Could the Buffalo Sabres be Buyers come Trade Deadline?

The Buffalo Sabres are in 9th place in the Eastern Conference. After a most impressive 7-2 victory against Atlanta, the Sabres have 60 points, while the 8th place New York Islanders have 64.Now I am quite new to this site, and I noticed not a lot of articles on the Buffalo Sabres. Perhaps there are not a lot of fans of the Sabres on this site, or there is no recent news, but anyway I’ll begin.

The Sabres are 4 points out of a playoff spot although the Islanders do have a game in hand. New owner Tom Golisano is a billionaire, and perhaps might spend a little money on landing a high priced star, which this sabres team could use.

Up front the Sabres have a good, not great core. Maroslav Satan leads the team with 22 goals, and Daniel Briere as been a welcomed surprise, leading the team in points with 46 points. They are 13th in goals per game with just over 2.5. I believe that if they do make a push, they could use another offensiveman, especially a left winger.

The Sabres are a little weak on defense. They are ranked 18th in GA/game. Jay McKee and James Patrick are out. Enough said, they could use a defenseman.

In net, the Sabres are very strong. I believe with the strong play of Noronen, in the net, and his goal scoring ability, Biron could be traded for a defenseman or forward.

Who is availible for them to get. Well Bill Houlder could be a free agent, but doubtful. Washington could unload Witt. The Rangers should/could unload any of their big names, except Jagr. Lyle Odelin could be moved, should the Panthers keep falling, among others.

So what do you guys think of the Sabres being a potential buyer, and who would they get?

I also saw about how little Columbus articles get published. The one’s that did get published are a joke. Weekly BJ’s? If this article get posted I might do a Columbus one.