Could the Rangers sell?

For the last two years I’ve frequented boards with a lot of Ranger fans under the name “GeraldRFord”, and yes, I do get people calling me a zombie lately, but the Ranger fans at a particular board seem to think the season is over for the Rangers.
The Islanders won today, and the Rangers lost, to the Lightning, the Maple Leafs won too, and by the looks of the game against Carolina tonight, the Bruins will be two points back with a game in hand. This means very soon the Rangers could be as low as twelfth, and some Ranger fans are suggesting the Rangers become sellers.

It might just make sense. The Rangers realistically aren’t going to win a cup with the core they have now, Shanahan, Jagr, and Nylander. Shanahan is a UFA this summer, and Jagr says he’ll retire at the end of his contract which runs another two seasons. The Rangers would need some fast building to win a cup by then at this rate.

So could the Rangers decide to rebuild again, who do they sell?

Brendan Shanahan is an obvious name that comes up, he’s a UFA this summer, and would certainly demand a huge package. While joking around with one Ranger fan, we worked out a deal for Shanahan that would send Tlusty and a first (before you comment on that, remember, shut up.). A lot of teams would love to add his experience, grit, and scoring touch for a playoff run, and there are several teams looking for a winger, such as Dallas, and Toronto. He would join Owen Nolan, Vaclav Prospal, Vladislav Nagy, Bill Guerin, Gary Roberts, and Todd Bertuzzi as the market for wingers. He’d certainly be the best winger on that market, and some teams may be willing to over pay.

Looking for a center? Can’t afford Forsberg? The Canes, Habs, and Canucks could all be interested in Rangers center Michael Nylander. The market for a center includes Smolinski and Forsberg, and Nylander would be a nice addition for a team that missed Forsberg.

Others possibly headed out if the Rangers continue to slide, and I think a lot of people need to remember, it’s just a slide, and they’ll get back into thinks will definitely include Sandis Ozolinsh, Darius Kasparitus, Marek Malik, Kevin Weekes, and Martin Straka.

But this is still assuming the Rangers slide continues till the end of February. I’d like to see what Ranger fans at HTR have to say about the sudden slide, and if they think the Rangers should buy or sell.

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  1. mikster says:

    It’s either get a 2nd line center within the next couple of days or sell.

    Yet, i don’t think they will be big sellers. I think the Rangers will back track and try to put together a team that has chemistry as they did last season.

    Shanny was a great addition because he is a great player, yet he did not fit into the team’s identity and the Rangers made a huge mistake thinking that Cullen would have pulled it off as a 2nd line guy.

    Renney is partly at fault here by insisting that this team cna pull it off. If he says it one more time i think he should be sent to Australia to coach hockey.

    Rangers should have kept the Euro image. Yes, it was not successful and quite “””Wimpy””” in Cherry’s terms, but it worked.

    So, i think Shanahan and a couple of more would be sold, but not Jagr, Nylander, or Straka….

  2. Mephist0 says:

    The problem with the Rangers has to be coaching, you ever watched one of their games? It is pretty pathetic.

    1. The forwards never check the D so they always have time and space to get the puck out.
    2. They are never in the right position, all 3 guys will be on one side or behind the net and a pass to the slot goes nowhere.
    3. No one is ever in front of the net screening the goalie, power play or regular strength.
    4. No one crashes the net for rebounds.
    5. Most of them are pussies so if you play a hard checking game they will not go for the puck and will cough it up.
    6. Jager has been pathetic this season. Just floating around, not skating hard and just waiving his stick at people for defense. He has had flashes of brilliance, but not consistently.
    7. Shannahan is a shooter with not a single set up man on the team, so he gets as close to the net as he can and shoots. Not very effective.
    8. Too many passes side to side and back, but not enough forward, they can pass it 7 times to go 15 feet and lose the puck before they leave the zone.
    1. Now for the Defense, they are almost never in the play as a 5 man unit. It is easy to shut down 68, 82 and 92 because their D are rarely part of the play.
    2. Their D never check anyone, so if a forward fights hard or circles around he will always get a shot.
    3. The "hey its your guy" mentality. 10 times a game you will see a Ranger who could get the puck peel off assuming someone else will.
    4. Malik is a 6'6" *****, how can he never throw a check, it is pathetic.
    5. No one gets rebounds for their goalie.
    6. No one clears in front of the net.
    7. Rachunek and Ozolinsh as *****ing useless

    Overall, they are a bunch of pussies, they have no tough mentality and get knocked around at will. Hollweg is their only hitter at 5'11"
    Their is no problem being weak if you have skill and speed like Buffalo. Sadly they are slow skating and developing plays. Everyone just floats around.
    Except for their 2nd line, this team has no soul or passion. I grew up a Ranger fan in NY and all they did was break my little heart every season. Now I expect them to and they never disappoint.

  3. kamullia says:

    Oh come on. Don’t hold back now. Let it all out. Tell us how do you really feel about the Rangers?

  4. rangers19 says:

    It's really disapointing…I'm really fed up with this "ah well let's get them next game" There are no fighters on this team. The coaching is horrible and something needs to be done. We need more fighters and what I mean by that is players who come and play every game and give everything they have. I believe it's all about atitude and right now Rangers don't have any.

    i think the ranger can sellers if they go out and lose 3 of their next 4 games or lose their next 3 or something like that!! But really who can they sell. Who would want:

    1. A slow MALIK….2. A useless AARON WARD….4. A fu**er like KASPARAITIS…

    Seriously….Rangers need to win their next 5 games and then maybe we'll be byers……..Rangers season is on the line this week!!

  5. PaulK123 says:

    There are a few problems wit ur article, Micheal Nylander will not be a UFA after this year. his contract runs through 07/08. The reason the teams want Forsberg is because he is a rent-a-player. So good luck moving Nylander.

     Shanahan for Tlutsy and a 1st? The Leafs are trying to re-build and not bandage up their wounds temporarily.

     Ozolinsh is a tradable asset for teams looking to make a playoff push. Kasparitus in untradable with his contract. Malik Weekes could  both get you some okay prospects. Straka once again underachieves, his contract runs through 07/08, untradeable this year, unless the team want to keep him.

  6. NHLman says:

    Straka underachieves? It's obvious your not a Rangers fan and haven't watched their games, Straka is one of the most consistent players on the team and would be a top six forward any team in the league. Plus, let's not forget that he can play center or both wings. If the Ranger's make him available they could demand a huge return for him because he also has another year on his contract.

  7. nyrhockey094 says:

    Paul you once again show how lttle you know about the Rangers.

    1st off, teams would rather have a longer contract then a Renta player. You get him for a extra year and not lose him in the off season. Ozo is not a trade able asset. Hes hurt. Hes useless. No team would want him who is trying to make a playoff push, hes such a defensive liablity and really has no upside. He will only disrupt defensive chemistry.

    Straka under achieving??? I wish you dont open your mouth any more on the Rangers. He is having a career year and you say he is under achieving? Hes being paid 3 mil a year and was in the top 10 in scoring for quite some time. Un tradeable? If the Rangers traded shannahan Straka and Nylander they would have half of the first round.

    Stick to your laughs and stop insulting the rangers with your pathetic amount of knowledge.

  8. NHLman says:

    At this point I am definitely up for the Rangers being sellers. I'd rather see them finish last in the league than 9th in the conference. The market for sellers is so strong that at this point they really have no choice but to sell, unless they turn it around. If they make the right moves there's no reason that they couldn't be back in the playoffs next year with all the quality free agents available. And honestly, I think that if they swapped the Hartford Wolfpack for the Rangers that the Wolfpack would do alright. So here's who I think should be traded and why and some projections of where they might go.

    A. Ward- but can't move him and his stupid contract
    Cullen- can't move his retarded contract
    Kasparitis- see Ward

    Michael Nylander, good playmaking center but getting up there in age (34). There is no reason that Nylander cannot be replaced in the offseason: Briere, Drury, etc. Could make a team like Atlanta very dangerous.

    Possible teams: Montreal, Atlanta (seems like most logical choice)
    To Atlanta:
    To Rangers:
    1st Rnd draft pick
    Alex Bourret/Joey Crabb

    Brendan Shanahan, free agent at the end of this season and near the end of the road.

    Possible teams: Detroit, Nashville, San Jose
    To Detroit:
    Brendan Shanahan
    To Rangers:
    1st Rnd draft pick
    Valtteri Filppula
    Igor Grigorenko


    To Nashville:
    To Rangers:
    1st Rnd pick
    Alexander Radulov
    Kevin Klein

    Michael Roszival, good puck moving defenseman, but Rangers cannot have him as their #1, could free up space to sign a defenseman in the offseason.

    Possible Teams: Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Vancouver
    To Pittsburgh:
    To Rangers:
    3rd Rnd draft pick
    Noah Welch

    To Edmonton:
    To Rangers:
    3rd Rnd draft pick
    Marc-Antoine Pouliot

    Marek Malik….
    Possible Teams: ???
    To ???:
    To Rangers:
    4th Rnd draft pick
    mid-level prospect

    Sandish Ozolinsh, what a bust this guy has been, has scored more goals for the other team than he has for the Rangers in his time here.

    If he is healthy he could be traded

    Possible Teams: ???
    To ???:
    To Rangers:
    mid-level prospect

    This is what I would do. Realize I haven't taken the salary cap into consideration, but that is besides the point as this is all speculation. Would load the Rangers with draft picks and prospects that could even be used in the offseason for trades. But I think this 'purge' would set them up nicely for next season, provided they make a few significant free agent signings, along with the development of prospects.

  9. Plebeian says:

    Straka an underachiever?
    No teams interested in Nylander?
    I disagree with both points. Just because they have a year left on their contracts, doesn't mean that they are undesireable. Conroy has a year left on his salary too, that didn't stop him from being traded. Some teams might prefer to keep their newly acquired players for more than 3 months, especially given that they are giving up prospects and picks for them.

    I wonder if there is a team out there interested in Jagr,…not likely I know, but part of me could see him returning to Pittsburgh if the chemistry is right. The teams young blood might just get his blood flowing again. He would certainly push them over the edge as far as contenders go. They are stacked at center, add a prolific winger who has history with the franchise and you never know. I wouldn't mind the Rangers picking up a 2nd Staal, and possible some good picks.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I think you're asking a little too much for Shanny. Radulov is gonna be a star.

  11. Marky2Fresh says:

    If Ozolinsh sucks so hard what makes you think another team will want him, and for a prospect at that?

    Rangers: "This guy blows monkey ass, he doesn't even deserve to be in the NHL"

    Other Team:
    "Well, we wouldn't mind having him on our team – we'll give you a guy in Europe who may never come over but has pretty decent skills if he does, and a 6th for him."

    Rangers: "Oh no, if you want him it's going to cost you a first round pick!"

  12. ranger_fan says:

    OK, Leafy don't say the Rangers will rebuild again. The first consisted of going after aging czech "stars" to get chemistry which has always been a concern in NY. Their rookies have played a combined 20 games or so which is pathetic for a team who had a firesale two seasons ago.

    Therefore this is a continuation of the rebuilding phase which the Rangers have put off for a little while. I agree with Mikster in saying if they want to make a push they need to make some moves and make it now without dealing this years first round pick away. After all its looking like it might be a top 10 pick.

    -The Rangers team seems too old for one.
    -There is too much of individualism taking place.
    -Too many lazy penalties
    -Too many shifts where even the top players are taking off
    -Lundqvist is getting little help and the quality scoring chances against are way too high
    -Weekes can't control a rebound to save his life
    -There are 5 third pairing defensemen on this team
    -They can't win at home
    -Jagr has only 19 goals, and yet the focus of the team is still get the puck to either him or Shanahan (who is getting better chances but is not finishing very much)
    -Oh yeah. Did I mention that Renney has misused Pock, Dawes, Immonen, and Callahan.

    So if I'm Slats, I ask the Flyers GM what is he looking at for a return. If its a 2nd round pick, and a player such as Marcel Hossa – take it! That of course is if Mr Forsberg is committed to helping the Rangers, and would consider resigning.

    Second thing I would do is inquire about a defenseman. How about Darek Morris? Eric Brewer? Brett Sopel? Aaron Miller. The price tag on these guys should not cost an arm and a leg or a Prucha. Even Brian Berard would be an improvement, and honestly he should cost next to nothing.

    While we are at it, why not trade away Malik after he returns close to the deadline. I've heard the Preds are interested in Rachunek. Lets see what kind of prospect or pick we could get with him. Hell may be they will want Adam Hall back! We will package the deal.

    I say guys who must stay include Jagr, Straka, Lundqvist, Prucha, and talk about a contract extension with Shanahan. Don't give up on him or the season. Don't trade away Callahan Dawes or Immonen if we can help it unless some kid named Zherdev is coming back.

    NY is loaded with mediocracy and yes it proves last years Cinderella story was nothing more than a fluke. If they make a move, make it now! There schedule is not very challanging. NY controls their fate, and If I'm Slats, I'm working the phones. Hell I will intern for you Slats if you need help, because you have a shitload of work that needs to be done. I don't want to see you in your box smoking your cigars anymore. Do like my baseball GM Billy Beane, and don't even watch the games. May be you could even learn something from Billy, one of the best general managers in professional sports.

  13. ranger_fan says:

    He just doesn't know what he is talking about. Sandis is on the IR and can't be moved yet. No word on his progress, but he did seem to make good strides on his defensive game and teams that are hurting for depth on the blueline could have him for a mid level pick or less. I doubt the Thrashers, or Oilers would have NO interest in him. He does still move the puck well.

  14. ranger_fan says:

    Im torn between if they need a second line center right now or a quality defenseman. Both are huge needs. And both need to be adressed.

  15. NHLman says:

    What do you think I meant when I said " If he is healthy he could be traded". I know he is on IR, derr.

  16. NHLman says:

    Based on last year's trades I don't think that is true:

    Carolina Hurricanes acquire forward Mark Recchi from the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for forward Niklas Nordgren, forward Krys Kolanos and a second-round pick in 2007.

    Edmonton Oilers acquired goaltender Dwayne Roloson from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for a first round pick and a conditional 3rd round draft pick.

    Carolina Hurricanes acquired centre Doug Weight and left wing Erkki Rajamaki from the St. Louis Blues for a first-round pick in 2006, Toronto's fourth-round pick in 2006, Chicago's fourth-round pick in 2007, forward Jesse Boulerice, centre Mike Zigomanis, and the rights to unsigned draft pick Magnus Kahnberg.

    Shanahan is more valuable than Recchi, Weight, or Roloson.
    And Radulov may become a star, but that isn't guaranteed.

  17. mcpickl says:

    i think you have severly overrated the worth of your Rangers. also you have no salary coming back for the hugh salary players. most teams buying are capped out and would need to match salaries

  18. NHLman says:

    You know what Pittsburgh would have to give up to get Jagr? He is clearly one of the best players in the league and has another two years on his contract at a salary that is extremely reasonable for his output.

    It would be like two 1st rnd draft picks (not like Pittsburgh needs them after having top 5 picks for like the past 8 years), Jordan Staal, and like two more legitimate prospects. The Rangers aren't going to part with their biggest draw and best player without a great compensation package. I don't even know if this would work with the salary cap. Although I was thinking about the same thing.

  19. NHLman says:

    "Realize I haven't taken the salary cap into consideration…"
    Do you read?

  20. NHLman says:

    Next year, without a doubt the Rangers will have Jan Marek on the team, he is one of the top scorers in the Russian Superleague and should have been given a shot to make the team this season. Although he is already an older 'prospect' at 28, he's something to look forwars to.

    Team: Magnitogorsk Metallurg
    Marek's Scoring to Date: 38 games, 17 goals, 22 assists, 50 PIM.

  21. Asquaredx2 says:

    I was going to say that. Radulov is Nashville's top prospect, they aren't going to give him And a first round pick up for Shanny, who isn't getting any younger.

  22. wingerxxx says:

     I don't see it yet, sorry.  The Rangers are still in the thick of the playoff hunt.  They won't sell unless they go on a huge losing streak, and really fall out of the playoff picture.  As of now, they are definitely going to be buyers.

    Even if they did sell…Jagr isn't going anywhere.  Everyone knows that, it hardly needs to be said.  He's the captain and cornerstone of the team, until his contract runs out.  Right now, he is to the Rangers what Mats Sundin is to the Leafs.  I don't see Shanahan being dealt, even with his UFA status next summer.  I think that Slats is going to do his best to keep him aboard.  Straka is also not going anywhere.  He was juset signed to an extension.  Nylander also, will not be dealt.  He is the lone Rangers scoring center.  These four players are basically the fabric of the team. 

    Which leaves guys like Kasparaitis, Malik, Ozolinsh, Weekes, etc.  The question is, what teams would actually want these players?  Ozolinsh is about done.  Kasparaitis…who knows what is going on with him.  Malik has been consistently sub-par this year, and only seems to play well alongside Roszival, who is also having a dip in his play this year. 

    Sather is not going to go into firesale mode like he did a few years back, because it is not really necessary.  The Rangers have a pretty good pool of prospects…and as said before, are still in the playoff hunt.  What's more, anyone who watches the Rangers can see that they are just a couple of missing pieces away from being a team that no one will want to play against.  That is just one reason why they are in the middle of all the trade talk.  And there is a lot of hockey left to be played.

  23. Mephist0 says:

    At the begining of the season, I would neverhave thought I would say this, but Jagr beingcapitain is one of the reasons the Rangers are a bunch or heartless, lazy shits.

  24. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ya, but there's a market this year. People won't ridiculously overpay for Shanahan because Prospal, Guerin, Tkachuk, Nolan, Doan, Nagy, Carter, Bertuzzi, Roberts, Zednik, etcetera.

    Besides Radulov is better than a first and a third, considering it was Edmonton's first and third, he's better than Nordrgren and Kolanos too.

  25. trueblue says:

    This week is the most important week, because if they make a move or two to go for it, then they will need the next 28 games to move up in position to win a playoff spot. Right now if the season ended they would get the 10th or 11th pick in the upcoming draft. I know they might not want to give up on the season yet, but if they sell they really can improve their outllok for the future big time!

    Fortunately, the next several games ar gonna be big ones and most at home. So if they lose 'em …..they should sell. This team is designed on paper to be in the top ten not bottom ten looking for a savior at the deadline!

    If they sell, they should sell:

    They should look to get a high profile prospect for Shanny or a 1st round pick and a legitimate prospect.

    With the rest of 'em the best that they can get.
    They can fill their holes with players from Hartford like Callahan, Immonen, Baranka, etc…

    Whatever they do, they have to make up their mind quickly and go all the way with it!!!

    If they continue to lose maybe they can select Sam Gagner with their 1st round pick……future #1 center. Hey, they can do it if they sell now!!!!

  26. wingerxxx says:

    Know Jagr personally, do you?  He's been playing injured all year.  What a stupid comment.

  27. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    The Rangers will not make the playoffs.   Look at the standings right now,  can you see any teams dropping from the top 8?  Carolina will add an impact player before the deadline, Tampa should continue to be red hot until the end, so that leaves Pittsburgh.  Leafs have a better chance of taking a playoff spot.  Rangers should sell.

  28. mikster says:

    Defense hasn’t allowed more than 3 goals in the past 7…8 games or so and just against TB did they allow 3. They may look sloppy, but they haven’t lost the recent games.

    Offense has lost, get a 2nd line center.

  29. wheresthesoda says:

    wut if the rangers pick up a real good playmaker for shanny, that can make this team unstopable

  30. Isleman says:

    Not sure the Booshirts are there yet, but even if they were, I don't think selling is an option for them…their season ticket holders would scream bloody murder. My brother is a big booshirt fan and he will love to get a copy of this post (NOT)!!!

    Hoping Isles can get someone like Stumpel (FL) or Nagy (PHO). They just need one bona fide playmaker to be a real contender.

  31. pj1199 says:

    This is a question that needs to be looked at very closely. This upcoming week will have alot to do with their plans. The Rangers have 2 tough games to start the week off (vs Wings, at Devs). If they lose these 2 games, which is VERY possible, then selling should be considered.

    I have been a huge Rangers fan  for years and all I want to see is a competative team put on the ice every night. Certain things need to be done before the trade deadline to see where they stand…

    1. The line combinations need to be changed quickly and Petr Prucha needs a chance to show that last season was not a fluke. Otherwise he should be traded.

    The line combinations should look like this….

    2. Marcel Hossa needs to be sitting in the skybox. This guy is terrible. I dont understand how Prucha gets barely any ice time and Hossa continues to get between 12-15  minutes a night. Yes he hustles and plays hard but he couldnt score if he was shooting into a soccer net.

    3. A few call ups from the minors need to be made. There is nothing like having a shot of youth into the lineup to get some of the older guys going. I want to see how some of these young guys are developing. I need to see Nigel Dawes, Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan, Jarkko Immonen, Ivan Baranka, Marc Staal, and even a guy named Hugh Jessiman play to see where the Rangers future stands.

    4. Bring in Brian Leetch for a tryout. Yes I said it. They still need a QB for the power play and Leetch cannot be any worse that having Rosival or Malik out there. Their defense is bad as it is and Leetch would not make the team any worse then it already is. Giving him a look is worth the risk.

    I know that these are long shots and none of them will probably happen but there  is nothing wrong with giving it a shot. If they do wind up selling and give themselves alot of cap space for next season I have 2 UFA's that will make immediate impacts on the team for next year.

    Daniel Briere and Sheldon Souray.
    Good post guys and keep it coming.

    Lets Go Rangers!!!

  32. cecilturtle says:

    Thank you for being the lone voice of reason today…  Until I just read your comments, I did not realise how badly my thoughts were in the process of being manipulated by every single posters negativity into believing that the Rangers had absolutely no chance of winning this year and should just give up and sell off all their top players.  Good thing there are/were people put on this earth like you and General George S. Patton to occationaly, when really really needed, smack us in the face a few times and hollor at us that we are not cowards and we should not give up!  Clearly Jedi mind-tricks do not work on you!


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