Could the Sens add a substantial player?

If the Senators’ bubble was going to burst, you would have expected it to do so by now. It hasn’t, eh? Well, maybe under the hot California sun, where they start a four-game in six-day stretch Thursday against Western Conference teams, in their own time zone, who are at different levels of desperation.

GM Bryan Murray doesn’t think it’s going to happen, though. He looks at his team — the surprise of the NHL season with a 26-16-6 record and within a short saucer pass from the Eastern Conference lead — and he doesn’t see a crash and burn in its future.

He believes the Senators are for real.

“We play too hard every night, everybody plays too hard every night, to fall by the wayside,” Murray said Wednesday. “That’s the biggest thing for me. Night after night. If they did it once in awhile, but this group appear to believe so much in themselves an the group … “

Still, he’s not going to officially proclaim himself a buyer just yet.

“I like our team,” said Murray, and with an 11-2-2 record in its last 15 games, what’s not to like? “We have to take a look as we go through this road trip. We have a tough schedule right now. If we can compete during the next 2 1/2-3 weeks, at least …

“When you get into the playoffs, you know anything can happen. My thought has always been at deadline time that if you can add something to your team that the players believe is a good addition, that really adds a lot to your roster. They see we’re trying.

“I think our depth is okay right now, but we made need a substantial piece.”