Could the Great one go behind the bench?

Would Gretzky cosider going behind the bench to coach the Yotes?

Through out his career he’s won every award there is to be won by a forward , A couple of times. 4 Stanley Cups , Olympic Gold , World cup, Canada cup etc……….

The One thing that is Missing is a Stanley cup Away from the Oilers. Behind the bench is the closes place to do it out side of being a player.


The Great one would be directly involved with Hockey again. Yeah! To show the world That he is the true empire to Hockey . He might even have to get his suites altered so he can tuck it in


He would actuly put his reputaion on the line this time. ( I could have been the GM of team Canada)If the Yotes did hire him to coach and they did win the cup . Don’t expect any of the players to touch it before he gets a chance to do the first lap.


What Happens When a kid who never seen him play! Decides that he is not going to play for him .(LIKE THAT PUKE COMRIE) even though he has seen him play . Does he have to call on Semenko (assitent coach ) To teach him a lession or Kurri (the other assitant coach) to pop in a video tape er…DVD of the 80’s

This is hudge For Gretzky’s reputation He will now be accountable for his actions, and not be able to hide behind Barnett ( The guy who makes the decision on paper) and his Team Canada rants “us against the world stuff “.


I could have wrote about Chelios Comments(Gretz for Commish) but that would’ve ended up with a bunch of CBA talk.F@#k That

What do you guys think ?

Bubbles out………..