Could the Leafs be done? Maybe. Can the Leafs win? I doubt it

Great work by JFJ to resign Klee, Nieuwendyk, Belfour and Roberts. I say why not give these guys one last shot at it. With all those one year deals and Mogilny, Leetch, Nolan, Domi on their last deals next year, it would give the Leafs a chance to be competitive in a short year perhaps next year and a team that isnt tied to many contracts the following year when the new CBA is in place.

Seeing now this team was a 100 point team with lots of talent, on the outside it looks like the Leafs are contenders. Unfortunately the Leafs will not win. This is because they need more depth at forward as they are chronically injured and they need a big crease clearing defenceman.

There are alot of guys out there but really who could really help them. Lindros is pretty much a given to sign with Toronto but really is he worth it?if he comes cheap then the Leafs should do it. and he better come cheap as he is chronically hurt. Shanny, Hull, Recchi, Chelios, are too old. and contrary to popular belief not everyone wants to play in Toronto. Palffy, Murray, Bondra, Kovalev, Zhamnov, Nedved, Schneider, Zhitnik, probably have absolutely no interest in coming to Toronto even though every rumour has them doing just that. Kariya is interesting as the Leaf are a pretty good team and he could get his big money contract from them as they have deep pockets and he could be a player who could put the Leafs over the top, but there are 29 other teams who would love to have Kariya as well so signing Kariya may be a longshot at best. I am sure what you read on the net and in the papers about Kariya to the Leafs or Kariya anywhere is just his agent trying to stir up a market and the media trying to influence what the Leaf team does. we’ll see what happens but I am banking on Kariya going to the Wings. as they have the money, salary/roster space and contender status to bring in Kariya.

I am not too sure how easy it will be to resign Kaberle, Antropov and Ponikarovsky. If I had the choice I would trade all 3 of them. I would trade Kaberle in a deal for Mike Rathje. Kaberle is a good player, good offensively, creative and a good skater. he is not that old either at age 26 which would fit into the Sharks team which has a host of players in that age group. However he is soft and prone to defensive errors but i have seen much worse than Kabby. He also doesnt shoot the puck enough but he can run a decent PP if he gets the kind of ice time (he lost lots of his PP time last year to Leetch, Mccabe, Klee, causing his point totals to go down) Rathje is a big defencemen who is strong in his own zone. he plays a rugged game and can take on other teams top guys. that is exactly what the Leafs need. the only problem for the Sharks is that he is a year away from UFA and with Hannan, Stuart, McLaren ahead of him on the depth chart and there to provide a physical presence already, it may be time for the sharks to move Rathje. I am sure it may take Kaberle and another player/draft pick to get Rathje out of SJ but it can be done. It would not be that far fetched a deal as salary wise they are relatively the same and both would fill needs or their team. I think the sharks would be ok getting a younger player in return.

I would also ship Antropov and Ponikarovsky to Edmonton for Isbister and Reasoner. The reasons are this. Antropov has been on the radar of the Oilers ever since his draft year. they had interest then and they may still have interest now. They need an offensive minded centre with size and Antropov is kinda that. I think getting out of Toronto will help him and his career. He has potential but he hasnt lived up to it quite yet. but he is young and still has room to grow as a player. i think playing on a team with tons of speed will help hide his skating deficiencies well. and he is the kind of big centre they lack in edmonton. he could help them offset the potential loss of Nedved or better still add the depth the Oilers were looking for down the middle. Ponikarovsky adds size and depth on the wings which the Oilers could use as well. and both of those guys can work the PK which the Oilers could use help on.

Isbister is quite like Antropov. has all the tools but just hasnt been able to put it together. his inconsistency drives teams nuts. but he could be successful as a Leaf because he would have guys like Nolan, Roberts and Nieuwendyk show him the nuances of being a power forward. his size and skating ability on the wing will help a great deal for the Leafs. Reasoner would be a younger, cheaper replacement for Reichel. he can skate and kill penalties and if injuries can move up and take a bit of an offensive role. he did suffer a serious injury last year and hopefully he has recovered but he would be the kind of depth centre the Leafs could use. with Stoll and HOrcoff there already, Reasoner may be out of a job. and moneywise it is a wash. I think antropov and isbister could use a change and it would work out well i think for both teams.

so with their resignings and perhaps these few moves, the Leafs would be a better team i think, one that would have a chance to win.









with Belak, Perrott as depth

a good team, as good as anyone else if they are healthy. and that is a big if. but any team with Belfour in goal is going to be a competitive one. so they like any of the 30 teams in the NHL have a shot at the championship.

…..HOWEVER….. the chance ends due to the fact the Quinn is still coach. the leafs could add anyone they wanted but wont win because Quinn’s style of coaching cannot win in today’s NHL and it wont win…..ever. this is because a)Ley is his assistant. he is a bonehead to put it lightly. he loves Berg which is why he was resigned but didnt think Jason Smith was a quality dman even though he now captains the Oilers. he has buried Coliacovo down in the minors because he too would not be as helpful to the team as Berg. and he is probably the main reason why the Leafs defensive zone coverage is so shoddy.

b) Quinn has no system. again this may be the reason why they play terrible in their own zone, dont have solid breakouts, and are prone to scoring slumps. this may also be why their special teams seem to fade because they become so predictable and easily scouted. you can argue that Quinn’s style won Olympic gold but keep in mind he had X and O guys like Martin and Hitch***** by his side dissecting the opposition and making his team play like a team.

c)he never plays a shortened bench. the leafs best year was in 2002 when they had half the roster hurt and the team was made up of mostly players from the farm. Quinn went with a short bench and it got him to round 3. then all the guys came back and he went back to rolling 4 lines and having balanced ice time and they lost to an inferior opponent. I agree you have to do that in the regular season to avoid burnout but come playoff time your best players should play a ton. he wasnt shy to use Leetch and McCabe for 30 minutes a night but Sundin, Roberts, and co. should have gotten much more ice time than Antropov and Ponikarovsky. even Domi was having the playoffs of his life and he still hovered around 10 minutes a game while guys not producing were getting Sundin minutes. I dont know what Quinn is saving his stars for. there pretty much is no tomorrow for these guys seeing how old they are so why not go with 3 lines and play who is hot and not just keep status quo. that is why Primeau has such an easy time checking Sundin at home, he knows the matchup will always be there because Sundin comes out every 4th shift. Quinn just does a piss poor job at in game coaching that this is why he loses and why the Leafs will never win.

d)he is too stubborn. he will never go away from what he preaches therefore a),b)and c) will always happen thus leaving the Leafs as losers and us Leaf fans always wondering what if.

so i think the leafs could use a few more players to help them get closer to their goal but unfortunately for me, I wont be seeing that happen anytime soon as long as Quinn remains coach. but i will still cheer them on anyway!!!

Go Leafs Go!!!

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  1. KEWLLEAFS says:

    I appreciate the fact that you are such a fan but Quinn is not the issue. I wish 28 other coaches coached a run and gun style game (i.e. Stanley Cup champs – Tampa Bay). Toronto had a record number of points last season – some bad luck with injuries (Nolan again, and Mogilny, Sundin, Tucks, Nieuwendyk.)

    Also, Toronto is a deep pocket team but there are limits – they are already at 63million for next season – how could they possibly spend a whack of money for Kariya??

    I see maybe (big maybe Lindros and possibly Glen Murray but little else signing with Toronto). This is not the free spending team in the league like the Rangers – there is a budget, a big budget, but a budget none the less.

    I really do have a great deal of hope for next season and if Toronto can avoid Philly this team could be a championship team. (45 Wins last season – Only Detroit (48) and Tampa Bay (46) had more wins.)

    This is a really good team – still – Go Leafs Go!!!!

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Thye are not at 63. That was last season (2002/04) Noe they are in the 40’s. I read an article in the Toronto Star that says Toronto may hold the balance of power in the CBA because of the low ratings in the US and high ratings in Canada then there is the fact that Toronto is the richest team. And so with the leafs already commited to well over the proposed cap they are likely to have a luxury tax.

  3. NYRules says:

    budget? what the hell is a budget? Haha we dont have one of those in NY

  4. tinman says:

    That is why your team blows goats!

  5. tinman says:

    Excellent point Leafy Mc*****sucker!

  6. nocuphere says:

    The trials and tribulations of being a leaf fan. Last year the so-called experts said early on the leafs would be on the outside looking in when it came to the playoff picture, and yeah they were wrong.

    This team is good enough, like last year to compete with anyone. I think this year with the departures of Reichel, Renberg, Fitzy, and Marchment you’ll see either one or three of Coliacovo, Steen, Wellwood or Harrison playing with the big club. Now is the time to mix the youth with the ancient. But i’m not the GM, so it’ll be interesting.

    This team is scary if there is only say half a season next year, but if it’s another grueling 82 game sched, the leafs will fall in June yet again.

  7. Serdy says:

    JFJ is starting to piss me off.. I thought last year was the last kick at the can, but now we are just one year older. I think he should have signed Weekes, and let him share the duty with tellqvist, maybe like a 52/30. Im pretty sure that the payroll is currently $52 million, compared to the $63 mentioned above… I guess maybe JFJ thinks that we wont get injured like crazy again this year, but maybe if we do, and 3/4 of the lineup is out we might make it far like a couple years ago. But unfortunately, I dont know if thats possible as our forward depth in St.Johns is lacking to say the least.

    I used to defend Pat Quinn, but now I say let him go, we obviously need some change, and the easiest position to change is the coach, but even I dont believe that changing the coach will put a team over the top.

    If they dont let Stajan, Pony, play regular shifts, i will change my affiliations as it shows they have no interest in going with any youth. I wouldnt go as far as changing my fav team as that is impossible, but I will be pretty pissed.

    If they dont resign Kaberle then that will be a bad mistake. I know that as soon as he goes to another team he will light it up, a.k.a McCauley, Modin, Markov, etc… If players dont progress then im pretty sure that means there is something wrong with the coaching staff….Berg is crappy, simple as that, big mistake bringing him back. Maybe he will get his sh*t together this year. wishful thinking.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    wut was that all about.

  9. trailerparkboys says:

    Don’t you do any work down at that insurence company? lol!!

    Bubbles out…..

  10. simplyhabby says:

    Kaberle for Rathje? You are not dealing with Mike Milbury. Rathje is an excellent defenseman that is huge and punishing on the blue line trading for a guy who will help you on the PP and nothing else. Have you ever seen Kaberle actually play good d? If JFJ is to throw in maybe a 2 or a 3rd rounder, maybe it could happen but I do like your thought process in picking up Rathje. He would definately improve your D at a reasonable price.

    I hate off the wall Leaf rumours more then the next leaf hater but Kariya coming to T.O is not all that unreasonable. You say he would want to go to a contender that has talent and money. Well thats the leafs. It would be a great pick up and put him on with Sundin and Roberts. Stick Roberts in front and have Sundin and Kariya buzzing around. Thats one potent line. Lindros and A. Carter would be great pick ups to for the right price to add dimension to the 3rd line.

    How about you trade Kaberle for a high draft pick the leafs are in such desperate need for and pick up UFA Sean O’Donnell. He takes sone stupid penalties but he is punishing, has a great shot and will bolster your d-corps.

    What do people see in Antropov? I guess because he is young and once in a while he shows that he tries but the only time I ever see this guy do anything is when he is taking a stupid penalty. Trade the guy for a high pick or prospect. The leafs need to build the farm.

    Correct me leaf fans if I am wrong with these lines cause I always get mixed up with wingers.







    Berg-Pilar (Carlos C, White)

  11. big_booty says:

    I suggest that everyone read Damien Cox’s latest piece:

    As was the title of a previously posted article, it’s the “Same old story, same old song and dance.”

    Emphasis on the “old” part.

    Ferguson is a walking paradox. He says he only wants the best for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but then goes out and does the exact opposite of what they need. He says he expects the youngsters on the roster to produce at the NHL level, yet forks over loads of cash to players who are too old, too fragile, past their prime, or just not worth it.

    Nieuwendyk was worth $3 million five years ago.

    Belfour, with one playoff series win as a Leaf and his not-so-stable back, had no where else to go – no suitors, no leverage, and he still got a king’s ransom

    Klee was overpaid to keep him from going to Atlanta, which has a better chance at the Cup in the next five years than Toronto.

    Ferguson is merely prolonging the inevitable, and lengthening the vicious circle that this franchise keeps following.

    The Leafs have been a good team over the past two or three years. No one argues that. But that’s it. They’re just good. No more, no less. These recent moves prove that the team will stay that way.

    This team was put together to win the Cup. It didn’t. JFJ’s chemistry experiment didn’t work.

    Do you know what chemists do when an experiment doesn’t work?

    They try something else.

    What a novel concept.

  12. nocuphere says:

    haha, notta d amn thing. You on the beers tonight?

  13. nocuphere says:

    Yeah you should copy and paste the article and send it to Bobby Clarke, he’s aparently been working in the same lab with the same group of chemicals as Quinn and Ferguson.

  14. Bishop7979 says:

    The leafs are a team that has been good year in and year out for a good handful of years now. the problem is, is that like some other teams in the same position (detroit, dallas maybe philly) they are on their way out.

    they are a team that has held onto players who many would consider past their prime, have traded prospects and picks for players who would be considered quick fixes, or to fill imediate needs. their now looks good, their future looks weak, and pretty soon the future will be now and guys like roberts nieuwydke domi mogilny belfour nolans and leetches will be gone and the team will have to seriously consider a reboot.

    todays NHL has seen faster aggressive younger teams succeed. these are three words that do not really describe the leafs. Tb Sj and calgary are the teams that will see success in the imediate future. you could probably throw atlanta into that mix as well.

    For all the money they spend I dont feel that Toronto has the ability to find sucess in today NHL, they simply dont have the tools to play against the new breed of team that has appeared.

    The team will take one of two routes, either rebuild or become the rangers of the next decade. given their track record of signing older vets while ignoring their most glaring needs.

    Most likely the team will fail to address their need for a competent back up goalie. will leave their defense untouched. and will add the oft concussed lindros to their third line.

    Personally I would not have signed roberts nieuwendyke or belfour to contracts given their age and asking price.

    I would resign Kaberle and try to add his younger brother to the team now that he has been let go as a UFA. If nothing else he would be a better 6th d man than berehowsky Pilar or Berg.

    I would also add Cullimore from TB. Hes a big strong framed defensman that could keep the crease clear for your new starting goalie Kolzig.

    Kolzig was up for auction at the deadline, and I’m sure washington would still be willing to trade him, possibly for little to no return. He may not be the youngest goalie in the league but he is younger (33)than the current starter, and he will finish a 3 year contract, something I doubt belfour will be able to do.

    With the contracts of riechel renberg nieuwyndyke roberts belfour marchment and kidd ect off the books I would let stajan have a chance at the second line. I would flank him with Nolan and my first UFA signing Mike Knuble. I would then want to sign Mike Ricci to center the 3rd line with Anson Carter and tucker and sign Wiemer to center the fourth line with Domi and Kilger.

    Antropov Sundin Mogilny

    Knuble Stajan Nolan

    Tucker Ricci Carter

    Kilger Wiemer Domi

    Mccabe Klee

    Leetch Cullimore

    Kaberle Kaberle

    Kolzig tellqvist

    I figure that this roster cant cost anymore than the pervious years.

  15. wingedim says:

    I read that same article, but I don’t necessarily agree with you that because they are over the ‘supposed’ cap of 30 and that they are the wealthiest team in Canada that the league will impose a luxury tax. That would be foolish on the league’s part.

    I think a luxury tax system would be beneficial until such time that the players that are currently playing for the extranious amounts of money retire, and those up and coming fit within the newer cost structure that the new CBA will hopefully bring with it.

  16. Enigma says:

    actually JFJ is reportedly interested in resigning Marchment and Fitz

  17. trailerparkboys says:

    Yup on the beers maybe a toke tooo?

    Bubbles stoned………

  18. Enigma says:

    That was very well thought out and written, I have a lot of respect for Dmien when it comes to his thoughts on the game, particularly the leafs.

    With all the bashing that he did to John though, I still feel that Pat quinn has something to do with this. I believe he’s still the one who gets a huge say in who and what the leafs acquire.

  19. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    U give the league too much credit. Bettman is a moron.

  20. leafstopgun says:

    I like what your saying i’ve been a leafs fan since i started watching hockey in 1988 i was 8 years old. i dont like berg at all to many mistakes and kaberle well he can,t hit but leetch is a free agent and probaly wont resign thomas would still be needed. take lindros for about twenty bucks canadain he says he loves toronto prove it.I like carter and im sure he would like to play in ontario he is from there, kariya is going to the wings i would say really deep pockets there. the leafs should keep whatever draft picks are left they will be needed because i hate to say it but half the team will retire at once they are pretty old

  21. Enigma says:

    I question Lindros being a “sure” thing going to Toronto. I mean if the leafs were that interested in him I think it would’ve been done by now, especially since according to many ppl he would be willing to play at a relatively low price.

  22. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Belfour resigned.

  23. nocuphere says:

    Youre damn straight Quinn is still calling the shots!! These signings have Quinns name all over them. Just like last years deadline aquisitions. Steve Stavro made certain before he left that his number one man would be well looked after.

    I have no respect for Damien Cox or any other sports writer in Toronto. When the leafs ar winning he’s calling the leafs brass genius, but when they’re losing he’s all over them. You can’t have it both ways. These writers should all quit their jobs and become NHL GMs they seem to have all the answers.

  24. nocuphere says:

    Funny for that. I think Chad and Johnny are up for some cold pops.

  25. nocuphere says:

    According to Spector the leafs have a three year deal on the table for Glen Murray. Did you hear anything else on this Enigma?

  26. curtman96 says:

    YOU ARE SIMPLY A DUMBASS> Why the hell wouldnt the Leafs sign Belfour Roberts and Nieuendyke. There awsome players to have, and they only signed for 1 year, besides belfour, but hes one of the best goalies out there. And i like how u think toronto can just sign any player, Cullimore??? And its Kaberle’s older brother dumbass , hes oldddddd

  27. toto says:

    I would have to say that the only sure thing oon this site would have to be starsgirl and GretzNYR99’s mother!

  28. Bishop7979 says:

    First off, kiss my ass.

    second off, does it freakin matter which kaberle is older than the other you prick? any team would like to add a 6-1 200 lb defensman that is a half point per game producer to their defense. and when you have the added insentive to play two brothers together it makes the price go down a bit. and he’s 30 years old. wow thats soooo olddddd! christ he’d be in diapers compared to half the guys on that team.

    third, why wouldnt i sign roberts and nieuendyke and belfour? well first, a whole freakin lot a good those three have done in the post season huh? older players who are counted on to log top two line/starting goalie minutes are pretty spent by the time the playoffs roll around. yeah belfour is “one fo the best goalies out there” in the regular season, but he’s spent come playoff time, like much of the team. He sees enought rubber flying at him during the regular season to give the guy nightmares. And really he’s a 39 year old goalie, what the hell was your GM doing signing him to a 3 year deal. Lack of a freakin backbone there.

    Besides I dont think 67 games played and 50 points/ 72 games and 48 points is worth 3 mil a year. Yeah they’ll make a nice regular season team again, but they’ll get knocked out of the second round, again, when the playoffs come around and they’ve ran out of gas. And Belfour, hes gotten you alot farther in the playoffs than Cujo ever did, didnt he?

    And Cullimore. Hmmm lets see, how many people see the need for a big strong crease clearing defensman as a need for the maple leafs? Well they arent going to be signing any of the big name defensmen, they dont need one. they need a blue collar hardworking grinder. Cullimore is a big steady rock who helped shut down iginla in the playoffs. He may not be high profile but hes an important cog on any team. He’s 6-5 244 lbs and would be a upgrade over marchment/berg/pilar/berehowsky/johannson or whatever other cinderblock on skates the team was using on its third pairing.

    And as far as toronto signing any player. Toronto has to fill 7-8 roster spots from last seasons playoff roster. they dont really have the kind of prospect depth to fill all those holes with young guys, and given their track record of ignoring their young guys and dipping into trades and ufa markets it seems plausable that they would fill most of those spots with UFA’s. Its not like I have 8 five million dollar players added to the team. The guys I chose where servicable non star players, the kind of players a team looking to fill gaps from the 2nd line down would sign.

    I mean basically I would be trading the salaries of

    Belfour, Nieuwydke, Roberts, Marchment, Kidd, Berehowski, Fitzgerald, Johannson, Francis,


    Knuble Ricci Carter Wiemer Cullimore Kaberle and Kolzig

    too me its an upgrade that makes sense and isnt going overboard, something that posters on this site tend to do when talkig about the leafs.

    so again, kiss my ass, and next time you got somethign wrong with what i said, actually explain yourself,

    use your words you damn dirty ape

  29. flyersfan10897 says:

    i think its funny that hull, shanahan, and recchi are too old, but nieuwendyk, roberts, and belfour arent?

  30. flyersfan10897 says:

    great that it would be an upgrade…but there is zero chance of it ever happening.

  31. curtman96 says:

    Alright i can see your a dedicated Leaf fan and i guess im sorry for sayin your a dumbass if that makes u happy, didnt think u would get too offended. WHY would u have Antropov on the first line tho, hes the slowest bastard i have ever seen, he has decent hands but he simply sucks and i guess some teams are interested in him so he would be good to trade. And i never knew that Roberts and Nieuendyke had a past history of not showin up for the playoffs (sorry my bad…bein sarcastic) ther good for another season. Belfour is good for another season, i dont agree with 3 year deal but who else is ther, i think if the leafs could get a goalie like Kolzig they would. And as for Kaberle’s brother, hes worse than Thomas and id be lookin to trade his ass. Il give u Cullimore, hes a good guy to have i just meant that ppl seem to think Toronto can go out and get any guy but i guess hes reasonable to get……….ps havnt u heard….Leafs are signing Lindros Kariya and Shanahan!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  32. OldNord says:

    The main problem with the Leafs is we always know that they won’t win the Cup. They have a good team with leadership and all, but when april’s coming, most of them are bruised. Too many old players on that team with no immediate young guns around the team. What make me smile is that they will trying the same recipe this season…

  33. Bishop7979 says:

    actually I hate the leafs, but I like playing armchair GM. thats why there were so many statements like your team this and your goalie that.

    I assumed you were a leafs fan giving me crap.

    as far as antropov goes, he is big and slow but if he would start parking his ass in the slot, or just outside the crease those hands he has could slam dunk some of those nice rebounds you get from moglinly snap shots and sundin wristers. thats why hes on the first line.

  34. tuchux1969 says:

    I am so glad that Montreal has Gainey. We have youth on our side and are getting better. In a year or two the habs will be parading down St-Catherine street for the 25th time, while the leafs sit in their wheelchairs wondering why they didn’t win. GOHABSGO!!!!!!1

  35. Enigma says:

    I haven’t heard anything about that. It would be a good move though depending on the terms.

  36. Enigma says:

    It’s true that they act like they have the answeres, but most of the time it’s no different then what we do here. They speculate, and give thier own opinions just like us.

    I however, rarely notice Damian praising the leafs’ brass genious. Usually when the team is on a roll, he acknowledges the players for it, not necassarily the gm/coach. He’s always quick to point out that leafs could and should do more (at least put in more of an effort to improve the team) knowing that they have tons of cash, and the loyalist of fans.

  37. Enigma says:

    actually I would’ve thought that letting roberts and nieuwendyk go would’ve been alright so long as they signed Shanahan and Ricci. Just for the sake of change, in order to try something new. So far it appears that JFJ is just going with the same core lineup as last year, and they didn’t come close to winning the cup.

  38. dkball7 says:

    Just shut up.

  39. DarkPhoenix says:

    Bah, Montreal only has 25 Stanley Cups because of questionable events in NHL history. As bad as Bettman was, I look back at the NHL timeline and try to figure out what some of the Presidents were thinking…

  40. nocuphere says:

    A scoring winger for Mats would be a change.

  41. tuchux1969 says:

    You maybe right, but there were still 5 other teams in the league before ’67 who didn’t have montreal’s success. Also, they did pretty good in the ’70, and they won the cup in 86 and 93. They did have some success in this watered down version of the NHL. Can Toronto say that,,,,,,,,nope!!!!! AND Montreal is on the right path, building with youth through the draft and developing them, Toronto trades away their draft picks and signs over the hill players who run out of gas come april. Getting an experienced player at the trade deadline for a run at the cup is fine, but you need young legs to along with the old heads. Look at Tampa.

  42. qsilver31 says:

    pretty sure both Roberts and Kariya are left wingers and Nolan and AlMo are right… and I’d much rather see Lindros as my 2nd line centre than Nieuwy. Joe has been great, but he can’t handle second line minutes.

    As for ODonnell, wasn’t he the guy that put Lindros out? or was that Gill… some Boston Dmen….

  43. big_booty says:

    Damien Cox is the one sportswriter that I would like to see as a GM. I find him to be one of the most intelligent and eloquent people in hockey

    He knows the game inside and out, knows what the fans want, and knows which players could work together.

    I would be frightened of a Cox-run Toronto organization.

  44. Enigma says:

    Kariya would be perfect for that. Hopefully he is interested in signing with t.o.

  45. eagle29 says:

    I like Pat Quinn and don’t want himfired but maybe it’s time to change.Rick Ley should be fired because Colaiacovo should have been up there last season.The Leafs should trade Antropov and Berg but keep Poinakarovsky for some depth.Brendan Bell should also be brought up from St.John’s. He’s alot better than Pilar.

  46. Domi_Rules says:

    I was in Windsor last night for a Tie Domi meet and greet.. What was real funny, is the camera guy messed up big time and delayed the processing of photo’s.. It took me 3 hours to get my photo back of tie and I.. Domi got really red in the face and i thought he was gonna drop the guy.. It was awesome.. ANYWAYS

    In the meantime of waiting for our photo, they did a question and answer session with him.. I asked what he knew about the Lindros and Leaf deal.. And he said “he knew JFJ was working hard to get him and is pretty close to a done deal”

    I don’t know if i’m real crazy about this move for the leafs.. Of course it would add depth to the forward lines, BUT.. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with the front lines.. I think they are in more need of Defense than anything..

    WHY I ask did they sign that pig Berg? especially for the price they paid for him.. They have paid for a guy who can’t skate from the blue line to the red line without breaking a sweat.. He’s slow, and very unproductive.. Though i notice the media feels the same way.. J.N and G.R got 2-3 LONG assed paragraphs telling about their history and so on, then articles say “leafs also signed aki burg.” write a paragraph and move on..

    The guy is worthless, not worth the cash they’re paying him and i’m very disappointed that they didn’t let him go and use the money for a stronger D.

  47. greatlife15 says:

    I rather have Murray be the scoring winger for Mr. Mats. I think it would be better cuz Murray is kind of an unsung hero, while Kariya mite b good but I wouldn’t want him here.

  48. sixteenstone says:

    Did you know Aki Berg was drafted 1st round. Thats a scary thought. Berg has the talent but he hasnt shown it yet.

  49. xxmapleleafsxxx says:

    i agree with what most of what you said, especially about quinn… i don’t really like the lines… i think kariya should and easily could be on the leafs…

    i think i agree with simplyhabby the most.

    i think we should give stajan a chance, he’s still young and he has a lot of potential.

    Go Leafs Go!!!

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