Cory Schwab to NJ

The New Jersey Devils today signed free agent goaltender Corey Schwab to a contract. The announcement was made by Devils’ CEO/President/ General Manager Lou Lamoriello. As per club policy, no terms were disclosed.

Schwab, 31, spent the 2001-02 season with Toronto where he posted 12 wins, ten losses and five ties, with one shutout and a 2.73 goals-against average in 30 games played. The 6’0”, 180 lb. native of North Battleford, Sask. is looking to become the seventh player to be re-acquired and play for the Devils. He has career totals of 35 wins, 60 losses, and 11 ties with four shutouts and a 3.08 GAA in 133 games with New Jersey, Tampa Bay, Vancouver, and Toronto. Schwab was selected by the Devils in the tenth round of the 1990 Entry Draft.


With some G talent gone to ducks Schwab is the solution ? Give a chance to Ahonen !

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  1. NYRfan78 says:

    Who will back up crazy Eddie now?

    Think the leafs will resign Tom B?

    Then again, having those 2 on the same team, wow let the sparks fly lol

  2. beefer says:

    I heard they will be resigning Tom B. and also signing Ron Hextal. Could anyone imagine the 3 of them together?

  3. mikster says:

    I think the Devils goaltending youth is weak. I mean, Ahonen is too touted and this guy just has to make it in the NHL. I know scandanavian goalies take a long time, but come on….this guy was drafted in 1999. Damphousse is not much and Clemensen is not much either. I hope either Clemensen or Ahonen beat Schwab in training camp for the back up position, i want to see more young goalies enter the NHL.

    Micki Peroni

  4. DaMick says:

    I do hope Ahonen beats him out…..lets see if the hypes for real…

    As for Crazy Eddie’s backup….

    Him & Tom “im #1” Barasshole? about egos…

    They wouldnt need hairdryers in that dressing room with all that hot air….just ask either one

    “How good are you?”

    and your hair would dry in 2 mins…

    Your resident RangerHater & LeafBasher


  5. beefer says:

    Damphousse was traded to the Ducks.

  6. mikster says:

    I know, i meant to say WAS not much with the Devils, and he still isn’t much anyway.

  7. Chandlerisback says:

    Yet another ***** Quinn blunder.

    Whats next….Domi signing with someone.

    Quinn must be fired ASAP.


    SIGN SOMEONE for god’s sake.

    I wish we got Dafoe instead of Ed.

  8. Chandlerisback says:

    hextall its spelled.

    And that would really be a headache.

    Imagine if Tibbits joined that team lol

  9. Modano_Fan says:

    My god,Quinn can’t even get a back up goalie signed? How bad of a GM is the man?

    So far this off season he failed to sign the teams biggest player,a back up goalie and every other FA that he talked to. No wonder the Leafs are goin down.

  10. mikster says:

    Here’s my question to you Leafs fans. Would you rather see Tellqvist or Schwab?

  11. mapko says:

    nobody wanted this guy a year ago… it’d be ridiculous if the leafs signed him based on limited success last year

    telqvist or centomo backing up belfour is what the leafs have to do… slowly bring up a young goalie and start looking a few years down the road for a change

  12. zednik says:

    I am not a Leaf fan but I love to yammer on !

    Tellqvist has shown he is not NHL ready (see training camp for details) he didn’t even start the majority of the games for St Johns and his numbers were not all that piss hot. The question is which young goalie do the Toronto fans want to ride the pine and get thier growth stunted. If Eddie doesn’t play well they need a proven guy behind that shaddy defence not some poor kid who will get shell shocked !


  13. zednik says:

    You sign players that came through for you.

    This is why no one wants to play for Toronto its the total lack of respect managment shows for every player on the team. Cujo is the bets player on the Team and they sign Mats Sundin first and offer Cujo a joke of an offer hoping they can get him cheaper after the season. Garry Valk giving 110% every game then dropping him because he is getting on in years.

    Cory Schwab was brought in because Telqvist fell flat on his face during training camp. They guy needs a few years to learn the game and Centomo is like 20 years old ! Schwab came in and was able to play decent for an injured Cujo then an Injured Barrasso. Does anyone even remember how bad Centomo played in the one game he did play for the Leafs. Its this type of “well he isn’t that good” logic that will kill the Leafs. Garry Valk and Cory Cross are not all that good but they are a heck of alot better then the replacements, a big pile of nothing. If Quinn is stupid enough to feed one of these developing kids to the wolves then he should be fired.


  14. titans says:

    Wow and I thought the Flyers were having a crappy off-season! Whew! You Leafs fans are really takin it up the pooper!

  15. leafs123212000 says:

    I predicted this one a few months ago, on a response to someone’s article.. Pretty low considering how well Scwabb played for the team. But as a reply to Titans comment, I agree the leafs have totally sucked this summer. I realize I am indeed angry, but considering that the leafs raised ticket prices again and have tons of money they could spend, I agree with anyone that the Toronto Maple Leafs have been the worst team this offseason.

    On another note the team had a press conference today, in which they tried to cover up their mistakes by saying the salaries this summer are ridiculous(which they are). For example Quinn was saying stuff like 45 mil over 5 years is a little bit much. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t the leafs offering Holik like 40 mil over 5..? not that much of a difference… And last he said American players don’t want to play here. That’s a lie Amonte clearly was willing to play here, but leafs wouldn’t give him like another damn .5 million!! DAMNIT! I hate you leaf management, but I love your team.

  16. MantaRay says:

    Devils are always strong in the goalie area, we have always drafted and produced quality goaltending (Mclean, Dunham, Sean Burke, etc).

    One thing you have to learn about the Devils is we don’t rush our goalies.

    The position is too important to rush, hence Ahonen, who will be a star in the NHL will have to develop.

    Right now he needs to learn the larger ice-surface in North America and play 70% of his games to improve his fundementals.

    He can’t do that riding the pines at CAA, behind Brodeur.

    Another smart move by Lou.

  17. Hockeyboys says:

    I’ve seen less hot air come out of the back of a 30 year old F14 Tomcat. Damn, i cannot stand those two. I feel sorry for the Leafs to be burdened with such (insert derogatory expletive here).

  18. Hockeyboys says:

    With any luck Hextall would kill both of them.

  19. big_booty says:

    It would be more like that SNL skit:

    “You think you’re better than me?”

  20. jcapriatifan says:

    it’s only schwab! they are other back up goaltenders out there better than him. why are you guys going crazy over this? it’s not like we lost a really really elite goaltender in schwab! we’ll probably give our young guys a chance to win the backup position or trade for a goalie or better yet sign one of the fa backup goalies out there, no need to stress out.

  21. jcapriatifan says:

    also, i know we haven’t sign any significant fa but you guys don’t have to fret ’bout it. we have the same group of guys that finished 3rd overall in the east and (i think) 3rd overall in points in the NHL. the only difference is in goal with belfour. it’s a slight downgrade but not that much!

  22. MantaRay says:

    We grabbed Schwab because he was one of our own. We know what he can do.

    Not a major acquistion, just a piece of the puzzle.

  23. iggyflames says:

    You know, Mike Vernon is a UFA and Calgary already has Maclennan. He’s a cheap decent backup.

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