Could Berard be the Answer to the Bruins' Dreams?

On August 7, 2002, USA Today reported that Bryan Berard was very close to signing with the Boston Bruins. Sure, he had an inconsistent comeback year, but who wouldn’t after an injury like he had. Could this soon-to-be signing be the defencemen the Bruins have been looking for?Starting last summer, there were rumors that Boston would trade Kyle McLaren to Edmonton for Tom Poti. Then the rumors died down when the season started, but flared up again when McLaren went down with another injury. The Boston Bruins really wanted this trade to take place because their powerplay was one-dimensional: It was always Thornton behind the net, looking for Murray or another forward to one-time the pass. But the Bruins never had an offensive defenseman to pass the puck to, and the Bruins wanted Poti to be that man.

So the deadline came and went; Tom Poti ended up on Broadway with the Rangers, and Kyle McLaren stayed in Boston. Then the season ended with the Bruins finishing 1st in the east, only to be knocked out by the Canadians in the first round. Could a part of their failure in the playoffs be because they did not have an offensive defenseman?

Now here we are in the offseason, and Kyle McLaren has publicly stated that he wants a fresh new start with another team. But don’t expect the Rangers to be giving up Poti now; he could be the Leetch clone that they have been looking for. But the Bruins might not have to give up anyone to get the defenseman they have been looking for; they might just have to fork over some cash.

And that brings me to Bryan Berard; the former rookie of the year. His option was not picked up by the Rangers since he became expandable when they acquired Poti. But now he is a free agent, and is close to signing with the Bruins. This could be just what the Bruins wanted, and they would even have to trade anyone to get him. And even though he was inconsistent through his first year back, you have to remember one thing: it was his first year back from a terrible injury that he is going to over come. And hopefully, he can return to his rookie-like year, and that’s what the Bruins are hoping for if they sign him.

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  1. big_booty says:

    The Bruins need: a steady, puck-handling defenseman capable of taking pressure off of the forwards during powerplay situations, and make sound passes and decisions when making the outlet from the defensive zone.

    The Bruins will sign: a career minus twenty player who never lived up to his potential as a number one draft pick, and has exactly fifty percent of the eyesight of every other NHL player, making him a defensive liability.

    You get what you pay for.

  2. Kariya-09 says:

    First off, id like to say it really wasnt the offense that failed them to pass the Habs it was their defense that was Horrible towards the end of the series.They allowed MTL to 20 or less shots in the most of the games(if i remember correctly) and still lost, somethings not right, and its not the offense.

    Now to Berard. I think if i were the bruins id try to sign him as soon as possible, since Mclaren wont play. Even though Berard had his injury, i still think if he were to join the bruins he’d still be their number 1 offensive defensive, and every team needs one to win. He will defenately help the PP,Heck their PK was more dangerous than their PP.Special teams play a key role in the play offs as well.

    If i were O’conelle(however u spell it) id sign Berard , then trade Mclaren for some depth upfront or another good defensemen which they still can use, then FINALLY give the team a captain in Don Sweeney and when he retires in 2-3 years give it to Thornton.

  3. Bodster says:

    Berard stinks

  4. TheBricks says:

    How does that Nappy Roots song go….”AWWWHELLLNAWWWW!” There is your answer with Berard. Berard was a mess with the Rangers last season and will probably be with Boston as well. McLaren’s going to be shipped out at some point and that’s going to be even better when O’ Connell and Sinden already let Dafoe and Guerin go. Way to go management!

  5. titans says:

    Please…this move can only help Boston. The one weak link on tha Bruins is Defence, bringing in a guy like Berard can only help. And for the piddily amount their paying him, why not? Yea so what if he’s cycloptic? With one eye he’s still better than half the Bruins D-men w/ two eyes.

  6. slipnaughtyboy says:

    You overrated Berard and Poti. Poti may pan out because he probably just needed a change, but Berard is a 5/6 dman now. Even if he does improve, he’d only be a #4 on a Stanley Cup contending team.

  7. mikster says:

    Berard mised 2 hockey seasons. He basically has one eye for vision. You can’t expect him to shine in one season. I say he will be a 2nd pair defenseman after this upcoming season. He is solid when defending an odd man rush, he intercepts passes well…..he needs time. He was just too expensive to keep for the Rangers.

  8. Habfan1234 says:

    I don’t think that Berard will help the Bruins. They already have two in-house players that could be solid contributors. One is Nick Boynton (he will be a solid #1 or #2 defensman) who could rack up between 35-50 points. Another defensman that can help is Jonathan Girard (he will be a #3 to #5 defensman). Berard will be a liability in his own zone; the Rangers found that out the hard way. I don’t think that the Bruins will get a “fair” return for McLaren because of his injury record. The B’s would be dealing in a position of weekness in any trade unless the other team is more desperate then the B’s. So to sum it all up the B’s don’t need Berard and they will not get “fair” market value for McLaren.

  9. Sands says:

    Berard was rust his first year back. The Rangers had no D and depended a lot on him. The pressure built up and he was getting frustrated. He will be a good sign for Boston and He will have a solid year in which Sather will have lost a Good D for next year.

  10. bruinsfan12 says:

    Maybe the Bruins can trade Grosek in a deal for McLaren, cause if we sign Berard and also have Grosek, we will be stuck with two Rangers rejects.

    I also agree with another comment posted earlier. The Bruins have Boynton, who proved to be awesome last year, and Girard who should improve a lot this year. So it’s hard to say if it will be necessary to sign Berard, or if it will have a positive or negative impact.

    I would like them to sign him just for the sake of them TRYING to improve. Looking at their other signings this offsesaon, it looks like they want to fall down an endless black hole. I expect Berard to be better than he was last year with the Rangers, but I don’t expect him to be this amazing stand out offensive defensemen like the Bruins would really need.

  11. bruinfan37 says:

    Yes, the Bruins have Girard and Boynton, but they need someone else. For the price, This is a fantastic idea. The bruins are a strong hockey team, and they should try and fill in their little problems. I guess for once, they are looking to win

  12. aaron says:

    I find the comment “the Bruins shouldn’t sign him b/c he’s only a 2nd pair defenseman” frickin’ ridiculous. Olausson and Duschense were both about the same level as Berard when they were signed, and they were instrumental in our Cup run. How the hell can you win anything w/ only one defensive pairing playing? Berard will give the Bruins defensive depth; that alone is worth signing him. Even if he only plays 2nd or 3rd pair minutes, hey, its an improvement. And in a low pressure situation like that, it might give Berard the slack he needs to really work his game back up.

    I say sign him. The worst that’s going to happen is he’ll suck, and then he’ll be a healthy scratch. More likely, he’ll be a solid contributor and give the Bruins the defensive depth they’re lacking.

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