Could Burke be pulling a Snow? ……..

…. and, like the NYI GM Snow did last year with the Isles top pick- trade down a few times this year with the Maple Leafs pick?

Actually, Burke would still be pullin’ a Burkie, because that’s exactly what he did last year with the Ducks 1st rounder when he traded down twice and picked up a few extra picks in the process.

All this news about Burke moving up for so long.. could it all be a smokescreen?

Burke himself has recently said he’s had next to nothing going so far in trading up. If he can’t trade up presumably for B Schenn…. and say Cowen, Schenn, Kane are all picked.. would he want to take M. Svensson-Pajaarvi?

Or might he have his eyes on a guy like Z Kassian, J Moore, O. Ekman-Larsson, Scott Glennie, or someone available a few picks later?

There’s always a few teams willing to trade up to get “their guy”, and #7 is awfully high up the ladder, certainly a few teams would compete to acquire a pick this high up in the draft.

For all intents and purposes, I think Burke still wants to move up even 1 spot. But if the price is too high, or everyone just decides to keep their picks, Burke sees the potential with trading down as well.

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