Could The Leafs be actually talking about Cairns, and More on Comrie

I was driving to lunch today when Howard Berger of the Fan 590 continued to mention that there have been talks between the Leafs and the Islanders. He reiterated that many of the reports are on Peca, but he also doesn’t understand why the leafs would want Peca with their glut at centre. However he did mention that JFJ has actually incquired about Defenseman Eric Cairns. My opinion on this is that I still believe that there may be a possibility the leafs are trying to go for Peca. And that Cairns may be included in that type of deal. Many state that it would not be smart because of the financial numbers. However the leafs are getting a tonne of negative press with Forbes magazine and other financial articles always mentioning them as one of the biggest money makers in the NHL. I think the leafs could be one of the bigger spenders come trade deadline or sooner.

The reason: almost all of their veteren players contracts are up after this year. Roberts, Reichel, Renberg, Fitz, Antro, Kaberle, and others. (please correct me if I am wrong) Only Sundin, Mogilny, and Nolan I believe have contracts through the lockout. That would mean that they may be able to take on contracts knowing they could be in the clear come the CBA.

One suggestion I made earlier was to trade Tucker, Antropov, and Jackman for Peca, and Hamrilik, or now with these rumours, Cairns. (Although I don’t really like Cairns)

The second story comes from an article on SLAM SPORTS. This one states that the Oilers in trading Comrie could make the pot a little sweeter by adding other big names. Making the deal a potential doosy. They mentioned, Eric Brewer, Ryan Smyth, Jason Smith, even young Hemsky or the big Larague. Not all of them just a pairing of Comrie and one of those guys.

If this is true, there will be alot of teams clammoring at their door. All of the Oilers mentioned are young, fast, and talented. I believe the deal may be that the Oilers are looking at having a few more veterens on that team. Now with Oates, maybe they may need more experience especially if they make the playoffs.

I will not suggest what teams could offer for these guys but I do open it to all you arm chair GM’s like myself.

To get Comrie plus any one of those names mentioned above you would be improving your team with talent and with major youth.

I hope that one goes down.