Could the Devils move?

This may sound impossible, but there is actual speculation that the defending Stanley Cup champions may move in the near future.Now we all know that the Devils have lousy attendance. Furthermore their arena is a bit dated. Both of these provide reason why the Devils may move to a new market, but there are more reasons that affect this situation.

The NBA’s New Jersey Nets also share the Continental Airlines Arena. The Nets are about to be sold to a group of investors including Jay-Z. The group intends to purchase the Nets and move them to Brooklyn. This may sound irrelevant, but here’s why its important.

The Devils would be alone in the aging arena. They have expressed intentions of building a new arena to replace the Continental Center. This arena would be on par with modern day NHL rinks such as the ACC and Xcel Energy center. Devils GM Lou Lamarillo wants the arena financed by the state of New Jersey. The state will most likely not agree to build a multi-million dollar arena for the Devils alone due to the lack of attendance.

The Devils lease on the Continental Airlines arena expires in 2007. By then it would appear the Nets would be long gone and the Devils would be bringing in all the attendance revenue for both the arena and through taxes. It seems as though if a new arena isn’t built by then, the Devils would pack their bags and head to a new market.

Here’s the evidence paraphrased if you cannot understand

1. The Devils and Nets share an arena

2. The Nets are planning on moving to NYC and the basketball attendance would end, leaving only the Devils and their poor attendance.

3. The Devils want a new arena and want the state to pay for it.

4. The state will not build a new arena for such a low draw like the Devils alone.

5. When the Devils lease expires they may find themselves without an arena (or market) and move to a new market.

Now I’m now Nostrdamus, but the evidence provided does look as though the Devils may be moving in the future. It seems that outside interference is determining the Devils future. If the new arena is built they’ll stay, but if not things don’t look good.

So Devils fans, you’d better start going to games, or else you’ll be watching the Devils from Portland.

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  1. mikster says:

    I’d love to see an Eastern Canadian city pick them up.

    Devils hockey is boring to watch, just good to know that they win. Hopefully the NHL makes some good changes to the game (eliminate that damned two line pass rule) and that way the Devils will be forced to play a more rounded game, fun to watch, and finally allow Gomez, Elias, and especially Parise, to show their actual skills. It’d be a shame to watch Parise be forced to play all out defense and not show his actual offensive game.

  2. CupBoundFlyers says:

    No one could be happier about this article than me, I’d do anything to get the Dirtyville Devils out of New Jersey! I’ll even offer to drive them to the airport just as long as they never come back, Good Riddance you are the most boring hockey team and have the worst fans ever!

  3. dkball7 says:

    And your user name is CupBoundFlyers. I think that speaks for itself.

  4. dkball7 says:

    Yea they’re moving… to Newark!!!

  5. dkball7 says:

    Sorry for the double post but…

    The Bruins have worse attendance than the Devils, and thats with the Devils having the highest ticket prices in the league.

  6. Spektor says:

    Not a bad article at all mullet! Very interesting. it would be a severly crippling blow to the NHL if the Devils move out of New Jersey and into a completely different market. The Bermuda triangle of the league is NYR NJ and NYI. If they go, the league goes.

  7. CupBoundFlyers says:

    Yea and i guess the sad part is I live in South Jersey, shows how much we love the gay ass devils around here!

  8. CupBoundFlyers says:

    Wrong! if they go the league is a better place and maybe New Jersey can look itself in the mirror again! We are better off without them!

  9. IrishRinkrat says:

    I’m glad someone bought this up. The Devils do have great fans, but it really is a cult following. Three Stanley Cups since 1995 show they are a great organization, but they will always play third banana in the tri-state area behind the Rangers and Islanders. The Nets situation does kinda leave them out in the open, since a Newark arena is less likely for just the Devils.

    The Devils are 21st in average attendance (the Nets 28th in NBA attendance), and while Brendan Byrne Arena (I refuse to call it its current name) is a very nice place to see a game, not a bad seat in the house. However, they won’t be a major sell off Route 3 in East Rutherford. It’s okay to go to every other week for football games, but not for a 1-3 time a week sporting franchise; it gets to be too much. And while the Brooklyn Devils would almost never happen (both the Rangers and Islanders would make sure of it), there are some cities, even with current facilities, would at least keep attendance, though at less than current prices. And, if new arenas are built, can be huge draws.

    Quebec would be nice, and definitely a favorite for hockey fans wanting pucks in the North, but the most sense for them makes Hartford. Hartford wasn’t terrible for the Whalers (not much different average attendance from the fans the former Whalers draw in Raleigh), and there’s no question a quality franchise like the Devils moving to a city where their best winners are the college hoops teams from down I-84 would embrace them. Plus, the Hartford Civic Center isn’t a great arena, but it is tolerable. Plus, they draw pretty well for a minor league franchise there (the Rangers’ Wolfpack).

    Other possible destinations could be Winnipeg, or other Western cities like Portland or Seattle looking for teams (Columbus could then move to the East). The only other Eastern city I could even imagine being a remote possiblility is Halifax… Atlantic Canada I remember drew big crowds for Rangers’ neutral site games there ten years ago. But with the Devils future, anything is possible.

  10. Spektor says:

    Hey I hate them too, but after the decade they have had and for the team to pick up and leave?? What does that say about the current state of the NHL? That is like the Flyers closing up shop.

    Even if they did move, it would just mean the same shitty style of hockey somewhere else.

  11. Primis says:

    Interesting idea.

    Some problems though — 2007 is a LONG ways off. Especially for a league that might not even play next year if a lockout happens.

    Secondly, I don’t see the NHL approving a move to anywhere. They’re obsessed with the NY-NJ area in general and even if a team can’t help but totally mess things up here (*coughRANGER-ISLANDERScough*) they seem to be happy with them there anyways.

    I’ve personally never understood why anyone thinks New Jersey deserves a major pro sports franchise in any sport, considering their idea of New Jersey is “as close to NYC as possible” but…

    What the heck ever happened to talk of the ‘Canes fleeing Raleigh? That’s a far worse situation still IMHO and if any team is splitting it’s goignt o be them…

    — Primis.

  12. ranger_basher says:

    Who cares if they move. They’re still gonna be the most boring team in hockey and will still be ruining the game with their gay ass trap.

    If they wanna fill the stands, they should actually play real hockey that people will ENJOY.

  13. laserman says:

    It could be the only place that they find the Zamboni up on milk crates…

  14. Beckfan5 says:

    The two best changes that the NHL can make right about now is 1. the stupid non-touch up rule on offsides and 2. get rid of Bettman, in no particular order.

  15. Beckfan5 says:

    Question, where did this speculation come from?

    I think that the all the Devils really need to do is move to a better location in Jersey, thats all. How many of you guys out here have been to the Meadowlands? Jets, Giants Devils anything? Its horrible. It sucks getting there.

    I think if anything, they should move close to the Flyers and keep that a rich rivalry.

  16. CechmanekForVezina says:

    South Jersey Pride! I say get the Devils out too, the Real Jersey likes Philly teams. North Jersey wants to be New York Jr.

  17. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Anyone smell the Atlantic City Devils?

  18. jerzjayme says:

    eww no way AC is too close to phily, when i go to AC all i see is dirty philly trash, i hate ac for that reason

  19. jerzjayme says:

    ok first off i have problems with this article and some of the posts but here we go.

    1. The whole state of new jersey is a cluster fuck

    A. No mass transit to the stadiums (now people will say oh well jetgiant games sell out, yeah well football is one day a week)

    B. The collective of annoying EX-New Yorkers that live in new jersey. Im a born and raised here on the jersey shore since my grandfather moved to america from norway, but half of my highschool thought they were tough because they lived in BROOKLYN untill they were 4 and then their (no offence) snob parents moved out and moved to the burbs of jersey, they hold this STIGMA that new york is a holy land

    C. STATE SUBISADARY – i believe that this is one of the problems with the devils
    ets situation, we have ALOT of wealthy people here in new jersey and they want state help with arena, but its not gonna happen THE STATE IS PUTTING MORE MONEY IN HOMELAND SECURITY.

    now we live in the most density populated place in the world, HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU GET TO A STADIUM AT 7 OCLOCK WHEN EVERYONE IS COMING DOWN THE TURNPIKE FROM THEIR JOBS (proof and point weekend games have the highest attendance)

    2. Boring Hockey – I highly disagree with this, most people who say this dont watch devil games, yes most games are 1-0 or 2-0 but their not boring whether the devs win or lose im still excited about the game, not just as a fan but an avid hockey watcher, i dont find ANY HOCKEY GAME BORING,

    IM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS “SAVE HOCKEY” “HOCKEY IS BORING” what if in baseball they moved forward the walls and made the pitcher to underhand the ball to the batters TO MAKE IT MORE EXCITING, or NO MORE DEFENCE CAUSE IT MAKES GAMES BORING,

    3. The Fact that their are more than 3 teams surrounding the armpit of america

    we have to fight with Isle fans (who HAVE WORSE ATTENDANCE THAT DEVILS) Phila fans NyR Fans

    4. The Arena- other than the transportation issue there is the one of ticket prices and seating, we have the highest ticket prices in the league. NOW most rich yuppies already have there corperate seats in MSG and 10 bucks says they live in New Jersey. Another is the 19000 seats. we play to 74% capacity, now if we had edmontons arena or the nassau we would be playing to almost 90%, looks alot better to all you people who say we have no fans

    wow i think i covered everything, no more ranting.

    im proud of where im from. proud of my heritage. and proud of my team, even though its one big cluster f


  20. dkball7 says:

    He’s just jealous. What team do you like “spektor”. The only style the devils play is one of winning.

  21. dkball7 says:

    Flyers fans are too jealous to want to keep any rivalry going (there is no rivalry… we always win). You are absolutely right about getting to the Meadowlands. I live in LI and it takes me 1 hr 45 min to get from where I live to the CAA on a weakday!

  22. devfanman4 says:

    Let me start off by saying it was a mistake to throw a franchise in the middle of the NYR, NYI, and PHL franchises. Whoever’s idea that was is dumb. On the other hand I’m happy someone decided to put a team here. I wouldn’t have gotten into the great game of hockey without the Devils.

    Anyway, these moving rumors have been consistent since they won their first cup in 1995. It’s mostly jealous Ranger/Islander/Flyer fans who haven’t seen a Stanley Cup celebration more recently. Attendance sucks, but that’s what happens when you put a hockey franchise in the middle of 3 others. No fan of any of those three teams in their right minds would switch their allegiance just because a new team was moved closer to them. If they do, they’re not true hockey fans (hence why some Devils fans suck).

    Their arena sucks, the NHL is falling apart, tickets are waaaaaaaay too expensive. And by the way, they sold out the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Finals last season. Otherwise I would’ve been there at all the games. The reason why all the seats weren’t filled is because of those damn scalpers that buy the friggin’ tickets when they go onsale and then put them up on ebay.

    They play the trap, yes, but only when every other team would play the trap anyway. How do they sit back in a trap style the whole game when normally they outshoot oponents 2 to 1 each night? Surely Madden or Pandolfo (usually the first forechecker) are not averaging 20 shots a game each.

    All this crap about the Devils playing a boring style is something that happens when a team comes around and dominates as much as it has in the past 10 years. You’re all just jealous that your team hasn’t been this good.

  23. devfanman4 says:

    Great comments. I agree with you 100%. New Jersey sucks but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

  24. dkball7 says:

    If Devils hockey was always “so boring” why were they often at the top of the league in goals for??? (look at the stats, they don’t lie).

  25. habsoverserver says:

    The team has good depth at forward and gets contributions from all three lines. But, the Devils rarely have an offensive star, with the exception of the A line for a little while and AlMo. So, they get overlooked.

    The Devils do not play an open ice game so despite Raflaski and Neidermeyer’s ability to join the attack, they don’t generate a lot of odd man rushes or highlight reel goals.

    I think the Devils are the only dynasty in NHL history to win two or more Cups without a Hart or Art Ross Trophy recipient on the team.

    So compared to Colorado w/ Forsberg & Sakic, the Wings with Hull, Shanahan, Federov and Yzerman, the Pens with Lemieux and Jagr, the Oilers with Gretz, Kurri, Messier and Anderson, the Isles with Bossy and Trottier, the Habs with Lafleur, Shutt, Lemaire and Cournoyer, the Flyers with Leach and Clarke, the Bruins with Espo, Orr and Hodge etc… they Devils are not a star driven offensive team.

  26. RichterFan says:

    Good let them move. Let them go to an area where the will be appreciated. Jersey just doesn’t care about thier teams. Thats why its call the New York Giants, and Jets. Mark my words, when the Nets move to brooklyn the fan base will rise. Most people who live in jersey are New York fans anyway.

  27. Spektor says:

    Yes I am jealous and who do you think I like. The Leafs! Got their asses handed to them by the Devils many times but that doesn’t mean I want them to fold and it doesn’t mean that their brand of hockey is exciting. Effective but boring as hell!

  28. Beckfan5 says:

    i live in Ronkonkoma bro, it takes me longer. It sucks but thank got im not a Devils, Nets or a Jets fan. I am a Giants fan though but its a lot better to watch the game at home. And it takes even longer to get home from there.

  29. jerzjayme says:

    i bet you live in jersey

  30. Tomato_84 says:

    yea….i guess the stats dont lie…looking at the stats…NJ is currently 24th in GF…BORING!!

  31. defenestrate says:

    I ask myself that same question every time I see the Devils play – “Can they move?”

    There, Devfanman4, I said it – just to set you off.

    I’m here to help.

  32. LondonK says:

    Goals don’t make hockey interesting. Hockey makes hockey interesting and the Devils don’t play hockey.

    You can even play the trap and have some interesting games. But the Devils play the trap to the fullest. The Devils will get a 1 goal lead and then “ice”, well techincally the get past the red line, the puck. That is why the Devils are boring. You can score lots of goals and still have a bad product.

    Goals are not an indication of how good a game is. I have watched some of the best games of my life end up 1-0 or 2-1. But when you don’t play the game then a 1-0 game is terrible.

    Chances are what makes hockey fun. Odd man rushes makes hockey fun. Breakaways make hockey fun. Nifty passes make hockey fun. Big hits make hockey fun. Big saves make hockey fun. Forchecking makes hockey fun.

    Sitting between the bluelines interfering with players makes hockey boring.

  33. devfanman4 says:

    Thank you. I will now join your coalition to steal money from Leonsis.

  34. RichterFan says:

    No actually I live in PA but I used to live in New York. But I do understand the fan mentallity

  35. dkball7 says:

    You obviously don’t watch many Devils games do you?

  36. dkball7 says:

    At least you can admit it!!!

  37. IrishRinkrat says:

    Remember after 1995, the Devils almost went to Nashville. Besides, New Jersey gets all their teams from other cities (Denver (Devils), Uniondale (Nets, New Haven (Giants), Flushing(Jets))… except the Metrostars, but that isn’t a major sport. New Jersey should not be angry if their teams are taken from them… they did the same to many other cities.

  38. LousKoolAid says:

    3 cups in 9 years by playing “non” real hockey….When are the Rangers going to get a clue? Go on and grab another superstar that will underperform. Lets see how your team handles a solid 30 million cap next year. Hopefully, by eliminating all the milk your overpriced babies drink will get you there…..ha,ha,ha

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