Could this be the real deal

The Toronto Star had this today to say about Owen Nolan possibly coming to the Leafs
“Ken Campbell

Sports Reporter

The San Jose Sharks appear ready to deal and a source who requested anonymity said the Maple Leafs could get Owen Nolan if they’re willing to part with centre Alyn McCauley, top prospect Brad Boyes and their first-round pick in the 2003 entry draft.

Sharks GM Dean Lombardi said the team has chosen one of the three scenarios that he presented to ownership last week. Each one calls for varying degrees of roster upheaval before the March 11 trade deadline and while Lombardi wouldn’t say which one was chosen, he sounded yesterday like a man who is ready to deal.

“It’s safe to say that we’ve decided on a course of action,” Lombardi said. “But whether or not anything comes to fruition in this marketplace remains to be seen.”

Lombardi would not say where things stand with the Leafs and Nolan, but another source said the Leafs have taken the most interest in acquiring the Sharks’ power forward who scored a career-high 44 goals in the 1999-2000 season. Philadelphia is also apparently interested in Nolan, but the sticking point is apparently the Sharks’ insistence on a package involving the Flyers’ Justin Williams.

The Sharks are reportedly interested in McCauley for his character, leadership ability and penalty-killing skills and like the upside possessed by Boyes, a player some observers have said is the best rookie the St. John’s Maple Leafs have had in years.

There have been reports of dressing room discord involving Nolan but coach Ron Wilson has had no problem with Nolan.

Nolan, 31, is having a difficult time as captain in San Jose and it’s thought that he would flourish on another team where he could play a more secondary role. For his part, Nolan has said he wants to stay with the Sharks. He has some business interests in San Jose and his pregnant wife is from the area.

If the Leafs were able to get Nolan for the package of McCauley, Boyes and a pick, they’d be adding a premier talent with a minimum of disruption to the roster. McCauley had been moved to the right side for recent games and Nolan could replace him, giving them a right-wing corps of Alexander Mogilny, Nolan, Mikael Renberg and Tom Fitzgerald.

The Sharks, viewed by many as a legitimate Stanley Cup contender before the season, are in last place in the Pacific Division.”

So by the sounds of it the Sharks want MacCauley, Boyes and a first rounder. The leafs first round pick would probably be in the mid 20’s, therefore if the Sharks would throw in Marchmant with that then I say that is a good deal.

That would have your second line being antropov centreing Nolan and possibly Hoglund. That aint bad

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  1. cwhockey says:

    Not trying to nitpick, but this is the same info from the previous thread. Only difference is where it came from.

    I know Leaf topics are the most popular, but is this anywhere close to fair? I sent in something about an actual trade. Minor player being moved, but it was a real trade, something that actually happened. If this is gonna keep on being a popularity contest between a handful of teams, please let me know right now.

  2. keon says:

    Owen Nolan to the Leafs would be outstanding. That would give the Leafs some great grit and energy on all four lines.





    Where does Corson go???

  3. DaAvs says:

    Gotta agree with CW on this..I’ve seen this thread about 4 times in the last 3 days if not more…It’s definatly a heck of a story…But let us know when it’s done or it changes.

  4. Aetherial says:

    Uh, this was reported on another Leaf thread.

    Then it was the subject of the thread below this one.

    Now it is the same thing again.

    I am a Leafs fan. I am getting fairly tired of these articles myself.

    I guess the fact is, there are no other rumors out there! So we are going to be stuck with Leaf stuff until someone publishes something else 🙁

  5. Stuv_Dogg says:

    I agree and disagree – it’s not a heck of a story, I mean sure it would be nice if the Leafs landed Nolan but is there really any more creditibility to this rumor than there has been to a million other rumors reported by the Star and Sun about Lindros, Kariya, and everybody else who excelled in this sport?

    On the flip side, I can see how non-Leaf fans would be getting a bit irritated by this. Even as a Leaf fan it gets a bit much reading the same stuff over and over.

    Can’t this site be organized so that threads of a similar nature appear under a common heading?

  6. starsgirl25 says:

    yes! as a stars fan, i will only see him once a year, instead of 5. if this trade does happen, the sharks will continue to cripple. maybe the leafs will benefit from it too.

  7. amazing_jesse says:

    As much as I love the Leafs, I mean I gotta agree with a few others out there that there is a little much on them. When you factor in repeats, Oi!

  8. recoil959 says:

    I enjoy the Leafs also, but please get some new info. We have heard the same story many times now.

  9. bodiddley says:

    I’m from st.louis the land of crappy goaltending and i just wanted to say that two weeks ago i stated that i’m a total blues fan, but i do like the leafs however all the trade rumors and crying about the gm was making it hard to route for the leafs, and everyone jumped down my throat. now its nice to see that people from toronto are getting tired of seeing the same old rumors and are speaking out about it .

  10. aaron says:

    Alright, I sent in two articles on topics that have not been brought up basically period at this site since the season started (how’d your preseason predictions go? and should hockey institute a tournament system?). Neither one was posted. Instead, we get the EXACT SAME TRADE RUMOR posted for the 4th time in the past week.

    I mean, come on. Does anyone outside of Toronto really care this much about the Leafs?

  11. TML51 says:

    This is indeed getting old. In fact it’s getting done to death. Kovalev rumours were bad enough, this has gotten out of hand. Yes, I’m a big Leafs fan, but this is getting rediculous. At this point, I don’t care if the Leafs bring Borje Salming out of retirement…at least it would stop the daily “Nolan to Leafs” rumours.

  12. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    I agree,I’m not trying to come across as a “homer”,but the Leafs have a heavy following on this site along with the Flyers and a few other teams.I’m sick of hearing these rumors myself,but the Toronto media seems to spit them out on a daily basis.It’s all about selling papers and it makes for good discussion,or bad,on here.That is why all these Leaf rumors and specualations are posted because of the almost daily media speculations and bullshit.

  13. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Yeah it is getting old,however,the Leafs have a very loyal following throughout Canada.Go to Edmonton,Calgary,Vancouver or Ottawa and almost half of the building are filled with Leaf fans.Montreal being the exception to that rule.

  14. jacosta says:

    I posted this thread this morning at 8:00 am eastern time. I posted it as news at that time. It really isn’t my fault that it took 5 hours to get on. I just thought that it would be news at 8:00 am.

    Sorry but I can’t help at what time it gets posted

  15. Rico71 says:

    The problem is…its not news. Only another rewrite of the same rumors that is floating around since last week.

    Instead of posting all these repeat articles, why not skip them?

    They are interesting the first or second time…but 4 times? Overkill.

    Same goes for the Iginla to Flyers rumors. Enough already.

  16. cwhockey says:

    I don’t necessairly mind if some teams have a big following and get a little more to talk about here. The problem I have is that many of these topics are the same speculation. True, they are spit out in different media outlets, they are different articles in different papers. But they are the same speculation. I don’t believe that just because it is published in a different place means it is worthy of starting another topic on it here. For all intents and purposes, it is the same story. And this definitely is not the first time this has happened.

    The thread below this I don’t have a problem with (maybe a little tired of Leaf rumors but I can cope). A story was written outlining a possible trade, and a big one at that. I’m cool with that. But this thread was started on the same exact information, the only difference being where it was reported. Nothing new surfaced from this source and it was put right on top of the other. That is what I have a problem with.

    Some other rant of mine I said what you mentioned about the fact that this type of thing attracts people and start discussion (and in the case of a newspaper, it helps sales). It is just that over time reputations build with sites like these. Not too far from now unless some type of balance is acheived, only fans from a handful of teams will post here. Many will have left and the others will just sit back and debate the same issues over and over. This site has got great potential, another reason why I get pissed about this.

  17. Aetherial says:

    It is news because the article is specifying exactly what the Sharks are asking for this time and what they are offering.

    It is NOT jacosta’s fault. It is the fault of who is deciding what to put up here.

  18. aaron says:

    The article right below this says exactly the same thing, but its possible it wasn’t up when he wrote this.

  19. orlandomac says:

    I am with CW…

    although things are always slightly slanted in any League.

  20. orlandomac says:

    Alex if you looked around the building the other day it was almost half in Montreal too.

    French Bandwagoneers I guess, maybe we should refr to them as Les Leafs.

  21. orlandomac says:

    I agree with Aetherial and would just like to add, as well as who they are asking for, the source is who is valuable as well.

    Bill Watters was on the Fan 590 this morning, I believe he is also the source to this story.

    It came off like it was the Leafs brass checking the fans reaction to those players mentioned, considering the 2 players mentioned are popular.

    Boyes has a pretty good upside.

    I believe its an informal fan poll. Mr Watters has been the source of too many of the Leafs rumours, and handles alot of the public relations through the media defending the teams viewpoint.

    Pat Marsden at one point during the Interview mentioned kiddingly that Watters was the source to the story to which Watters didn’t reply.

  22. leafsrox says:

    I HIGHLY DOUBT that McCauley would be enough roster players to get Nolan. It would havta be more of the likes of Tucker and Corson

  23. Tradedude says:

    Thanks for posting the same thing twice.

    Just love to read things twice and know what your gunna say.

    If this deal goes down, Quinn will be remembered for it! But let’s stick to reality here.

  24. WeStSiDe says:

    Instead of blamming Leaf Fans for having to of the same topics, blame the person who ok’ed it onto here, the guy who submitted it didnt know.. Come on!

  25. Leaf_Expert says:

    Aight Leaf Fans,

    Let try not to jinx dis….

    BUt always rememba, not matta what,

    Go Leafs GO!

  26. Sane04 says:

    put reichel on waivers….. and put Corson with Green and Tucker… and have Fitzgerald as your centremen for the 4th line with Hoggy and and Domi.

  27. Seattleaf says:

    Trade bait? with Tucker?

  28. NYIchooch75 says:

    That’s going to change in the next few days. There are only 2 weeks to go, so the amount of rumors will only increase. By next Tuesday you will see a crap load of potentials out there. I think that is when posts its rumor mill page. Hopefully the rumors will invlove more than the Leafs (no offense) and Nolan.

  29. NYIchooch75 says:


  30. NYIchooch75 says:

    Let’s take a vote…just reply with a one word answer…YES or NO.


  31. titans says:

    When are you Leafs fans gonna learn THE LEAFS NEVER MAKE TRADES!! NEVER!! GET OVER IT!

  32. orlandomac says:

    Hmmmm I think thats more than one word….

    Titans you sound like an intensely jealous person.

    The use of Capitals in your comment suggests early childhood trauma.

    The shortness of the statement would suggest it was between the ages of 8-10, in early developmental stages.

    The repetition of never, suggests that it was sexual abuse.

    Get Over it, would allude to the fact you were anally probed.

    The use of learn in this statement suggests you grew to like being anally probed.

    The dislike of the Leafs points to, the fact the Leafs are good and you like being bad.

    You are a bad boy and want to be pummelled, you wake up shouting bend me over, bend me over daddy.

    I pity you, please seek help.

  33. bruinexpert says:

    this has nothing to do with the article but if anyone has a link to those pictures of all of the leafs drunk i would appreciate it if you would reply to this with the link….cheers

  34. Aetherial says:

    Agreed, would like to see other interesting possibilities for other teams or even something else interesting for the Leafs. First it was weeks of Kovalev now it is Nolan.


  35. Aetherial says:

    I was at the game in Montreal and the place was JUMPING!

    The crowd was almost as loud when the Leafs did something as when the Canadien’s did! When the final buzzer sounded the cheering was so loud it almost hurt my ears!

    Wierd to be in an opposing building and hear that much cheering for the visitors!

  36. Aetherial says:

    If the Sharks get Tucker… they will have to back off on Boyes (take a lesser prospect) or, more likely, back off on the draft pick.

    The Sharks have no interest in Corson. Only a team that needs a hard-nosed *shadow* forward to do the dirty work checking the playoffs would be after Corson

    Someone like Anaheim, Vancouver, St. Louis maybe? He would be a rent-a-player only just a checker to target the opposing team’s dangerous centers.

  37. Aetherial says:

    No, not this exact trade.

    There will be a trade but not like it is stated. My reasoning is simple. VERY rarely does an actual trade get leaked beforehand. Sometimes (the odd occasion) the rumor is close.

    The Leafs will get someone though, someone significant!

  38. Tradedude says:






  39. Tradedude says:

    You’ll see!

  40. Tradedude says:


    we’re giving up 2 much and will be parting with TOO much money!

  41. PriceClub says:

    Just a note for your lines.. Mogilny would be on the first line with Sundin and Roberts, they play amazing together.. Renberg belongs on the Canadians

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