Could the Bruins trade Thomas>

The brass may feel Tuukka Rask is ready to be anointed the No. 1 goalie. He certainly has done his job well — and maintained a remarkably positive and cheerful attitude.

And it is quite likely there will be NHL teams that could manage Thomas’ $5 million cap hit and $3 million paycheck, and would view the two-time Vezina Trophy winner as the guy who could make them a playoff, or even Stanley Cup, contender.

What might such a player bring the Bruins in a trade? Maybe a good, young player? A first-round pick? Who knows? That would likely depend on how well Thomas plays during the next 3-5 months. The added benefit for the B’s would be a sizable chunk of cap space to re-sign their own free agents, or shop the free agent market.

If there is lasting enmity toward Thomas in the offices either on Causeway Street or in Buffalo, how could the B’s not explore saying goodbye to one of their best and most popular players? These are the types of deals by which championship teams remain championship teams.

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  1. zeddyp101 says:

    If they do trade him (which I dont think they will) it wouldn't be until the off season

  2. TheLeafNation91 says:

    If they do trade him, their stupid. Rask is great, but let Thomas finish whay he started.

  3. zeddyp101 says:

    and also not until they have tukka signed to a reasonable contract extention

  4. TheLeafNation91 says:

    It looks like the line for Sunday might be Lupul-Seguin-Kessel.

    Well, if it looks great, then it makes you wonder…Would you have done Hamilton, Seguin, and Knight for Kessel…Or the original, which was Kaberle and Kadri for Kessel.

    Right now, the latter looks ALOT better than the former.

  5. reinjosh says:

    That's a flawed question. Really flawed. For one, there was no guarantee we might have had the same pick (and by your hate on for Kaberle, we might have even been better…)

    Secondly the question should be would you rather have Kessel, Biggs, Liles or Seguin, Knight, Hamilton.
    Thirdly, Seguin on the Leafs might mean this would be hist first year. Or maybe he doesn't do as well playing on a weaker roster that can't protect him as well. Or so many other things. 
    My point being you can't look at is simply as A or B. Life doesn't work that way.
    And for the record, I'll still take the Biggs, Liles, Kessel side of things. Keep your hate on for Kaberle but at the end of the day he became Liles and a first round pick for us essentially.
    And really? Still beating a dead horse? Come on. 
  6. reinjosh says:

    And still writing off Kadri? Seriously dude, it's been 40 games…

    Seguin I might remind you had only 22 points in his first year…
    So maybe we should hold off on that and maybe Kadri works out to be a little better than you think…
  7. Steven_Leafs says:

    considering the Kaberle trade with Boston and it was before we drafted Kadri this is technically more accurate:



    2011 30th overall pick (+ 39th overall = Tyler Biggs)
    2009 7th overall pick (maybe Kadri, depends what Boston would have drafted)

    Now assuming that everything else after the Kessel trade would have happened anyway (we still get Phaneuf/Aulie/Lupul/Gardiner/Franson, and still finish with the 2nd overall pick (Seguin) and 9th overall pick (Hamilton), and Boston drafted Kadri and won the cup in 2011 ) It looks really close. I mean if we still got everyone I said above after the Kaberle + 7th overall pick for Kessel trade AND we trade our 2012 2nd for Liles then yes the Kaberle/Kessel deal would be better but I'm happy with the way things went, Kessel is easily worth the price we paid.

    Bah that was much longer winded than I expected it to be. 😛

  8. Steven_Leafs says:

    yeah who knows where we would finish, who would we trade for and who would we sign if we lost Kaberle from our 2009-2010 roster. I think the question should be posed like this:

    If you are the Leafs, would you do this trade:




    kind of a tough call. Personally I would do it because I am a huge fan of Seguin's game and I think he would fit nicely with Kessel and Lupul but that being said I'm ok with our guys.

    Biggs > Knight
    Liles > Hamilton (although Hamilton should end up being the better defenseman and his youth makes him so much more valuable)
    Kadri & Colborne < Seguin (right now, easily Seguin is better, maybe in 2-5 years that will change though. If Colborne and Kadri become 1A and 1B then maybe they have more value than Seguin.)

    Anyway you look at it, it is close, and definitely fun to talk about and debate.

  9. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I don't care what you think…Seguin is byfar a way better talent than Kadri.

    Let's not also forget Seguin is 2 years younger…And looks great.

  10. reinjosh says:

    Did I say that Seguin was worse or intimate that in any way? No I didn't. Reading comprehension…

  11. reinjosh says:

    You still missed the entire point. Typical…

  12. dumbassdoorman says:

    I would take what we have now, only because, it may not have turned out to be those playes. All the dynamics out side of Kabs & 7th for Kessel would have been different. Not to mention if Kadri was put in the saviour type spotlight what would have been done to Seguin? Sometimes that pressure makes a player wilt instead of blossom.

  13. Boston_Bruins says:

    Timmy still has a NTC. He won't accept a trade unless it's to Baghdad or Kabul.

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