Could the Rangers actually Rebuild?

The Rangers the team who used to buy them up on the deadline may be Shipping them all out come deadline time.

Now it never happens…. But this Rumor has never been rumored before for the Rangers who have missed the playoffs for what will be a 7th time…… And As a die hard Ranger fan, all I can say is, It’s about time.

People Who could be shipped out around the league are as follow.Best piece of trade bait is none other then….

Brian Leetch: His skill could simply put anyone over the top. His QB skill on a PP and heart to play could bring back his one time MVP skill. Any team would wanna grab him.

Fan take on trading him: No way, he would bring a lot back to the rangers by trading him, but this guy needs to die a Ranger, the disrespect him and Richter have been shown throughout their Red, White and Blue career has been disgusting. Leetch is the QB. He is the only solid D on the team which is already crap. Trade Poti instead.

Kovelav: His sniping skills are still there. NY is not a place for him no matter what he wants. He still has about 40 points on the season. He could almost surly help any team. Just not the Rangers. 1st rumor told is Kovalev to Buffalo for Maxim Afinogenov and/or Derek Roy.

Fan take on this: Let him go. He’s a free agent so the price is nothing for anyone to rent him. Mess and Sather may have also told him to let them trade him and they will resign him next year. But who knows. He can’t score in NY. and is getting frustrated on the ice.

Barnaby: Ottawa really wanted him… but with them getting free agent enforcer Rob Ray, it may take the interest away. But they have always been after Barnaby so… who knows. A still young Bonk is a possible way to go, and a kind of young Arvedson could happen, but who knows. that’s just 2 possibilities.

Fan take: I rather have him then Simon but…. If ya gotta go ya gotta go, he did play well last year, and I think could have played on a better line this year. His heart is big for the game… one of maybe 2-3 who have it on the Rangers. But if ya get enough in return.. then do it.

Rushinsy: Very solid, fit’s very well with super stars on the other side. could bring back a somewhat nice return.

Fan take: ahhh who knows… Jagr needs him Kovalev needs him… Holik needs him….. and 2/3 of those guys will still be here even if they rebuild.

Poti:Nice return for this Puck moving D man. Last year was one of the highest in points out of all D in NHL. can move the puck with skill most of the time.. just not yet this year… and uhhhh this years almost over.

Fan take: trade his sorry ass. Trade him, Keep leetch. Poti never! ever Takes the body. And if your a D-man who doesn’t take the body…. You suck…. I don’t care how young he is and this and that… on Defense, he sucks.

Nedved: who really needs a Center like this? Not many…. He’s OK … still shows his wrist shot is sniper skill at times, but not to many times. maybe a trade to a 7th or 8th place west team for a draft pick is possible.

Fan take: ship them all! Out of all that have been shipped these past 4 years.. how is he still here? Maybe he just won’t be signed again.

Malakov/Mirinov: Possible D men could go. Malakov I hope more so.

Fan take: no one cares…..

Lindros: OK well you can’t leave this guy out, if and when he does come back. Again…. Another free agent next year very good for a rent price. If he comes back and looks like he doesn’t care about his next concussion, a nice return is possible.

Fan take: Well we are going to need a first line center if he does go. And I Do not want Nedved taking the first line if Lindros does go. And Holik needs to stay on the 3rd Center roll, not 1st not 2nd. But Lindros will help if traded. Nedved will never lead anyone anyplace … he’d get lost in the Czech Republic.

Keenen needs to step in and take over as coach….. no more Sather on this…. Get him in the GM office and leave him there. That or leave him on the street.