Could the leafs get more?

Ok well it seems the Washington Caps have just signed free agent Michael Nylander.  Who would have played great in Toronto and i thought the Leafs should have gotten a centericeman but its too late now. 

Ok well think the leafs should completely get rid of Pavel Kubina i think he should be put on waivers if they cant get a trade and soon. Look he got 21 points last year as many points as hall gill and the hal gill hade more goals. If the leafs put him on waivers they could have enough to get another scoring forward and lighten some salary of the goaltending and defence.

If i were JF i would look for a trade with edmonton Washington and some teams that need a puck moving defenceman. They could possibly get a prospect in return or a draft pick but i think thats it considering his salary.

If JF did this he would then have enough to go and get a free agent like a Slava Kozlov or a Bill Guerin or a Brendan Shanahan who would of came cheaper than the Daniel Brieres and Chris Drury’s.

I Personally think the leafs should get rid of Kubina then go out and sign either bertuzzi or shanahan because i hear possibly the Rangers might be getting Shanahan. I think Bertuzzi would help the team escpeically if he plays with Sundin because that will help Bertuzzi get his game in order since the incident. They would also have enough to resign Toskala without going over the cap.








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  1. Glucker says:

    1) Defensemen aren't there for goals
    2) Kubina was injured
    3) Guerin, Kozlov, Shanahan are still available
    4) Leafs need wingers, not centers
    5) Toskala does not need to be re-signed for this season
    6) Bertuzzi is washed up
    7) If any defenseman should be moved, it's McCabe, some of the most turn overs in the league, and no defensive talent (kinda a pre-requisite for being a defenseman)

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    agree with glucker, also, you're missing poni and antropov in your lines.

  3. stevenb19 says:

    The leafs should get rid of McCabe before Kubina, Kubina has made more difference for defense and scoring then McCabe this past season.  As for JFJ signing any really big names, That just wont happen, Before that can happen JFJ needs to be fired and the leafs need to miss the playoffs again, To me the leafs have the talent to make the playoffs, Unfortunatly the injuries have been bad, Just remember we went through most of the season with 11 guys missing at one point.Dont think they need all these big names to get into the playoffs the talent and will is there more then ever.

  4. kabbyrules07 says:

    where the hell is antro & poni? man ur crazy get ur facts straight b4 you go and blabber on, shannahan will not come to the leafs nor will he go to the rangers, im thinkin he might go bak to detriot….your right tho hes gotta some how trade kubina that would rid us of 5 mill…jfj would b smart to sign slava kozlov he would b a great fit in the leafs lineup, then sign peca hopefully he will take a discount and heres your 2007/2008 lineup





    wait to resign toskala until after this season to see if he turns out to be as good as everyone says. i do think raycroft is going to be a great goalie someday so signing him after he was traded here was a good idea but jfj should wait till seasons over to renew toskalas contract..say what you want feel free to critize wat i say here its only my opinion of what the leafs should do

  5. Glucker says:

    even on point #7? 😀

  6. Glucker says:

    a few things
    1)Peca aint gonna be back(unfortunately)
    2)Toskala > Raycroft
    3) Kronwall? STAFFAN KRONWALL? you have HIM on your top defensive pairing???

    also, Bell was Center before last year, Antropov has been playing wing for YEARS, so just a minor swap there, although they are both capable centers… and… Signing Toskala now could be worth the risk… if he turns out good, we get a bargain, if not, well thats the risk 😛

    I agere though, Kozlov should be a Leaf… we'd have an awesome team if he signs

  7. Alozo07 says:

    WHY DOES NOBODY GIVE LADISLAV NAGY ANY RESPECT!?!?! he would be an awesome fit with wellwood on the second line, i could really see it, why can't any of you fine ppl see tho? plz do tell

  8. Glucker says:

    I personally agree

  9. sundin_500 says:

    before we do anything we need to trade some of our forwards or waive them. I do not know why we resigned battaglia unless were putting him in the minors he does not fit in our team.  so waive battaglia and ondrus. Keep newbury in the minors. throw yes stajan and kilger in to sweeten a kubina deal. now our lines would be more like this.

    Kozlov- sundin – blake
    Steen- wellwood- tucker
    Poni- antropov – bell
    Pohl- Devereaux- a young guy ( earl,williams tlustry etc…)

    Kaberle McCabe
    White Coliacovo
    Gill Stralman

    This line up would be succesful and would allow us to develop our younger players.

  10. leafsfanforever13 says:

    I agree, but I think we should go after Kozlov first. And if we don't get him, Nagy would be a great addition.

  11. Penssuck says:

    Breaking down the leafs.  Was going to submit this as news, but hardly seemed like the time.  So i'll post it in here.

    I'm going to break down the leafs player by player and use the scouting reports from on each player to maybe help the leaf fans understand their team better.

    Mats Sundin – Assets – Has excellent strength and reach and is very hard to get the puck from. Is extremely slick, loves to find the holes and has a wide variety of shots. Consistency is the name of his game.
                        Flaws – While strong on his skates, he's not overly physical considering his size. Is starting to show signs of decay, and becoming more prone to injury with time.
                      Career Potential – First line Center
    (While i disagree that he's a elite top line center, after looking at what some other teams have, he's not all that bad considering.  Still a ton of upgrades out there over him)

    Jason Blake – Assets – Is very fast and can forecheck extremely well. Always brings a bundle of energy to the rink. Has versatility and an improving offensive arsenal.
                       Flaws – Lacks ideal size and is somewhat injury-prone. His style of play often stirs up the opposition too much.
                      Career Potential – Two-way winger. 
    (I personally think the's better on offensive side than the defensive side and they're giving me a little extra credit on D, but still i can see him as a top line winger.)

    Darcy Tucker – Assets – Always comes to play and forechecks very well. Provides an energy boost for his team every shift and has a decent set of hands around the net. Is absolutely fearless on the ice.
                        Flaws – Has suspect skating ability, which has prevented him from becoming more of an offensive force in the NHL. His agitating qualities can at times hurt his team.
                        Career Potential – Top 6 winger/agitator.
    (2nd line winger at best imo, lacks the skill to play on a real teams top line.  But does his job extremely well, and would not mind one bit to have him on my team.)

    Bryan McCabe – Assets – Is extremely aggressive in the defensive zone. Has a good shot from the point. Knows when to pinch in from the back end. Can log an abundance of minutes and feasts on the power play.
                          Flaws – Has cut down on his propensity to make mistakes in the defensive zone but still needs more work in that department. Takes too many bad penalties.
                          Career Potential – Top Pairing D-man.  (He has an some offensive upside to him which makes him valuable to a teams pp unit.  i think he lacks in the d side of the game.  Wouldn't want him to be a top pairing on my team.  He's also not very physical.  He may throw hits, but nothing earth shattering for someone who weighs 220 lbs.)

    Tomas Kaberle – Assets – Possesses tremendous hockey smarts and the ability to find his teammates on the ice. A swift skater, he can wheel with the puck and loves to join the attack. Is an excellent passer.
                           Flaws – Still makes mistakes by pinching in when he shouldn't. Needs more strength to better handle big NHL forwards. Doesn't shoot enough at the point.
                          Career Potential – Top pairing Dman.  (Depending on the team i could see him being a 3rd d-man.  On the leafs he's a top go to guy and he should be for years to come. )

    See the commonality amongst the top 5 players?  Most of them lack phyiscality.  Top pairing Dman in mccabe is weak on the puck in his own zone, and is always turning over the puck or taking penalties at bad times. 

    Team Potential –  1st round of playoffs.

    I think next year will be a weird year for hte standings in the east.  Boston/Florida/Buffalo/Carolina i think will miss the playoffs.  That leaves 3 other losers.  Islanders will probally miss this year.  Down to 2 teams now.  It should be fairly simple for the leafs to get into the playoffs, but when they run up against a team like the rangers or senators it will be lights out.  They'll have to take the conference to make it past the 1st round.

  12. Penssuck says:

    Didn't realize it was this friggin long.  Sorry.

  13. Iceman23 says:

    Just thought I should point out that Kozlov isn't a free agent anymore.  He signed with the Caps yesterday.

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    hehe, i kinda blew that one off. A lesser defenseman in Hamrlik signed for 5.5 million, so i'm not complaining.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    too late, he's kopitars new buddy

  16. mojo19 says:

    Kubina doesn't really make that much considering what all these defensman are going for in today's market. Kubina's salary is about right and he's talented.

    For around $3 mil the leafs should get Yashin. Then all they have to do is make the roster space for him which means either kilger or stajan are out.

    Poni – Sundin – Antropov
    Tucker – Wellwood – Blake
    Bell – Yashin – Steen
    Battaglia – Pohl – Devereux/Stajan/Kilger

    Defense stays the same

  17. Norman28 says:

    If you ask me you all dont know what you are talking about  … in all your line ups you guys are missing someone   one of you is missing Poni and Antropov    and the other line ups posted by you commenters are missing either Devereaux or Stajan .     And im pretty sure Michael Nylander signed with the Edmonton Oilers.

  18. goleafsgo1316 says:

    K the caps got victor koslov from NYI not slava koslov from Atlanta

  19. 92-93 says:

    the best thing that the leafs could do – besides trading Raycroft or Kubina – would be to sign a defenceman like Stuart or Sutton, re: put the writing on the wall about Kubina's departure out of T.O.

    the worst thing they could do?

    sign an inconsistent diver and useless Zubrus. they do not need any more forwards, they dont have a problem scoring, and the dont HAVE to spend right to the cap.

  20. leaffanforlife says:

    Battaglia – Pohl – Deveraux……that should be Toronto's 4th line.

    As for Jason Blake, he's a cancer and he's over-rated.  Should have gotten Kariya instead but no, they have to continue to bring non-Canadians to the team and everyone knows Canadians win cups…observe:
    Year      Cup Winners                 Captain                               Captains Country of Origin
    2006/07 Anaheim                  Scott Neidermayer                                CANADA
    2005/06 Carolina                   Rod Brind'Amour                                  CANADA
    2004/05 LOCKOUT
    2003/04 Tampa Bay                Tim Taylor                                         CANADA
    2002/03 New Jersey                Scott Stevens                                     CANADA
    2001/02 Detroit                      Steve Yzerman                                   CANADA
    2000/01 Colorado                    Joe Sakic                                          CANADA
    1999/00 New Jersey                 Scott Stevens                                    CANADA
    1998/99 Dallas                       Darien Hatcher                                      USA
    1997/98 Detroit                      Steve Yzerman                                   CANADA
    1996/97 Detroit                      Steve Yzerman                                   CANADA
    1995/96 Colorado                    Joe Sakic                                          CANADA
    1994/95 New Jersey                 Scott Stevens                                    CANADA
    1993/94 New York Rangers         Mark Messier                                     CANADA
    1992/93 Montreal                    Guy Carbonneau                                  CANADA
    1991/92 Pittsburgh                   Mario Lemieux                                   CANADA
    1990/91 Pittsburgh                   Mario Lemieux                                   CANADA
    1989/90 Edmonton                   Mark Messier                                     CANADA
    1988/89 Calgary                      Jim Peplinski & Lanny McDonald             CANADA
    1987/88 Edmonton                   Wayne Gretzky                                   CANADA
    1986/87 Edmonton                   Wayne Gretzky                                   CANADA
    1985/86 Montreal                     Bob Gainey                                       CANADA
    1984/85 Edmonton                   Wayne Gretzky                                   CANADA
    1983/84 Edmonton                   Wayne Gretzky                                   CANADA
    1982/83 New York Islanders        Denis Potvin                                      CANADA
    1981/82 New York Islanders        Denis Potvin                                      CANADA
    1980/81 New York Islanders        Denis Potvin                                      CANADA
    1979/80 New York Islanders        Denis Potvin                                      CANADA
    1978/79 Montreal                 
        Yvan Cournoyer                                 CANADA
    1977/78 Montreal                      Yvan Cournoyer                                 CANADA
    1976/77 Montreal                      Yvan Cournoyer                                 CANADA
    1975/76 Montreal                      Yvan Cournoyer                                 CANADA
    1974/75 Philadelphia                  Bob Clarke                                       CANADA
    1973/74 Philadelphia                  Bob Clarke                                       CANADA
    1972/73 Montreal                      Henri Richard                                    CANADA
    1971/72 Boston                        (No Captain appointed)
    1970/71 Montreal                      Jean Beliveau                                    CANADA
    …i'll stop there seeing as how we're all smart enough to see where this list is going (and going, and going).
    This is why our Toronto Maple Leafs will not win the Stanley Cup.  I have the upmost respect for Mats Sundin.  He is an excellent player and he has done much for us…but he is Swedish.  As stupid or as rediculous as it may sound, only teams with Canadian captains win Cups…the proof is in the pudding.  Just look at the history.  And all of this is only going back some 37 years, going back any further and we'll be in the days of Toronto and Montreal winning everything…teams with Canadian captains.
    When was the closest the Leafs have come to seeing the cup since 1967?  1992/93 when the Leafs were 1 win away from the Cup Finals…who did we have as Captain and Assitant Captain??…
    Doug Gilmour and Wendel Clark……you guessed it, CANADIAN.
  21. Penssuck says:

    Aren't 90% of the captains canadian?

    TB – Canadian
    SJ – Candian
    Edm – Was Canadian
    Cal – Canadian
    Pits – Canadian

    Please, everyone feel free to throw a team on the list with a canadian captain.  Or for the sake of argument, put a name on here thats captain and not canadian.  Wait and see how long that list is.

    Have you guys seen all the US players winning the super bowl? 

  22. leaffanforlife says:

    90% of captains probably are canadian….but Toronto's isnt….and thats why they cant win the cup….that was my point.  Our management sucks.

  23. leaffanforlife says:

    …and i enjoy your name….the Pens do suck.  lol

  24. leafdiehard says:

    If JFJ is willing to take the risk, why not try signing Shanny or Kozlov. Sure it might come at a price and he might have to dive into the extra 10% he has to work with until September 30, but one of these signings would be huge for the Leafs. Personally go with Kozlov becasue they already got a sniper for Mats in Blake. Put Kozlov on that line, you might very well see  Blake score close to 50. Sundin is past hsi prime but if the Leafs could get an 80+point season out of him, they might just have their playoff team. Once they get into the playoffs, it will all depend on Toskala and who JFJ decides to get rid of. Put it this way, if the Leafs are not in the playoffs this coming season, sionara JFJ  

  25. mojo19 says:

    The best thing they can do actually is sign Zubrus or Yashin, or someone else who can bury 60-80 pts.

    What made Buffalo so succesful last year, offense that kept coming at you, where they had 3 legit scoring lines, that wouldn't quit. When one guy is slumping there are always 2 guys going. One more forward would make the leafs a contender, and keep the defense as is, they're stacked back there. I love Kubina, he's gonna thrive this season you'll all see.


  26. leafdiehard says:

    What about the Leafs taking a chance on Yashin? Sure it seems like they have the depth at that position with Sundin, Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Nik, and Deveraux but after Sundin and Wellwood, there is no one that is really consistent. It could be a risk due to his injuries. But, putting the injuries aside, he still had a decent year last year being close to a point per game. Could also be an asset to Blake. Your thoughts?

  27. leafdiehard says:

    actually, Dave Andreychuck was the captain of the 03/04 Lightning

  28. leaffanforlife says:

    New Jersey – Patrick Elias (Czech Republic)

    NYR – Jaomir Jagr (Czech Republic)
    Boston – Zdeno Chara (Slovakia)
    Buffalo – was Chris Drury (USA)
    Montreal – Saku Koivu (Finland)
    Ottawa – Daniel Alfredsson (Sweden)
    Toronto – Mats Sundin (Sweden)
    Florida – Olli Jokinen (Finland)
    Washington – Chris Clark (USA)
    Detroit – Nikolas Lindstrom (Sweden)
    Minnesota – Mark Parrish (USA)
    Vancouver – Markus Naslund (Sweden)
    Thats 12 teams of a 30 team league that dont have Canadian captains….almost 50% of the NHL….and 4 of the teams have a vacant captains spot.
  29. leafdiehard says:

    Kozlov is still available. It was Victor who signed with the Caps

  30. leaffanforlife says:

    yes thats right actually my mistake….good call

  31. leaffanforlife says:

    Ya i like Shanhan but Kozlov would bring some scoring.  Shanahan would bring some much needed Canadian grit.

  32. leaffanforlife says:

    After all the bullshit we've been put through, we might as well get Yashin….with Raycroft between the pipes, we'll need to put pucks in the other net on those nights Raycroft plays as much as possible lol

  33. KingCanada says:

    ahahaha so true glucker, man do they let just about anyone post here??

    this hockey trade rumors or hockey trade opinions?

  34. andrizle says:

    apparently zubrus is close to signing
    other players that could come and produce:
    yashin 3-4 mill. for 2 years
    shanahan (although its very unlikely) hes an Ontario born so maybe hell wanna finish his career somewhere near home; he'd probly cost between 5-6 mill. The leafs would need to get rid of Kubina in order for that to happen.
    Mike Comrie is still out there. I see no reason why he'd want to play in Toronto and its most likely hell sign with the rival sens again but he'd be great on a second line with wellwood,steen or tucker
    kozlov would also be great. Hes a speedster and wcould probly come cheep in the range or 3-5 mill. However theres no guarantee hell put up the same numbers he did last season playing aside superstars Kovalchuk and Hossa.

  35. andrizle says:

    apparently zubrus is close to signing
    other players that could come and produce:
    yashin 3-4 mill. for 2 years
    shanahan (although its very unlikely) hes an Ontario born so maybe hell wanna finish his career somewhere near home; he'd probly cost between 5-6 mill. The leafs would need to get rid of Kubina in order for that to happen.
    Mike Comrie is still out there. I see no reason why he'd want to play in Toronto and its most likely hell sign with the rival sens again but he'd be great on a second line with wellwood,steen or tucker
    kozlov would also be great. Hes a speedster and wcould probly come cheep in the range or 3-5 mill. However theres no guarantee hell put up the same numbers he did last season playing aside superstars Kovalchuk and Hossa.

  36. GoLeafs13 says:

    two mistakes here. 
    1) they got blake so sundin could finally have his winger so why the hell do you put him on the second line.
    2) Yashin is way past his prime and to even consider signing him is friggen ridiculous

  37. GoLeafs13 says:

    Yashin won't put up even 50 becuz he could only fit in Toronotos 3rd line.  He is way over rated. The best thing they can do is get rid of McCabe and kilger and get either bertuzzi, shannahan or Slava kozlov

  38. GoLeafs13 says:

    Ya i would probably take my chances with shannahan.  If they get him i would definatley give him the A on his jersey.

  39. GoLeafs13 says:

    Yashin is terrible.

  40. dizon says:

    and im pretty sure he signed with the caps

  41. fernz says:

    two still potential free agents that i would sign with the money john ferguson jr. has left are:

    1. either slava kozlov- 2 – 4 years for 2 or 2.5 million dollars each year.
    2. Dainius Zubrus- 1 – 3 years for the same amount, but i think that kozlov will make more money than zubrus!

  42. mojo19 says:

    Two mistakes GoLeafs13

    1) JFJ called Blake a guy who "rounds out there top 6 forwards) meaning he could play 1st or 2nd line, let Maurice see where he fits best, we already know Poni, Nik, and Mats are a great line.

    2) Yashin although past his prime was put up 28 pts in the first 22 games of last season before suffering his big injury. He came back and with limited ice time still averaged around a point per game in fifty-something games. Hmmmm, 3 mil $ for a guy who would probably put up 50-70 points as a 3rd liner/2nd PP unit. Sounds good to me!

  43. mojo19 says:

    Yashin would play 3rd line all year if everyone is always healthy. Meaning he'd get a lot of time on the 2nd line. Also he'd get PP minutes where his wrist shot is proven lethal. Just because you don't like him personally doesn't mean he's not an amazing player.

    And hahahaha, your boy Todd went to Anaheim. Yashin's better than him anyway, so this isn't bad news for the leafs.

  44. mojo19 says:

    I agree completely, Yashin IS offense. Before his injury last year he lead all players in 1st assists (he was the last player to touch the puck before the goal scorer).

    This is just another stat proving Yashin is a great player.

  45. mojo19 says:

    I agree completely, Yashin IS offense. Before his injury last year he lead all players in 1st assists (he was the last player to touch the puck before the goal scorer).

    This is just another stat proving Yashin is a great player.

  46. mojo19 says:

    Yashin, Forsberg, Shanahan

  47. Lombardi18 says:

    Well, Betuzzi has signed with Anahiem so he's not coming to T.O, so they should sign S.Kozlov if he doesn't sign with Dallas. He would play great with blake and Sundin. Then agaiin, he is 35 and getting old. This is the trade I propose (assuming you don't sign anyone else). To Toronto: Dan Boyle and a 1'st round pick for 09 (because of Travers). To Tampa:Mccabe, Kubina, Battaglia and Ondrus. To some of you this trade seems a little wierd or lopsided, but Boyle was 4'th in scoring for the league in scoring and it would unload a lot of salary off our shoulders (so we can sign a guy like healtey next year). Now, our lines look like this:

    Kozlov-Sundin-Blake Bell-Wellwood-Tucker Poni-Steen/Stajan-Kilger Steen/Stajan-Newbury-Antropov
    Kaberle-Boyle  Coliacavo-White  Gill-Harrison
    Now, we have about 10 million to spend so this is what we should do: tade Kozlov for a goood centre like Craig Conroy who would fit well with the Leafs. sign heatley and Kipprusoff. Dump Raycroft. Stanley Cup team right there!

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