Could the Devils move?

This may sound impossible, but there is actual speculation that the defending Stanley Cup champions may move in the near future.Now we all know that the Devils have lousy attendance. Furthermore their arena is a bit dated. Both of these provide reason why the Devils may move to a new market, but there are more reasons that affect this situation.

The NBA’s New Jersey Nets also share the Continental Airlines Arena. The Nets are about to be sold to a group of investors including Jay-Z. The group intends to purchase the Nets and move them to Brooklyn. This may sound irrelevant, but here’s why its important.

The Devils would be alone in the aging arena. They have expressed intentions of building a new arena to replace the Continental Center. This arena would be on par with modern day NHL rinks such as the ACC and Xcel Energy center. Devils GM Lou Lamarillo wants the arena financed by the state of New Jersey. The state will most likely not agree to build a multi-million dollar arena for the Devils alone due to the lack of attendance.

The Devils lease on the Continental Airlines arena expires in 2007. By then it would appear the Nets would be long gone and the Devils would be bringing in all the attendance revenue for both the arena and through taxes. It seems as though if a new arena isn’t built by then, the Devils would pack their bags and head to a new market.

Here’s the evidence paraphrased if you cannot understand

1. The Devils and Nets share an arena

2. The Nets are planning on moving to NYC and the basketball attendance would end, leaving only the Devils and their poor attendance.

3. The Devils want a new arena and want the state to pay for it.

4. The state will not build a new arena for such a low draw like the Devils alone.

5. When the Devils lease expires they may find themselves without an arena (or market) and move to a new market.

Now I’m now Nostrdamus, but the evidence provided does look as though the Devils may be moving in the future. It seems that outside interference is determining the Devils future. If the new arena is built they’ll stay, but if not things don’t look good.

So Devils fans, you’d better start going to games, or else you’ll be watching the Devils from Portland.