Could Ruutu be going to Nashville?

By my estimation, the Predators need a scorer with some playoff grittiness, and perhaps more important, another defenseman who is hard to play against.

If the Carolina Hurricanes are planning to trade potential unrestricted forward Tuomo Ruutu, for example, he seem like they would perfectly fill one of Nashville’s holes.

Of course that would be a short-term patch, and I’m guessing Suter would prefer to see long-term acquisitions. Probably Poile would prefer a long-term addition as well. But if you are Poile, you have to believe that the best way to make sure Suter returns is to make a lengthy playoff run. Acquiring rental players could help you do that.

If the Predators made a great run, it would seem to me that it would be difficult for Suter to leave this team. If he felt the team was close to a championship, and was convinced they would continue to add pieces until they did win, he won’t walk away from this team.

Some players are born to seek big markets. Their objective is always to play under the widest spotlight. But that isn’t Suter. He’s not a player who wants to be center of media attention every day.

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  1. toronto77 says:

    I heard something interesting on the Fan this week, that Suter and Parise are both UFA's this season and are actually best friends, and speculation has it that they might try and sign with the same team. Even though Parise was made captain I still think he would like out of NJ. Suter does not actually want to leave Nashville, only if Poile promises to make the team better.

    I think the devils are making the same mistake that the leafs did straight out of the lockout, which was refusing the fact that they needed to start rebuilding, and spent a couple of season trying to compete but ended up failing. Parise and Kovalchuck is a great top line but the goaltending and defense is a mess. Even if they make the playoffs this year and next they prob will not get past the first round.

    My trade prediction:

    To Nash:

    To NJ: Ellis, Halischuck, 1st pick in 2012

    NJ gets a great building block and a potential top D pairing with Larsson and Ellis for years to come, and a great potential top 6 forward in Halischuck.

    Nashville makes a huge improvement by adding Parise to the top line, and if the team has huge success in the playoffs then Suter and Parise may re-sign in the offseason.

    Great deal for both teams!

  2. 93killer93 says:

    For those who didn't see the intermission during the Leafs game, Dreger said if the Preds consider trading Suter the package they want is a NHL player, an A prospect, a B prospect, and a 1st.  If they do move him they're going to get some major pieces. 

  3. 93killer93 says:


    Latta, Bourque, Josi, Lindback, 2nd, 1st(2013)
    Parise, 1st, 2nd(if Parise doesn't re-sign 2013)
    Erat, C.Smith, Kostitsyn, Hornqvist, Klein, Blum, J.Smith, 1st(NJ), 1st(Nas)
    Ryan, Blake, Bell, Visnovsky, Fowler
    Just for the record i really don't think anaheim would trade Fowler.  Just thought i'd suggest the idea. 
  4. reinjosh says:

    So much for the Pens dropping out of the playoff picture. 

    8 straight wins and Malkin just keeps on killing teams.
  5. Steven_Leafs says:

    I'm ok with this idea but NJ will require pieces that can help with their playoff run (they NEED to make the playoffs, not only for their vets who all all but done (Brodeur) but for the extra cash they desperately need).

    To NSH:

    1-2 mid level prospects (even out the contracts going each way)
    conditional 2013 2nd (if Parise doesn't re-sign)

    To NJ:


    I think this does more for NJ in the short term than your offer (which they need to do) and definitely helps them out more in the long term. Although this deal may be too extreme for Nashville to give up, even though it does show Suter that they are committed to winning and with the Suter-Parise connection gives NSH a great chance to keep them both. 

  6. reinjosh says:

    At the end of the day, any Parise trade has one question to determine if it makes sense.

    Does the acquisition of the pieces for Parise make us better now than Parise does?
    Ellis and Lindback are good pieces for the future, but I don't think them combined with Kostistyn make a big enough impact to trade Parise.
    IF Parise indeed won't sign, and New Jersey is having the money issue thats been suggested, then they can't trade him unless the price paid for him means they can get into the playoffs and farther.
  7. hockey_lover says:

    Indeed. Geno had a rough game last night but came up big at the end. Fleury, despite giving up 4 goals, absolutely won them that game. If not for some out of this world saves, it would have EASILY been 6-1 after two. It was brutal.

    HOWEVER, the Pens TOTALLY should have lost that game. They were completely dominated. It was unreal. The defensive coverage was abysmal. How many breakaways or 2 on 1's were the Leafs handed? Jesus.  

    Also, that goal that was disallowed was ridiculous. Im not one to complain about the refs because I truly believe that, at the end of the day, these things even out at the end of the year but that was bad. Really bad.

    I dont think lightening will strike twice. If the Pens play like that again tonight, the Leafs will definitely take this one.

  8. Steven_Leafs says:

    I agree but there is a point where you have to cut your loses. I'm ok with NJ going after Boullion or Josi if they prefer them but Ellis is playing in the NHL right now and performing well so with this deal NJ gets 4 players that not only can play right now but can also will be a huge part of their future. And with NJ losing a 1st round pick this year or next (Kovalchuk penalty), NJ needs these prospects badly. It is a risk but even with Parise they could miss the playoffs.

    The only other thing NJ can do if they want to keep Parise is to let Salvador go and trade Elias in the off season for picks or nothing. But if NJ cannot find a buyer for Elias' contract, they wont be able to re-sign Parise. (and I think letting Parise go for nothing would be a huge mistake for the organization.)

    All that being said, do you think that Nashville would be giving up too much josh?

  9. reinjosh says:

    Yeah but you have to remember that hockey is more than a sport. At the end of the day it is a business and a business decision will be made over any hockey decision. If the ownership thinks that Parise will bring them more cash, they will tell Lou to keep him, as making the playoffs migth be easier with him than without. 

    I don't Think that's a terrible price for Nashville. However I do think the assets could be better spent elsewhere. That's a big price to pay for a couple games and no guarantee of getting Parise signed. I don't think Nashville can afford to give that up without a guarantee. They won't make another Forsberg move, I don't think. I think they would rather spend those assets on a player that is signed long term. If Suter is good friends with Parise, then it would make more sense to go after someone else (let me explain :P)
    Getting someone who is signed on longer (like a Carter or a Ryan) would show Suter and Weber that they really do mean to be a cup competitive team. That leads to Suter and Weber signing. Then that makes it more attractive to potential FA's and in particular Parise. 
    Although the big factor in this is money. Parise is likely to get 6 – 7 million. Naashville has said they intend to spend up to the cap but can they spend 6 – 7 million on 4 separate players? Can any team do that without being to top heavy? Having 25ish million dollars (I'm rounding down) tied up in 4 players could be an issue. 
  10. reinjosh says:

    But that is why Malkin is so good this year. He comes out when it matters and helps the team the most when they need it, even if he has a completely bad 50 minutes prior. 

    And yeah I'll complain about the goal, but its hockey. bad calls happen and you can't do much about it. 
    I hope the Leafs take it tonight. 
  11. hockey_lover says:

    I disagree. Your best player(s) need to be able to play full games once in awhile. No one, except for the 4th liners, can do that on the Pens. They coast WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much. Its so maddening.

  12. reinjosh says:

    Fair enough. I suppose you could at least say that showing up for ten minutes is better than not showing up at all. But yeah that is entirely maddening. 

  13. hockey_lover says:

    haha .. fair enough. Better than nothing?  I guess its a good thing to complain about when you get Geno at 110% for 10 minutes in a game 😛  Cant be all that bad off eh?

  14. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Good for me, he's on my fantasy team.

  15. MystifoLeafs says:

    I love it. I remember when people were questioning if Malkin is still the guy who can put up 100 points in a season and be that big time player. My favorite part is where I have Malkin and Neal on my Fantasy team. 

  16. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I got Malkin, Toews, Elias, Lupul, Bergeron, Seguin, Eberle, and Pominville as my forwards.

    So the only real loser I have is Pominville…Loser.

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