Counterpoint: Leafs – Flyers a closer look

So, the whining about penalties (among other things) has begun. Let’s take a closer look…


Game 1:

Toronto 0-3, Philadelphia 0-4 shots 26-23 for Philadelhia.

-Penalties pretty much followed the flow of the game. Nothing to complain about here.

Game 2:

Toronto 0-4, Philadelphia 2-5 shots 27-24 for Toronto

-Game was even except Toronto DOMINATED the second period… Philadelphia had more powerplays?

Game 3:

Toronto 1-5

Philadelphia 1-2 Shots 29-19 for Toronto.

-Toronto kicked Philadelphia’s tail up and down the ice all night. Philadelphia got 3 late penalties, ALL deserved, when they were likely out of it, down 3-1 already. Otherwise the penalties were 2-2 in a game dominated by Toronto?!? Seems to me that Philadelphia caught a break… this was when the whining began! Gotta love Aki Berg getting physical on Brasher… ROFLMAO!

Game 4:

Toronto 0-6 (effectively 1-6)

Philadelphia 0-4 Shots 31-29 for Toronto.

-Toronto had a slight edge in play. The first half the 3rd period Philadelphia dominated. They had to though.

So where is the big discrepancy? In every case, the number of penalties followed the game play!

Yes, Belfour dived,

Yes, Mogilny deserved a penalty on Markov,

Yes the Primeau call last night was cheap.

God, it is beyond pathetic to say that this is the reason the Leafs won 2 games!

I could also argue that a vicious 2Hand chop to the back of Mogilny’s leg deserved more than 2 minutes. Handzus, game 2, took a dive and drew a bad call. LeClair(I think) game 1, did the same thing.

I could also note, CORRECTLY that Philadelphia scored a goal when Brashear cross-checked MCCabe out of the way… he “pushed off”. The replays are CRYSTAL clear guys.

My point, and the FACT is, Toronto is not burning Philadelphia on the powerplay. Toronto has had THREE more powerplays in 4 games (whoooopeee). This has been exactly in line with the overall flow of play.

If you have been watching the series you would be a complete idiots if you didn’t recognize that the overall play has been close (except game 3), but definitely overall, in Toronto’s favor also.

Finally, this whole “momentum” arguement Hitchcawk is spewing, is total BullSH*T. Give me a break, you have to overcome this. NO game has a had a lot of penalties!!! You don’t sit on the bench and sulk… take a look at the F’ing numbers for Christ Sakes.. they are NOT out of line with the play. What ever happened to getting a *lift* from a penalty kill… don’t whine to me about failed powerplays giving Toronto momentum… total BS.

Philadelphia has a good team, will likely win the series. I just want everyone to remember the whining from Clarke, Hitch***** and Primeau and some Philly fans around here. If the Leafs did the same, you can bet we would be hearing all about it over and over and over and over and over and over for YEARS! (we still get regular NYI-Leafs series comments!)

Philadelphia needs to play THEIR game. They need to put up and shut up. They need to take a REAL look at the refereeing and quit making excuses. The players that are whining are the ones that need to step it up period. Where is LeClair, Where is Recchi? for that matter, even JR is not doing that much!

Finally, they (Primeau, Roenick) were oh so upset that some Leafs played “bigger” at home… WTF? Maybe that is true but look at the difference between the Flyers home vs. the Flyers in the ACC…. HAHAHAHA! seems for certain that at least one team here sure does play bigger at home!

Philadelphia has been outplayed overall in this series and yet they are tied. They should consider themselves lucky frankly. Less Whining, More Playing Philly… and you’ll win this series on home ice advantage alone.

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