Could the 'best backup goalie in hockey' be traded this summer?

Schneider, who turns 26 in six weeks, is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer. True, he might be a No. 1 masquerading as a backup. But he’ll never get paid his full value in arb because of the small sample size (65 games) of his work.

His value in a trade, on the other hand, would seem to be considerably higher, which brings us to our next intrigue.

Four years ago, then Dallas backup Mike Smith was the centrepiece of a trade with Tampa for Brad Richards. Two summers ago, Montreal dealt Jaro Halak, who was coming off a bravura playoff performance, to St. Louis for former first-rounder Lars Eller.

Schneider’s value, meanwhile, only seems to be rising with each outing. Given Luongo’s uneven history in the playoffs, it would take an oh-my-god offer to pry the Boston College product loose from the Canucks before this season’s trade deadline.

But, at some point, in the near future, the organization is going to have to make a decision on the young man from Marblehead and the aftershocks of that move will be felt for a long time, both in Vancouver and wherever Schneider lands.

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2 Responses to Could the 'best backup goalie in hockey' be traded this summer?

  1. JoelLeafs says:

    They'd be smart to trade him while his value is high and before arbitration. However, they would look incredibly foolish if they traded him and Luongo went into the playoffs playing like.. well, Luong in the playoffs. I say keep him, sign him, then think about trading him.

    If it weren't for the fact that Luongo's insane contract and mediocre performance as of late make him pretty immovable, do you think they would think about getting rid of Bobby Lou and promoting Schneider full time? These crazy long term contracts (especially for goalies – see the NYI situation) are so *****ing stupid. They need to better address this in the new CBA.

  2. reinjosh says:

    Luongo has never been a bad goalie. Even now he's still sporting a 2.39 GAA and a .918 SV %. He's a remarkably consistent goalie and has been his only career. He's had his trouble in the playoffs but if were honest, the rest of the Canucks weren't exactly helping him out at times.

    But why give up Schneider. IF Luongo goes down, you have a top end backup to replace him. I see no reason outside of getting another piece that will help them more, to trade him.
    And yeah, this is one of the many reasons long term contracts are moronic. Thank goodness Burke doesn't commit pass 5 years. 

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