Could The Leafs be actually talking about Cairns, and More on Comrie

I was driving to lunch today when Howard Berger of the Fan 590 continued to mention that there have been talks between the Leafs and the Islanders. He reiterated that many of the reports are on Peca, but he also doesn’t understand why the leafs would want Peca with their glut at centre. However he did mention that JFJ has actually incquired about Defenseman Eric Cairns. My opinion on this is that I still believe that there may be a possibility the leafs are trying to go for Peca. And that Cairns may be included in that type of deal. Many state that it would not be smart because of the financial numbers. However the leafs are getting a tonne of negative press with Forbes magazine and other financial articles always mentioning them as one of the biggest money makers in the NHL. I think the leafs could be one of the bigger spenders come trade deadline or sooner.

The reason: almost all of their veteren players contracts are up after this year. Roberts, Reichel, Renberg, Fitz, Antro, Kaberle, and others. (please correct me if I am wrong) Only Sundin, Mogilny, and Nolan I believe have contracts through the lockout. That would mean that they may be able to take on contracts knowing they could be in the clear come the CBA.

One suggestion I made earlier was to trade Tucker, Antropov, and Jackman for Peca, and Hamrilik, or now with these rumours, Cairns. (Although I don’t really like Cairns)

The second story comes from an article on SLAM SPORTS. This one states that the Oilers in trading Comrie could make the pot a little sweeter by adding other big names. Making the deal a potential doosy. They mentioned, Eric Brewer, Ryan Smyth, Jason Smith, even young Hemsky or the big Larague. Not all of them just a pairing of Comrie and one of those guys.

If this is true, there will be alot of teams clammoring at their door. All of the Oilers mentioned are young, fast, and talented. I believe the deal may be that the Oilers are looking at having a few more veterens on that team. Now with Oates, maybe they may need more experience especially if they make the playoffs.

I will not suggest what teams could offer for these guys but I do open it to all you arm chair GM’s like myself.

To get Comrie plus any one of those names mentioned above you would be improving your team with talent and with major youth.

I hope that one goes down.

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  1. brundd says:

    What glut of centers? Antropov and Joe N. are always hurt, and Stajan will more than likely start to regress at about the 50 game mark or sooner. That leaves Sundin and Reichel. Not exactly a dynamic duo! Peca, therefore, would be of use.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    Why does everyone want Peca all of a sudden? He has like one even strength goal in his last 40 games. His locker room is the worst in the NHL. They waive one role player and the entire team quits. What kind of crap is that?

  3. caskade says:

    GM of the most emotionally fragile locker room in hockey making a trade with one of the teams most hated rivals, with wounds still fresh from playoffs two years ago? not even mike milbury is that stupid.

    tucker to the islanders for peca? give me a break. yeah thats the way to boost a falling attendance…. trade a favorite for one of the fans most hated.

    where do leaf fans come up with this garbage?

    hey! i hear that the leafs are gonna get brett hull for tucker…

  4. nocuphere says:

    Hey bro, your memory is all scrambled, get off the pot. Remember the Yashin for Spezza, Chara, and Muckalt? Don’t put anything past Milbury. Within the cobference at that.

    As far as your Hull for Tucker deal. Thats not bad, but throw in a wheelchair for the old bastard and we’ll take him.

  5. Leaf_Expert says:

    No matter what deal goes down for the Leafs.

    Its gotta be put on hold for now. Because the Leafs are on a role. So,

    “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”.

    But expect Ric Jackman to be included in any type of deal. He started the year off pretty good and still has allot of potential. But their isnt much he can do omce losign his roster spot to Pilar who been playing outstanding….

  6. jpmac says:

    Say if Toronto were to trade for Mike Comrie and Eric Brewer. who are they going to give up it better be alot more then Antropov and Coliacivo, and don’t say Rechiel or Renberg because Kevin Lowe is not that stupid.

  7. Tradedude says:

    why the hell does everyone want cairns??? He’s no good! He’s 6 foot 6 who gives a pickle? His stats and plus minus are horrible throughout his career, he can’t even be close to making the isles team. My God, as much as I hate Berg, I’d take him over this popular freak anyday.

    For the Comrie trade rumor..are they seriously thinking about trading Ryan Smyth, Ales Frickin Hemsky, Eric Brewer or the other dude. Ryan Smyth maybe, but for a high price. They must be insane!

    and Kaberle isn’t a veteran, he’s 25,26 and will most likely re-sign with the leafs because of his icetime he gets.

  8. Donovan says:

    McCabe has one more year after this one I believe. As for Cairns, I haven’t heard anything about him being moved, except from Bruce Garrioch, and he’s worthless. Cairns still wouldn’t solve anything for the Leafs lack of a true #1 d-man. And the Leafs do make tons of money. Maybe now they’ll spend it.

    With the Comrie situation the way it is he won’t be moved until April. Adding another player only prolongs the wait I beleive. Many teams can afford Comrie, however they will not be able to afford another contract. This greatley reduces the teams in the running.

  9. spazmainia13 says:

    I think both of those ideas are absolute crocks(I’m not insulting you(the writer) i’m insulting the guys that came up with them). It would take alot more than Tucker, Antropov and Jackman to bring in someone of Peca’s caliber even if it is the all mighty Leafs. Tucker is poison, it’s been said many times, Jackman is still unproven and i have nothing bad to say about Antropov(but everytime i turn on the T.V he’s either injured or questionable for the game). If Hamrlik was in there then i think the pot would have to be sooo much sweeter, the thing is Toronto doesn’t have anything else that would appeal to other teams(nothing that they are willing to part with anyway).

    Now on to the Oilers. I read this rumor too, it was on, but theirs said (the Oilers) were willing to up the ante by offering veterans. No names, just veterans. Smyth would never leave in a million years (watch me kick myself in the ass), Lowe is in love with the potential Hemsky has, he also has some weird obsession with Brewer(i to have jumped on the hate Brewer wagon recentley) and Jason Smith is the heart and soul(just like Smyth) of this team. It’s sad to say but i can invison Moreau, Horcoff(don’t care) Cross(don’t care), or someone like that being added, but the aformentioned players above are the oilers stars right now and they cannot afford to let go of players of that caliber with contracts such as theirs.

    Man, maybe i just should of wrote an article.

  10. Donovan says:

    The Leafs have shown no interest in Comrie this season. They did inquire about both of them last winter, but nothing was even close to happening.

  11. jpmac says:

    I was talking about his post when he said that the Oilers were going to do a package deal, and hoped the leafs would be in on it, and I said they better be able to offer more then Antro and Coliachivo

  12. spazmainia13 says:

    No don’t listen to him

    Stay on it.

  13. spazmainia13 says:

    actually back to the hull thing. I’ll bet half the players on toronto have grand kids allready, so i’m sure he could just borrow one of their wheelchairs.

  14. big_booty says:

    The last time I checked, the following players on the Leafs roster were either “broke” or highly breakable:










    If you think the team’s winning ways will continue all season then you’re kidding yourself – a common occurance coming from you.

    This team is “broke” in more ways than one. Ergo, they need fixing.

    That’s just simple logic. You should try it sometime.

  15. Macphisto says:

    No where in the posting does he mention that the Leafs are interested in Comrie or does he give his opinion on the Leafs dealing with the Oil. Sometiems you bastards are just to quick to want to dump on Leaf fans…there are some of us out there who know what we are talking about…as hard as it is to believe with all the morons that open there mouths…they don’t speak for all Leaf fans, so you should judge all Leaf fans based on them.

  16. nocuphere says:

    Got me there don’t ya. Bastard!

  17. nocuphere says:

    Unless your a Devils fan Booty you can try it to.

  18. spazmainia13 says:

    it’s not me, it’s the pot : )

  19. FlyHigh says:

    I am not sure why the Leafs would want Cairns, he is a 5-6 d-man I think and the Leafs have guys like Pilar, Berg, and Jackman already…… If I were the Leafs, I would not give up Antropov because he is a young talent which they have precious little of. Would the Isles deal Hamrlik? My gut tells me that Jonsson would be more available. That Comrie one is rather juicy. I just don’t know how much teams would need to give up to get Comrie AND Smyth for example. You are 2/3 of a first line there. They would have to be crazy to give up Hemsky. He is only a 2nd year player and is already putting up some nice numbers. Smith could be very attractive to some teams (Dallas?) but would they be willing to take on his salary and Comrie’s? I think that the thing that would kill a deal like this would just be all of the salary that could be involved.

  20. bender says:

    As a Flyer fan I was digging the Comrie to the Flyers for Handzus, Seidenberg and Woywitka rumors. After getting bombed once again by the Sens, I’m still in favor of more speed and talent over more size and less talent.

    IF any of those guys mentioned are up for trade bait, it’d be Brewer. The whole town is making him the new Poti. But I think Brewer has way much more potential than Poti.

    The original deal that Lowe wanted was a little too much to offer, but if the Oilers threw in Brewer, and the Flyers threw in something else. I’d go for it in a minute.

    I think that the Oilers best option was getting Lupul for Comrie. If there willing to make an even bigger deal, perhaps the Ducks would be even more interested and a HUGE trade could be in the midst.

  21. TC_4 says:

    Comrie and something else is going to leave Edmonton, too bad it won’t be any of the names you just mentioned. The Oilers will want more expierence??? This is the Oilers. Smyth? no. Hemsky? NO!!! He’s still only 20!!! Smith? no, he’s playing his best hockey in 3 years. Brewer? Maybe after the season, but he’s still got big potential, and before he got hurt, was playing a lot better. Look for Horcoff, Chimera, or Rita to be going with Comrie.

  22. TC_4 says:

    Where the hell have you been??? If you guys give us Pitkanen, and Primeau(while picking up Keith’s contract)…then maybe talks will begin. Anything less would be too much going to Philly cause Comrie is so good and doesn’t f*** up a room at all!

  23. cwthrash says:

    The Isles and Atlanta would make good trading partners if you ask me. For that matter, Nashville and Atlanta would make good trading partners.

    Who really knows what the future will bring?

  24. the_expert_44 says:

    ill trade you peca for kovalchuk straight up

  25. the_expert_44 says:

    how about peca and cairns for antropov and colaicovo

    sounds good to me

  26. cwthrash says:

    Mid 80s anti-drug slogan: Crack is whack!

    Food for thought.

  27. kidhenry1 says:

    I can see the isles trading Eric Cairns. They have both Radek Martinek and Sven Butenschon competing for ice time, and Cairns doesn’t fit the new system as well as either of them do. But Peca??? To the Leafs???

    This is just Leafs fanboys rabid for some news concerning their team. The islanders, in case you haven’t noticed, are in enough trouble with Peca, without him they’d be dead in the water.

    And plus, the maple leafs don’t have anything the the Icelanders could possibly want. Even Mike Milbury, crazy as it sounds, has a decent amount of common sense when it comes to these deals. For example, I’d take Yashin for Spezza any day of the week, considering how that season (which couldn’t have happened without Alexei) changed the way the NHL thinks of the isles.

    And finally, what on earth could convince the Isles to trade both Peca and Roman Hamrlik before Charles Wang even sends and order to slash payroll?

    This is just more leafs rumor garbage that some poor media sap (I’m looking at you, Larry) jumped on and ate up to try and grill Mad Mike

  28. bleedsblueandwhite says:

    I believe he was referring to the current winning streak, which is now at 6. Also, more than half of those players were/are involved in that streak. And Kidd? Why the hell do we need Kidd? One of my few major problems with Quinn is the fact that he has been wasting Tellqvist for the longest time. I think unless he wins a hell of a lot of game, I’ll still call for his head if he sits Mikael for this season when he should have been playing two years ago.

    Stajan scored another goal tonight, hes looking damn good as well.

  29. mojo19 says:

    leafs centres are good, this is reichels best year as a leaf, hes been pretty good. but peca would look nice in a leafs jersey.

  30. OldNord says:

    When I read the name “Hemsky” in the same paragraph as the sentence “the Oilers in trading…by adding other big names” I immediately gone see Slamsports is site to see who’s the ass who wrote that but didn’t found. Hemsky’s cast in the same traditional mould that the Oilers fans have been accustomed to see on the ice through the years. Fast, creative and only 20…not made sense.

    Hopefully, TO and NYI will make a deal soon between them cause we haven’t finished to hear about this all season long…

  31. jacosta says:

    The funny thing about this rumour that some people tend to be jumping all over is the notion that 1. Who wants Tucker and Antropov, and 2. Mike Milbury is not that stupid, and 3. Mike Peca is the only player the Isles have.

    First of all, there are quiete a few teams that would be interested in Tucker and Antro and maybe Jackman. Not because of their skill level but rather their salary. Tucker is extremely affordable and for a team that is looking for some grit he would be a great fit. Antro (altough injury prone) also is cheap and could give you a few good years if not hurt.

    2. Mike Milbury is that stupid. And yes he has been told to cut salary by Wang. So never rule out Mike in a trade. Also the Isles have had a history of trading with the leafs. Clark, Johnson, Mcabe etc. So don’t give me any crap of he wont do it.

    And Lastly 3. So many people are stating that Peca is too good to be had for those guys being offered. Excuse me did anyone watch last nights game. Peca was being booed the whole game (was it Peca or Milbury) Anyway right now I think Milbury has one more move before he is fired and what better move then to get rid of the player that right now everyone hates so that maybe he can keep his job.

    Lastly, I never mentioned the leafs were interested in the Oilers players. However I do believe that the Oilers are looking for Veteren leadership and not young talent. That is why they are offering those other players. The knock on the Oilers is that they can’t get over the hump in the playoffs. Granted they played a good Dallas team in the past few years.

    That’s my two cents


  32. jpmac says:

    To get Comrie plus any one of those names mentioned above you would be improving your team with talent and with major youth.

    I hope that one goes down


  33. Stuv_Dogg says:

    What the hell is up with you people who won’t give the Leafs a friggin’ ounce of credit? Your (not just you, BB) hate for the Leafs makes your otherwise credible knowledge of hockey seem minimal.

    So the Leafs aren’t gonna continue their winning streak for the rest of the season. Anybody could have told you that. Are they gonna keep winning at the clip they have been so far? Why not? They’ve been doing it without some of their top players, and one could logically conclude that once these players fully recover and get back into stride, the Leafs will only get better.

    Half the people on your list shouldn’t be there. Nolan? Last time I checked, he was playing just fine, thank you very much. Renberg, can’t remember last time he was out for something serious. McCabe, sure he had an injury earlier this season, but he looks fine to me. Pilar, Kidd, Roberts, geez, if you’re talking about players that have had injuries, them you can add 95% of the other players in the league. It’s the nature of the game, m’ boy!

    Wanna talk about other injuries? How about Forsberg? Heatley? Koivu? Allison? Pronger? Tkachuk? Lindros? If you think the Leafs are abnormally injured (I’m guessing you think its because they have an older team), you’re dead wrong, injuries are part of the game and can happen to any player at any time.

    And another thing. Ever notice how teams keep on winning when their stars go down? It’s more about the systems that they play rather than relying on the play of one or two elite players. Take Mogilny out of the lineup and put Ponikarovsky (sp?) in and the team doesn’t suffer that much because Poni plays the same system, maybe not as well, but well enough.

    So name away the star players on the Leafs that are broken or ‘highly breakable’, but their current win streak tells me that it doesn’t matter about the names, its all about the system.

    As a last note, give the Leafs some friggin’ credit. Top of the Northeast, 6 game winning streak, all without some big names? That’s gotta be worth something to anyone with a grain of hockey sense, even if you do despise the team.

  34. spazmainia13 says:

    sorry to correct you dude but McCabe came from the hawks, allthough he started with the Ilse.

  35. spazmainia13 says:

    I just read that the source of the Oilers rumor was Robin Brownlee and i would like to state that this man is a complete tard. Allthough he gets paid to be a tard and i do not(i do it for free). Robin!!! I envy you.

  36. wingedim says:

    Actually the rumor popped up in the last seconds of the NHL Hotstove on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night. Surprisingly it wasn’t Stachan who had mentioned it either.

  37. rojoke says:

    If past experience is any indication, it will be Kyle Wellwood. Boyes was the best player in St. John’s last season, and they dealt him to San Jose for Nolan. Wellwood has been fantastic this year, and was named rookie of the month in November, and is leading the AHL rookie scoring race. Looks like he’s next to go.

  38. bender says:

    I’ve been off on Sabatical. LOL

    How ya been TC?

    At this point I wouldn’t trade Pitkanen straight up for anyone in the league. The guy is PHENOMinal.

  39. -Swizz- says:


    we got berard from the isles..for potvin..

  40. mojo19 says:

    1 – lots of teams would want antropov and tucker.2 – Mike Milbury is a stupid dick, he traded mccabe and bertuzzi for trevor linden. and 3 peca has 2 goals this year, (1 was an empty netter)

  41. TC_4 says:

    I’ve been good. Yeah that kid is phenominal! I did an article about a month ago talking about the top rookies(I forgot Fleury though, how the f*** do you do that???), and I stated I think he’s Nick Lidstrom, that’s how good he is. Your from Lac La Biche(did I spell that right?)right? Do you know a Justin Lareux(did I spell that right?)? He’s 20 years old, and he’s in the ag course in Vermillion.

  42. mojo19 says:

    yeah, good deal. karpovstev for mccabe. mccabe and bertuzzi for linden to vancouver, and then mccabe for a draft pick to chicago (to make sure they got the sedin twins). then the hawks to T.O.

  43. bender says:

    I just bought the Flyers 3rd Jersey, and I’m gonna get, Pitkanen, Number 44 Crested on the back soon.

    I’m not truly from Lac La Biche, my Mom’s family is from there and I lived there for the past 3 years. I’m familiar with a few Leroux’s, but a Justin doesn’t ring a bell. I’m really from Ryley, near Tofield, and I’m currently living in Sherwood Park.

    Did you see the comment I made, although late, on your trip to the Heritage Game. You gotta read it, my buddy had a hell of an experience.

    Oh yeah, Check out the W scoring race, my coisin Darren Reid, who is from the Lac La Biche Area is in the top 20. He was in the top 3 for awhile but I think he got hurt. He’s back though, and on a tear again. Too bad he’s 20, otherwise he may have gotten some looks for the WHL Re/Max team against the Russians then possibly even the Junior team.

  44. bender says:

    I just bought the Flyers 3rd Jersey, and I’m gonna get, Pitkanen, Number 44 Crested on the back soon.

    I’m not truly from Lac La Biche, my Mom’s family is from there and I lived there for the past 3 years. I’m familiar with a few Leroux’s, but a Justin doesn’t ring a bell. I’m really from Ryley, near Tofield, and I’m currently living in Sherwood Park.

    Did you see the comment I made, although late, on your trip to the Heritage Game. You gotta read it, my buddy had a hell of an experience.

    Oh yeah, Check out the W scoring race, my coisin Darren Reid, who is from the Lac La Biche Area is in the top 20. He was in the top 3 for awhile but I think he got hurt. He’s back though, and on a tear again. Too bad he’s 20, otherwise he may have gotten some looks for the WHL Re/Max team against the Russians then possibly even the Junior team.

  45. bender says:

    Hmmmm…..Salo Maybe?

  46. mattf says:

    you’re an idiot, and should be buried alive in pucks

  47. oilerfan says:

    I would love to see the oil get rid of a bunch of dead weights ie. laraque, chimera, horcoff to go with comrie in a trade. I would also send salo and brewer on their way too if the right deal came up.

    comrie-laraque-salo to nashville for vokoun and legwand.

    brewer back to the isles for aucoin

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