Could the Canucks be a dynasty team in the making?

Ya, ya, some of you might already be fuming at the fact that I would even consider the Canucks a dynasty team, but if you break down the roster, there is a special vibe which it gives off.GM/Management- First of all, applause on an amazing job by BB to allow some good young kids to get a taste of NHL. His assemblely of this Canucks team has been a wild ride. Most of all in the goalie position with regards to Weekes, Potvin, and now their proven #1 and MVP of the season so far, Dan Cloutier. Some criticism, drafting, there have been some good one’s but, yea, i dont know, our depth has sort of been hurt in the past through weak drafting.

Forewards- Good core of guys. Nice mix of Vets and youngin’s.

Naslund, Bertuzzi:

superstars of the team, gamebreakers

On the border of stardom: Morrison- Great hands, great potential

Linden, Klatt:

veterans, unsung leaders of the team

Cooke, Letowski, Warriner, Ruutu, Chubarov:

These players are the emotional core of the team,

Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Fedor Fedorov:

Young imports from europe, developing into fine NHL’ers (it may look bleek right now for the Sedins from what we see, but every game is a learning experience for them, and they will eventually step up)

Defense- Little Shakey at times, but experience will mold these players into a good core of D

Ed Jovanovski- Big, rugged, scoring defenseman, what more can you ask for?

Matty Ohlund- Solid D-man, one of the reasons the Nux have the best PK thus far

Brent Sopel- Developing thanks to Ohlund, increasing minutes only helping

Murray Baron- Unsung, gritty defenceman, who is probably one of the few men alive that will willingly block a Macinnis shot! Once again, a grizzly vet who is helping the young guys out

Sami Salo- Nice addition to the team, few give aways here and there, but overall, positive affect on the team

Marek Malik- Well, hmmm, I’ll admit he has his good games, but, gives away a lot of pucks which result in goals, I dont really know what to say about him though. Needs to be more consistant i guess


DAN ‘the man’ Cloutier:

performing consistantly, great agility, and even gets into scraps here and there. Another emotional boost for the team. Everyone who doubted him at the beginning of the season, 99% of Canucks fans, must be happy with the results.

Now, I tried to focus on the positive aspects because I dont want to sit here and rant about how much they suck because they loose one game, or perform sub par for 2 consistant games.

How could you compare this team to others in the league?


Cheers for now