Could the Habs deal Gill to the Flyers?

Tim Gleason was high on Philadelphia’s list of possible defensemen for purchase but that won’t happen with the Carolina Hurricanes’ re-signing him Monday.

So what now for Philadelphia?

One name to keep an eye on is veteran blueliner Hal Gill in Montreal.
He’s slated to be an unrestricted free agent July 1, and, from what I was told Tuesday, the Flyers covet his experience — he’s won a Cup — as well as his shot-blocking and penalty-killing abilities. The Habs aren’t ready to pull the plug on their season just yet, but if and when they do, expect the Flyers to inquire about him.

Another possibility for the Flyers is Nicklas Grossman in Dallas. He’s slated for unrestricted free agency July 1. The Stars have begun talks on an extension, so that’s another possibility — that, like Gleason, he signs and stays put.

And of course, as previously reported, the Flyers did chat with the Maple Leafs about Luke Schenn a few weeks back.

2 Responses to Could the Habs deal Gill to the Flyers?

  1. shortcat1 says:

    Sure. Why not.

    Hal plus a pick or two (2nd and/or 3rd) = Welcome to our roster, Jamie. 
    Now, that would be cool.
  2. shortcat1 says:

    Well…. OK…

    Make that Hal, a pick & A Kost – an inconsistent highly talented talented 1st pick power forward for a struggling highly talented first pick talented power forward.

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