Could the Flyers make a trade?

Right now, the Flyers have about $175,000 in cap space.

Among the moves, Holmgren kind of smiled in saying there are ways to do this and the hot rumor of the day was trading Scott Hartnell’s $4.2 million cap hit back to Nashville.

A club source said that the likelihood of a trade seemed “pretty good.”

A trade right now seems extreme when the Flyers could simply leave a couple bodies off the roster they turn in, and make adjustments the day the season begins.

Yet the Flyers apparently want additional cap space. Hartnell’s salary makes him vulnerable, especially since some of his power play minutes appear to be shifting toward Wayne Simmonds’ direction.

As for Couturier, Holmgren didn’t see a downside to keeping him around which further indicates some moves have to occur.

“The cap number is a little bit of a slippery slope,” he said. “The more time he stays here, the better it is for him and the Flyers in the long run. He’s forced to play at a high tempo he would not get if sent back.

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