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Turco a hero in his neighborhood. US needs to change drinking age law!!!

Waddell to hire a coach soon.

Gary Roberts’ status.
Big stop by Turco

(Jan. 9th) Dallas Stars goaltender Marty Turco has been stopping more than pucks lately. Turco found a thief in his garage at 5:45 pm on Christmas day. An 18-year-old man was trying to steal beer from a refrigerator in Turco’s garage. The athletic goalie chased the man down, tackled him and held him until police arrived. Turco was not hurt and said he has no comment on the issue. Charges are pending.

Thrashers announcement imminent

(Jan. 9th) TFP has learned that Atlanta GM Don Waddell is very close to naming the team’s new coach. The announcement could come as early as this weekend. “The process is going faster now,” Waddell said. “I haven’t interviewed everybody [I want], but I’ve spoken to everybody.” Waddell was impressed by Bob Hartley when he interviewed him on Tuesday, and Hartley may have pulled ahead of Terry Murray as the leading candidate.

Roberts back on the ice

(Jan. 8th) Toronto Maple Leafs winger Gary Roberts went through a rigorous on-ice workout conducted by assistant coach Keith Acton yesterday at the Air Canada Centre. There has still not been a date set for his return, but Roberts has kept himself in excellent physical condition. Roberts could be back in action in the next month, depending on how his surgically-repaired shoulders heal.

Mikster’s view:

That kid must have gotten his @$$ kicked for sure by Turco, and deserved to. There is one thing I highly disagree with in the USA, the drinking age. I went to high school here, now in college, and I’ve seen the differences around the world, since i come from Europe. In Europe, especially South-Western Europe, drinking is not this big deal as it is in the USA. Teenagers here drool to drink, have fun, get laid, and screw around breaking the law. Meanwhile, teenagers in Europe can drink on a normal basis and enjoy the finer things in life, like wine, special refined beer, and after dinners. It’s a different mindset. Funny, how I would spend my 21st birthday compared to some other people who want to spend it that I talk to. They want to throw a party, and have a good time with a big keg, get drunk and then feel like total crap the next day. How is that having a good time in the end? I don’t have a clue. Instead, I would drink a great Belgian beer and fine wine with normal people, have a good time, and still feel great the next day. I saw that drinking in Canada is also quite different than here. What does this have to do with hockey? I don’t have a clue, but I guess it links to the retarded 18-year-old who tried to break in a hockey player’s garage to steal beer. WOW, HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Waddell better pick the right coach. This season has been a disaster for coaches, next season would be a disaster for GMs? Again, I would hire both Constantine and Paddock. One has a good defensive mind, the other is great with youngsters and knows how to work the offense.

I wish Gary Roberts the very best, and I would like to seehim stay with the Leafs for the rest of his career. Having Eddie might keep Roberts’ interested, but if he wants a Cup, then let him choose a team that he thinks will win the Cup. Might be the Leafs in the next couple or so seasons.

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  1. Tradedude says:

    Way to go Turco, stopping a beer steeler.

    Roberts I hope will return soon and re-sign with the leafs,or else we will lose our fortunes come play-off time.

  2. aaron says:

    I agree on the drinking age. Ban something, and ppl just want to do it more.

    Hartley’s considering joining the THRASHERS????? IS HE INSANE????????? Hehe, how the mighty have fallen. *grins*

  3. cwhockey says:

    Someone’s gotta coach the team. If you’re out of work and still have a desire to coach, you’ll at least consider the opportunity. Atlanta has some talent this year, and more is coming next year. Maybe a coach will see it as an opportunity to help build up a team. Most coaches like a challenge, and this would certainly be one.

    But I guess we will know for sure in the next few days.

  4. mccartyisdirt says:

    sweet i want to be european cause once we drink our fine wine and gourmet beer we can enjoy the finer things in life, like a bunch of guys having an after dinner head session. sounds real cool. then we can drive on the other side of the road.

  5. wingerxx says:

    I have to admit…if I was an 18 year old kid looking to steal beer from someone’s house, the residence of an NHL player is NOT the one i would choose. I’d rather try to steal it from a SWAT officer’s house than wrestle it from a hockey player!

    Roberts is a dirty old bird, but hes got very fine skills and we all wish him the best. He and Pikachu, I mean Koivu, exemplify what courage in the NHL really is!

  6. AvangardChistov says:

    what’s with the drinking age diatribe?

    i suppose if the drinking age were lowered, the kid could go buy his own beer..

    that being said, your commentary is trite in its content; Americans are low-rent bags of shit, everybody hates us, we’re the reason for everyone else’s problems.

    it’s staggering the amount of foreigners who come to the U.S., educate themselves for free, make good money, then develope this mindset of how flawed the nation is [my best friend is from Montreal, yet lives here in CA, sitting in judgment at how horrible a country we are]

    hope the irony isn’t lost on you.

    maybe i’ll visit some other countries in the future, cultivate a life there, milk whatever i can, then make derisive, elitist remarks.

  7. Just-Checking-In says:


    I’ll tell you what. Next time you are in Michigan look me up and I’ll take you out to some fatal accidents where we have to scrape some teenager off the street that died in an alcohol related accident.

    I was just at a single car accident last weekend. (Thank God for no fatalities). Car versus tree. A 20 year old had decided that he had to much to drink and decided to let a drunk (.159 BAC) 15 year old girl drive her and her sister (age 13 .205 BAC) to a friends house. The girl missed the bend in the road and hit a tree. When I arrived (second car) I saw three people laying face down in the snow. I honestly thought they had been thrown from the car and we had a couple of dead people.

    Trust me when you have to wake some parents up in the middle of the night and inform them that their child has died in an automobile accident it sort of rips a piece of your heart out. Especially when the parents have a thousand and one questions and you really do not have that much to tell them other than their child is dead and they need to go to the hospital and or pick up their brother or sister at the Police Department.

    Lower the drinking age may sound like a fun thing to do, but until you see the consequences of alcohol and its effects on families you may want to change your opinion.

    Now I am not looking to ring anyones bell here. It’s just that sometimes people do have a reason for what they do, even though it may look like a really stupid law.


  8. amok says:

    Good job Turco. As punishment for stealing the 18-year old should be put in goal without any equipment while the Stars fire full beer cans at him for an hour or so.

    If Belfour was still on the Stars I’d suggest that the guy be sent out on the town with Crazy Eddie for a night to be shown the consequences of drinking.

  9. amok says:

    Unfortunately there are always going to be morons of all ages. If someone under 21 wants to drink and drive they’re going to drink and drive. Just hope the idiots don’t take anyone with them.

  10. BabyLeaf says:

    I will never understand how people can drink beer. It is the most rancid tasting thing on earth. YUCK! They say its an acquired taste…why the hell would you want to get used to something that taste likes ass?

    The stupid teenager who broke into Turco’s house is seriously sad!

    Ok sorry about the rant…but anyway, I’m glad Gary’s coming back soon! He is gonna be a big boost to this club…hopefully he and Alyn can get some of that playoff magic back!


  11. Clarke says:


    I read this website everyday, and until now I have not been compelled to participate, but your ignorance inspired me. You start off by saying that teenagers here drool to drink, have fun, get laid and screw around breaking the law…what the hell is wrong with that?!? I would pay any amount possible to be back in high school again so I can play hockey every day after school then drink on the corner every night with horny girls! You think no one likes to drink, have fun and get laid in Europe? I was in Holland for a month with work and I could not get over how much people there have to drink at bars. When you are a kid in America, you act like a kid in America…not like some *$&@ing snob from Europe who likes to drink good beer and wine. Do you think Europeans are the only people who like to drink good beer and wine? I like wine, but I drink about a bottle or two at a time. I loved the Belgian beer when I was Europe (I liked the Dutch beer better, Brand is great), but when I am hanging out with my friends, trying to get laid; nothing hits the spot better than a Budweiser.

    Also, anyone who gets drunk, has fun, gets laid is not normal to you? In America mikster, we would consider you gay.

  12. NewYorkRangers says:

    Wait to go Clarke!!!

  13. NewYorkRangers says:

    Anyone like Smirnoff Ice???

  14. mikster says:

    Well, it was nothing against Americans or the US….

    Just disagreeing on the drinking age. My dad is American, i have dual citizenship.

    As far as i know, the countries that dislike Americans and call them the axis of evil (i.e France) can go in ruins.

  15. NewYorkRangers says:

    I guess Turco learned a thing or two from Belfour, about how to protect his alcohol.

  16. mikster says:

    That’s a good way of looking at it…and now it would be impossible and would go out of hand if they lower the drinking age.

    It’s better to learn how to drink and learn how much from your parents. That’s what i went through, still go through.

    Obviously, not all Europeans are perfect and follow this. They have the small shitty cars and go top speed after going to clubs. It all comes down to who you hang out wiht and the parents.

  17. mikster says:

    You took it wrong i guess, i didn’t say all teenagers here do it.

    I act the way i want, and i have American friends who do exactly what you just said and heard this before from me as well.

    No one bitched about it, but you. Who’s gay now?

  18. edmontonrules says:

    You know us Manitobans from Canada (Belfour and Kidd). We know how to drink. And how to keep our drinks safe.

  19. rojoke says:

    Was it Canadian beer or American beer? Must have been Canadian, if Turco chased him down.

  20. Habs4ever says:

    Me me me!!!

  21. big_booty says:

    You two ought to shoot yourselves right now for liking that malternative crap.

  22. AvangardChistov says:

    no worries..i probably sound like some flag-waving redneck for my comments, but it happens a great hostility or anything toward you, just harping on my ‘if you’re going to badmouth the U.S., do it from somewhere else’ spiel..

    can you tell i am a fiscal conservative?

  23. bjtew says:

    He isnt stating that drinking age should be lowered to have more “fun” He is stating that if we didnt have age laws then teens would drink more responsibly THUS preventing incidents such as the one you describe. I dont think your views are different you’re just using different means to an end.

  24. booty says:

    Didn’t he get arrested for assaulting some security guard while at a hotel on a drinking binge? Yeah, he really knows how to drink…

  25. Clarke says:

    Great comeback!

  26. ulvbane says:

    They can`t drink in the US but in europe we can?I can only speak for northern europe(Sweden,Finland) and some here say that americans can`t drink to, but that`s because they think that americans drinks like girls(joke).

    I think that It`s because both us northerneuros and Americans likes to do things properly.If we drink, WE DRINK.No point in doing a halvassed job,right?;)

    And I´m glad to see Roberts back on ice.

  27. mikster says:

    No worries if you’re conservative 😉

  28. mikster says:

    I know!!!

    Hehe, hey….i like to start some discussions and i knew members wouldn’t really participate in this post unless i put something wild in there. So far it’s been a success.

  29. Pelle_Lindbergh says:

    Ok, when you turn 18 you’re (in the eyes of the law anyway) an adult. You’re now allowed to vote, smoke cigs, buy lottery tickets, be arrested and sent to jail, sign up for your country to go to war (and maybe NEVER come home again) etc. If all these things can now happen to you, why shouldn’t you be able to drink at that age also?

    I for one have never understood the whole drinking thing. Everywhere you look in america, there are ads/commercials for beer, beer, beer. Now I’ve never left the states, so I can’t comment on what goes on in other countries, but as for the USA it seems that A LOT of people just wanna get drunk. My friends always make fun of me because I’d rather stay home almost every night to watch my beloved hockey games instead of going out with them to bars/and or clubs and getting ripped out of my mind, picking up some skanks, maybe starting a fight (alcohol & violence go hand in hand), and possibly being ill at the end of the night (or maybe even getting alcohol poisoning). Alcohol has had a HUGE impact on my life ( my family has had alcohol problems going back sometime now, so I’ve witnessed it firsthand ) and, yes I have had a few drinks in my life (between the ages of 18-21 I probably got drunk between 8-10 times) after that very BRIEF experimentation period I decided that alcohol was just plain EVIL. Anyways, IMO alcohol is 1 of the worst DRUGS EVER. I look to the great white north and europe to LEGALIZE marijuana and show everybody in the world just what this harmless, beautiful plant is all about. YOU CAN’T OD on WEED… It’s impossible!!! Well I won’t rant anymore about alcohol and how great smoking trees is……..y’all need to educate yourselves on these subjects. 21 or 18, it doesn’t matter….if the kids want to get their drink on, then they will. Go ahead and rip me all you want….I speak the truth.

    All I need is Hockey, Music, & some heady Nugs.

  30. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Beer tastes like Ass?????

    What kind of beer are you drinking?

    You must be out of your mind!!!

    …”beer, beer, beer, beer, bubba of beer, beer, beer, beer…..!!!!””””

  31. OldTimeHockey_28 says:


    Hi pass me a smirnoff ice big boy!

  32. Clarke says:

    I was being sarcastic.

  33. XxHaiLxX says:

    what the hell kinda comment is that?

  34. Just-Checking-In says:

    Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough. We have enough people over the age of 21 going out and killing themselves and others on the roads as it is. Adding more possible drunk drivers into the equation is not going to help matters.

    I was in noway agreeing that the drinking age should be lowered.

  35. garry1221 says:

    i get what micki’s tryin to say johnathane, and frankly i agree… basically if there wasn’t a set drinking age there wouldn’t be all the hype to get drunk every weekend at a party or some bs, if kids could drink earlier there wouldn’t be the rush to drink and everyone knows the smaller the person the less they can handle… therefore the smaller the kid that wants to drink the less they’ll be able to…. once that happens, subconsciously the kid would tell him/herself they can only handle this much…. and as they grow older, until they learn they could handle more there would be less stupid substance abuse, taking that view on it u could make sense of what micki said i hope, if not oh well, i was just throwin in my two cents…. yeah we have some idiot kids, and idiot drivers in general here in mich. but what can u do … :S

  36. Tradedude says:

    does it matter?

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