Could Berard be the Answer to the Bruins' Dreams?

On August 7, 2002, USA Today reported that Bryan Berard was very close to signing with the Boston Bruins. Sure, he had an inconsistent comeback year, but who wouldn’t after an injury like he had. Could this soon-to-be signing be the defencemen the Bruins have been looking for?Starting last summer, there were rumors that Boston would trade Kyle McLaren to Edmonton for Tom Poti. Then the rumors died down when the season started, but flared up again when McLaren went down with another injury. The Boston Bruins really wanted this trade to take place because their powerplay was one-dimensional: It was always Thornton behind the net, looking for Murray or another forward to one-time the pass. But the Bruins never had an offensive defenseman to pass the puck to, and the Bruins wanted Poti to be that man.

So the deadline came and went; Tom Poti ended up on Broadway with the Rangers, and Kyle McLaren stayed in Boston. Then the season ended with the Bruins finishing 1st in the east, only to be knocked out by the Canadians in the first round. Could a part of their failure in the playoffs be because they did not have an offensive defenseman?

Now here we are in the offseason, and Kyle McLaren has publicly stated that he wants a fresh new start with another team. But don’t expect the Rangers to be giving up Poti now; he could be the Leetch clone that they have been looking for. But the Bruins might not have to give up anyone to get the defenseman they have been looking for; they might just have to fork over some cash.

And that brings me to Bryan Berard; the former rookie of the year. His option was not picked up by the Rangers since he became expandable when they acquired Poti. But now he is a free agent, and is close to signing with the Bruins. This could be just what the Bruins wanted, and they would even have to trade anyone to get him. And even though he was inconsistent through his first year back, you have to remember one thing: it was his first year back from a terrible injury that he is going to over come. And hopefully, he can return to his rookie-like year, and that’s what the Bruins are hoping for if they sign him.