Could the Canucks be a dynasty team in the making?

Ya, ya, some of you might already be fuming at the fact that I would even consider the Canucks a dynasty team, but if you break down the roster, there is a special vibe which it gives off.GM/Management- First of all, applause on an amazing job by BB to allow some good young kids to get a taste of NHL. His assemblely of this Canucks team has been a wild ride. Most of all in the goalie position with regards to Weekes, Potvin, and now their proven #1 and MVP of the season so far, Dan Cloutier. Some criticism, drafting, there have been some good one’s but, yea, i dont know, our depth has sort of been hurt in the past through weak drafting.

Forewards- Good core of guys. Nice mix of Vets and youngin’s.

Naslund, Bertuzzi:

superstars of the team, gamebreakers

On the border of stardom: Morrison- Great hands, great potential

Linden, Klatt:

veterans, unsung leaders of the team

Cooke, Letowski, Warriner, Ruutu, Chubarov:

These players are the emotional core of the team,

Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Fedor Fedorov:

Young imports from europe, developing into fine NHL’ers (it may look bleek right now for the Sedins from what we see, but every game is a learning experience for them, and they will eventually step up)

Defense- Little Shakey at times, but experience will mold these players into a good core of D

Ed Jovanovski- Big, rugged, scoring defenseman, what more can you ask for?

Matty Ohlund- Solid D-man, one of the reasons the Nux have the best PK thus far

Brent Sopel- Developing thanks to Ohlund, increasing minutes only helping

Murray Baron- Unsung, gritty defenceman, who is probably one of the few men alive that will willingly block a Macinnis shot! Once again, a grizzly vet who is helping the young guys out

Sami Salo- Nice addition to the team, few give aways here and there, but overall, positive affect on the team

Marek Malik- Well, hmmm, I’ll admit he has his good games, but, gives away a lot of pucks which result in goals, I dont really know what to say about him though. Needs to be more consistant i guess


DAN ‘the man’ Cloutier:

performing consistantly, great agility, and even gets into scraps here and there. Another emotional boost for the team. Everyone who doubted him at the beginning of the season, 99% of Canucks fans, must be happy with the results.

Now, I tried to focus on the positive aspects because I dont want to sit here and rant about how much they suck because they loose one game, or perform sub par for 2 consistant games.

How could you compare this team to others in the league?


Cheers for now

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  1. Tony says:

    I can’t see there be anymore dynasty teams in this hockey era with the free agent market these days. The days of teams winning 4 cups in a row are over. The only team close to this would be the Wings who have won 3 cups in 6 years.

  2. Bodster says:

    DEFINITELY not a dynasty

  3. FerenceFan1 says:

    dont they have to win when it counts to be considered a dynasty? sorry no dynasty there.

  4. amok says:

    Sorry, but the Canucks are not a dynasty in the making. They are proving that they’re a legitmate top ten team in the league, but a dynasty is quite a stretch. As some other people said before, there aren’t really any dynasties nowadays (although I suppose some could argue Detroit). The Canucks just have to hope that management makes good decisions in trades and drafting.

    It might be tough for the Canucks to keep some of their star players once it’s time for new contracts. A lot of people seem to think that Jovo is as good as gone when his contract is up, although I’ve yet to see any reliable sources comment on that, so who knows. Morrison is going to get a huge raise in two years. Er, let me restate that: Morrison is going to deserve a huge raise; who knows if he’ll get it. But he sure deserves it. Kills penalties, plays the point on the powerplay, often double shifts, and contributes offensively.

    Naslund and Bertuzzi are also underpaid for what they produce. And isn’t Ohlund still getting $2 million a year as part of the contract the Canucks matched from Toronto? If he is you can expect another million for him.

    Like you, I really love the mix they have on the team this year. They have a great chance of taking the division. The biggest weakness coming into this season seemed to be secondary scoring. It looks like Crawford’s solution to the problem is to often play Bertuzzi and Morrison on two lines. So far, so good.

    One aspect of the team no one mentions is the training staff. The Canucks rarely seem to get injuries like strains and pulls.

    As for Cloutier, I’m not sure if you’re saying 99% of Canucks fans doubt him or 99% of everyone else out there. My guess would be everyone else. Most Canuck fans seem to think he’s the second coming of Terry Sawchuk while everyone else thinks he’s Andre Racicot under a new identity.

    Dynasty no, but I don’t see why they don’t have a shot at the Cup with this group and a little luck.

  5. garry1221 says:

    nice article, as for dynasty, sorry but no, dynasty’s r centered around back to back cups … the wings r the latest dynasty, the nucks have a great group of players, and one day in the near future could very well get a great chance at the cup if the management stays smart and the players don’t get greedy or such,

  6. Cam says:

    Good Artical. But no the Canucks are not a dynasty team. Although sometimes I think they are.

  7. titans says:

    Have you Nucks fans been hangin out with those Leafs fans???

  8. mikster says:

    There is no such thing as a dynasty in the NHL anymore. There is dominance.

    Back-2-Back Cups are not suppoed to be considered dynasties as well. Just Dominance.

    If anything, 3 Cups in a row should get you a dynasty team, but i doibt it’s possible in the NHL now.

    Canucks are a great team, and they should make the finals, though not this season.

  9. JClark87 says:

    I like the Canucks. I’m a Wings fan, so I should hate them for what they put me through for about a week there last year, but I think they’re a great hockey team. Trevor Linden has been one of my favorite players since I was in 5th grade(Soph in college now), and Bertuzzi is a beast. That being said, you jumped the gun on this article. Let them win a playoff round before you even mention the words “Dynasty” and “Canucks” in the same sentence.

  10. rrudd says:

    the nucks might oughtta mix in a western conference finals or two before we declare them a dynasty in the making.

    and then they’re going to have to get to the cup finals.

    oh yeah, and then win three or four of them.

    declaring a dynasty in the making takes more than running down the roster and highlighting the great players names.

    just ask the rangers.

  11. BighairyAl says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Thanks I needed a good laugh.

  12. puma777 says:

    who is delaring them a dynasty? im simply questioning and trying to raise a response.

  13. RangerSteve says:

    Everybody rips on Burke for not spending cash. WIth guys like Naslund, Bertuzzi, and Jovo being underpayed, could you really blame this guy for being so hand cuffed? I don’t.

  14. DTierney86 says:

    wow, if they werent winning i guess they would b 0-20 this season…… gj smartass.

  15. aaron says:

    Good team, not a dynasty. Like many have said, even the Detroit Red Wings aren’t really a dynasty (if they win this year, its a different story…they’d squeak in as a dynasty, winning 4 of 7 Cups…but probably still the least accomplished of any team you could fairly consider a dynasty).

    So they’re gonna be a good team, a Cup winning team if that roster stays intact. But not a dynasty. Dynasties need 4 Cups in 4-7 year span, or 5 Cups in a 5-9 year span. Not gonna happen in today’s NHL. Its too balanced, and salaries don’t allow teams to stay intact that long, especially w/ Vancouver’s budget.

  16. Overtime says:

    When was the last time an NHL team had a dynasty going? Are we talking Oilers in the 80’s? Are you seriously wondering whether or not the Canucks can be an Oiler or Islander or Montreal Canadian dynasty-type team? Get real. That’s a thing of the past.

    Do you realize how hard it is to even repeat as Cup Champs, never mind create a dynasty. The Red Wings were the last team to do it in 98 – 4 years ago. Before that Pittsburgh repeated in the early 90’s. These were teams loaded with superstars and all they could muster was 2 in a row, although Detroit won in 3 out of 6 years, but that’s clearly not a dynasty. If Detroit wins 4 years out of 7, possibly. That’s not going to happen.

    The Canuck’s have a very good team with a very good coach. They still need to be considered contenders before you can even think of winning a Cup, never mind being a dynasty. To get to be a contender, you need to win at least couple of playoff rounds. That hasn’t happened yet.

    All this talk of dynasty is extremely premature. Check back in 2 or 3 years and see where things stand.

  17. Overtime says:

    13 points separate 27 teams in the NHL right now. That’s called PARITY, a.k.a. NO DYNASTY!!!

  18. Isles83 says:

    The last Dynasty wasn’t the redwings 2 cups in a row….that’s not a Dynasty. The last actual Dynasty was the NYIslanders..4 cups in a row is a Dynasty.

    Let me also add that they are the only US team to do that. 😉

  19. puma777 says:

    wow, full of Canadian players

    good job America

  20. Isles83 says:

    point is….back then they were all canadians….everyone else in the league had canadians too….We beat 2 Canadian teams winning those cups.

  21. newfie says:

    Lets get past the first round, maybe the finals, And do this three times and we can talk. Nice thought though

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