Could Ruutu be going to Nashville?

By my estimation, the Predators need a scorer with some playoff grittiness, and perhaps more important, another defenseman who is hard to play against.

If the Carolina Hurricanes are planning to trade potential unrestricted forward Tuomo Ruutu, for example, he seem like they would perfectly fill one of Nashville’s holes.

Of course that would be a short-term patch, and I’m guessing Suter would prefer to see long-term acquisitions. Probably Poile would prefer a long-term addition as well. But if you are Poile, you have to believe that the best way to make sure Suter returns is to make a lengthy playoff run. Acquiring rental players could help you do that.

If the Predators made a great run, it would seem to me that it would be difficult for Suter to leave this team. If he felt the team was close to a championship, and was convinced they would continue to add pieces until they did win, he won’t walk away from this team.

Some players are born to seek big markets. Their objective is always to play under the widest spotlight. But that isn’t Suter. He’s not a player who wants to be center of media attention every day.