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Turco a hero in his neighborhood. US needs to change drinking age law!!!

Waddell to hire a coach soon.

Gary Roberts’ status.
Big stop by Turco

(Jan. 9th) Dallas Stars goaltender Marty Turco has been stopping more than pucks lately. Turco found a thief in his garage at 5:45 pm on Christmas day. An 18-year-old man was trying to steal beer from a refrigerator in Turco’s garage. The athletic goalie chased the man down, tackled him and held him until police arrived. Turco was not hurt and said he has no comment on the issue. Charges are pending.

Thrashers announcement imminent

(Jan. 9th) TFP has learned that Atlanta GM Don Waddell is very close to naming the team’s new coach. The announcement could come as early as this weekend. “The process is going faster now,” Waddell said. “I haven’t interviewed everybody [I want], but I’ve spoken to everybody.” Waddell was impressed by Bob Hartley when he interviewed him on Tuesday, and Hartley may have pulled ahead of Terry Murray as the leading candidate.

Roberts back on the ice

(Jan. 8th) Toronto Maple Leafs winger Gary Roberts went through a rigorous on-ice workout conducted by assistant coach Keith Acton yesterday at the Air Canada Centre. There has still not been a date set for his return, but Roberts has kept himself in excellent physical condition. Roberts could be back in action in the next month, depending on how his surgically-repaired shoulders heal.

Mikster’s view:

That kid must have gotten his @$$ kicked for sure by Turco, and deserved to. There is one thing I highly disagree with in the USA, the drinking age. I went to high school here, now in college, and I’ve seen the differences around the world, since i come from Europe. In Europe, especially South-Western Europe, drinking is not this big deal as it is in the USA. Teenagers here drool to drink, have fun, get laid, and screw around breaking the law. Meanwhile, teenagers in Europe can drink on a normal basis and enjoy the finer things in life, like wine, special refined beer, and after dinners. It’s a different mindset. Funny, how I would spend my 21st birthday compared to some other people who want to spend it that I talk to. They want to throw a party, and have a good time with a big keg, get drunk and then feel like total crap the next day. How is that having a good time in the end? I don’t have a clue. Instead, I would drink a great Belgian beer and fine wine with normal people, have a good time, and still feel great the next day. I saw that drinking in Canada is also quite different than here. What does this have to do with hockey? I don’t have a clue, but I guess it links to the retarded 18-year-old who tried to break in a hockey player’s garage to steal beer. WOW, HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Waddell better pick the right coach. This season has been a disaster for coaches, next season would be a disaster for GMs? Again, I would hire both Constantine and Paddock. One has a good defensive mind, the other is great with youngsters and knows how to work the offense.

I wish Gary Roberts the very best, and I would like to seehim stay with the Leafs for the rest of his career. Having Eddie might keep Roberts’ interested, but if he wants a Cup, then let him choose a team that he thinks will win the Cup. Might be the Leafs in the next couple or so seasons.