52 million. But this makes Vancouver’s third line of

Park (750,000), Linden (1.52) and Cooke (1.53)

higher paid than the second line of

D. Sedin (1.25), H. Sedin (1.25), and Anson Carter (1.00).

I don’t think Cooke was worth what he got. I think at 1.2 it was okay. The canucks have no wiggle room now. If they carry 22 players they’ll have 500,000 left under the cap. I think they should trade him for a cheaper grittier player, who may not have the offensive skills cooke does. I think the canucks are stacked with offense anyways. Let me know what you think. Was he worth it?